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"harvey steve atkins" Discussed on The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

"Got square braun even probably more investors and how do you wanna track. Those investors and these are people with big egos a lot of big successes who are saying you know what i deserve. Thirty percents whatever it is how do you divvy it up all the investment and still make it worth it for you with four partners tons of investors. Everyone thinks that they're responsible for the amount of clients is getting or the success the promotion how do you manage all the ego and energy of that all you manage. Everyone else's ego by controlling your own so you start by saying that this doesn't doesn't happen because of me and then you and then for me personally. Eugene ram says i can't do this by myself without this team without this team. I'm i'm a team guy. I'm i do not like doing businesses by myself. I love my partnership with mark until man i love my partnership with the rumble founders i love my investment community unity from from equinoxes and harvey steve atkins scooter and blake and all the other celebrities so to manage everyone else's eagle. You must not have one and for me. That's super important to me. I remember tommy hilfiger. <unk> said data speech he said i'd rather be a small piece of an elephant and a large piece of a and i'm interested in doing big things but i certainly know that i do not have the skill set to do all aspects of this business so that's the first thing you need. The second thing you need to do is treat. Everyone equally so everyone involved is an equal participant and everyone's money is the same and everyone's everyone's ruins believe as the same so no matter how much they put in everyone's treated the same and no one's responsible to say. I love rumble. Here's ten bucks now. Say it again and and say it again so that's the other thing with our social media. We have never done a paid pay to play in our entire life. I have never paid a human being to walk into catch and say have dinner and posts about it. We have never paid a single human being to walk into rumble and say i'll give you five thousand dollars for this post. Never but what we accomplished meals or classes reserved yeah. We'll do what we would do that do that to you. I would do that because that's that helps and adds value to everyone else's experience so that's part of the business model but as far as a pay to play thing we don't do that so i think it's really important that everyone is treated the same and then for me. It's it's not one thing like oh. I know a lot of people a lot of people know a lot of people so you have to know a lot of people you have to have a great track record or at least a track record where you've been honest throughout the whole way where people wanna do business to you you so great product an honest track record and then you really just gotta make sure that they love it because if they love it. They're down to do it much more and then you have to make a decision here. She wants to do it for the right reasons down to have them but if someone's trying to get more or less think they're more important. No one is more important than the whole yeah rumble. Boxing is the brand that is the important product. A team in the people who work rumble boxing are the most important thing catch eugene remark burma silman fatigue not is not the priority for catch. It is the brand that is the food is the services vibe and if last night it's it's kevin durant and the andre jordan they're they're important but no one individual makes it. We did seven hundred eighty five covers last night on a wednesday. Everyone enjoyed seeing.

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