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"harvey outpost union station" Discussed on Talk 1260 KTRC

"Off a best of show. It's a really good recent interviews on Monday, All right, let's go out to Philadelphia in the first capital of the United States and talk to Steven Freed, who's on Philadelphia today? He's a Fred head. He's also an author and a biographer. Steven. Good to see you on zoo man. Richard. Great to see you. And thanks for that soon from Nashville. Perfect timing for the election, Right? And we must be doing something right? You think we are I think right now it feels like we are. You know, I'm I'm a couple blocks down from where they're finishing the counting of Pennsylvania's ballots, and here in the place where America was born. The declaration was written in the Constitution was written and we're feeling like we helped today. Do you live in the historic part of Philadelphia? Ideo. I mean, my wife and I live like several blocks away from the Liberty Bell. If you had your choice, you live in Santa Fe. But you live in Philadelphia, you know, And I think, Stephen one time when we had you on. Maybe we're talking about rush me we're talking about. Maybe you're talking about Fred Harvey. I think you said Sometimes you're kind of amazed how little you know the streets in the historic parts of Philadelphia. Maybe I dreamt that No, it is true mean part. I think part of the reason that I ended up writing a biography of Benjamin Russia, so I could finally figure out what happened here, You know, you know, cause Santa Fe. Look, I love Santa Fe. I live in Santa Fe in my mind even when I'm Sitting here in Philadelphia, but you know, if you deal with a tourist area, sometimes people don't want to deal with the tourist area. So we have a tourist area where people go to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and all that kind of stuff. So You know, you get stuck behind horses and buggies and you have to fight off Benjamin Franklin impersonators and stuff. But I'm feeling pretty patriotic and pretty historically relevant today. All right, we'll get to that. And you don't mind talking about that. But let's talk about friend Harvey. First of all, sure. You're Fred Head describe what That malady is mostly about. Sure. So some people in Santa Fe in the area know that Fred Harvey company was a company that basically was the first major hospitality company in the in the in the nation, and they ran all the restaurants and hotels. On the Santa Fe Railroad, and they created a Fonda so people won't know the history of La Fonda. Fonda was a Fred Harvey Hotel, the cast of NATO hotel that was just restored in Las Vegas. Is a friend Harvey Hotel, the Grand Canyon Hotels, the South Rim, El Tovar and Bright Angel Lodge. Those air Fred Harvey hotels, and there were also Fred Harvey Union station Chicago unit Station. Was Fred Harvey, Kansas City, ST Louis. Obviously, the Albuquerque station was a huge friend Harvey Outpost Union station, Los Angeles. So Fred Harvey was amazing company that spanned it started in the 18 seventies. Oh, and it existed up through the 19 sixties and seventies. And it basically invented a lot of things that we take for granted, especially in the South West, because the Harvey companies who basically took care of people when they came to the Southwest, so As tourism became one of the major industries in the southwest, especially in New Mexico and Arizona that fell on the Fred Harvey company. So the friend Harvey company got involved the restaurants, hotels. It brought the food of New Mexico to the whole world, and it brought the food of the world into New Mexico. The Harvey girls that they hired on Lee single women to be their waitresses. They were the first major national force of working women and over 100,000 women between the 18. Eighties and the 19 forties had the opportunity to be Harvey Girls and travel all over the country working for the Santa Fe Railroad, and they also married all these local people made a lot of towns in New Mexico. They're founding families are people who work for the railroad who married Harvey Girls and settle down and settle those towns. So it's the influence of of the friend Harvey Company in New Mexico is something we continue to explore. It is the reason why the New Mexico history Museum, which is where I first started talking about Fred Harvey in Santa Fe has AH permanent exhibit of Fred Harvey material in the mezzanine between The floor. That's the really old stuff and the Fords really new stuff because Harvey and the railroad really represent that middle period that period in that from the late 18 seventies into the early 19 hundreds, when Santa Fe reinvented itself as a city different And the Harvey Company, you know, brought Santa Fe merchants and the Native Americans from the pueblos to the world's fair in 1915. Both in San Diego and San Francisco. So the Harvey company has had a really interesting relationship with New Mexico. And so it's not surprising that even though the company was in all kinds of different cities, and it was based in Kansas City, and later Chicago, the resurgence of fascination with Fred Harvey as a really interesting way of dealing with American history, especially The Southwest is really taking its place in Santa Fe and the New Mexico History Museum when it opened set out to have a Fred Harvey exhibit and brought me in because I happen to write a book about Fred Harvey. And Fran Levine, who was head of the museum then and Jenny Kimble, who's known raised a weekend for me in a April night of 2010. Having no idea whether people would be interested in it or not on I gave a talk at the museum. It was one of the many days with power went out in Santa Fe, so I gave half to talk in the dark with a flashlight. And then we had this wonderful meal at La Fonda, and it turned out that there were many more Fred heads than we ever realized. And what this event did was the people who There been people dressing up his Harvey Girls in Winslow, Arizona, who didn't know there were women driving dressing up Harvey Girls in Florence, Kansas, so It started to be this thing where people who were interested in Fred Harvey people who were interested in Santa Fe Railroad people heard Judy Garland because, of course, Judy Garland played a Harvey Girl in the movie, The Harvey Girls. People inside. A lot of different subjects started to come to Santa Fe. Teo to talk about this. We we had this weekend 2010. We did another one in 2011, and more and more people just came every year. One year Jenny Campbell and Alan Affeldt, who owns La Posada in Winslow, and now the cast in ADA in Las Vegas. Did a talk at the museum A two o'clock on the on a Sunday. There were so many people waiting in line to hear them that they had to give the same talk at four. And so we realized there was there were a lot of people who were interested because there were a lot of.

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