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"harvey king" Discussed on The Joys Of Binge Reading: The Best in Mystery, Romance and Historicals

The Joys Of Binge Reading: The Best in Mystery, Romance and Historicals

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"harvey king" Discussed on The Joys Of Binge Reading: The Best in Mystery, Romance and Historicals

"Water. Don't you think you can provide that. But i guess we're all humans you know we we fought could fall into that thanking it very quickly. If you're very thirsty. I imagine yes. That's right so would it be found that the biggest challenge is have been in brazil accurate accounts that also entertaining for a contemporary audience. Well at first. I have to get to know the characters in i really like i said i. I'd studied the scripture. I and as much as told about the woman or the men around her. And as you as you delve into that and try to imagine what might have been you know. I don't change what happened. But i tried to look for what. Why like motivation or how it might have come about and that helps me. Sometimes i pull from people in experiences that are contemporary. That i have the belter dealt with myself to kind of put into. They might have felt that way here. You know sometimes you get an epiphany like that. Where oh i'm going through this trial. Maybe this is how sound so felt during their trial. I it's not the same trial but the feeling could be the same. Yes yes and from the point of view of the actual. I assume that you read hebrew. So how do you do it in terms of the really ancient stuff. You've been a few times to israel. Is that gavin. Juries once wentz. Yeah yeah i actually studied a lot about israel before we went there and i saw the wives of king david right before our first trip. But i'm it. You know i home schooled for twelve years so i was already in in my library. Had a lot of commentaries studied david's life. I found everything. I could find so when i study a new character look for life in times books. Cultural atlases commentaries. I wanna understand the geography. If i'm doing a historical that might fit in a like in egypt. We know allowed ancient egyptian history. But we don't know when. Joseph lived there when moses live there. We can't pinpoint an exact time. Saw had to come up with. What i thought might be a good fit. Sh it could be totally wrong in because there's still debate today. When the accident happened. I went with what i felt that best enough but mine decision imagination. Go back to scripture and stick with that. That's what's true. What what. I have in incorporating historically is just my opinion. Yeah so you don quite a lot of series. I just like to incheon in the names of those because you've driven many books. One of them was daughters of the promised. Land tell us a bit about their edge while the first one and that was that is loosely connected because rahab wasn't really part of the promise land to kind of precedes it a little bit. But she's the first one in conquering of jericho when they got into the prom slammed in any goto how the connection with her son is related to ruth son and deborah really is part of the judges also. Hannah was the very last. Her son was the very last judge before the king zahra so they. All kind of fit inland loosely. The daughters of the promised land. And then the wives of the patriarchs. That'd be about abraham sarah sarai on rebecca and rachel. So abraham isaac and jacob were so that precedes it. Actually i'm in historic doesn't and they the loves of king. Solomon now there were a lot of them. You couldn't possibly now is actually an e book series and i. It was when i got to the end of rachel and i wanted to keep going. I wanted to write about joseph. But she's dead. So i can keep going and so i've had this idea. Will what if we added a book onto the lives of the patriarchs. And then maybe i could add a book until the end of the wives of king. David make them. You know about salomon. Because i know a lot about him and my publisher didn't really like that idea at that time but they like the idea of. Solomon you know the loves if they were sure. So these are novellas. They're not full length. They're not in paperback. they're only on eat e-readers and i did. I picked four women that were mentioned his wife now. The the last wife of david abbas shag who would have been inherited solomon would have inherited her and actually his brother wanted her to marry her which was in essence. Saying i wanna take a thrown from you so he he probably had her in his harem and then there would have been. Let's see the egyptian princess. he married. We know that. For sure. And i added the queen of shoe both because she visited him in there. There's debate on how close they might have been depending on which traditional tale from either ethiopia arabia believe. I kind of combine the two so. Yeah there's only four out of thousand women. I did that and then the heart of king is kind of combines their stories but takes away a little bit the the laws are all in first person from just that woman's finding view in harvey king is salomon story. His views added is turn to third person. So it all meshes together in a way. It's the compilation. But it's different so you freedom a- and Battling and find things you didn't catch in and others so the book precede meriem story was about easter called the star of star richer and deos with that queen who is credited with saving the jews during the reign of king size in the persian empire. Days as you've mentioned it is a well-known story but you've been credited with bringing new insights into it and i wondered how. How do you manage to do that. When these toys are already quite well known now look was one. I never thought i'd write honestly. People had asked me to write about esther knife hutton. What's been done too. Many times before you know and i just put it on the back burner but when we were getting to where i had done so many women in the assessment you know they might publish your liked the idea of estrin. Miriam and i'm like okay in. I'll give it a try Sound interesting. I decided to go into the historical record of Herodotus ends irks as because he was of a historical Person you know you can read about him outside of scripture whereas esther do not appear outside of scripture and his wife outside of scripture is a mess dress and you're.

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