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"harvard crest" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"Everything rolling. That's what are you looking forward to seeing tonight tonight. I wanna see dangelo for no. He finds all right next to go beyond say throwing. This cisco is just like university. Liam she throws throw cisco. How many weird timeline ships have we taken since beyond say through to cisco next houston who weekly longtime long time. I had to put pond when you were talking about Sarah going to the harvard extension school in wearing a harvard sweatshirt 'cause i was taking classes at harvard extension school and specifically sell harvard extensions. We'll geared think so that people don't pretend they went to harvard actually went to the extension school So that was really the choice by her. Yeah he got interested in touch has to consent odd. I forgot about that joke. Gwen singer okay. I have an issue with this though. I have a question know what is a if you're attending harvard extension school which amazing good for you any education. We love it. Why the fuck. Would you buy a harvard extension sweatshirt when you just by normal harvard sweatshirt. It's all harvard. Yeah y. y let that be revealed. Why i i'm at harvard. I'm going to harvard. i'm paying for harvard. Why do you need to know extension. i'm looking at all these sweatshirts on the harvard co op store and it's for in the graduate school subsection. All of the shirts on the sweatshirts had the exact same upper half. It's the exact same harvard font. The exact same harvard crest and underneath the exact same fought is either divinity school sara of design business school extension school. And they're all forty four ninety eight. You know i was like oh my god. What if extension schools a little cheaper. But it's not the business. School is more expensive. Which is like saas. But i think it's better. Quality print posted a new video where she burns sweatshirt. I'm she burns sweatshirt but she burns the regular one. She doesn't burn extension school. Act like well. If she burned the extension men hit. She got attention for this. She said oh you one of show. Here's a show like sets sweatshirt on fire. Fair abraham is one of the few celebrities were if you say like and then. She gave us fireworks. You're not like using a figure of speech like you're literally talking about fireworks like she will put on a pilot's. She burned the sweatshirt. It's i honestly it's like performance art. It's pretty good. I she really is. She's transcending something here. I know that i'm i'm on one. But this is.

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