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"harry inc" Discussed on The Glossy Beauty Podcast

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"harry inc" Discussed on The Glossy Beauty Podcast

"And as a result, we're able to deploy marketing dollars a lot more efficiently, which I think ultimately leaves to a bigger, more profitable business than if we were just direct to consumer online. Yeah, I think the other thing I'd add is the other concern a lot of people had earlier on. And I think we did too. I was like, is this kind of like hurt our brand, you know? Like our people at these re big retailers going to treat our brand with respect and how do they think about brand and I think what was reassuring and exciting for us is they really do believe in the power of brands and brands coming to life in new and exciting ways for their customers. And we care so much about our customers. And they care a lot about their customers too. Target was the first retailer we launched out and they call their customers guests, which I always, that was great. We had all these debates like, should we do this to that? And like, well, it's just best for the guest. And I think when you keep the customer at the very center, that's right, and then are the second retailer we launched with was Walmart. They serve half the U.S. population every week. They care tremendously about every single person that walks in their door and ensuring that they're able to have amazing products incredible value. And that's super highly tied to we subscribe to that. You should have awesome stuff and you should get it at great value. And you should have the same value every day across the world. Across the market, so it's super clear. And we were like, yeah, we're into that. We don't really promote. We want to give people awesome quality products, a great value and solve the pain point that Andy felt where he's feeling like he was being overcharged by the big brands. And so what was the cool through the experience for us was to get to know a bunch of people who actually have huge impact on customers and who care a lot about the customers as well. And I think that gave us a lot of feeling of confidence that we could bring Harry's to life in those environment in a way that was unique and different. And very much on brand for us. And I think when we did that, one plus one became more than whatever. I don't know how to think one plus one was three or something because I'm not great with math. But you got to get the justice. Tell me, I mean, I know today obviously Harry's Inc has own brands that you guys have incubated and also acquired. Do you think that life cycle is different today? The omnichannel one because I would say digital brands don't even have a moment almost online before they're launching into a Sephora or an Ulta or a target. It's like three months and then they're in stores. Yeah, I think we still believe pretty deeply in the power of direct to consumer.

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