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"harry poston" Discussed on Against All Odds with Cousin Sal

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"harry poston" Discussed on Against All Odds with Cousin Sal

"He was just complaining about it. He didn't seem like he was gonna come close the funny part about it was I think there was like, Harry, what was it like five hours left? And you you send me Darren texting I'm calling it quits. Four dollars on. Before that. You were just saying how bad how hard the bus schedules going to you knew going in. You knew going in that this is going to be a difficult thing. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's not a yeah. Wasn't easy. He's said he would. I will say I did think he was going to do a little bit more thought. But granted I I have not looked into how like where are these casinos are placed, but, you know, twenty two miles walking that take a lot to me that doesn't seem like it's too bad hours on the bus is the pain is a pain in the Harry Poston part. I both a map or something because it's hard for me to imagine your your route or anything, I just know that you're there's a lot of footage of you sleeping on the bus. I dunno. It's. Incorrect well, special thanks to Therese and Scott for following you and setting this up. And of course, Ken, your your your friend, Ken the white Ryan, God the white, right? I everyone was involved in this. We'll take your laughing over you proud of him. Or did he let us down have a feeling I know which way you're gonna go. I've got a year. I'll be at your side yet. Again, I think we're busy one aggressive. I saw the video the little package that we put together of Harry, lock it in. You spread it to the stage with a lot of enthusiasm. Harry your TV star. That was good. Yeah. I loved it. Kennedy's Harry with great on TV. He was great on TV job. He did a nice job. He could be taken and Todd. And Todd afterwards. I couldn't do it. I had to go to bed. I couldn't I could not move go into the pool. Well, speaking of sleeping on buses Tate had the oversleep of of the week. Thank the problem. We we do this pool. It's a fun pool. I think this is the first time of advanced I think to the second weekend in the second week rather? It's an elimination pool and the NC double A tournament you pick two games Thursday. You pick two games Friday. If you get those right? You pick one game on any day that there are games being played the rest of the way. Now went to pick a team. You can't pick them. Again, it gets confusing because if you lose Thursday could buy back in and pick like four games Friday. I think and if you lose Friday by back in and pick five games Saturday parlay kid, I think you did that it was only done once in the history of this bull..

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