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"harry benjamin schott" Discussed on The Friend Zone

"Thank you and also. I wanted to shout out to gary benjamin hold junior. Who says tae was the first black big brother winner period because we talked about taymor beyond big brother on here and winning you bite the backup last week and yes. It was very very historical that she was the first black big brother winner and it was unanimous it was just such a great mom if retirement it was we care that and why do his name sound like a jazz singer. What was his name. Gary holt was the person's name who comment you. Just read. Asante gary benjamin. I don't sound like jazz. Singer harry benjamin schott sound like a horn. Maybe i don't know that's really from the streets frame. What did you find out there in them. Twitter st while. He's right on past dustin. So i won't say any names just because add-ons our christian followers attacking in any way. These are our listeners. But a young woman on twitter said all over the old testament. Prophets keep interpreting dreams. Clearly that man does not know his bible. The word dream work is not taxed really in the bible but the art of interpreting. Dreams is say you don't like it. Don't drag god into it. And then she received a response from another listener of ours. Who said god's beloved david has his dreams interpreted. They were interpreting dreams in the new testament. To the whole time. I was listening to the episode. I was fi. you me. 'cause that negro and his family were wrong insanely wrong right and then they continued on to the thread like they never heard or read about joseph in genesis. Okay this was dope. Because i've always admired bible scholars like people that you speak to and they can tell you any part of the bible front to back like just they can pull out any section. You know what i mean. I've always admired. I'm like do you know how long the bible is. Yeah just playing times on your hands. Everybody should not be a good person. Mary and joseph. You know what. I'm saying disciple impressive because guy down. You hone in view breakfast. Kits braxton get ally lucius but.

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