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"harrison wright boat" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Most advanced heart care program. Visit you see health dot com slash heart for details. Residential streets are almost impassable and quite a few spots. South bound 75 actually interested. Traffic is moving at a slow pace, especially on South bound 75, where there's a jackknifed tractor trailer just before you get to the brand Spence Bridge. The right lane is currently blocked off traffic getting by creeping by on the left hand side that traffic because of that accident and other problems is backing up into Saint Bernard. It's a very slow go coming off of the Sixth Street viaduct at that junction as well. South bound 71 has problems with an accident at Pfeiffer, then erect near Tan. Trying to get into town trouble. North bound 71 very few cars getting out of the tunnel making your way towards the lateral. There's a record North bound to 75 Milford, a 28 just hearing dispatches for problems with an accident coming out of potato via near Clermont County College of You See college in Claremont, and that is a slow go on. Westbound 32 westbound on 74 crews are working with an accident near New Haven eastbound near Harrison Wright Boat. Chuck Ingram News radio 700 WLW. This report is sponsored by Allstate Driving less You could be Saving more on car insurance With paper mile insurance from Allstate, Pay for the Miles. You drive and save on the Miles. You don't Call the local Allstate agent and get a quote. Now. Now, the ladies forecast from a train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 wlw snows expected through much of the morning hours today, then some flurries. After that cloudy skies, we're going to see a high of only 33 Cloudy again tonight alone. The low twenties. And then for.

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