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"harold perlstein" Discussed on Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan

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"harold perlstein" Discussed on Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan

"Now. I think it's a safe bet. That harald may have been trying to convince his daughter that what she was seeing wasn't real but i can't help but wonder if a piece of him was simply commenting on what was happening and how it wasn't going the way he wanted it to as in this is a nightmare. All i wanted to do was murder. My family and i've got the one kid running to the neighbors. And the other standing there scared shitless. Surely he did not anticipate his eldest child waking up and alerting his other children let alone the rest of the neighborhood but thank the lord baby jesus. She did after finding the two younger children frozen on the first floor. Marshall ross the neighbor who called the police went up to the second floor of the house where he found harold who calmly told him go home. Don't bother me. Meanwhile the police had yet to arrive. Marshall took the advice and did not bother harold who was still holding the hammer covered in blood instead. Marshall watched as herald walked into the bathroom. Now i don't know how much of this next part marshall saw or if it was piece together later i would imagine if a man covered in blood tells you not to bother him. The smart thing to do is go and check on the poor terrorized children downstairs. I cannot imagine what was going through. Marshall's head at this point. Had he noticed that mrs carlsson was nowhere to be seen had he started putting the pieces together. Had judy told him in the bathroom. Harold perlstein open to capsules of nabutola. Fatal barbiturate nicknamed death in a bottle. And why someone has this kind of drug just laying around in the bathroom. Their children uses beyond me. I mean i get it. He's a surgeon and people. Apparently thought children were either invincible. Or expendable in the fifties but like put that shit up in a high cabinet or at the top of a closet anyway herald then took thirty one small white pills which were either coding or some other tranquilizer. Just in case. The death in a bottle didn't do the trick when the police finally showed up fifteen minutes after being called. Mr perlstein was barely breathing by the time the ambulance got there. He was dead. So there's mr pearl sinn dead in his daughter's room. His three children have all been accounted for. But where is their mother strangers. True story one year for christmas. My dad gave me a box of a certain frosted cereal. That's how much i love. This particular frosted cereal. But i'm a grown up now dammit. I can't go around eating bowls of sugar anymore as much as i might want to. That's why i love magic. Spoon frosted cereal it just like that other brand but with zero grams of sugar. Thirteen to fourteen grams of protein and only four net carbs and one hundred and forty calories per serving. I can eat like a grownup and still feel like a kid. If you're kito gluten free soy free low car or you don't like gmo's magic spoon is for you order your magic spoon variety. Pack today and get cocoa fruity peanut butter and my favorite frosted go to magic spoon dot com slash strange to grab your variety pack and try it today and be sure to use our promo code strange at checkout to save five dollars off your order and magic. Spoon is so confident in their product. It's backed with a one hundred percent happiness guarantee so you don't like it for any reason refund your money. No questions asked remember. Get your next bowl of gilfry cereal at magic spoon dot com slash strange and use the code strange to save five dollars off Police found lily burleson in the bed. She shared with her husband unrecognizable from the beating. She had taken with the ball. Pene hammer still clutched and harald's hand when the police found him dying on his daughter's bed. Now look if you know me you know i'm not going to linger on this dude too long or try to figure out why he did what he did. Men who kill their wives and try to kill their children are trash and there's never a good reason we all know that there are basically only two excuses menus to kill their wives and families. Money and lust herald burleson was not exceptional. So what was it. Why would a man with a seemingly idyllic life suddenly brutally murdering his wife try to kill his children and then kill himself.

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