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"harold harold varner" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

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01:52 min | 3 weeks ago

"harold harold varner" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"Time with no O. T. A.'s or many camps Josh Allen a bunch of players have linked up to work out together and I've also been getting creative practicing play calls read parts it is them over here I got my phone what stables on the phone I got my ear piece and I got the iPad so I can zoom in and white board and then I had my laptop so that's how I communicate with the guys we draw on the white board and we can all do it that way so it was pretty intricate what we are doing that is Alan hill the kelp conference call with the media yesterday you can hear that in full at W. G. R. five fifty dot com and the radio dot com app eight foot around the NFL ESPN's Mike Reiss reports that patriots running back Sony Michel is recovering from foot surgery he's told the surgery that happened in may was more meat in space than anything I thought the Machel status for training camp next month in New England is on no also bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky said today that he wasn't surprised the bears did pick up his fifth year option and that his play so far didn't warrant it however Trubisky did say that his team acquiring Nick Foles was interesting to him and take him off but in a good way and then he's been more motivated ever sense in the NHL Europeans Greg wyshynski reports of the NHL and NHLPA will really have to figure out ways for players to see their families in the hub city restart wyshynski adds it's a huge issue right now between the players and the league one player says it's not a deal breaker but is a critical issue the league announced yesterday the training camps will open on July tenth for the twenty fourteen tournament into the PGA tour round two today of the Charles Schwab challenge Harold Harold Varner the third is the tournament leader at eleven under par Jordan Spieth's sits in second place at ten under exit or sharply and Rory McElroy two shots back at nine under Justin Thomas is eight under all those mentioned are finished for today.

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"harold harold varner" Discussed on Podcast Podcast

12:40 min | 4 months ago

"harold harold varner" Discussed on Podcast

"Oh Wow that that's what that's what we're doing today. That's we're dealing with and he was trying to make Birdie and yeah he made bogey Matt Kuchar comes up there. He's like smiling. Because he saw rory's Teasha was like sixty yards further than his. But that's kind of where pardon. My French shit gets real. Oh yeah and it's funny. It's not like some of these eighteenth holes where it's like all or nothing you know it's not like eighteen sawgrass say where there's water and catastrophe but there's a lot of bogeys that get made at eighteen. Pretty good tee shots you can hit the right side of the fairway and not have a look at the pin. Yeah or at the green period and I think that's where Scott ended up. Actually he was in like two feet into the rough and he had a really really good low striking drive that was fairway fairway fairway fairway fairway rough and so the greatest tiny tiny as hell it. What's crazy is how hard they could make this place because they're the rough which we are sitting in right now. It's not long. Nope for some of these shots. You guys are like yeah. It's it's almost easier but it's better angle long enough. The leg. The base of it is thick. The base of the rough is Kinda like beaten down and the blades are pretty thick. So if you're ball does sit down. It makes it a pretty difficult Gulf shot. Well my point. Was WE ADJUST SHOCK. I on the other day to talk about you. Know what makes a great golf course but I think to? Pga Tour players to them. What makes a great golf course is not having it be tricked up? You know not feeling like The Greens are unfair or the roughest crazy long. Fairways are stupid narrow here. I was just talking to Harold. Varner he said look. I mean this place is an argument for like you can just throw away that distance report. 'cause you know you look at a place like this. There's no more room on this property. It's not super super long. It was what seventy two and it's today total yards. Yeah I mean they held the US amador here for a reason. Some of the longest amador's in the game like they. Do you need a golf course? They will test them and those guys did NOCCO that week. This is going to host the Olympics in twenty twenty eight when it comes through Los Angeles. I'm so stoked for that now. No like we've got some issues with how the Olympic format has been decided but we will see some of the fifteen probably greatest players on the world playing for a gold medal here. Yeah it's going to be phenomenal. Hopefully there's like a you know men's and women's team match-play event by then by then I won't hold. My breath is even if you make number one into a part for which really is then. The winning score is what seven under? Yeah my math. Check OUT THE UP. So what is our takeaway though on the tenth hole because you said that to our players do not like tricked out. They like fairly like to be punished when they hit a bad shot. And they like to be rewarded when they hit a good shot. I am really on the fence about number ten. I came into the week thinking that it's a great hole but the more shots that I hit from the modern to her player into that green may me kind of think that it's a little bit tricked up offered said that you know the green might be? It might not be shaped the way. It should be a little bit flatter. You can't hold it with driver. Get the hit a really high three wooden kind of hope that you can carry it all that way. I don't know I. I laughed very undecided about it. I think it's awesome. It's inserted chaos right always pro chaos and I think a lot of us are but it's such a centerpiece for this golf. Course right in the middle you know. That's very true. Might be good that it's not number seventeen or something because it sits right in the middle of the round where you can really go one way or the other. Obviously we sell Herald Varner today. Who got to the ten th tee with a share of the lean and then I he basically said afterwards that he blacked out chunked but he dropped kicked a tee shot but mark mainland said that it was a it was a top to be He. He probably ground I so so chunk. Ground saw like a chunk top. Yeah that would make how far they go hundred twenty nine yards. I'm a three hundred fifteen yard hole. My man had seventy eight letter. Also I mean it's it is a bit of a degree in Manhattan there. It's impossible it's impossible. I don't think he could have held the green from there He hid it long left. Then from there he went into the bunker. Long left again. Then back to you know. Thirty five feet made double. I guess what I'm saying. Is I agree like I don't love it as much as you do but I do accept it. I think you're right. It is it is in the perfect spot on this entire golf. Course you look at the routing. Yeah and it. The tee shot on ten is right by eighteen green and is very near the I T. That's a little sweet spot where you can see a lot of crap happen. If you're in the grandstands eighteen you can see a lot of really cool Gulf shots so the one thing I'll say about ten that I'm not crazy about is the area to the left where everyone's golf balls kind of kneeling. There's this important there's a few like there's there's three or four big trees tall. Paul Paulson really really. Just have the trunks there. But then there's just a few scraggly little trees and they just are there to mess with you They don't they. Don't feel natural natural. There's not a whole lot of other trees around that. Are there like that? That are around. Greens that are regularly in play. Yeah and they're just seem like they're put there to be like you know. Let's just make this thing a little bit harder. Yeah because guys bail out there for a reason if those trees are not there it is. That's the only the only play you go little run off hopefully. Don't get screwed over by one of the very skinny tall palm trees so they play important purpose but maybe they should be bushes and not like these low hanging trees or the one thing I fully realized being here in person is just the way you can't actually like hit that green you technically. Can you know trundle up on the front edge a yeah? I think it's you like hit a high three. Would that hope lance literally on the front edge yeah or darts prior little short of it and it trickles up onto it. That because it's so descending I I think it would be perhaps better played at two hundred ninety five yards downhill where guys that hit the ball really far hit to iron and can maybe with a lot more spin on iron shot. Maybe they can actually hold onto the green. I don't know because at that point. Probably five would is like the gets rory's hands anyway. I think it is one of those things like Augusta national now. If you introduced brand new onto the tour people would freak out. It would freak out as it is. We love it all right. Well let's talk about Roy because you just brought him up in the idea of a five would Are We surprised by him today? because he went into the he went into the final round with a share the lead him. Kucher and Scott role at ten under. He ended up shooting seventy three finishes at eight under but really didn't sniff the lead for the entire back-nine because he made a pretty shocking triple he did. I'm surprised by Rory and afterwards I think to myself okay I am. I dumb to be surprised by this. She has it's not one or the other with rory. He is not either a cold blooded killer on Sundays. Or someone that shrinks. When he's in the final group he can be both of those at different times. And we've seen both those in the last couple of years but man. I definitely thought basically all week that he's GonNa win this golf tournament. Yeah I it's interesting. Rory is the I'll I think we can crown him confidently at least myself the best player in the world right now. Who like over the past year? He has been a better golfer than all the other golfers. Yeah Brooks has one more big tournaments the majors. The last three years and tiger has had these incredible incredible weeks. He doesn't play that much and he had a pretty disappointing week. But Roy he's been the best Golfer and he was in my opinion in first or second speed like all week. I use that analogy all over the website golf dot com but he was kind of under the radar and not making a ton of birdies but really really avoiding bogeys. He wasn't exactly striping it but he was still shooting in the upper sixties every single day and just kind of inching closer to the threshold. Matt Kuchar headset. So I'm not. That surprised that if he was a little sloppy it happened this week where he wasn't really really great. He chipped the ball really well but he did not put well on Saturday and do not put well today. Joe The ball really well and struck it pretty well all week but he was never like bucking his head rory he never felt like he was actually grabbing the tournament. It felt like he just Kinda nuzzle up to the yeah the lead and then kind of retreated so there are a couple of moments that stuck out to me. Obviously there's the triple that he made five caught a flyer. You know made a pretty good swing but just ended up along the green and he was absolutely toast. Hit a shot that he caught a little thin rolled back et cetera. Et cetera seven. But he's hanging around at seven under par he gets to the nine toll couture and Scott are both at ten under par Harold Harold Varner also at ten under par in the midst of playing the ten th hole and the pin on nine is right on the front edge. It's sort of. It's almost sitting on a downslope. So the only way to get close to it is a two pound drive down the fairway and then they high lofted wedge with quite a bit spin that challenges the front bunker sits right on that downslope and then just grabs and sure enough. Scott in cuter each hit shots out of the rough that go a little bit long a little bit over the Green. And then rory hits this high perfect wedge just ready to the Pinot girl. I was sitting right behind the French. So I'd like this awesome view of it and boom comes in stops probably eight feet from the hole. Incredible shot two hundred and seventy degree. Lib Out kind of a horseshoe situation. He can't believe it goes to the ten. Th Hole Hits a great drive and NEAT. Little chip to five feet misses that one too high side the whole way. That was it for him. That feels like the difference for Rory on days like these I guess the fact that he contended for sixty three holes had really good Golfer. Sixty three holes and it wasn't even his best stuff it wasn't even his B plus game. It felt like he was his big game. That has me excited about rory. Yeah because again this time of year with this guy. It only matters if he has a green jacket on his body in six weeks is he gonNA. That's all it matters He is one of three people that I would choose as the favorites right now. There has to be tiger. Who'd be Third Kapka Adam? Scott Wow I am lucky when Scott won the PGA The Australian PGA in December. I logged a little forty. Two one. Bet On that ozzy to win his second. Green Jacket looks really good right now. There's a lot of value right there. There's a lot of value with the other Ozzy's Markley Sherman one cam. Smith has played pretty well against it is out here practicing day. Oh played really well at Augusta Ozzy nation. Let's do it right and you mentioned tiger. Let's talk just briefly about his week. Is there anything that you take away from? Tigers Week here sixty eight. I'm a tiger of players that made the cut he he. He came into the weekend. We had the highest expectations. We talked to Jeff Shackelford like Jeff. Can you even really believe that we are at this point again? Where Tiger Woods has peaked? Again he is one of the top two favorites to win every single week he plays..

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