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"harold gis" Discussed on Premium Hoops

"I guess if monteiro going to a place it's kind of bereft of center depth or Without someone who you if you need somebody who can just get easy buckets On the offensive end. I guess harrell makes sense for you for the lakers. It just makes no sense to me and signing him using the mlb their way more impactful players that they could have gotten to plan the wings where they aren't deep right now. Which so to me. I thought it was just confusing. I think it's kind of redundant. I don't love the idea of playing Like he's gonna was. Is he actually playing the five like his. Marcus saw. Anthony davis is going to be playing the five. So you're mantra zero is going to get the four like i don't i don't really like that very much It just it's kind of. And i think it makes their defense where stu you will. I actually just saw that. He signed for that. I don't know why. But i thought he signed for much more I thought it was like a year fifty million dollars for two years. Nineteen don't hate it. But i don't love it like you said you can't really start him next to a ad because he can't protect them and then you probably can't blame it four because he can't switch out on the braga that's my thing. What if okay if you open up that money instead of jae crowder going to phoenix maybe. La gets jae crowder on a two year twenty million dollar deal and obviously that's a hypothetical but i mean wouldn't you rather have mojo at the money that he just signed with. I would rather have mohawk less than his money than Than signing model says veteran. No he signed. I think was the was like three and a half million alka. Yeah yeah one year. Three point six but even then i would take mo at at mantras money. Yeah he's a better fit. Harold gis they use them at sam l..

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