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"harley justice" Discussed on $hit Could Be Worse

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"harley justice" Discussed on $hit Could Be Worse

"I saw them in pieces a lot so i was like they're not real you're going to have to come with me on my new venture because i'm thinking about doing it goes hunting show on youtube i take girls to haunted places not this one this one i don't count as a girl this well girls with dicks are going chicks dixon haunted places a name of the show hand i'm such a pussy like i'm such i wish i wasn't because i like that kinda shit that's why you're going to go over your have to conquer your fears head on you have to conquer your fear is only me i can't and i also what's another irrational fear that i hate i've gotten better with this in my old age but i hate when i was really little i hated it when people are behind me on the stairs going up or down i feel like i'm being chased or they're gonna fall and i'm just gonna like because i i'm a small girl well mine i think is because of my brothers brothers fuck with you when you're stuck in a tube yeah no i like the guy feeling gonna grab my ankles was written down the stairs you see i don't do stare at it don't have the holes in them i don't do this we'd see we didn't have that also i had a dream when i was a kid i think i've told you the story of my sister like it wasn't a dream it was a nightmare and the way my my my the stairs in my house are like fucking steep right in your basement yeah they're fucking it's stupid steep like how mega firms which they are i had this yeah you were dumpsters but i felt probably because she thought someone was fucking chasing her probably know i had this reams that opened like my basement used to not be finished it was like creepy and i didn't like it when i was when i was little so i had a dream where i opened the door downstairs and there was like a bunch of fucking like weird creatures down there like reaching up the stairs yeah yeah and then i closed the basement door 'cause i was scared and turned around and my sister was there and like she does like creepy face on her and she literally picked me up open the door and threw me down so you have some deepsea to issues worse cast therapy show on this podcast is running long i could tell you another fucked up dream wait i did you the first moment you woke up and saw your oh no my relationship with her still is tainted to this day from that tree jeez oh man but i i have some of a couple fucked up dreams i have i have one nightmare that like i'll never ever forget i won't say 'cause it's long winded going now we're watching next week our nightmares yeah watch a really good one i forget it i only have one nightmare liz attorney we have to go to to podcast week so i have to see twice a week fucking so guys that we were going to do about a way out but we're running a little fucking long on this podcast so we'll save it for next week it's gone it's a good a good one but also marinate post we're going to post a picture of kinney's knee for you guys to see and make sure every week rancho to post a photo that you guys can comment who you wanna see on the battle royale so you guys are a lot more creative you guys have the best fucking ideas like you guys have some really fucking funny ones and then some people who listen to the podcasts repeat the same about already did this i want fucking rambo versus oprah that's what i want you know what i'm saying i want some weird shit so so i missed one last week yeah that was all mixed apps a fucking lutely one hundred percent megs fall can you gone fallen into grills okay first off i was members party and it was fucking fun until that point until that point it was so fun harley justice fun everyone charlie wanted to have funds we didn't do the podcast magara right i i would think all the fucking ambers out and party with us you guys are.

one hundred percent