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"harley hodge" Discussed on I Do Podcast

"Use and share them with our listeners. And today's topic is going to be one that really hits home with a lot of people in whether or not you've experienced it. Like, we mentioned in the pre show, it's inevitable in that is the death of our partner, or it's going to be ourself, and our partner is going to have to deal with that. So why don't we jump right in and talk about how we can navigate. This fact of life. Wow. And any end of her relationship is kind of like a day. Isn't it? We grains when grave at the end of something. That's what grace is about. It's about knowing that something that you've had you won't have a game. And so any end of the relationship, whether it's a bright top, whether it's a divorce. Oh, it can be ended without choice. Like, we we face Greif in some way, and we work through grief. And when when it is. This can stances of of a debt causing the end of relationship. What did you find is? It's an incredibly complex and put bide sense of relationship, ending and graving, and and personal red hair that needs to take place the full you ten moving to another relationship. And it's and it's very individuals in it. It depends on sorry. Many things it depends on the nature of the death. The nature of the relationship that has been injured by that. Just wasn't a good one. Was it a, you know, not say great one, anyhow, the age of the person who has been left behind, you know, in the phase of life. They in are they young without shooting. Are they young with children? If they at age children or no children. It's. Then creates a very complex teach to to work through beyond. What is the the natural surprise PA ways of except in, you know, ending of relationship completing that and real than I think you'll so individually to be ready again, it's it's a it's a very very amplified Harley Hodge and extended Junie, what would you say? The biggest difference is from dating after a regular divorce versus dating again after the death of spouse..

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