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"harjo elizabeth alexander" Discussed on One Great Book

"For more great book contents. Check out our sister show. What should i read next and our patriot community at patriots dot com slash. What should i read next where we share. Patron only bonus episodes on fridays. Today story begins back in twenty fourteen with the publication of natalie. Brazil's novel queen shuker queens sugar. A widow has left. An eight hundred acre sugarcane field in her native louisiana with strict instructions that it must be restored or donated to charity of that novel. brazil rights. I wanted to tell the story of a black farming family like the one from which i descended. The novel was my attempt to stop the clock to remind readers that black people have always had a deep connection to the land. I wanted to celebrate farming as a noble endeavor and encourage readers to continue to pass their families land down through generations. queen sugar is a declaration. That black land matters. It reminds us that if we can remember our history we can reclaim the legacy that our ancestors fought and sacrificed for here in twenty twenty one. The story continues in. We are each other's harvest this time. Brazil has traveled the country the interview black farmers winemakers and culinary experts to tell true stories of the african american landowning and farming experience. Both past and present these wide ranging and richly varied stories make for life giving and community changing reading. Her resulting. Work is a stunning anthology. That embodies the collaborative spirit. It celebrates with a thoughtful assortment of formats gorgeous color photography throughout and coffee table. Heft we are. Each other's harvest is designed to be savored just as the harvest to which it bears witness and it's is one great readers to keep track of your great books. I have a new reading journal coming out in september and it's perfect for collecting your thoughts about what you have read keeping up with the books you want to read browsing seasonal booklets for inspiration and reflecting on your reading life right now preorder the journal and get a sneak peek at some of those reading lists and a bookmark. That doubles is a reading tracker. You can use to capture titles until your journal shows up. Order your copy of my reading life wherever you buy books. And then head to modern. Mrs darcy dot com slash journal declaim your bonuses which include an opportunity to win five books picked out by me for you based on your own reading tastes. That's modern mrs darcy dot com slash journal. Don't miss our recently added option by yourself or a favorite reader or special. My reading life gift box that includes the new reading journal a personalized library stamp and other goodies that ordering info is at modern. Mrs darcy dot com slash journal. We are each other's harvest. We are each other's business. We are each other's magnitude and bond this line from gwendolyn brooks poem serves as the epigraph and guiding spirit of this magnificent collection. The heart of the book is profiles of black farmers. Throughout the american south although several of the featured farmers live and work in other parts of the united states but the scope is as deep as it is wide highlighting historical contributions of black thinkers to agriculture the renaissance of black farming and the resilience of the black community to preserve their connection to the land as well as addressing issues such as food justice the ramifications of slavery and share cropping to share this rich history bazil shares a kaleidoscope of essays poems photographs and conversations from notable contributors like michael twitty joy. Harjo elizabeth alexander margaret wilkerson sexton and rosca it is story history memoir poetry agriculture social justice. And if you are an american it is the story of our land a story. You may find as i did. You don't know as well as you thought you did but you sure enjoy learning about now. I actually included. We are each other's harvest in the you didn't know you wanted to know. Category of the expanded summer reading guide. My knowledge of farming comes almost exclusively from a college roommate who married an illinois soybean farmer many years ago. A few books. I've read over the years and occasional conversations at the farmer's market and while i love to read foodie memoirs and have even been known to sit down and read a cookbook cover to cover. I didn't know. I was missing a book like this in my reading life. I am glad it's here now. Brazil's initial interest in food. Justice began back in college when she was a student at berkeley and she'd bring groceries to her great uncle in oakland. Normally she shop for the groceries in the affluent and predominantly white berkeley where the produce was fresh and lush. But one day. She shopped closer to her uncle's house. In a predominantly black neighborhood the produce was shriveled. Bruised 'em limp. Despite shopping the same chain of grocery stores as she didn't berkeley the store was dimly lit and unkempt a side note. I live a long way. From brazil's california but i really connected with a story because of similar disparities. I've noticed here in my own community in kentucky i shop at two different kroger's located a few miles apart from each other and the difference between the two stores is market the northern california stores brazil visited. Then sit in one of the richest lands for produce and that fresh produce overflowed in her own. Mark it down the road but the black grocery store and its offerings were abysmal. She was enraged and rightfully so that pitiful produce is the end of the line but food injustices go way back up it. Bazil lays out the numbers shares reasons. Why in the book including the striking fact that it's estimated. The black farmers cultivate less than half of one percent of the country's farmlands today. Brazil wants to share the stories of those remaining farmers and how they are striving to change the future for black farmers in america through the stories of these farmers who call themselves. The returning generation..

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