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"harian brad" Discussed on Spittin' Chiclets

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"harian brad" Discussed on Spittin' Chiclets

"I think of the w Chan, and Harry, that's what he said and says well LA calls me one night. There's the GM any owner. They're just getting shit face. And they call they call me. And they say, hey, we we liked that Ron Graham, and Harry says well. This is Ron grams. I said I can't I can't treat and he was the p of the year. W trade last year or the year before whatever it was. And he says, and by the way is there's there's not a player I want on your team since. So I mean, I I don't see a deal happening here said he says, well, if you know if you're talking about maybe a first round pick. I might think about it. And and he tells me says we had no big plans for Ron grants you should've so so they the two guys. Okay. Okay. We'll we'll take a battle. We'll get back to you. So they call a little later that night and a little more into a few more drinks. And they tell Harry reset. Well, you know, what we've been thinking about it. And it we're gonna give you first round pick for Ron Graham says well, okay, I'm gonna have to think about this. And they'll call you back in the morning. So every calls them back the next morning gets a first round pick for gray. And that I that being may. So was pretty funny. How that came about? About well, the people who don't know. I'm really good friends with your son, Chris. And so I was talking last night. He said, hey, we got your dad on the podcast. You got anything? I gotta ask him. He said, listen, you gotta ask him about his old age in Harry, cinnamon and raise I contract negotiation. So what's the back story on that one? Well, like, I said we were drafted August fourth. So we didn't have much time to go. She ate. So after going to Boston and milling was Harian Brad is. So then Harry flies to Montreal. So I made at the crown's role that the the door Val airport. And so, and and the background on my agent was he was the order by join your team who's the GM, and he was sometimes coach because he thought his coaches left, and right, so and he was an alcoholic, and he was a frigging Batman, and then intimidator, and I mean, don't Steve cast for I play Julia together, and you know, after leaving junior hockey like there's nobody that we're ever going to run into that's going to be able to TIMMY in terms of a coach because or GM or anything because what would just live we live for three years. So that's the type of guy he was and. So he we meet we start talking and small talk say, you know, our show happy about drafted Ray. And he say all you're gonna love this kid. He's gonna play great for ya. And and be a special player, and blah, blah, blah. So then, you know, we start talking business and my agent says, well, he says we want. We wanna hundred thousand signing bonus. We want a hundred thousand dollars for three years an onset. And and if it doesn't get that. Oh, have somebody breaker lakes? So so hiring areas such back, Harry's like and his name was Rodrigue and says rods and says if you have that something if you have that done to me says, you know, what we had Johnson for goalie for many years. Here is brothers head of the iris. Matthew and Montreal says, if you have something to me all have to have something done to you and the kid will have a contract. So I'm just sitting there thinking, I'll never play the NHL, and I can't tell you. I again, I was having lunch with Harry a month and a half ago, it came up again, I can't make this stuff up. So that's the type of guy that he was and but in the end and up getting a hundred thousand dollars a year and a hundred thousand dollars for three years at an option, so they kept and I'd be a lot richer now. Unbelievable story and one where there's probably gonna be some police involved after it gets released. I want to ask you to say he wasn't..

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