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"harding curtis pearson" Discussed on Before the Break

"I i kinda kept trucking ahead like my ups and downs. Like maybe like four guest star three or four guests rope. When i got out of the actor. Student coach gets books a by the way that will never happen. He's going crazy. I was very much. God damn but then like four like a good like six months after that dust. I was getting up there. And i was on. I i i ended up doing. I did the instinct. I did instinct for season six or seven episodes bats and That was filed a good and then Movie later that year. And then like i i i was still working consistently but a lot of space in between you know But i kept myself busy. I i still went to class. You know i still do. Good i still. I don't shop going to class. I i've i've taken class about krakauer camera. Kuru greg craig. I and where did where did reps come into the picture for you. Was that like out of louisville when you were yes so so i was with. I wasn't with any oil i got. I'm on. We had our little showcase and now in the small agency time but nothing happened to him. That i left my first my first two years out of montclair state between twenty thirteen twenty fifteen acceder Like miserable like miserable. I was like living at old trenton. Asking my mom money to take the train bussing knows it's sought you know but you know the accuracy happened but i Sorry lost track of where did where did Representation come into the picture. Yeah so yes some this showcase for actors theatre role I we had our showcase there. And then nancy curtis of who is one of the head. Atis hardin curtis onto. Yeah now known. As harding curtis pearson. Eilly exc- care now right. But yeah so she was there. She saw michigan Tastic signing right away. what'd you do. would you do for your showcase. So who did a scene. Michael michael legs was at the time anymore but was headed. Professional training company yet is awesome. Awesome like like way of making a showcases in new to to do in. It was so smart because at that time That's like march april. That's been everybody has their shook. It's you know relic march. April may tank. He was very smart. He's a hero agents go shook his sacrifice. How we because our showcase coincides with humana festival accuracy than humanity biggest new play festival in country. And so they're gonna come see the clients new clients or potential clients in these shows. Humana festival they give us the show at festival based on losing the company and we have our show kits. So nancy curtis was able to see me amongst all these people and again it was. Another is how great michael was talk about really really helped me in many ways Really gave the like not only. Are you going to be doing shows with them. So i would drink with their behavior on. I'll let you know when. Nancy came up to me. Hey you know you regret of about. I was able to talk to her credit report a relationship that really took off their you come back to new york look me up signing right away and say crazy. You've had two people in your life. That's so informed the trajectory of not only your career but your life with the guy at the community college who was like. You've gotta do theater. And in this guy in louisville who really taught you the tools to be a professional actor all the stuff that you still carry with. You just incredible now. I mean. I haven't spoken to him in a while. I mean if i knew he was short but He's us a really really really. Every time i attended. I'm like really changed. Object to me in my life. And i'm incredibly grateful to you and yeah so Yeah again. I still train. I still train. I have a coach right now. We're we're the scary perez. These tape is awesome. the he's he's. he's very similar at the about. Crackdown away. But i found a report with gary. Because we of speak the same language he is. He's puerto rican He's from the bronx you know. He has a similar upbringing. He didn't go to school or anything like that. But you probably him. Every single prime time drama from like nineteen eighty five. Now now he just. The guy works all the time in egypt. like such. A master of cry understands behavior so.

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