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"In 19 comas, Keith Eldridge says. It also comes with a warning. The morning is if you don't stay masked up in socially distance, all this good news could turn bad, but let's get to that. Good news that covert case numbers are steadily coming down. It's officially a statewide trend. There is good news. We have a great deal of work obviously left to do, But we are showing some success in our efforts, such as increasing the use of face coverings and seeing an encouraging declined in daily new case counts over the past few weeks were now clearly starting to see a decline in the number of cases that are being detected, and state health officer Dr Kathy Lo Fi said. Another bit of good news is that Realisation numbers are in good shape now starting to see the numbers flatten out, But they do say there is some concerning news and that is the death rates continue to go up. Back in June, it was around 4 to 5 deaths a day of the state. Now it's back up to 10. That's very alarming. The report shows Cove in 19 cases, air rising again and people over the age of 40 in our state. That trend is alarming because older people tend to have more severe symptoms of the virus. State Secretary of Health John Wiseman says this spike might have been caused by a recent rise in cases among people in their twenties and thirties who tend to have mild or no symptoms but can still spread the virus. The more vulnerable people. This Seattle school board voted unanimously to start school remotely this fall for its 53,000 students come ASU Romero as the latest school superintendent, Denise Juno, recommended the move and reminded the board that it's a flexible template and that nothing is set in stone. It includes mandatory Covad safety measures, but board vice president Shandra Hampson had questions about weekly schedules an online learning limits. I remain incredibly concerned about the notion of 1027 hours and the use of what is effectively a brick and mortar schedule in a remote environment. The district says 80 to 90% of its students have adequate access to technology for the upcoming school year. The first day of school is scheduled for September 2nd, See Romero Come on, news comes to the spread of covert 19. There is a difference between a person being asymptomatic versus pre symptomatic. Dr John Lynch, with Harborview Medicine says as asymptomatic means someone doesn't show any symptoms the entire time they have the virus. And so we distinguished asymptomatic from pre symptomatic,.

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