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"harbaugh lewis" Discussed on Cincy Jungle

"But we've seen this song and dance before this particular team is not giving us a whole lot to be faithful about at this point. I don't know. I think also I mean, we jerk reaction as they think a little bit. Also, this is this is a game that I think a lot of people probably thought that you know, the Bengals would lose. They slip. They split the with the ravens the ravens are competitive team, but military wet the ravens aren't that? Great of a team either. They play a little bit of defense. The they've got really nothing going on offense. And like I said, they basically played a version of the wildcat that we saw late two thousands today and the Bengals could not stop them. There's. There is a lot. Brian aids. Where was the spy on Jackson? Well, that's what happens in this is this is the other thing. I mean, I look back CJ Moseley made a few nice place today, you look back and you look at the decimation in the lack of talent at the linebacker position that the Bengals currently employ, and I'm including birthed in that discussion because I saw him missile tackles today, he is having zero impact on the offense at this point. So, you know, I think we all thought he would be a big boost once he came back, and he has really not bid. It's not been that way. Where's the spy on Jackson? I don't know the Bengals plan on that. But here's the thing. The Bengals have those big traditional defensive linemen up front. Sometimes they can set the edge. Well, sometimes they do not. And we've how many times we see today? Jackson, always nimble and slippery and all that stuff. He alluded sacks the Bengals have because basically they were slower not his now, obviously defensive lineman aren't going to usually be as agile as a mobile quarterback. But when you don't have those Twitter. Linebacker edge rusher guys that can be chase down a quarterback. When you don't have those things. That's when you don't have those types of players on your team. You know, these these broken plays are going to occur. The other thing that bothers me again talking about little things that lead up to big things. And it's it's kind of a theme with the Bengals again. Rookie quarterback mobile quarterback for years. The Bengals have never been able to figure this out. They've never been able to figure out, you know, some of these guys that are former high picks and guys that can move that were exciting college quarterback some of them end up going on in having exciting career some of them end up doing nothing. But the regardless the bangles have always had trouble. It seems like against mobile quarterbacks against rookie quarterbacks. And that was the case today extremely frustrated because you saw basically it looked like the same seven place eight plays. The ravens kept running and those those option plays just kept killing the bangles of three age rookie free agent. Running back Gus Edwards head over one hundred yards. Lamar Jackson had over one hundred yards on the ground. Just just sickening and. I don't know what else there is to say. Except for the fact that the Bengals at this point aren't there? One in four in their last five games after starting off three and one this year and. Ford one actually, and they just aren't playing good football right now. They offense disappears too many times in these long stretches. They came out and did some nice things in the second half today. But they started off very very poor. And it, you know. I don't know. I don't know. What else really to say? Stephan Hoffmann says, you know, they're going to run the RPO the whole game. Where's the game plan? I I know and the other frustrating thing is that Lamar Jackson with missing apparently day or two practice being ill. And obviously, it's great that he's feeling better in all that stuff. But you know, unfortunately, unfortunately. It seems as if the ravens still game plan better than the Bengals did. And I don't know. I don't know what else to say about that except for maybe that's the disparity between Harbaugh Lewis. And maybe that's an issue of Louis taking over that defensive coordinator duty. I don't know. My call says birthed needs to go Burford needs PD's is j Dalton wilder moose. I'm very disappointed in him. And not only is he not making the impact plays..

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