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"hanukkah senate" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Shea and to have it at the four most kids I say they're very privileged kids ages two to thirteen were able to get a gift California congresswoman Maxine waters joined a local non profits for the giveaway the second night of Hanukkah will be celebrated with the first minore lighting ceremony at Beverly hills city hall Beverly hills mayor says he had been support suggesting such events for years but some of the other council members had concerns about violating the separation of church and state the mayor says the focus will be on the cultural and historical themes of Hanukkah Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has issued a challenge to president trump ahead of the impeachment trial if you are so confident you did nothing wrong why won't you let your men testify Schumer has sent a letter to his fellow senators detailing what stuff he wants subpoena for the trial that includes internal emails from the White House and state department Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Schumer is just pretending to be impartial about this whole thing house speaker Nancy Pelosi is withholding the two articles of impeachment passed last week she says she's waiting to make sure the proceedings are fair six more horses have been found shot to death in your strip mine site in Kentucky a rescue group says it appears the horses were killed at the same time as the fifteen who were found in the area last week the horses carcasses were scattered over a large area they had apparently been hunted and killed with no regard for age one horse was found with grass in its mouth because it was killed while eating if caught the killer is facing animal cruelty charges at a minimum Boeing has fired the CEO oversaw the response to the seven thirty seven MAX crisis Dennis Moeller Burke resigned this morning effective immediately family members of those killed in two airliner crashes.

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