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"hans monster caskey" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"Confirm judge cavenaugh, they will lose the Senate. I want to repeat this one more time if the Republicans do not confirm judge cavenaugh for the supreme court. They will lose the Senate, and it will not be by a small margin. They will depress their own base by if they don't know how to fight if they don't end this. This will be the end of the Republican party in the Senate for years to come. Joe, I it's Hans monster Caskey, he'll look you. And I are both former Justice department lawyers. I mean, Nope. No prosecutor would take this case. But it's not only that these charges are thirty years old. She can't remember the details. But none of this has ever been brought up before there were. No contemporaneous complaints at the time the one supposed- witness. She cites says it it never happened. And on the other side of this. We've got the the person being accused went through. I counted up up six full field FBI investigation, and nothing like this ever came up and more importantly nothing ever came up from any other women making a similar claim. If in fact, all the women who have testified or sent in a letter to committee say the exact opposite about his character hundred percent. And the problem, however is not with the facts or the idiocy of this. Charge. It is with Republicans. There are Republican senators say they want more time.

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