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"hans aidi andrew friedman" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"You lose a lot of debt brandon mccarthy's got casimir and all this stuff i think i at the beginning of the three that made the playoffs i thought the dodgers would come down to earth i i mean low nineties wins i thought arizona would stay right around the same i thought colorado would step back just a tad i'm surprised where they are and they haven't hit that's the scary part with the rockies they're pretty healthy and yet they haven't hit this year especially at home their average home temperature coming into this weekend was before the road trip was like forty five degrees so the ones that plays heats up and those guys aren't trained to you know feel their hands the entire time that's a scary thought that there on top right now of the of the west now the second half cav is gonna be juicy i mean colorado right now with ota vino and wade davis man they can shut the door with anybody in baseball and then arizona look great but then they lose pollock for a couple of months with a fractured thumb and dodgers i saw gave dave roberts a vote of confidence by so far hans aidi andrew friedman which never had his faults never good sign but they're all they're having a rough start they're having a rough start and people are going to blame the manager for what i mean he's trying to piece everything together you know with the dodgers in what their lineup is you lose justin turner who's your three hitter he's gonna come back and hit and he's hit a little you know he's hit pretty good but that power is not going to be the same and so i'm sorry that that offense that.

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