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"hanoi la" Discussed on 600 WREC

"I'm Gordon Deal along with Jennifer Kushinka, Tuesday, February twenty six glad you're with us. Here's what's up this hour house. Democrats are expected to vote today on a measure that would block President Trump from diverting money to pay for a wall on the southern border. Australian cardinal George Pell has been convicted of molesting two boys. He is the most senior Catholic cleric ever charged President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong UN arrive in Vietnam today talks will focus on a plan for denuclearization and tweaks to social security that could help the most vulnerable like us. This have been some issues that have been kicked around for for a while. But there are some some ideas that would enhance benefits I some of the most vulnerable people older elderly widows people mostly women who took time off from work caregivers. Ross wiles at the Zona Republic on ideas floated for social security. He's here in about twenty minutes. North Korean leader, Kim Jong arrived in Vietnam. Earlier today for a summit with President Trump have two men will try to reach agreement on carrying out a North Korean pledge to give up its nuclear weapons. They will meet for a brief one on one conversation. Tomorrow evening, followed by a dinner, then they'll meet again Thursday. Mr. Trump spoke before departing for Hanoi LA for Vietnam where I meet with chairman Kim. And we talk about something that frankly, he never spoke to anybody about. But we're speaking speaking loud, and I.

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