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"hanns brown" Discussed on Into America

"Two were ardent trump supporters and the other two were Democrats and I was really struck by it. Because you know we talk so much about how divided this country is and somehow they're able to make it work and I would. Maybe there's a lesson in there for the rest of us think he's GonNa Save the world. The money's the family that's divided. The Dad took a transfer from one plant to another holly money. Says THEY WON'T BE SUPPORTING THE PRESIDENT? He is the president of the United States. So you can't you have to respect them that way but we are just. He could have done a lot more for the middle class rather than the upper class. He came here. Said don't sell your house. General Motors is going to be here. Maybe in cars and then a few months later it was closing. People are losing their jobs. Families had to move so any promises that he's made for our area. He did not keep last week they still had a decided which Democratic candidate they would vote for this Tuesday. I asked Erin whether any of this change in Lordstown feels like a good thing for their family. I mean there's some hope on the horizon potentially for the community and you know they're they're watching that but it doesn't really apply to them because there might be new jobs but Kevin Money you know he. He's looking toward retiring. Were with full benefits from GM. And there's only one way to retire with full benefits from GM and that's worth five more years at GM. So from their perspective is a little bit irrelevant. You know what's going on because their fate has already been determined. You know his job is gone and the only way he can continue to have. That job is to commute to Toledo. I missed my dad and most and most and I'm getting ready to go down for the night. All the fear unsoundness wash over me like a wave. I'll get think about is how US alone did in a different city alone. Thou- As to protect him and Mary here without him to protect us with all my Dulcie. My father everyday. If you'll see a piece of our lives of our piece of our lives are missing. Him knows when the peace will come back. Come back in place maybe. Gm will reopen with a new vehicle. Make maybe congressman. Tim Ryan will become president and get something back here for us. Many we will eventually have to move up. Some others to because of the stress of broken families need it to be avoided. There is no answer yet. All I can say the money families Sean. We live in hope that we all live at strong family. The economy changes. And we don't always talk about kind of how that trickles down and affects the kids. But you know. Here's this one family with this one story about you. Know how a decision made by a corporation based on business projections kind of trickles down and affects the way. A little girl is going to play basketball when she goes out for her team on the first day that her dad's not there rooting for her in the stands every nine worn. Nash reporter for NBC. News into America is produced by Isabel Angel. Alison Bailey Aaron Dot. Max Jacobs Bar. Rab Claire Tie. I should turn her an pretty Var thon music by Hanns Brown. Our Executive Producer is ellen. Franken Steve Lik Tai is executive producer of audio. I'm mainly we'll be back next Thursday..

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