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"hannity wilty" Discussed on The Bible...but Funnier

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"hannity wilty" Discussed on The Bible...but Funnier

"Today story comes from mark chapter four and chapter five. After a day of teaching. Jesus in the boys jumped on a fishing boat. They'll wanted to go to the other just for a change of scenery. They all hopped in their boats as jesus and the disciples paddled over to the other side if periods storms swept across the seed cow tossed and turned ways crashed over the side of the vote. Feeling it with water heater and the others tried to scoop water out of the boat with buckets. But they weren't fast. Meanwhile jesus was sleeping like a baby despite water drenching name. One of the disciples ran over to him. Teacher do not care about us. We're all gonna die. Jesus setup to chill out. I got this peace. Be still he cried. The wind ceases. The rain stopped and the sees mellowed out. Jesus wrung out a piece of his squeezing out the water. He told his crew. Why are you so afraid. Why have you know faith. You think i can't handle little storm. Every one of the disciples turn to each other whispered fallen asleep. Great just walkup. Amanda he just calm the storm. Hannity wilty to chris crazy. I can't believe it. Even the wind and the waves obey him because the boat small. Jesus overheard them. Yeah guys win. The waves conned under my authority comes with the package. When you create and sustain the universe still rocked by the experience they continue to crush the now com see jesus and his disciples finally managed to cross over the other side of the galley. They docked the boat. The disciples got up to stretch their legs john. Peter hey pete. This is an unusual. Docs this is the tombs. Ooh i makes sense us thinking. It looked a lot creepy than usual. The wind howl think whisper carried by the wind gave the disciples. Dark clouds loomed over head for the second time in less than an hour were scared out of their minds then. Jesus stepped out of the boat immediately out from the tombs. A mostly naked. Man with an unclean spirit unclean body. If you wanna know ran out to meet jesus. This man lived in the twos. He was so wild that people tried to tie them up but even with chains he always managed to break free spent days and nights screaming bloody murder in hurting himself. So yeah these guy was not someone you wanted to run out at you. Peter saw the guy coming jumped right into john's arms with a yelp. Jesus called out. Come out of him. You unclean spirit. The demon possessed man stopped when he reached the crew healed loudly. What did you i'm with. I played by god pretty pleased. Jesus walked up to him and asked the man. What is your name. The man replied.

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