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"hannah vedra" Discussed on WJR 760

"The michigan association of broadcasters station of the here news talk seven sixty wjr detroit sixty nine degrees and we have a bit of sunshine this hour i'm marie osborne more than seven million homes and businesses are without power and multiple states as tropical storm erma moves through the southeast officials in jacksonville florida say they're concerned about severe flooding is major river that runs by the city is about to christ correspondent kelly heart and says officials have closed off certain roads to keep people away from these dangerous areas here in downtown jack now you can't going from here you've got the south side in in a barrier island jacksonville bijan hannah vedra beach familiar vacation spot for many but the bridges that go east they are closed they are closed any traffic trying to go that way at already doing all they can to get people off of those island correspondent diane gallagher is serving the hurricane damage in neighborhood in a neighborhood breeding ten florida just south of tampa were officials are working to stay ahead of the storm's aftermath you can see it right now they're doing let of sewage that's coming of overflowing sewage and trees that are down at wjr news time to all one detroit police investigating after two people were shot on healy street in the city this is near seven mile and ryan road on the city's e side the 24yearold man who led police on nearly an hour long chase to the city of detroit last week a rain today and several charges doron sherard was off finally captured after the chase when police were able to tackle him off the top of a car on i 75 sherard a murder suspect led police on their chase friday afternoon the sixteenth anniversary of september eleven terror attacks being held today in many areas in the country vice president mike pence and shanksville pennsylvania that's the site or united flight ninety three went down after being hijacked by terrorists the vice president said they remember those that died on board that to imply the american people will forever be inspired by their courage and resolve we honor them by remembering though and we honor them by ensuring that we do all in our power as a nation to prevent such evil from ever reaching our shores again and a solemn ceremony in downtown detroit today to mark the.

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