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"hannah jordan lindsey" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"He's gonna pull the typical man thing where he turns it around on her. Yeah. So yeah, you can yell at him. He's like, I just don't want you to feel I'm leading you on. I just want to set some boundaries because you asked to walk me, you asked me to walk you out from that Bod fire, and it made me feel like you were way more into me than I am into you and your moving way more quickly than I want. Yeah. Your total CBS are really going beyond the initial pay Shropshire that we have for this relationship. And I just think that like when you take like fewer impressions and more a high volume high quality baked in moments like if you're going to expect this much I'm gonna need to charge you for a pop up ad base. That's what I'm saying. She's like all I did was ask you to walk me out of the beach. He's like, yeah. I'm so sorry lead you on that way, you know, leading you on. She's like to me, you're acting a certain way. And then you tell everyone else different things about me. Just don't do that. I work hard. All we. I'm not holding onto a grudge. I mean Jordan's dick. But he still hot still fucking. I'm over that egg. I think that you're trying to be like whatever he's a dick. But I'm horny looks good. So I'm going to try to get this. But that ICs stop it is that so leave golfing because it's like lasts all of two minutes on screen and some of the some of them like stop by this strange and cheek place that light with one of those anti places that you drive by your like whoever buys stuff from a place like that. And then you find it. It's like these people do they get like he's weird ceramic or porcelain sculpture, kitschy things. Monkey drinking. We got zebra. Probably paid like two thousand dollars for all that stuff too. Which is the sad part. Get home and Lindsey, and then yell, of course, like dancing around doing their look. Dan. It's like you guys are not getting D stop doing that dances. Getting sad part. Is that like it seemed like there were actually dancing to an actual tricks in Monaco song like they were singing along the lyrics did the producers tell them. Okay. We can't play music right now because it messes up our audio. But here the lyrics that we want you to dance long to you. Just sing them doing there were singing along with the song. Live. Live your laugh. Your talk side, if the first time that Trixie Monaco has ever been passed off truly as the actual music that's being played. Actually, I shouldn't say that they always try to do that. But this is the first time they made an effort to really try to integrate Trixie monocle into the show, Trixie is getting her own role. Finally. Yeah. So now, it's like dinner time and Carl's like yacht page. Let me get the door for you. And she's like, thanks Carl. Her do really like it about school jen's at this. Just in from the news wire, I just wanna say you girls, look really hot. Seriously. You guys look really hot. You're welcome in advance. So when Kerr has Kyle Amanda page and Carl and Carl's like can I be for real jet girls? Caught Dorgan I know we're driving. Let me open the door for you just to pre footage fam- almost aren't. Dive it was worth it because I would die for beauty. Yeah. And cows like we're the hot car, and then it cuts to the other car with Hannah Jordan Lindsey, Danielle? And no one's talking. It's like the most awkward car ride ever. Yeah. Exactly. And so calls like everything Jordan says, I don't even know anymore. Like, you know, he was he was like, hey page. He was like saying like, oh, wow. Like, you guys were dating in Florida and stuff like that. Never been sexually attracted ever. I mean look at him..

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