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"hanna miz john moores" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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"hanna miz john moores" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"Effects. He just gets me going every time. It's probably the last time we're talking to howard right. he's still on that zoom by the way signing off thanks guys. Mike was just trying to help you know that he was That he was still. It was unfortunate that he was still listening. The one who is not here you may have missed him for a couple of days. Is billy and i wanted so badly to talk to billy today. About what bad bunny said he said bad bunny bigger than the grammys bigger than doing the super bowl. He said the biggest moment of his life was performing in wrestling. Yeah he too. Because it was the biggest moment in my life watching. Hanna miz john moores and what one moment in time are. You not surprised that bad bunny chose that over the grammy's and the super bowl as best moment of his life the best part was a daisy was like baked bitter super bowl right like as a joke and bad bunny was wide eyed and he was like no bigger than everything is the biggest moment in my life. He was so serious. It was not a joke to him. I loved it. it's massive. It's a it's a showcase of the immortals dan its grandest stage at the mall. I mean don't say that about the super bowl man. It's something to just put everything in a super bowl prison when you really. The standard should probably be the champions league final which actually wanted for the second time in their club's history. The only team in london whether european cup now the only team in london with duke european. Mike do me a favor and find that mad dog sound of him yelling about somebody getting a police escort. I want to get to that second because he's enraged by. I think it was What's your jets. Head coach named rob saleh robert. Sally yeah so he was enraged by that. We'll get to that in a second but before we do over the weekend. While mike was watching this he was enraged by me. And i really was disappointed in mike in general because i understand that this championship was a big moment for him but i texted him that fast and furious and jurassic park. We're talking about a crossover event in which both movies existing togethers to god. So you've got you know the rock and ludicrous against Dinosaurs and stuff. Okay and mike said my timing was terrible. And i just didn't think the timing was ever terrible to send somebody. That was a crossover event that was coming. Especially because billy's favorite movie is the fast and furious franchise. And mike's favorite movie. Is this jurassic park nonsense. It's not nonsense. Okay it's i think one of the biggest It just got knocked off the biggest movie of all time by avengers and then a was knocked up. Because did you see that joke. That james cameron pulled just going to re release avatar again just in asia this time so i can be number one now. Look no one's asking for these avatar movies. By the way is anybody site for avatar avatar was already dated by the time it came out. But i digress. You text me in the middle of the champions league. Final four chelsea yes. I was a terrible time. Because i don't know if you know this i work for the club. I have a podcast. It's the official podcast chelsea. Mike duck and i felt like i was a part of the team. I felt like a little bit of me. Lifted that trophy. On saturday. I was in warm embraces with strangers and family. I was an emotional an emotional wreck in to have that released in to win the biggest trophy in all of club sports it it just meant a lot and I wasn't fully prepared for anybody. Texting me let alone taxing me about jurassic park in fast and furious. Now that i've had time to process at that. Movie sounds amazing. Are you getting a ring ring for. No you get them metal. Dan myopic. No i got a coffee mug. That says champion.

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