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"hank steinbrenner cohen" Discussed on The Short Porch

"Mush Tovey smokes. Tj the ones the twos fellows. We opened the show with some pretty sad really shocking news to me at least Hank Steinbrenner Cohen or the Yankees Chairman of the of the board. He passed away at the age of sixty three this morning. Reporting on a Today's Tuesday Pass Away Not Corona virus related. He had a long term illness that kind of makes a little more sense anything about because he stepped away from public viewing for what how really became the face of the organization over the last like four years. I WANNA say but Yeah Hank had. He's been battling some illness. Some people are saying it's liver related passes away the age of sixty three truly shocking terrible. Like my jaw legitimately dropped opened up. Saw The tweet from the New York Post devastating stuff. Obviously you click on it and and nowadays you're automatically assuming own help corona or whatever turns out not growing related at all. Yeah like you said definitely makes sense because there was a time I feel like in the late too late. Two thousands like that first decade where he was like you know very like much the face in the voice and like going to be the new George or whatever saying a lot of stuff and yeah then turns out he had this illness and miserable or thoughts and prayers the entire Steinbruck family Yeah really shed This is the worst part like is right. Now it's probably. They're not going to have like a really ceremony sharing yeah. I didn't even think about that. Fuck like funerals and all that at sucks virtual on stuff out of the how you doing. He supplement would have a huge turnout. Obviously yeah for sure. Yeah at you put it perfectly like kind of like the late. Two thousand two hundred eight. He really became like that face of the like you know he was. He was the next George like he would say like he kind of just didn't give a fuck what he said like albums more reserved and calculated. How and Hank would just come out there and be like you know He. He has quote about the Red Sox. it's alway going anywhere in America. And you won't see go anywhere in. America. You won't see Red Sox hats jackets. You'll see Yankee hats jackets. This is a Yankee country. I got just like he said those types of things he was kind of like a quote Karl a time This is a really sad. I I WANNA say the did you see John. Hayman's tweet now. That was weird. He he tweets you know how like when a trade happens like a big signing and like he gives credit to people he tweeted. I report on Hank. Steinbrenner passing Joel Sherman. That's a weird. That's like a toned our entire tweet the entire tweet. That's so fucking weird. That's odd like yeah. He does do which like all right. Fine you give credit for a big scoop traders or something. That's not something where like Joel Sherman was. Hey I need credit for this. No no Oh my God. Yeah and he does that a lot. It's almost like he doesn't even break news anymore. He kind of just feeds. Boris quotes. Like out to the world could Borcelino his guy and then he'll be like. Oh Yeah. Buster only reported this three hours ago. Just catching up on credit. That's his John Hayman's I kind of love. That's kind of a sick job. He does nothing. It's amazing he's easiest. Job in the world dislike report. The news that you heard from a friend hours later too. It's like Oh just catching up. You're just catching all the time. Just catching up your on this date. but yeah very sad news. Our thoughts are with the steinbrenners. Robert Malloy obviously Friend of the program and all that Can't imagine having to go through this you know during the quarantine all that just awful Another death unfortunately. We had to talk about real. Quick is Anthony Causey. He was a famous near New York City sports photographer for the Post. And it is crazy. You go through this guy's instagram. And what he is responsible for taking pictures like he has he has the Derrick. Jeeter the most one more economy pictures INC Yankee history. Where he's through this the depths of the Yankees of old Yankee Stadium and he hits a sign that says you know. Thank God. Make me Yankee. It's just like He. He was there for all of these moments and Yeah he he passed away with Corona virus. This was two nights ago And you the sports world everywhere just coming out with their tributes perspective on NBC. The other night I think syndergaard had one Pretty much every beaten beat writer out there. A lot of New York athletes were like touched by this guy. Very Sad He seemed like a legitimate good. Do this one actual picture of This couple in central park random couple who The Guy Proposer and causing just walking through central parking photograph. The whole thing came up afterwards. It was like Hey I took these professional shots. You guys like you want me to send it to you and just did that. That's the kind of guy. He was pretty cool last picture on instagram. To is so heartbreaking. Oh yeah his candidate in the hospital bed with the mask on say never thought I'd get something like thought it was indestructible by. Do make out here. I promise you this world's not gonNA hit Was March twenty second just devastating fucking diseases real viruses real taken seriously. You could feel like never going to beat it. Just stay inside. You gotta go outside. Wear a mask wear gloves. You can never be too careful. It's just like hits you everywhere. The numbers starting elite level off a little bit looks like in the city. But it's not you know we gotta keep going keep pushing because otherwise it's going to go back so we got to really hammer sir. Really sad news in the empty causing thing for sure Switching gears a little bit lighter note Obviously you're listening to this Tommy Canley is coming up Long-awaited interview We finally got him. It's about an hour long and it's fantastic of for against that Canley has been doing Streaming he talks about this on the shop How economy has been running a twitch stream to the audience of like five people up until a few days ago which is crazy because he doesn't have twitter instagram nothing. There's nothing last this information to so he's just been streaming and doing this thing. He was playing with weight and judge the other night. They're in. They're playing call duty and then he will show. I hopped on the show with him. We played a few games I guess it was a bad sign when I beat him With and he was pitching himself That was the bad omen for things to come later because he does play. He plays in the show. He played it on Monday. Night am when owned four and it was not great so People were not a little bit for sucking on the show. It's it's a tough game. This game is very hard glitch. Ian Shit so really. Wasn't that good right. Yes he's gotten there he thought he. I mean I stake so I guess. I'm not a good barometer for anything. But he looked like he he can recognize pitches. Hit he just. Can't he pitches with I don't know how many times because play video games but He uses the camera angle behind the pitcher when he pitches. I always like to hit like the the the catchers you and all that he pitches behind whatever I would do games. I always if I was pitching I. I would have that year that he does. I can't do all right. Yeah I just. I don't know that's just not. That's not how a lot of people don't very few people do that way so two. Can't we stick an shots? Okay I think MATT IN HIS GAME. I watched him play in the madame playoffs. He Played Wade. I mean it was because he talks about in this interview. How like one point? He rattled off forty guys on his mat and roster. And it's crazy it's like I don't even know that many people like on a normal roster like the packers I feel like a lot of people know and he just rattle off like fifty names on his fantasy drafted Madman League roster of but he's he he might actually get hired after like he's done playing baseball to be like an NFL coach because he reads defenses. He literally calls out what he's about to do. And he's just destroys people. Wade had weightlossforlife forty deaths. And like you probably have been more commonly says he lets up on people so Ganley's Gallison must watch. Bso We have the interview coming up for you now And it's about an hour long. Tommy he was able to join us. the full video up on Youtube. I think in like a day or two to go. Check that out After this so you to give us to use their But yeah. I mean you can't leave was great guy saw about the interview about the. I thought it was everything we could ask for. You know he's knee is advertised. We've basically talked about him on every single episode Till now or finally able to get him instead of asking people questions about McKinley. We're like hey we could just ask them ask them ask them to him ourselves He's amuses Dawson. Yeah I literally thought I was interviewing myself the entire. Yeah you guys scream brain or he just doesn't care and like he just is really good at baseball. Yeah the whole the whole drive yourself doesn't care and is really good at baseball. That's exactly how I describe. No He's he's in type of personality that baseball needs to hone in on and like get out there for the world. So we're doing our part here by getting on the show here Baseball really needs to make toffee county like a superstar because his personality can make the sport popular like instead of having announcers complain about. How Long Games are Jessica Mendoza? And all that we can have people. Just talk about Tommy Canley. And he will like that so So we'll get into the interview now for that. I WANNA talk about Hawthorne. Honestly while we're in a situation where I don't really want to go to the grocery too much or you know get supplies you wanna stay inside as much as possible. Hoffman. Hook us up and it is one of the best things I feel like. This ever happened to me. They sent me Deodorant deodorants all time. I actually but the moment they sent me. Children ran out. I've got shampoo for them. I got conditioner I said that really. We're conditioner condition. They've got face lotion. They've got handle. It's just when everything you need to. Just be yourself in your house and stay. Cleanest cleanest can be so positive going to sell it snows. It's not just like the convenience of a to it actually smells good and makes the makes you feel like a man it makes me feel like a real man for once in my life and I just got my like I got a shipment rape before quarantine started so like. I'm good for awhile now. It's Big Yeah I put that on like you know I felt like I'm going anywhere but I'm still putting on. I'm like God damn I feel like the the way it comes in the bottles. It actually feels like Manley type. No IT COMES. It feels important getting it like a real right So yeah so the way it works you go on. Hawthorne Dot Co so it's a H. A. W. T. H. O. R. N. E. DOT CO a member of the Auburn. And you take a quiz is intricate. Intricate luck was in Iran. Breaks it down what you want. And what's best for you you know what's What do you smell like? Where do you go out? How long all that? It's all broken out for you. Which Braille like. I like customisations like that. So they bring that to you Such a two minute quiz and And then.

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