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"hank bang" Discussed on #WeThePeople LIVE

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"hank bang" Discussed on #WeThePeople LIVE

"This is a conversation about how we should think about men's riots and how we should think about women's rights in an age of identity politics in an age of the ultraright rachel korbut has always been a really interesting independent thinker who provides perspective that it that are outside of the box and who doesn't just parrots one line or another sign joint having this conversation i was super jetlagged so i'm not bring my agame but i think rachel more than makes up for that i hope you enjoy this investigation into the boundaries of how we can think about men's plight in an era of feminism this is rachel quote this is we rachel hank bang on the lovely to be what's going on you are you the best noir of australian television when it comes to feminism over you on the feminicide of this brooke the myth am i was on nobody side really because as you know i am on its side my you ha has homicide thanks very much i i'm not a fence sita so much as i am somebody who's very happy to hear both sides of an argument before i make my decision up so i i was on nobody saad really and actually when i watched cassi jays film originally i thought that there were some really interesting points from the men's rights movement a less of the stuff way they were calling paypal insufferable beaches abbott more of the the the sort of issues that are at the very core of the movement i thought that there was a lot of stuff that they discussed in the film the i hadn't really thought about before and that i thought was worthy of discussion but of course.

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