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"hamish smyth" Discussed on Household Name

"About NASA Debrecen, plus we'll check in with Robert again and hear more stories from the promo in house of space wonders stay with us. With us today on our journey of space. Exploration is Dave Moshe. Who is insiders what space space correspondent, I think you can just call me the resident nerd at insider. That'd be good title. Dave Moshe resident nerd at insider. And today, I'll be talking about Tang and its association with NASA. Alright. And then we also have with us our producers and America's Hello. And today, I'm going to be talking about KFC and NASA mysterious and Sarah Wyman. Hi, I'm here to tell you a story about a worm and a Meatball. Actually, it's about Nastase logo. And to help me tell the story I called up a guy named Hamish Smyth Hamish is a graphic designer. He's worked on a ton of really cool projects in New York City. And also he really likes NASA. It's nasa. Like, it's so cool. It's you these doing space stuff. It's awesome. Right. So Hamish explained to me but back when NASA was. Founded in nineteen fifty eight people had bigger things to worry about than logos and graphics like Russia had just launched the satellite Sputnik. We'll be spice Douglass Edwards report. Until days ago that zone, but never been heard on this earth, which really took the American populace by surprise to Newell. What about the vital question that everybody is thinking about why? And how did the Russians beat us to the drill? It also freaked out the executive branch like the president was losing his gourd. So they founded a new agency NASA, and they had one of their employees just draw up a logo. So this is the Meatball. You can see it's the same logo. Nasa has today. And it's like a big blue circle. There's there's like an orbiting thing in the middle. There looks very space-age there. Lots of stars in the background a lot going on this logo. We have stars. You have lines. You have circles you have. Yeah. It's it's a messy logo. It's very razzle dazzle if I can put it that way. It looks like something maybe an engineer would have designed or third grader. Great engineer, and it's it's kind of fun and whimsical, which I think was exciting for a lot of the people who worked there because they as kids had grown up kind of in love with the idea of space exploration and excited about the idea of exploring the universe and going up to space and rocket ships and this logo looks like all of that excitement like all of that childish glee, but as you pointed out like in terms of graphic design, it's not an awesome logo, the owed one consists of numerous very odd to printed accurately, especially using government printing technology at the time logos have to do all kinds of stuff. You have to put them on. Stationary. You put them on pens that you can hand out to people at conferences in Nasr's case, you have to stencil it onto rocket ships and this logo is just not good for any of those things. You don't really see that very well at. Mile out on an aircraft or something in part of this. Logos job is to be on rocket ships and satellites in space, and like it isn't super often that you're getting a nice close up. You know, those are things that are meant to be seen from faraway. Ideally, you know, by Russian people, I guess like also trying to fly into space. We're very far behind you. You're Soviet space. Like, you gotta know what spacecraft you're dealing with. And it just looks like kind of blobby blobby is not the message that the American government was trying to send out about their space. A graphic designer like Hamish Smyth would never have come up with anything that looked remotely like this. But I would not try and design a rocket and they shouldn't try and design a logo. So by the nineteen seventies were like coming out of the space race, we've been to the moon, and then on the fiscal side of things the US economy is taking its first big downturn since World War Two. And so people are starting to question masses. Funding shuttle program was wildly the budget, and they weren't launching nearly as many as they were planning on launching people are saying like what's the point of funding?.

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