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"hamid garoppolo" Discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

"Hi, Dave, six three to ten. Longtime listener first-time caller. And I just wanted to weigh in on the greatest vote time comment earlier. Okay. Of course, of course, Robert Kraft's going to. Yeah. He loves his boy, he's brought him in a load of years and a lot of money, but. Being a Steelers fan lifetime Steelers fan. It does pain me to admit. I do believe Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in this era and L stress in this era. There's just so many things that are involved in calling somebody the greatest of all time, as you know, you know, different rule changes and schedules the amount of games played in the season. You know, you'd get your stats, obviously, more stats than they've been in the sixties because they only played fourteen games. But anyway on mclovin query does the quarterback main the greatest player. I don't I don't believe it does. Because quarterback is one position defense, obviously is the total opposite. You you can't just say. A quarterback is the greatest player. Yeah. I mean, I I get what you're saying. Dave that you know, you're begrudgingly acknowledging Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. But you can't say he's the greatest player of all time. Look, it's it's a, of course, Robert cramps gonna say that about his quarterback. I'm no problem with it. But it goes back to what I said I can argue for Tom Brady greatest player, and I can argue against Tom Brady for greatest player. You know? That's just a fun barroom debate that you could have. And if you want to look at the most the most dominating person I ever saw play was Lawrence Taylor. I'd never seen anybody. And I haven't seen anybody since then who plays the way Lawrence Taylor did because I saw true fear in a quarterback's face in one game you had to account for where Lawrence Taylor was. Dion is one of the great athletes of all time. Jim Brown, one of the great athletes. Fulltime I think what happens a lot. When you start talking about the greatest player of all time is hell hath let it are. They and how do you define great because Brady's resumes. Great. He's not a great athlete. He's great at what he does. But I think we have a problem we say greatest football player of all time. I can't run his arms not then you know, we start breaking down his his game. And it's not fair to Brady. And then you're going to elevate somebody else who is going to be, you know, far better athlete there and Dion was a far better athlete. But. That's why I said you can make an argument one way or another. And it's just that. It's just a fun argument in I expected, you know, Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick Dubose say Brady's greatest player of all time. I don't know if Bill check has said that. Yes. Be kind of awesome. If you didn't though. Yeah. But if he said well around Lawrence Taylor Lawrence sales result. I've been around a lot of good quarterback. No. You haven't not not that many many. Yeah. Hello, montana. Never lost has has Bella. Check christened. Brady is the greatest player of all time. Mclovin. Do you do you? Remember, Bella check ever saying you have to check. I think it was either Hamid Garoppolo. Wow. Knobs kidding. Oh, I think he did din. Ballot. Check have some quotes that were nice about Brady after last year. Remember these story, right? Yeah. That's why when I interviewed Brady prior to the Super Bowl last year. And I said, do you think you an coach bell check ever sit down and reminisce when your careers are over and he goes, no. Yes. A year and a half ago. Abella check bell check did declare one of his players. The greatest time. Adam Viteri said was the greatest kicker of all time. All righty now. One hour in the books. Two more to go on this trigger. Meet Friday more meet Friday, songs Grant Hill stops by talk about the wardrobe malfunction with Michael.

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