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# 23  Somethings Burning Uncut  Michelle Wolf & Bobby Kelly

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# 23 Somethings Burning Uncut Michelle Wolf & Bobby Kelly

"Hey guys brand new something's burning uncut. If you don't know what this is, this is the audio from mind. This is going to be good, too. Because there's a lot of stuff we talked about. This is the audio uncut from my cooking show something's burning. That will be returning very shortly. We are building a kitchen to be able to shoot this out, so we can stay socially, and we can record it ourselves. Adding comedians get tested. Be Safe. But this be New York. This is when I was at my worst by the way like partying like if you look back and you go, someone looks like he's got one foot in the grave. It is this episode. I was partying really hard. I just done a tour through Europe and I was. Landed in New York to ten episodes. It's something's burning. And I don't know if I knew Michelle Wolf this time. I don't think I had met her. I think I. met her on this podcast from Fan Michelle's wolves. Michele's awesome. She's a look. This sounds okay. Anyone. WHO's a comic? Always a fan of and sometimes what happens is people are next then they get famous, and then they kind of walk away from comedy, but if you find out that that person is still just a comic, which is Michelle Michelle did the. Obviously has done so much so many things had a netflix series. She did the White House correspondents dinner, and that's what you got a lot of heat for and I mean. Everyone thought she just leapfrogging into movies walkaway. She just said no McCormick is what I do. This is what drives me. We talk about ultra. Marathon I've had her on the podcast. You've heard on the podcast. You fucking awesome. Bobby Kelly. Is One of my favorite. Human Beings live a love Bobby Kelly he has a podcast right now. Called Calton Kelly. It's on Patriot on I. Implore you to go to his. Sign I think he'd get through it instagram. Petri on dot com slash Robert Kelly I think probably I'm guessing. Robert Kelly is probably one of the one of the greatest comics that doesn't get enough. Props, not enough people are talking about how fucking talented this guy is. He's amazing. He's a real comic like he's. He's you know I saved comic. I shouldn't say that. He's a comic comic in that he loves laughing. He loves giggling like time. He likes to bullshitted likes to hang out. I absolutely love Robert Kellyanne his podcast. Counseling Kelly is with my one of my best friends in the world Mike. Calcutta, AKA AKA COW head so I had Michelle Bobby on together because I knew I knew that bobby would make it easy. Hanks I didn't know, Michelle that well, and it was a great hang, and she busted balls, and we busted balls and we ate. What what do you make you remember? Halston cheesy biscuit eggs benedict of these. fucking good. They were so fucking good and bobby and murdered them in Michelle a very very. The Fuck God they were so good. I. Hope You guys enjoy this. Say Father's Day if you're hearing this I. Am now on the road. I'm driving right now to San Antonio I'm in the middle of my way there. By Las, cruces or somewhere around there, so if you see me say. Heidel touched me I am still very covid conscious, and we're trying to stay as quarantine possible on this tour. Hot Summer Nights tour started tonight right now. Friday in Phoenix one of the hotspots grown virus. Then we're going to Texas the number. Two hotspot growth of virus onto New Orleans, a previous hotspot of the corona virus, and then through the drive in theaters, and we're doing drive in theaters until July fourth. When I'm own, we'll start doing podcasts and this show something's burning back in the man cave. I love you with all my heart. Stay safe stay. Happy have a great father's Day Ladies and gentlemen, this episode of Something Burning Uncut Robert Kelly M Michelle Wolf. If you don't have hairy can't tell. My God. I've seen that she'd be. Sarah first of all bobbies hair was there was a there was a bobby Kelly out there did leaguge. It was a male model like no joke. My swear to God I on our remember Bobby I wouldn't even like you. Like, he'd walk up and I'll be like. On Red Red ahead. Let's get back to what we're talking about earlier. Your hair blown out is fucking amazing. Well. You know what everyone says that in a way that just makes me feel really bad about my natural. Look you way you look now. Is Fine Yeah. Talk. Wife would say when she really. define. When you while you're in hair out. Your different you just a different. I don't do it. Someone does it for me over. Too Much I can't. Do that. I don't. By the way I'm like an instagram for you as a little girl as a dad is the most enduring human being. I've ever seen you have this like. Aw shucks nece I have like a fro- first of all I have a clown fro as a Shirley temple. Bigger than that. Yeah, and then it's just like me being like. I'd I had straight hair my whole life as a child. And then. I was. This is a true story going to believe it, we. We went camping. We were struck by lightning. I was out my mic. Juicy giving. The, my mom and Stepdad, they rented a house right on a lake and Amtra. Austin the one of the best lake houses I've ever been to. And they had a canoe, and I took the canoe out in the fog, and I masturbated in the canoe, and I actually end up falling in I tried to stand up Alan. Superhero Horns. Don't. Listen to me. I fell in and then I remember walking down with my sister the next day she's like. Why is your hair curly and then curled up like that like my hair just went curly because he masturbated in the fog. And I think I. Fellow the Lake God punish. Wait we're. We're things so claustrophobic in the House that you had to go to a canoed master? Sometimes! In the moment. Lifeguards female, giving though so far. Either They take. About being a woman just Ryan Jet Ski. The hotel. Take. Serving Way to start a something new episode to my favorite comments from afar. A Guy I've known forever. Michelle will be Kelly. You know what dude and easily the most. Fun. Person you're so much fun for me, and by the way we just met, but I always have come. Expect right if the White House correspondent center all my conservative friends that post the horror fiction on facebook. We're all lighting up. And I was like I was like all this and they're like even know her and I was like she fucking awesome. She's a real community going back. Oh, she's and they're like which is cool and I was like Oh. Fuck Yeah. Back, Apparently comments to be comments that that fucking broke the Internet. People got mad about it. A lot meaner I was very right. She actually told me some of the joke she cut, and they were they were allows me I was gonNA. Say that she was yeah. I think I am because I was doing I was doing the jokes and the seller like for like a month before, and then like some of the stuff, people are like you can't. Even be Keefer like you're you're gonNA cut that. Rama's. Seeking I cut and the stuff I was left with I was like this seems Nice. We watching it at the PUSSYCAT. What's wrong with her? Like there was you know the village. Such a mix of people. Young Girls? These fucking guys of. smokey I make up. I didn't even think that job is bad. It's just that she jumped it. She did that. They Dick Heads. Do when they do when the roast where they just go like like she just made it not fund. You're like Oh bitch. Going to bitch and wasn't like. You, said Hey, bitch likely from. From. The Shia. I think the ones I cut. If would heard those one, she would be like that's very. Fox that. Lead. To. Would, never I don't know enough about politics to do anything like. I did go after everybody to everybody. When everyone's like. Oh, she only went after the right I was like no I. Want to stress. I hate every I hate everybody. Everybody. ME. Here I found her morning shake. Earlier. Here should probably focus on and talk I. Want to talk a little bit more about about stuff. Before we start making today, we are making eggs benedict on cheesy biscuits. That's my fe love. We're. Like I got acid reflux, so they told me I couldn't eat a bunch of foods for like two weeks, but I can have a bite of any. Reflex well. Great Straight for twenty years to. Get a bite of food between the two. Cruz together with our Buddy Callahan Mormon goes. Remember. We did the Tested the limits. County's huge Jonah's. Elevator. Not We're. GonNa Remember. I saw three three huge women in Clark's like fat people pull up to the table and eat over their handlebars We were getting desserts and. On that on my counter cruise, we ate like savages are. You 'cause I just started so rock Tober. Yes, that's why couldn't drink on a cruise. I was raping my mouth with. So. I I got a pep talk from my wife Nature Rows Gray. We're GONNA work out. Burt runs broken. Eat Right I down at the table. He was boggling. You can have like five entrees desserts as you want. It, not. The table. was making meals out of like mixing entrees. Really want steak, but I do want Pasta, so he's put like Pasta. On. Fusion restaurants. released. Jumping, I couldn't work. Ever heard off with comedy. When do you think jokes all the time? Across Ward and I'll say this. Bobby nine are like Oh. We're fun to watch on stage, but you across the board. Everyone says. You're one of the best joke writers like every everyone. That is the greatest comic. I can't. I can't watch you on stage, but if I listen. Why Cafod, you can hear me. You can't watch me. That is very different than most people among. Boys. She told me that the doctor said. If you keep eating with the acid reflux, it's going to you're going to lose. Your voice sounds like we please easy you. Can we put some Tabasco on this. Specialist Phenomenal Oh thanks. I. There's one of those top to bottoms where I'm a little bit of like a study specials where I go. Everything matters delighting the backdrop the where you shot at how high the stages what you wear sometimes I want someone special. Personnel. I duNno, I won't say. Does muir talking about everyone's self-conscious like. These special was phenomenal, but it is truly the greatest comics ever that are in our time. Right now are on your closest friends will lean on you when they're working with special that I came you come on the road and got to take a look at my act. Do you always think jokes like ideal well? I either thinking jokes or I'm like cattle tonic. I'm either like on or does on the on the SOFA being. Single. So, single. Six I like if I go out on a date, I'm just like I. Don't know I'm not going to do this for you. I'm not. What are we doing here and then? The Guy Trains hard to make me laugh and I'm like what's happening. They're not. Funny. Do you think jokes when you're on, yes? That's where I like. Solve jokes when Iran. Times I wanted to say something you, she this is her problem. The right is that she was going to be I believe a doctor. Listen to me. She is like a genius. This comedy thing is just a riddle. She's fucking colonel event. Those people are. Going to be a lawyer, but then I thought I'll give this a try my God on the greatest. Shooters your doctor. This is fun. Well I I went into finance. Serious Yeah Yeah worked on Wall Street. She's a genius. She's like a savant. Can you help me get this fucking recipe together? I also can cook. Now. My brother's a chef. I can do it of course he is. What you dead Mum Captain America Black Widow, they're fine. Exceptions I love to read I used to read I used to hide in my closet. Last anyone until college. Saying my closet and I read. Seven books at a time. I loved a little hideaway. came. Came time. Drink too hard I'm on the road. I'll get myself into a closet bundle. Love, turn the lights out. Here. Depression. It's cozy shit when. You didn't kiss. Anyone's will college. Course. She made up for the last five years the seller. With any comments. Coming. Talking about we're cooking. A good time. We're making hand. Okay let's bogus keeping conversation when we're together, have a cup of buttermilk and have a cup of Sour cream and a small bowl through small bowl. These right here. How long have you been running when what you in right? I'm fascinated by running because. I'm a run ran the marathon. Yeah, five hours and thirty three minutes. Twelve minute miles. Of that what are your? What are your? What are your? While you guys are talking about running. Underneath. Talking about? ME. Do. For that half of that in their half of that then. Butter milk buttermilk. Fat. About I will. I did track in college, but I was a jumper then and then I got into ultramarathons. Did a fifty mile so. You build marathons. Obviously right I did one marathon. Really you just when you thirty miles a day? Yeah, I A lot. But I don't do I. DON'T TRY TO RUN FAST when I go along I just I'm not a fan. I like if I if I run a five. K. G. Like eight minute miles, but if I do like it's like ten minute miles if I'm doing like ten miles. Fingers. By the way, we don't have water in this house, so. There's water right there. It's working. It just worked. Started working. If water just starts working. So when you do a fifty miles. which do you really just like? I just listen to music well I listen to music Iran with my brother who also does them and like I listen to Music I. At one point. I thought it was going to die, and then I was just in my own head for that for a while I think. That does hurt the next stage miles. Not, that bad genie, someone picks sorry you. Can move. Yeah absolutely thank you got it, thanks. Boy. Nominal whiskey the ingredients I. Just put this on top of the. Your. Train No. Yeah started training. For what? Insider. Trading not to die. You're breathing. You Catch. My wife was A. we've dining. Sound like you've just climbed. God you know what I did. I walked up my front door so my car. Out I've gotten out of breath showering before. What is that? Get Out of the shower and I'm just pouring sweat and like okay. This can't be yeah. It's called fuck in Ireland. You know. I got this be. Really keep. Bobby Cheat off few. To get over, we already got the. Are Used to run marathons right now. I swear to God. When did you well did this happen when you were sleeping? I'm GonNa, tell you. This is right after my hair went curly. I. I didn't have a data at some point and my my my fourth fifth sixth grade teachers. So my Mr Persia, they had a potluck supper. and. He He, He went with me with the death. Follow son Bob. But he was really into jogging, so he got me into marathon running, so the first marathon was a mile then I ran a five k. came in. This good fuck, gray hat, five cam came in me and that full tron one time on the road there was this this run a five K to brewery and we were like. We thought it was a pub crawl, so we went down with drinking beers. So I drink six beers before thing and they're like all right. We're going to go and I go. Where's for stop and they go to five gay so Madrid six weird for it and we beat half the fucking. One of the best things for you after you run is a beer. Is Everything you need has is like carbohydrates. Sugars scrape for you carbohydrate. As we put this butter in this mixture, you need to be cold. Eight tablespoons called better got. It is going to be cold because you don't want it to be. You want it to melt in the oven. Yeah, when the? The facts in the butter if they're already melted, it just gives you a really flat biscuit, but if they're called, it gets the butterick span. In when it's in. A nice airing this. You, watch a lot of British. I love that. Our so much. That I think. I'm the same way like I. When I rarely go used to work at travel channel when I wrote it into like Rachel Air Bobby do things and talk about cooking and they'd be like. Hey, man, you know I'm like a real shop. But I do. Like seen every episode of shops. are spreading the butter. We're going to put it in here and then we poured in that mix to right. Got To transfer large ball and then. Move into the flower. Make sure fold with a river Santa until just combined. Okay, why a rubber spatula! I don't think living me, I mean you could do. This is going rate. I'd like you on every episode. So not focused I have the hardest time with directions. For me, it's all about the conversation with you guys. There's a reason. Michelle have been obviously a fan for a long time I. See you on Instagram all the time volume shells a wolf. One fucking complement of Christ. In your nineteen. Dominy. Storming here. On every show? I have the sour cream burt big. Opposite coasts the whole time. That's the problem bobby was. Good. He's not. Trying to ease, it is. Anything Looking for a rubber SPATULA. Right, here we go. This we're GonNa pull folded in town combined. Don't you combine it too much? It was. Work the. The East Coast Godfather of. That bobby. Probably one of the funniest guys on the planet. PODCAST I. Think about the your joke about your son's but whole way too much. into. This amazing to me, though because you have kids, you know this, but the five year old poop. Bag Oh yeah doesn't make sense because they're assholes, a very small and then shit comes out the size of a boot, and it's like my wife. Honestly like last week left had to leave this shit in the toilet because she wouldn't go down and when I got home late that night. I had to make shit knife out of a coat hanger. Chop it up like a filet. L.! Is So big and I'm like. Did you check his bomb like? Late yet, but it's that big like that round, but you know like I. Don't know how it must be like a calf. A cow birthing. I don't understand how something comes out of. Daily. Video of my daughters I shit. Larry! Because you can see in her is when it starts to come out and they. She sucks it back up. In a wedding! Worse fucking like I've I've talked so much shit about my kids like everything and then I. Think I. Wonder How that's GonNa work out when they're older added. You're a great dad. I. See your kids you jumping in the pool having fun. You guys hang out. It's a black of fun, Dad. Yeah, you great, you're not. Data should be fun. Flag Al.. Capone. Your blacking out. while. You Show Oh. Yeah. Right now I because reflects. Read for a month, but I i. Am you guys with acid reflux? President I've taken so much nexium Kim. My right leg is numb. I actually done eating. It, says the big leg will. You might get in your leg. Next time I've taken I. Got A lot of next. Wouldn't feel. Perfect. What was that? The little league dry. More. Sticky Ring Finger figuring the thing. is going to be a little dry good thing. We have hollandaise sauce what? More buttermilk. On this. Never had buttermilk. We how when you lost your virginity twenty four. Bad though! Okay, what are we? Ready to do it. A little bit. Of a little punch in the middle. Make a little thing with a little yeah. Yes perfect perfect. US asking when she lost of rigidity. In the me, too, we do that. I'm so just learning about this stuff. I. Don't know I feel like I. Feel like we really. We really spent a lot of our money and then. Now we're kind of just like well. We didn't fix it, so we have been attention span of. A toddler so America. Yeah, so it's like we can't. You know that was like that was like last November. You know. He's supposed to roll it out. Fingers. Can Get. This is looking good right I. think it looks great you gotTa. Needing needed. Much. Do, you want the flight until it just comes together. Either think you need that little nugget. Might you might? Your fingernails. I WANNA taste that. Some stuff from? Last week. Sweet. Did, we do. Yeah. Yeah, this is looking good. That's good, and then we'll just we'll do is. We'll take this. Out We just need three right raw. The Doan did originals making me. that. She's an onion. Oh. We're making cheese an onion biscuits. Yeah, this is so exciting! Where would you put the cheese and onion? Folded do this. Put that there and then you just put some cheese. Yeah A lot. Yes. Just do that right? Now. Now. Now, it's. Different. Grandmothers Know Your Business. You know what I learned when I was getting the little throat camera the other day. The most terrifying procedure ever 'cause you find out if you have cancer by the look on someone's. Looking at the screen, and I was like Oh my God, the throw. It looks so much like Vagina I was my Oscar be? See in that guys is. Faces a they. Don't do it from behind you. Thought, it was doing you sound like. Your. Legs over was just a joke. Walking last, comic standing relax. We go, what are you doing doing? This out humanity. Are You mad at new? One. CHEERY BISCUIT! The Holy. The glue. Job and. Stop Right Now. How do you how many biscuits you get out of this? A few. Cup to do that with John Right there in the cupboard. So, what you're an acid, folks is pretty bad He was just like he was. He said in a way that was like Tom, but then he was like you can't eat any of these things for two weeks and take this medicine and come back and see how it is, and I was like okay, but. He, said I don't know his calmness made me. Quoting. What does that? Throw up. I really love this cup. Nice glass, isn't it because? I actually my acid reflux. Get so bad that I've thrown up in my mouth or while you're sleeping and you wake up and clearing clear the throat. Then, you have the you have to really thrive, because the throw up is. Yup Yup. What? You're acid is the team Weinstein? Only, joining the Greece's Fan. A little olive oil on it. We also have brushed the tops of the viscous with melted butter Yuck with no right. I forgot about that. You can also do the olive oil how? Can I see that you know when I have to open something and I can't get it open I. Have a trick you want to see it. Here's the LID. Look at all you have to do. Is this ready when you can't open a thing? And it's really tight, just go. will be somebody he's like. All right one biscuit anytime. I can get a pickle jar open I'm just like I get so angry that needed help. I get angry. I found out that if you cry a spoon under the. You can get any jar open, and then I was like I. Don't need men. Joke my new our about my wife coughing during sex. Go for me to use that thing. We get open a jar. Special anymore, just burned. That thing. As funny, we might as well just make some freaking style biscuits a free style. Let's get for the crew. Nice Pretzel Sticks. I Love Making Pretzel. Could do. You could make one type of food out there in the world like. Pickles! SAUERKRAUT S- like the kind of like something you'd make up in like. A valley in Switzerland. You love and you had dogs in bunches of kids. What would be one thing? You made like Congress Beers? You know what I really want to make. I really WANNA. Be Able to get. Relationship! I'm not a wizard. Want to make Chris? I. Really Want to be able to make a good. Like a real real good like. Very, not from scratch croissant. You went to France. You had cassava just so different than here itsel. You go in there and you're just like Oh. We're damned. Well. We could. Talk. Especially Dad is the dad thing to talking about French food and you're like. Yeah, but we still want award. A. What's the food you would make? Oh, come graph, root beer, I would. Be the. Rupee like home like like a kid drinking. One hundred percent reverse singles. BIGGLES! Tinos only. Can. Box. Who is? Is the best thing. And then put might hear about right here. My people bunches right here. If you make anything at home yourself not. Anybody. That's right here. You feel my pillbox is right here. Send it to me I will try to blow it up on my podcast and love candidate. Even just think at the end of video where it's not there now, but it's here now. It's here my name's right here. Your hands. It's. And then alerted from Casey Nike. Co Box and people will just send them. And I make these time. Like and he just got. He got like hover boards. He got all this crazy. People. Don't send you mean Steph. She's. Getting into anthrax. Swirl next. dixie flag with A. Bad got some bad stuff. Scared scared. I mean. Supposed to talk about it for security reasons. They say! If you get set anything and encourages copycats. God I got. This thing what were the made think? Leave, the hotel rooms and like really crazy. It's hard to say. You need to the pictures, but it was really funny. It would put. My shoes under the under the curtain, so you can see my shoes sticking out and then just leave them there I put on my pants up and put my legs sticking up onto the bed or is. It was funny, but I guess I'm death threats because? some guys like I hope you find it funny funny when I come in, kill your family. Leave him like this for you. And I was like fully shit, and so I had to fucking get a company made. Offs Oh there's the second page. Melt sticks unsalted butter and a small pot over medium heat until it's foaming, but not beginning to Brown a real. Thanks. This Rachel. All right. This works. It does maximum. Okay, you see maximum. New Catch. Maximum comedy. Crisis Maximum. To put it in like a like a food processor. Where do the blender of blunders right here? Oh fuck you. Let me, GET READY! Three egg yolks three eight. Yeah, I know that amid holidays. Turns out I can only use one time. But. That's Okay Yeah she I. Three Two teaspoons water in a blender to teaspoons water. I Bet I can eyeball that. When I went I did. Have you ever done any international comedy tours? Like those humor? These South Africa I was supposed to do South Africa, but had to pull out of it. Instead of me for real. Yeah Jim. India with Keith Robinson a month in India. It was going to be five. So tells we get paid a truckload of money and the last minute they go, okay, just type your act out word for word because we have central police. Booth and you're like I don't know. I was like okay. I'll do it I, mean yes, it's going to be spelled wrong. Result Christmas. Comes out of the room out of his room with the piece of paper. With pencil written. Real on the paper and you GONNA go. How do I get this tool? Even Internet was of course. He's ninety seven. Read it. Isn't that caffeine going like this? Goes back. Going and Now before the stroke. We. Can't tell because. Yeah because he would type on his act. I've only done case that. A. With deputy. This can't be real kids. Like my sinus infections. Said something Grocer Bobby. Because I? Now. Did, they teach you that intolerance. Just use your fists to do the Big Yeah there. We go three I. Ran By the way we. Will Fuck. Almost not off. So. Oh my God. Let's the our biscuits are doing. I forgot to put. They're looking at good. Oh, there's a lot of teams. I, think this butter. Fucking, Is More. Subtle. Your Green screen. Police Academy. Holy. motherfuckers. cushy ten. Police Academy just can't Release Academy. They hire a prostitute to go to the podium. So when he gives us be starts blowing away, but Gutenberg's under there with them. Yeah, so. The play out. Is that when you walk away? Steve Gutenberg walks out. He's like. Oh, that's who blew me Water I can tell you what that looks like. teaspoons two teaspoons. Thank you for catching that. Maybe I should not do it in the baking powder. I have a teaspoon. Right here for you do I do. This, I believe is A. Table tables more. Teaspoon to here the tiniest. That looks like it right. Quarter Teaspoon. This is a teaspoon continuing. Vision going yes, removed brand glasses I can't read. Have Perfect vision of course you do. I really do and then convince. The butter in right now way. You got to blend it a little bit. Do. Stack landing in work very slowly. add the hot melted butter until it's in court. That'd be it to go lower house. Pretty good right there little. Stir. Up. Lower. Seems like it's going really fast, doesn't it? Like! On high just. Don't low. mix. Just. WHIP CISCO. Okay maybe. That's good the holiday sauce. Finger. Don't now. Maybe, it needs to be more maiden need more lemon, not telling us. Tim Needs something else kicker. And he's my lemon lemon ready. All right. Let's make a big edge watch us. Go, who that is good I'm taking this over here or in this bad bitch up to Max and then. We go three eggs, but then we also have to fry hold on. This is going to be fucking good. I'M GONNA turn this one on over here. You ready for this guy. I need you to cut us out. Just to your, take this and. Some some Ham. That'll fit on this so like just like a slip. A little circle film. Like if you were making England and You want a little little little things yup this. I'm a very griller. fucking stab you both have the physique of Griller. Barbecues Barbecue. Invite me. I thought you'd have a common. Yeah, I'm a great grill I love grilling. Perfect perfect here. Passing over here I'm, GonNa put them in this sort up. been correct. This is been cooked, knocked right you. Go One more you another one. More one more perfect one in the middle. someting fingers are. On? POKES I love. Pasta went through a few. Days in my life. Push my favorite form of egg. For Media Radio. For a little bit of been. Finger helps keep it up. A A little bit of salt. By the way, don't need directions for this one. You checks from it right? To Simmer. Got Into the summer now what you do is let for just a few bubbles it should never boil is not boiling Jusuf. Right you it spinning like this right? You know why you do it like this. To keep although yolk in the white, the white from separating. There we go wow. Looks. Like an egg dosed. Guys. Do Thanh Maybe. It should be hotter. It looks like it's really just taking a bath in this. Looks good your. They, go! It doesn't go back. From beautiful my American duty. This one not on that Saturday Cook. Bubbling. Oh you can. Turn that burner off almost burned my face. Why don't we do this one? And then we'll pulled aside. We'll put it in this bowl. unloved poached egg I really love post with slotted spoon Bam Slimane being crazy for using the handle. It literally says use the handle of spook. You stir it so that you put egg in the center and it wraps it around. Well. We ask. I'm very impressed. Speaks are turning out really. Oh you could probably do up to forty times a year I'm going to get this one out. PUT IT in here. You can have fun. feel the white for firmness. She's Whiter, than anybody. A lot of people think I'm black I. No I thought that at times. The WHO. Black people mostly. WHO's your favorite black comedian? Oh Dave Dave Not Keith. Keith is in the top ninety. My favorite Black Comedians Patrice. Boya. Are we gonNA living. Alive or, dead. Still Dave before. Dave before patrol shit, we'll just because Davis had more time. Well yes, because he didn't have diabetes, right? Of the. Like I'd love to see Patrice now. I enjoyed exactly, but I enjoyed watching patrice more because he was he. Six years fucking? I know. There's some about that, was he? He was fucking funny. Some about his energy, that I, like I like data to Dave's grades. Yeah, smoked a cigarette kind of jazzy. You know. Let's shoot out in his. He bursts energy to like. Did you happen and it just goes away which I love. We're getting close. Favorite guilty, pleasure comedian. Some of you go get it. God Damn it. They make me Giggle Guy. Tell you Yeah Chertoff. Makes me laugh so fucking. Not supposed to ear. You're supposed to be smarter than the room housing for everyone. WHO's like I? Get this all the time. They're like You look like carrot top. I'm like I. Know Think of something better. It's like it's like. Get The guy from game of thrones. Ahead I'm almost gave it away. Know what I just started. would. You! Know what I started watching all the marvelous. One, so don't talk. Would want her I'd never seen any marble. You started. I started in chronological order. I did what was the first one iron man I know Captain America, was I? I? Think it was I I'm. Talking, you talking about like in the world, our world in the world so there will captain America's. Actually Captain Marvel was supposed to be first, but that's gone. Like it! Wasn't as bad as everybody said it was I, thought it was actually pretty good, but. The problem is right now. Game was one of the best movies ever I haven't seen it. Well. Anymore. Bit going viral about him spoiling and game and I'm like just don't tell me. We will come out of member Star Wars. When. Almost show looking back the. Most recent one. So I've never seen star worse. I don't like. Anything to do with your getting kissed for the first time at twenty five, I think. He wasn't getting doors. His closet base feerick is me I don't like movies about space. Space is too big. It's infinite. It's crazy. The ocean I also terrifies pink. Are Done. In a warrant a little more very close, but they're not gonNA. They're not gonNA Brown. We didn't put the bunch. If you put a little butter atop my brown. We'll went to see the most recent one. A couple of years ago were Han Solo makes his comeback layer. So you know there's around forty of US comics who got on those big way events, and as we're coming out with the second to last show, there was another show after. Walking up, they had a handmade custom C. Three Po hat. Louis lit up and made noise as walking by Keith. Robin goes. I can't believe that killed. Her the I don. His hat went. To. On the ground. Millet so's. He was at his hat was. killed. In the Movie Day started applauding and they started laughing. Why. He's here. So stupid. Harrison Fort. So, our spoiler alert. You haven't seen the movie Harrison Ford on all of. These dead. This is a lot of hair. So, Frightened. Butter lies IT TURNING INTO SALMON It's getting a little pink. There we go. This looks good Bert. This is gonNA. Look really good. The beauties are we could clean up. We need this. Now. Go to. Buddy. cursor. Let us take care of. OUT HERE FOR THOSE Just, get a bunch of ED wives for the crew. Oh! Okay. Here's A. Piece of. The five thirty I got I got uber. Coffee. Poor crew. Here's an onion. Suck on this loving. You can eat it out of an eggshell. This is looking fucking. Good I wish both. What are you'll? Eat By everything eight. Yeah, well, thank you, Michelle. This is the extended. House barking. In the world right now, it's changed over the years rowing. Rollin Rama No shit right bidding. Bidding I liked them. BEBOP. WHAT THE RICE BOWL! Yeah, love it but Rahman to me right now and I like the real woods. We have your own little booth. You into a booth and there's a little weaker. Minutes before we get a table. Nothing worse. You get into a booth that you can't get out. Only cow at one time we sat on the same side of the move, so we can. Eating with Bert and Mike. Health is probably one of my. World because I don't feel bad ever. Think. We should get more sure yet I. Have a hard time with impulse can say to myself. So when they say like my biggest problem was appetizers. She made four and I move my. Ideal meal is just past order. Just like someone just brings you plates of little small things the whole time. and. You just get a bite. Bye by by over. Those little comedy central. Parties Oh. Yeah, with a little nuggets coming around, and you never know what it's going to be like a little rights ball. Grabbing that guy by the album go where you going yeah! Right to me. Ready? For, the. Plate giving. I love doing a Napkin I'm like what do you think I'm doing? Let's. Hold onto. I give you guys a twenty. And they would just come back to me. Immediately out of the kitchen. Right to me, take you want. The time ever in the grand, Canyon. That's. got. Grand, Canyon and we. We kept tipping. Wait where the Grand Canyon a waiter. Wasn't. Break! Dude I do is a beautiful. Like. What is it like a hotel or whatever? They have a steakhouse in it. It's an old place I don't know. What rim is this one by Las Vegas or the wind of the details? Read books. Out of the closet. In the closet. Thank. My favorite, my favorite stored that trip of you remember this. This is my favorite story of one of my favorites. In life, we were in Lake Havasu at a poolside bar, and it's like spring break. Everyone's there. There was a guy who was the guy with flames tattooed his body. Late night, bobby visits ranking with Vincent after a map frost. And there was a huge hotel on the side like maybe eight stories high and I'm having a cocktail I look growing read drafts about six stories up and she looks at me and she goes. Nothing right and I look I'm confused. She takes her dress lifted. Up is totally naked. Lowers down shakes her head nose. And I went. And, she walked inside. Get no one's GONNA. Believe me. Oh. Sherbert. Sure thank the Russian Mafia. Team is. Right Ready. It good these really walking good. USE SPATULA GO! ooh, that's not the won't give Joe. I'M GONNA go. Go! That looks good did. Once for. You. This one. Michelle. Run this often fucking. Okay. Ham Rideau, fast! Smell it. Must this. Billons really. Maybe. Yeah open face. I think. That is perfect. Let's that. Show entry. This is not good. This is good for you Brian. Creamy. And, then. We. Hit it with a little bit every cover all Jewish. And My new word, just I can't. I didn't realize there is just raw egg yolks and Honda he's he's doing. This is really sexual. Reading in my ear. To that. But funk. I put a blender somewhere else. Playing. A little. Where it was hiding after my neck. Over We're GONNA. Need it for that fucking going to be good. This is going to be a really good. I'm very excited. Thank you haven't eaten all morning. Hey, guys, thank you so much for doing this. Busy are you taking time out of the day to come in and do this? Indicates Cheers cheers. Is the new thing on the show. Oh! Look at the. Look! Perfectly. That's beautiful. Take our. Nothing you like for MCI like. Make it dirty. Weight. The perfect place. Really fucking good. Wow March. Twenty five and there's. Bucks! Off the. THAT CANOE! If you want you want you? Put in your mouth. Wait on. When you're ready. We music. Slow. The War News. Taking me. Uncle, would you said? Heard. Phenomenal. Yeah! This is a good start. Again. I'm so happy. This is not about a multitask. This much and I don't mean that as a new I mean, that is just in general. It's a lot of stuff the cook at the same time. Surprised at how did the basic came out? I know right puzzle nervous about the biscuit. A good program, only Schloss, the holiday sauce. Sauce. This is kind of light Is Great. Really can't miss with him. Though right, look at that big fat piece. I take a piece of that with me and my pocket. Yeah It's now if. Uber As a date every morning I just thought his healthiest protein. Healthy! What about this? I think there's a lot of things that write off as beliefs in my head that aren't. Accurate like I don't think they should have pediatricians. Boys Dick's give online like the rest of us. Thought Sir. I kind of see the logic behind that one. I don't think. either. Code, it feels like a really weird thing when it happens, you're like what? What? Did you. Why are you so interested in this? Like a President! What are we doing here? I'm done. I'm not supposed to win all this while. Bet You can't finish. Her. She went with miles morning. Of It with and done anything, but I was A. Told it Yeah I'm looking at this, but we can make some. Try a little pieces, the goofy biscuit, which one this? The other one the little tiny Crespi one. You know these are these are good soppe soppe biscuit. I liked that. Top, this puffing phenomenal. Second Up totally how? We kind of Ballpark them and they off pretty fucking. Good a really good actually. Any left. yeezy would've been bad. Dry. Season where does too much cheese? But I think it turned out to be the perfect. Just all in. Might be my favorite combination really. Jaguar skin well. Else. Oil Baby! I've never eaten well. Little cover. BLUBBER and a shot of Whiskey. Because the whale comments about being. Had To. Rest your daily bike. Can I tell you what I think? It looks like you tell me what it makes. It looks like. A writing session at eleven. With, a couple of young female comics that you're inspiring and try to mentoring at a coffee shop last hour, and you're going to go for an afternoon job then you're having a couple. They. Chris Rock for all work is really mentoring. Back around ideas. then. Late. Night Jon Stewart is GonNa. Have you out fly private jets? Open. Back in time to your lifespan of the seller looks I mean I do John. Shooting a movie in Atlanta right now. Is! The Apple. I think it's going to be a banana. Potassium I really am on a banana. Kick Right now. I am I. Even you know what I made the other day. Something's on having a stroke. Ahead. Sweating by the way. From meeting. I started making A. Mashed up bananas and new freeze it. You put like a little vanilla and sugar in it, and you can make like a banana ice cream with no cream. It's like healthy ice cream sort of It's really good good. Good. You. Never had ice. You still have goals. Slap Yourself. and. Well you you start off on the. Biscuit There's no way a mentoring any female. I didn't run yeah. So yesterday did eight miles so today I'm going to do slt, which is a type of pilates that I'm really into right now and then I'll run a five, K. I'll write some jokes and then I I got spots and. I probably will have like salad. Shout you alone in your closet Yay. Salad I would think sal. It depends I. mean like I eat a lot of candy. I'm real gummy. Candy person, really, yeah. I Love A gummy candy or do the same thing I did for you what you do it for Bobby. What's the rest of his days? A. He goes. He goes home. He tries to poop and can't. Has Another Cup of coffee. He has Gar. He thinks about drinking. Enough. He has he goes back to poop again? Good Fart, but it doesn't get the. City you. Never know? His kid comes home from daycare or Kindergarten talks comes home kindergarten. Teaches Bobby what he learned? About? His Superhero. Pundits. I'll tell you. I actually got mugged up I got one of my kids. Homework wrong. Came back with one. Jared Mark? Joking. Why. What is it the dominant? Pepper, but I'm sweating profusely sweating, too. Cool as a cucumber. Because your blood pressure is normal. Good Bro Pressure. To go to the doctor and just be like I. I just went and got checked got great. Everything's your blood because. Your Echo ekg's great. Everything's great. He goes. Boy About as your Bee's. A different way of saying that. They don't think that was pretty nice. I don't know. Gay People. Pedaled on and the doctor everything turned out great, and I said my liver to, and he goes well the the fact that asking about it makes me say you probably drinking. Never mind. Just wondering had a cold recently. Having I joined in like over a week and I. Feel great has the hard part about not drinking as you feel superhuman, you look. Why don't I do this all the time? But then you go out and you're like well. This is why. Like this I want to celebrate life. My thing is morning drinking like. Travel took. Off Their. Problem with. Travel. To have a drink before i. get on a plane. On a plane. So. That's my biggest by Fox my day. If I, if I can do it without morning without having a beautiful place, I can work out at the place I can feel good if I'm wondering I just get there and take a nap. Wake up and then do the show your superhuman dude, you fucking. Do you work out? You do other Shit you run and you party like a fucking eighteen year old party pretty hard. You smoked cigars I mean and then you. You have some Weird Genetic Studio Mickey Mantle Gene. That addiction I don't have addiction. Job. been, joke. Sweat high. We're GONNA have. To put our hands together. Let me go. Let me give me an incredible. Biscuit in your mouth. Korean holidays. Just, give me a nice this. Does episode dedicated to Robert Robert's. fucking given the follow. Anonymous. To launch from the shed, or do you have your Patriots John? My Patriot now would you did with? Liza Kobe. WHO's fucking this amazing? Rockstar in New York City and. And Brian Koppelman burning. Yeah I want you to come down both of you guys. The summer? It's just know what. We don't do. We do whatever you want, so you can have salads and water. Maybe some firts! You've. Watch I just watched. Laurel and hardy. Hardy's fingers when he got. Excited skipper figures. Started doing recently I have no idea where it came from like the Nixon peace sign all. I do it all the time. Like Hey, maybe what is this where you come from? And how can I break? Fingers aggressively when I get excited I. Don't even realise I'm doing. Called, and she goes I'm throwing a party for your Saturday. Night I was in bed in my hands went up for real. My daughters do skipper fingers. They make fun of me and says Mexico's making fun of you skip from the Gilligan's island. Yes, skipper would go ooh! Not WanNa do that I. MEAN! They make my on my skipper fingers. Recognized they do the recognization to each other. Brother thanks for listening brother. Brother. I was trying to tell you do that on your face. Yoga that I was trying to look like. I was trying to I. Do instagram and I was like trying to tell people influence. But anytime I say. It'd be an influence. My Kid, we'll go. You're not an influenza. Not even provoked, he's dead. You're not influencing. The good, you don't influence. My nephew's three and my brother was playing mortal Kombat and he did a finishing move, but is it finishes. and. Finishing. On the three year. He sees finishing moving in the three year. Old Goes what the fuck. Kid. He used what the fuck. Forget you is your wife, 'cause you hang on my wife so much that she sometimes. Hanging watching with a friend, yeah, I was watching TV, and there was this girl got up, and she was naked, and I I was just sitting in an odd fucking. Eat that ass and I went. Oh, my God. I looked, and she was like what the fuck. I didn't my friend. As. Comfortable around. My daughter's. I do instagram stories as much as I do, and they don't like being involved in them why I love them. It will if you live with me as be exhausting. So sometimes I'll I'll start an instagram story. They'll say in the background of it. Go. Dad Cheated on mom. JOKELA, bugging talk, this story data drinking. Just. Here that. We got. Get the sound guy. Fourteen they both have their periods of you're asking. I didn't have better. Last month. It'd be. Useful What hair looks like. Period. Why was like sixteen? But then because I was an athlete, I didn't get consistently toes in my twenty. When you're really in shape you just you don't have enough. You don't have body fat, too. I was really in shape and I didn't own a body fat. Straight Yeah I. HAVE GET my period. Four. You have bigger boobs than I do now I used to be in shape though I'm saying now the Nice tits. Very Very. Minor collapsing. I I'm really actually concerned for my next special I'm wondering if I can do a cycle of steroids and just hard my tits up and get like becks. Or wear a Bra. Vehicles, special. But an Lebron's. Everybody. Oh, my kids are stupid. I broke my ribs a month and a half ago. And they gave me this this. The put on, but I was on stage, and all the did was. Push my tits up. The kings third daughter. Anna. You. Married my. On stage you, somebody pitches go down. was. It didn't make a rib he'll. Talking. Brigham ribs four times. When I had a period I bring my reading nonstop. Rodeo. No No. Channel that show you have. Got Mobile Mobile. Bolt broke my ribs then. I did a slip inside and Deauville. My stomach broke my ribs. There I did the volleyball game. They play in Brazil where you play with your feet. And I thought I was being funny. And I went up, and did a kick, and I landed on my arm this and broke my ribs again and I just recently broke my ribs How did I break? My ribs adjust were. They are. Got Hit I got hit by some. Recently and then was trying to teach. My daughter had a slide for softball and re-broken wait China side head. Being cooled and I thought I was like. Easy this is what dad does. Memory for yourself. Take it easy and I was like I. got this fucking broken again. That Harper was one of the grammy that show that show was fucking. Time, lazy for. How hard that show until now? Like with clips on the Internet like it was just like the one where you caught the football with the guy kicked it, and you got to catch it, and you had the guys with the defense is give him, and they know it was I was a freshman football player for an episode, and the so what happened is I. Go back I take I really quickly realized that the frontlines, not gonNA block right so i. take the hype and I take. Take a step back and be lineup the Milan run a touchdown. This is for the avengers Marina League and spike it do a dance for the camera of Laffan, and the defensive coach goes. You are all second-string. Barely have your job like this. And this community is blue, your fucking doors off I to see him leaving off fucking stretcher, and these guys walking by fuck. This man fuck us knows like these guys it like a month at a prison. This is about. The names. Get you Sunday. So part of. Sofa didn't one helmet-to-helmet shot where it knocked me unconscious and I'm on the ground. I'm wanted to. I think birds dead, you know. Sometimes, when get hit, they pupil at all. which is what happens when you die? Like. They were. Hit so hard. Their body was like we might die well. Rassam always working. I'm dead. Skin for a day and they got me. This is Fox. They're all the executives often is in the room. She an exact. The day he's there in the room. Executives in the room in a dominate Blair. I'm totally naked. She's trying to get my Dick Armey Mike. We're shooting a fucking porn. This is like. We can't use any of this. was just like it was the most. It was most. Surreal show that no one it just. It's too short three minute clips. You'll never work and I'm like Oh. That'd be viral. Work we find that person and punched him in the face. On the second season they went to the second season and I remember. There were like you're going to get bit by a Cobra, and then we're going to give you. The anti-venom Dory very same. Purse which. Is it was it was two thousand and two thousand. I'm believable. How well this show would! Bear Bear of. Great White Sharks out of the case. Was the greatest dominatrix Give Federal Hobby President of baseball wrestled. I mean I was in Fresno Baseball. They just do balls that me. FUCKER! Degraded show ever goes agree. I was going to what the hurt it'd be like he would get stuff from fans. People would ride as I. Want you to do this and he'd be like all right, and then he'd do it. It was a great show, and then had so many people come and go. We WanNa do that again and I was like I'm not that same kid. This is how you knew it was bad. When I signed the contract, my contract seven hundred dollars, an episode and I was like it doesn't seem right I thought we negotiated fourteen thousand and they're like the. You get the rest of the money isn't a producer, so you can't sue yourself and I was like. Wait Levi die and they have you that your producer part of the process. You're not going to see your own self. And I was like so I got paid as a contestant on reality. ARE THAT WAS A. Two days. I have a cooking show. I'd. Sanford. You'll die slower. People are definitely watching this because people. This is actually doing shockingly well by the way pitch, this show to food network and there were like hardback. These shows pitch new scripts right before I left I pitched bathrooms bathrooms bathrooms, so we're going to your house and turn every room into a bathroom. How great is that? WHAT THE FUCK CABINET! My living room and I show! You mean your bathroom. Blind design. We're blind guy comes in and designs your house. I'm like fuck. People are GonNa Watch. This is my first house crashers yard, crashers, backbenchers, Mook crashers, but look crashers go to home depot. Guys in line in the shovels w build a moat today. You want one you guys. Go take a fucking mode, and then we built a fully functioning moat around his. Then I can't wait till his wife comes home and. Drop. burning. With comics and they're like, can you? Not Really. It'll be just one. Task. And sometimes when next ends up I know. He's on some Hollywood that. I don't know couldn't see I couldn't make it wasn't like. It was it was like? You're going to get hopper today for the team the team. Yes, you're five nine, so do you guys had to promote online where people can go, see see. Just my tour at. Tour I'm just on tour until. I take my new special outside's. Awesome closer new spread. How close is your new our to being like in your head? It's almost it's so I always do after I already think I have our after that I do I. Do one hundred shows before I take. Impulse? crapping? Because I believe you. Take that our and then for the next hundred fifty I will take it and flip it around and flip it around and move. Move Bits here. Yeah, but yeah the apartment not as close as you are. It's not like every you know. Everyone says like after you take your special. You always think of tags and stuff I don't well I've only point, but like that like I did one hundred jobs before that. Like one hundred fifteen and I was like no I. Don't have any I. I figured it all out. And then I went back and watched it and it was like it wasn't a good. From that ours die sooner, tape it. I walk away from it. I'm like I will think of tags that are so much better, and I'll kick myself in the ass sent, but yeah. We're what about you bobby. I'm just on tour. I'm doing a big tour coming up on. When's this out? I don't know this will come out soon. I got a big to the word announcing I. Don't know if I can I'm not supposed to announce it, but if it's next month, I think we get called creeps with kids me Ron Bennington rich Voss Jim Florentine well. How can we talk in? Guest spots on that. You? Don't fourteen days right now. So we're going to be adding more. But for the fall we got fourteen dates. It's going to be going up. It should be up now to go to my website Rhonda. Rich Varnedoe. Immediately, we'll do twenty minutes each at the end. We're GONNA fuck around. I, I, I had this show in the in the identity village underground concrete your kids. Ron Goes up at the end and he does a panel on parenting, so we kind of talks to us about how we apparently if people that ask questions, the actual panels hilarious. We're going to. We're going to be doing that, so the kids tours happening, so check out. Ron Beddington one of the best. To Titus in with a Jim Florentine of kids running story Jim. Florentine and I ran a half marathon together in Tampa. We did Radio Marathon tomorrow. Once you do it news. Gosh! Sure so he goes out buys all new gear. Shows up gets two hours of sleep drinking. All night comes out anyone seven miles with me legit and then he goes. I gotTA take a shit. He's like I'm going to Dell, so he goes into the Hilton takes. A shit eats breakfast nose to tip me up to me at the end of the race, and your sees the race, and just kind of hops back in and finish his thirty ninth in the half marathon and fitness aged group. Wayne Pretty Cut. Eight would wasn't even sweating. Where's the beer at? An epidemic of that happening in racing right now, people are cutting the course like what's his name? The X. Browns quarterback, instrument, Bell. Yeah arguing tonight. She was like she was like no. I'm just very fat. Like no bitch I will say that there was no understand where you run half of it, and then you're going to get done this shit, and you run a much faster miles than you ever would, but not six minute miles now. She was running boozer sub-60-minute miles. That's like professional. Yeah, yeah, that's great. That man can't catch a break. He's really dug himself a weird hall. Every now and then I. I'll do the myself. Jared still in jail. Waiting. Jared stew in jail. Waiting Kids believe. Was Just texting and Different between watching. Pocketed very close. Party I said I said I think what if they just made child pornography legal that way, these kids we WANNA fuck kids, but the watch kids getting as soon as it came into my mouth. My wife and kids are still getting. Very fucking. Point One time I told him I, said I found it was called convenience. Convenience stores it's convenience stores Uber. Driver says to me, yeah I just found out there edibles I go one years. I thought they were eatables. Go a different. I Just May. Prostitutes. was. No Dude? Getting. You have walked. Let me vote this year. Female. To go honey already devoted. Within your? So. Why did he let me vote this week? He said I don't like the way you hear Donald Trump's tweets. As. A black guy to slam dunk contest. was. Named they. Got That I was I was doing show doing a stand up show and I don't even have twitter on my phone or anything to. Someone sent it to me I was like I thirty minutes from my house right now I'm three. Totti's eight I had a sore throat. Now I had to go home and think of a fucking. People you pass that tweet to before you send it I call it a couple I. Chris Rock. Latest Game I. No I didn't I didn't call it into. Louis. Show. Don't, start. That we were dating. We weren't in data dating. That's against the law to. Create we can't. Kid who would be angry game. Panos his back to redheads having. The infinitives don't give. Enough to. Be. Poured out there to. Chris Rock Jon Stewart Stewart. can call them texting. fucking. Earn fear well, then. It was also like Sam morale boosting. Ridge. Might Phoenix. A. Little exactly, and then I say to my pr guy just to be like. Hey, I can't get like arrested for this. It was something like. Oh, I! Bet You've my side if I killed a journal. That journalist you probably. My my biggest problem and trump is i. don't think he laughs. I. Don't think he's ever laughed in his life. I think he would love me. Assure you never say I don't think he will. 'cause I heard I heard. He doesn't like me. Through with me. But like if you can't like music, I feel like comedy is going to be hard for you I. Think I think Kim Jong UN and Donald Trump would absolutely love me. He's A. A TV show. Put this out there. A little bit and I'll put it out of there again and he wants to. Party. Just funding and private. Private jet. I'm cool. He frightening a`dictator. We send you around the world fucking befriending all the dictators. Do you know how much I would love that show I would pay? You wouldn't have to pay me. I'll pay all my own time justin dictators. Let me come in and throw them a party. One Night Berkshire Social. Chair You have to be able to leave. That's. Getting the. SEAL team six. The people you bring you keep them. We all take Jim Norton Rich Voss. You know what? Tang borough rich fast and Kim Jong would talk about his hat for a very long time I feel like I feel like we'd start seeing. Kim, Jong. I, there's a lot of. People out there that I would love to party with. whiskies in stuff he has. He's like a crazy. He's like a whiskey efficient. Took cigars. For me to pace myself so I didn't blackout too early and do something I really regret it I've never a. Here's an. Will the. BACHELORETTE! GET CAUGHT UP? Fundamentally as humans? We WanNA see humans. For else. Still Gladiator I still think there should be a show where you get like John. Jones right and you put a hundred dollars. He's the best year. Ever you you put a backpack on his back with two hundred thousand dollars on it and you put five regular guy's pulled out of a bar in an on, and they try to get it off his back I think that would be great, but. I think that we're turning. This is like dehumanised. Some sounds like a movie ice tea would be. Was a game. We end on that one. You're next. Hey Shit we need to. Do a good job show, you are the quintessential punch-up. Can can you just punch me up out of this and ultra? Okay right to camera. We have a shot on Michelle. First of all you can do, you can create a scene that we all act out in. We'll even create a moment or a catchphrase anything just to get us out of this show. I'm having a heart attack. Right out of my body you know the first thing I do when I get to a hotel. You guys are going to hate the. Turn I. Turn the temperature up to seventy eight. Why because I love a warm room, but also I don't get to control the heat in my own apartment. Because I live in New York. Yeah I just have a radiator that. Billy Bruce. The evil snake. Berbie on the customer sweating. Sir But I also. Like the like the noisiest part of the village, so like sometimes it's the radiator and other time you're like. What's that hissing? It's like. A bunch of gay guys don't. Buy Radiator. This is K. ice cream, Wrapping. Michelle Wolf to take us out on this episode of ood. Closer. On this show up in one joke, one set punch joke. Joke came ready all right. I'm not in this. Shoe. I'll do the first part the second part and a new to play. to fat white guys in a red walk into a bar. The, too fat white guy say to the redhead. CAN WE EAT? Sexually. Starting at the. Two Guys Walk Navarre the redhead. Again. Two guys at a rate header skydiving plane. That you guys in. The. One fat one that white guys parachute did NOPE, and and he grabbed the red head and said. Well you're GONNA die to. Kill. Approach to. Retake all right, dude you me. Ready? To to fat White Guy, how about this to medium fat white, Guy Talking about talking about that. We just. Saying. Chubby White Guy. A real thin early read. Walk into a coffee shop. You do this. They say! They each order a lot today. I. Don't play this game. Okay the. The red, hat orders banana. We'll keep around Robbie finding joke. redhead orders of Banana Leans over to the biggest of the two guys and says. You should probably one of these you fat fucking. He looks at her and says. Already have one in my but. No Third wife got that White. Guy Looks at both of them says. Are We talking about bananas? Could. Shake your head by the camera just mugging, take it. You know when they let you fucking free. They laugh. They laughed pure disgust took. Three of the three live with the funniest people walking. We can't end this. Cruise I, Guy, you not hold it off. How about this? Not Knock. WHO's there to their white guys redhead two. Guys in a redhead who owes Bobby Kelly Burke so? That We. Did you did it this for doing this? Awesome light subscribe find these guys online. Follow them something's burning. Fat. Perfect. Thank you. Five really hoop down really. I think it's hot. Anything. Because I'm for. You just. Fantastic episode of something's burning. Bobby Kelly Michaud Wolf tag here. Follow them fucking. KNOCK KNOCK! WHO's there? That was great. Those a lot of fun Burbank you guys that was. Really.

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