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"ham rideau" Discussed on Bertcast's Podcast

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"ham rideau" Discussed on Bertcast's Podcast

"It good these really walking good. USE SPATULA GO! ooh, that's not the won't give Joe. I'M GONNA go. Go! That looks good did. Once for. You. This one. Michelle. Run this often fucking. Okay. Ham Rideau, fast! Smell it. Must this. Billons really. Maybe. Yeah open face. I think. That is perfect. Let's that. Show entry. This is not good. This is good for you Brian. Creamy. And, then. We. Hit it with a little bit every cover all Jewish. And My new word, just I can't. I didn't realize there is just raw egg yolks and Honda he's he's doing. This is really sexual. Reading in my ear. To that. But funk. I put a blender somewhere else. Playing. A little. Where it was hiding after my neck. Over We're GONNA. Need it for that fucking going to be good. This is going to be a really good. I'm very excited. Thank you haven't eaten all morning. Hey, guys, thank you so much for doing this. Busy are you taking time out of the day to come in and do this? Indicates Cheers cheers. Is the new thing on the show. Oh! Look at the. Look! Perfectly. That's beautiful. Take our. Nothing you like for MCI like. Make it dirty. Weight. The perfect place. Really fucking good. Wow March. Twenty five and there's. Bucks! Off the. THAT CANOE! If you want you want you? Put in your mouth. Wait on. When you're ready. We music. Slow. The War News. Taking me. Uncle, would you said? Heard. Phenomenal. Yeah! This is a good start. Again. I'm so happy. This is not about a multitask. This much and I don't mean that as a new I mean, that is just in general. It's a lot of stuff the cook at the same time. Surprised at how did the basic came out? I know right puzzle nervous about the biscuit. A good program, only Schloss, the holiday sauce. Sauce. This is kind of light Is Great. Really can't miss with him. Though right, look at that big fat piece. I take a piece of that with me and my pocket. Yeah It's now if. Uber As a date every morning I just thought his healthiest protein. Healthy! What about this? I think there's a lot of things that write off as beliefs in my head that aren't. Accurate like I don't think they should have pediatricians. Boys Dick's give online like the rest of us. Thought Sir. I kind of see the logic behind that one. I don't think. either. Code, it feels like a really weird thing when it happens, you're like what? What? Did you. Why are you so interested in this? Like a President! What are we doing here? I'm done. I'm not supposed to win all this while. Bet You can't finish. Her. She went with miles morning. Of It with and done anything, but I was A. Told it Yeah I'm looking at this, but we can make some. Try a little pieces, the goofy biscuit, which one this? The other one the little tiny Crespi one. You know these are these are good soppe soppe biscuit. I liked that. Top, this puffing phenomenal. Second Up totally how? We kind of Ballpark them and they off pretty fucking. Good a really good actually. Any left. yeezy would've been bad. Dry. Season where does too much cheese? But I think it turned out to be the perfect. Just all in. Might be my favorite combination really. Jaguar skin well. Else. Oil Baby! I've never eaten well. Little cover. BLUBBER and a shot of Whiskey. Because the whale comments about being. Had To. Rest your daily bike. Can I tell you what I think? It looks like you tell me what it makes. It looks like. A writing session at eleven. With, a couple of young female comics that you're inspiring and try to mentoring at a coffee shop last hour, and you're going to go for an afternoon job then you're having a couple. They. Chris Rock for all work is really mentoring. Back around ideas. then. Late. Night Jon Stewart is GonNa. Have you out fly private jets? Open. Back in time to your lifespan of the seller looks I mean I do John. Shooting a movie in Atlanta right now. Is! The Apple. I think it's going to be a banana. Potassium I really am on a banana. Kick Right now. I am I. Even you know what I made the other day. Something's on having a stroke. Ahead. Sweating by the way. From meeting. I started making A. Mashed up bananas and new.

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