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"halston funeral" Discussed on WGN Radio

"On halsted street just north of fifty in halston funeral home call catch mcgill him catch and kill was real really kill them funeral home and halston chicago surprised it's not still in business i believe this was in the thirties in the forty all my god yeah i remember him talk rate name betty thank you so much you guys have a great day you're so nice thank you cue have fun and stewart has one to i think these are wives tales i don't know if they're true stuart this is believable this is real this is real you can check it out how you guys doing by the way listening to you you crack we drive for a living and you make the drive much less more it sounds like working it's like just having fun thank you very nice i live in rockford area and there's a tree service that's been running a commercial lately on tv got one other one for you it's not really a name as it used to be an advertiser i don't wanna get anybody in trouble i don't say their name but it was a hostas and their tagline was such and such hospice live life like there's no tomorrow very nice i thought it was a joke at first it's like you dear on saturday in my one of those steak.

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