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"halpern bob moon" Discussed on Oil and Gas Startups Podcast

"Experience as a five year engineer. They mean definitely. Yeah i learned a lot from the experience You know one point work. Twenty five days straight sixteen hours a day then rolled over into more stuff for the kill wells and stuff like that. I was dealing with the at one point. In time i was dealing with the vp of golf mexico for halliburton and the operation manager max directly giving them updates. Because i got very involved in the bunch stuff. You talk about exposure. Yeah Actually bp gulf mexico's. Now the of alberton. Okay jeff miller sorry jeff was my vp at the time and so from that actually rolled in. I got recruited to be a project manager within halliburton because they realize that can handle juggle bunched up at once. So then. When i went to in house marathon i was a project manager which makes a mouse in house completion in jail for deep water so smart and all services for deep water. Oh okay all right. maybe good connections. There they went in house at shell after that. And then i hit a point my career. I realize you know looking for opportunity. Go the next step. Do i want to continue my kurth albert in which alborz great to me a great experience. There i don't wanna look at the operator side. Add mentioned earlier. Pretty much stuff was going to be moved international or jumped on operator. So i'd started through my resume out there interviewed with marathon murphy and then i was talking to an old boss. Halpern bob moon. Indonesia and in the marathon job popped up and decided to go for that kind of it worked out well because the connections made in house. You actually interviewed a marathon. One of the managers time said oh. I don't i don't need him. he's good things he knew. What was it like do get accepting that a that offer from an operator even at the service for so long. So i was more nervous about the quitting side accepting Because albert had been good to me inadequate experience there and manage time early liked him at ten respect for him. He was actually in lafayette. I was in houston so we don't even in the same city. So i wanted to do it face to face. I'm having to do it over the phone. Just because we're never in saint spot time wise.

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