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Halloween Ghosts at Hampton Court Palace


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Halloween Ghosts at Hampton Court Palace

"Hello this is Jonah and I've come to Hampton Court palace by the River Thames to get into the mood for Halloween Hampton Court Palace belonged to England's King Henry v Eight in the sixteenth century and as you may know he had six a wonderful I'm excited visit teeth or rotting in his mouth and courtier said before you heard him coming along the corridor Odia you could smell him I can testify to working here in the day and a lot of strange unexplained and frankly scary things do packed with history and I can well imagine a few ghosts I'm going to be walking around the state apartments with Sheila who leads the ghost tours at Hampton court a young people like music closed dancing and in fact she made Henry the eighth feel young again but Henry was far from the Sheila's kindly agreed to tell me the spookiest stories of the palace so Sheila thank you very much for agreeing to show me around this wonderful palace Mus galleries where he would basically walk from his private apartment alone here and you see we've got two doors to either side happen a wonderful that's exactly what I want to hear where will you take us I well I think we should start in the famous Tudor haunted gallery off the wall these doors lead to Henry the eighth and his queen whoever she was at the time their private praying rooms the top of the chapel the ground floor was that he just preferred to be alone while he said his devotion so people knew every which is man that you see in that painting just to your right hand side Henry had a waste of fifty one inches he was grossly fat most Jason Faith residents looks like a wonderful place to live but can be very scary there lots of ghosts stores here attributed to Hampton Court Palace and yes morning when Henry was at Hampton court where he was going to be an even one eat broken away from the Catholic church he still said his prayers in here every morning so how does Katherine Howard fit into that are good question now Catherine Howard was Henry Gates fifth wife and by the time she married the the chapel and Henry used to say most of his devotions in this private room next to where I'm standing and he very rarely went down into the body eighty five he couldn't do as much exercise he had an ulcer on his lake and all the sort of medical conditions slowed the king eighty who the done some great service for the crown and they could live here rent free life and they became known as where to most of the stories come from will most of the stories Jonah come from our grace-and-favour residents they were special people that lived here from seventeen six being the king was about fifty years of age Catherine was eighteen she was basis she was pretty she liked all the things that why did he let himself go so much and he was fifty he was fifty years of age well he'd always been quite healthy but he had a fall from his horse when he was twenty he ate a lot because he could afford it yet he partied and that was the price he paid thank you for that why is Katherine so in the famous gallery is quite dark and it's famous painting that must be Henry the eighth over here sheet of what does this mean all this is one of Henry's face friends before she married the king and his she'd probably been honest and told the king he would have still married but she kept this secret associated with this gallery right it was fifteen forty one and Henry and Catherine had been married for six months they were here at Hampton court to St he was old he was smelly he was no fun she didn't want to have children with him in fact he repulsed her she'd started a friendship with a gentleman at court a man called Thomas culpeper and they will round about the same age and friendship turned to love now catherine sat down and she made the biggest mistake of her life she wrote Colpepper a letter colpepper dancing playing cards giggling having fun like young people do and soon evitable happened ace but when he did the truth bore upon him and he cried like a baby and he was very angry genuinely loved her so he jen aside heard her please do you think he was gonNA open that door well I always assume that love with prevail but what happened they find out I mean how do the king find out when he found out later by chance because Catherine was here at Hampton court but what Henry didn't know was the over and celebrate Christmas but what Henry didn't know was this lovely queen of his had secret past she had two boys rooms what kind of interogations asking them questions really not so much interrogation but torture to extract the truth from them did they tell the truth didn't matter to Henry whether they told the truth or not these allegations had come to light Aspen Normal Henry was on the other side saying his morning devotions and when Catherine got here she gently knocked on I denounced at all it's a pack of lies in fact he left the letter on his desk in his private apartments and did not open it for two days she had to have a plan and legend has it that while she was under house arrest one morning she managed to escape the attention of move while investigations to these allegations were going on courtiers came to tell Henry that indeed his wife had had to housed the more desperate the poor girl became until after a minute or two she was crying begging the Henry to come out he never did the time the king was in his apartments later with his ill health a lot of time Catherine was young she wanted fun and she spent her time with and they were probably guilty sushila how did the story play out in the end will catharine with young she did not want to die. Ron System and Henry Mannix hold off to the famous tower of London the interogations Catherine was held in her please could you come out I do need to speak to you you see she had to be polite she was fighting for her life Henry on the other new in love and now he gave orders that Catherine beheld under house arrest which meant Yeomen of the guard on her door so they would watch her every in his letter it said how much she loved him and how much he wished she was his wife and how much she regretted marrying the king the boyfriend before she married Francis Theorem who was a cousin of hers and Henry Mannix a music teacher so colpepper door and probably said something like Henry it's your wife it's Catherine and to keep on praying to God maybe praying that if he married a gain he would find the right one however the more that does state owed the dead of night of hearing the earthly shrieks and screams of a gyro where we're running along this guy permissions do not like change and although strange things still happen in this gallery the ghostly form of young Catherine Howard had in was they were all true but he thought he had finally found the right wife for him so henry resolved to keep the door closed she put up a fight she did not want to go she knew if she didn't see Henry Her fate would be sealed or a tragedy does her ghost with Thomas culpeper they all been hung drawn courted and their heads would stay on traitor's gate for three years Harry Unforgiving Yeomen of the Guard solway she was and they dragged her literally kicking and screaming back to her apartment gods she tip toed down this famous gallery and when she got to the store just to my left hand side it was closed the tools of just opened so we've just Henry was a broken man he'd seen that letter and all the detestable things that she'd written about him and the funny thing was and the sad yea Geeta that was a fascinating and spooky story thank you very much I've become a degree colder actually listening to that site met her is three heads on spikes front system Henry Mannix and in the middle her beloved ellery glimpses of the young queen in ghostly form or cold or seen regularly up until nineteen hundred when this do it was deemed that Catherine Howard after thorough investigations was guilty of adultery having other boyfriends and Tree Korea was painted it was spruced up and it was open to our day visitors now it's often said that ghosts or is not been seen since should I tell you the conclusion to the tail yes please yes now February time fifteen forty two revealed later but for now I'm GonNa tell you a little story fifteen thirty seven the twelfth of October Henry the cernan Eh Prince Edward is born here at Hampton court but very very sadly ten days later Jane Seymour his mother is dead and Civil Penn who was going to be his nursemaid now has an even bigger task on our hands she's going to become like a mother to misselling later this was all in the lateran giveaway isn't it what a silly goal she was an inevitably the letter was found and taken to the king who great hives of easement the Tudor toilet block to everybody and it was highly sophisticated very clean and modern in court it and so did young Queen Elizabeth but young Queen Elizabeth being young strong and robust survive but simple part of it used to belong to a lady called simple pen who was henry the eighth son Prince Edwards nursemaid and the other half was the so to deter anyone else from crossing swords or doing anything that would upset His Majesty King Henry Doc if you seen her ghost I haven't personally but many grace-and-favour residents particularly in the Victorian period of toll I think quite a few people caught smallpox here but only sipple Penn died Elizabeth I was very very ill then being in her late seventies an old lady at that time succumbed to the disease and she died how many did it spread to don't worry enjoying their free accommodation at Hampton court one night there was a terrific storm thunder roared and light okay and are we on the outside one of the apartments yes apartment thirty nine and this is very very famous for lots of reasons red brick gateway there this is where visitors to the palace come in a free day on it would have been the entrance that King Henry the eighth would abuse poke grave and everything was quiet here on the western front until the mid reign of Queen Victoria when there was a family you experience some of the joys of Hampton court but there was an outbreak of smallpox smallpox. What did that mean well smaller for those days are wonderful that's what I like so which ghost is associated with this apartment sipple pen she's often called the grey lady as well and all will be him as well now long after Henry the Eighth Cer- died and the young prince unfortunately sipple pen was still here the it was fifteen sixty two in the reign of Henry's daughter Elizabeth the first the whole court were here and the symbols bones were all sucked up from her grade and scattered around the churchyard yeah is horrific was buried up the road in Hampton will you can still see Ho grave today now with stone likeness of who was carved and put on top earning crashed and the grave simple pen was struck. Saint Mary's Church and they say that the lightning penetrated so deep into the ground the palace and I'm standing outside Sheila Sheila exactly where all we will what is this spot cold this is the famous waste gate you see the lovely season and one very bleak morning she was road up to that famous traded his gate the Tower of London and when she got there a horrific lives two of whom unbelievable and Catherine Howard were executed just up the river from here at the Tower of London this is a really beautiful palace folks very much like chicken pox today but much worse was a killer in Cuba time so this was very very dangerous now civil pen Queen Elizabeth started the fashion wearing white makeup on her face to triumph where to go come in Civil Penne Pasta way she hold the pants and be family who lived in those rooms that were once used by simple pen now the Ponson be family with their service it but not just standing here it is very atmospheric play it really is very very special but she recovered obviously she recovered but her face was left with those horrible pop marks on like the chicken pox yet and that twice but there's more although the bones of simple were reburied and taken inside the church to a crypt it seems after that time the old lady started to wonder she started to wonder so where does she wonder is getting spooky no she wanted back here to hunt one of Henry's courtyards and rebuilt in a new style a style called barrack but because William didn't have money to knock down of Henry's buildings as you can see where we are standing there's a false wall and we're looking straight at some of the two buildings she was in her seventies she was a widow. Her husband had been a decorated military hero that's how she got her rent-free accommodation and in the mid Victorian period on the second floor there was a suite of apartments for a lady called Lady Hilda Yard seen to this day now the West Gate there the entrance to Hampton Court Palace soldiers in the Victorian period that were billeted here used to stand outside those gates at night and look after the security of the grace-and-favour residents however many soldiers about we've got the newer part of the palace this new apart was built between sixteen eighty nine and seventeen hundred for king and queen called in her the pumps and be servants and the family were feeling pretty shaken by these events and the gray lady continues to be to them but they didn't like Henry old to two buildings they were ugly they wanted something modern like the king of France so they knocked down Louis seemed to love and it's about two skeletons that were found near the new apart the Palace Fountain court that was built bullpen spinning wheel as she used to spin the on the young prince would close now that noise continued in these apartments until rope lem every night with the setting of the sun her and her servants would here scratching sound that seemed to come from the wooden because night after night in the apartments a wording sound could be heard and we know that the wording sound was probably the noises stopped after that they did not they continued sightings of civil pen or the gray lady were now seen in the there were investigations done and behind a false wall that was found a perfectly preserved to the room complete with speed I that would be a spooky is this we have many many stories but I'm GonNa tell you a story now that all the children who visit the strange men would appear they were dressed in ragged clothes and they would speak to each other in mumbling tones nobody so we've come to different parts of the palace known dumb it looks very different yes you'll correct in the courtyard behind. US earning will the spinning wheel was taken away the room was opened up and the Ponson be family side a sigh of relief or just going to say and with virtually shaking to its very foundations and then just as I thought things could get no more scary too William the third and Mary the second they were King and Queen of England by one hundred fifty years after King Henry died they came here the palace belonged understood what they were saying but night after night the strange things would happen in that apartment and Lady Hilda Yard lost many and now lady Hilda Yard lift here on our own but was about five or six thousand that looked after her but lady Hilda Yard had melling in their old two apartments as the night wore on these sounds would gain in intensity until the little apartment instigate is possible for Phantom or a ghost anything is possible that's wonderful thank you I love that what could we possibly hear next the apartment is always think I just saw the gray lady is also thing I did the gray lady was last seen in two thousand and five so you might have seen The two strange men and there were workman in this area. If you'd like to follow me I will tell you what happened strain cover some of the surrounding tiles and to lay new drainage pipes they'd only doug about two feet down on the work it's just to the right of us and you are correct withstood around a drain cover and there is a reason now two weeks in sixty nine one thousand nine and seventeen hundred so if you'd like to follow me will make hallway there now soft lady Hilda yards last letter to the royal household there were workman in this area the purpose of being here was to take the perfectly preserved human skeletons wow and we're standing above them right now what happened skeletons would take they could not believe there is they diamond tools scratch their heads and called for their manager because they'd come across too servants because they would just too frightened to be here now a we call to post when Lady Hilda Yod with last visited so so she'd have noticed that we're standing around a drain cover is there a reason for that is we're backout in Fountain court the new apart the palace they were given a Christian burial and surprise surprise lady Hilda Yard complained no more ooh way they were analyzed and don't forget this was the Victorian periods today we know a lot more but it seems they'd been in their current position branding their post and ran off screaming when they saw the ghost of sipple pen the gray lady walk straight through those clothes occasion but one hundred fifty to two hundred years at the most two skeletons that were identified as males were taken away and we'll put down over those bodies and that's where those two workmen who died stayed until they decided to ah pocketed that money came down here at the dead of night a palace just being built they were gaping holes everywhere cash and wanted the building to be built as quick as possible but he didn't want to spend much money so what happened sub-standard bricks down injuring eleven men and killing to these with the two men we know that the master carpenter was given uh-huh really quickly but it preserves the bones then maybe a day or two later big stones the ones we're standing on now the Christopher wren between sixty eight nine and seventeen hundred for King William and Queen Mary but King William was a little bit short of the it's nice to know ghosts can rest piece lost how did the skeletons get there we don't have a concrete answer but we do have suggested morten not very good materials we used and when the south range just over there too you're right with complete it promptly came tumbling Qahira Hampton court standing in the new courtyard and we do know from all records the this lovely baroque part of the palace was built we are standing through the bodies down a big hole covered them in quick lime which makes the flesh decomposed or disappear I to bit of money to make sure the two men who died were given a Christian burial I put it to you Jonah what if the Mazda Cop and course Hampton court has over one thousand three hundred rooms so plenty of rooms to explore if they were open but they were not now the entrance and the exit before the exhibition closes however ten minutes came and went she did not pass me there were no doors that she could've opened Yourself very difficult to say because people that I know who have seen ghosts especially in the daytime say they are as real is it lady Hilda Yard mazing story well Sheila thank you so much for those very spooky stories you got me spooked out upstairs as well have you ever seen at the exhibition were in closed off from the public so you could look in those four rooms you couldn't venture anywhere else and today yes but at the time I just thought she was a member of the public that's how I'm saying that ghosts can appear very very real amazing thank you well that was me Jonah at Hampton court learning about the fascinating ghosts in history of the palace I will definitely be there's nowhere else she could go she had to pass me to leave I looked everywhere through the exhibition and I never found her she just disappeared again because there is so much more to learn about Henry the eighth and his six wives not to mention other kings and Queens such as William and Mary who built Paul still in the exhibition there was absolutely nobody they're amazing did it spooky out not at the time on reflection the palace it's packed with atmosphere treasures and fascinating nooks and crannies and the gardens and Parkland absolutely stunning as you will me it's only when you go back and think about it that you rationalized yourself and think that couldn't have been anything or anyone else with the same and I close the exhibition about four thirty every afternoon I was doing some cleaning cleaning the desks when out of the corner of my eye thank you so much for telling us some of the spooky stories we've actually ever heard on story Nori and can we all wish you a very happy Halloween the same to all of you thank you very much but it goes but yes I think I have where with the WHO've been I was employed to run an exhibition up in Fountain Court can you see the small little windows Zia it was called servants soldiers and suffragettes and it was about our grace-and-favour history we only had about four rooms all those rooms if you do get a chance to visit Hampton court which I highly recommend try not to get too lost in the famous maze in the meantime and this is aimed at all older listeners if you want to be spooked out even more you can search on Youtube for the skeletal of Hampton Court a film taken by security is currently at the ball was being fitted for a week I haven't seen it yet but a warning if you die of fright don't write in and one evening trumping down now for me Jonah Story Noy DOT com happy Halloween lady in a long black dress with long black hair and to the exhibition realize we look no absolutely Israel's you Jonah now I thought at the corner and she didn't say anything to you she would have had to have passed me to leave she never did after I closed the front door and had a look everywhere to see if she would camera at the palace which shows a mysterious ghostly figure but he saw it and unfortunately all his hair fell out so he why is she could have been one of these goths these people who like to wear black excetera and I did sort of call out to her and say you've got ten minutes to have a look this guy complain to me and once again thank you very much to Sheila who is a State Department water at Hampton Court Palace and a brilliant storyteller yeah guy the take now it's time to is he it took me tweets in court to her apartments now the pumps and be family and their servants started to feel very uneasy and afraid. Kyra I do all those wrath I've got gave you won't like it little rats but tall Obama nominee wiki this creatures you didn't see that way will aw honey It will sound the kids on a sugar. I keep us awake knowing your with you yet is aww slash guys.

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