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BelowDeck: One Stew Over The Cuckoos Nest

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BelowDeck: One Stew Over The Cuckoos Nest

"Watch what happens would like to think. It's premium sponsors. Just saying okay Christy. Wow where D dougherty Jamie. She has no last name he lets go. I WanNa bed with Lord Fender Gibson. Scott with Jessica Trot Ashley Savona Noble. Nonni you don't touch the Nicky Morgan Ladder. Erin are in McNicoll is she. Don't Miss Nutricula. Meghan the slayer Taylor Kelly Barlow. When she goes barlow we go? Hi Lo Mecklenburg. You can't have a burger without the Bernie no thing like Alison King. Thank it's Jessica. Dang he makes US Queen Ritchie Dis. Eric Greenwood she only uses her power. For Good God I love that Banana Anderson Higher Than Hi Rez. It's Lauren Peres of Negi. Love Weber Lisa Wallet now. That's what I call volunteers. In the Bay Area BETCHA has ads and are super premium patriots subscribers. Let's take off with Chamula plane. oop She did it again. It's Britney Montano Miss Noel L.. Always ready for Nicole Passer Ready Day. You're Rachel's in the next day you're out Lord.. The Lord of the rings were taken the gold with Brenda Silva she ain't no drinking violet Kuchar. Let's go on a bender with Lauren. Funder yes we can with Howley Caroline and we should with Kerry bridge would. You're the wind. Beneath our wings. Joe Wyndham Mansi season. Desisto League grant the grandmaster. Somebody got US Tennessee's of Betsy. MD Let's get racy with Miss Stacy Shannon out of a cannon Anthony Incredible Edible Matthews Sisters and Meena Coochie Coochie. Coo uh-huh crafted sweat so much as long as and hello and welcome to watch crap ins a podcast about all that crap on Bravo that we love to watch. I'm Ben Mandil curve from the real housewives of kitchen island island which is a cartoon that you can watch on Youtube. You may have heard of that site and adjoining me is a hilarious man. Who Does hilarious things things like co host? The Roads Pricks Bachelor's. podcast saw Romney care much going on and Ronnie Hi Dan Hi I'm so sorry brew. Well welcome to the show. It's I guess our Christmas Eve show even though we're actually recording at Christmas Eve Eve too late night recording which means we'll be probably a little crazy and I haven't had dinner yet so I'll be crazy and hungry. Well that's just saw on our break today I went and I went to homegoods now some attack. And there's a sign like a gather type site but it says hey angry. Oh Oh yeah. Let's get that for Benjamin perfect for me But it is perfect for me. There's no but attached. It's just perfect for me but I did have a cookie right before this. So that's going to hopefully last me through the episode no guarantees okay then needed okay. It's not a guarantee guys. Just wait while you're here enjoy until Ben's head explodes. I know here's one thing that is guaranteed that we have live shows and we are starting them up next month in in Los Angeles with the golden crappies. And if you hear your city go buy yourself a ticket watcher. CRAP DOT COM so we begin in La. And then we go to Detroit and Columbus and Austin and Houston and then Hoover Alabama and then no love Lawrence fucking Kansas Omaha Nebraska Salt Lake City Utah fiene cover British Columbia. Which is where Courtney from below deck is from and Orlando entrusted in Oklahoma City? K- Literally O. K. City. It's my favorite city because it's called. Ok City Asbury Park. Washington D C San Francisco and Boston. WATCH DOT COM to get that and and don't forget to also sign up on patrol and get access to our bonus episodes this week. We're doing our second part of our top chef. Cath preview. It's an all star season. We're GONNA go weigh in on some people that we actually have some impressions of in terms of not like impersonations but actual takeaways from watching them on TV. So Oh that's patriarch as well as crap demand and all the other good stuff so that's Patriot dot com slash. Watch what happens and that's pretty much about it. We got a nice big problematic below decks and sort of. Yeah I guess just problematic or just like icke rape rape e episode of Blood Eh another. It's another home run another home run for men another yeah on Below deck below deck really just reinforcing using every terrible terrible male stereotype or you know bad reputation. Well earned man Kei okay. Yeah Really Ernie get out there in the world. Yeah we really. We really are with great. It's a great way to show the bullshit that women have to deal with all the time. It's really just sort of like distill still down here in the on deck. Yes and it ended last week with very exciting. I am fucking call dot com down. Oh God damnit got like Riley Yell so much am she turns into Captain Leeann my head. That's all right but captain Lee knows how to do a bowl of not apparently but not Briley so that was like a big thing in the first half the episode like we'll learn how to do a boom in not so the episode is like Riley. He is like getting mad at the guys because they're being obnoxious to her. As usual and then the smoke alarms are going off because the exhaust fan is broken so the kitchen is like all smokey and gate has like a very good observation. She's like you know. I don't blame Kevin for the exhaust fan not working but if the hospital's not working like why would you use the grill with a broken exhaust fan. Yeah I mean if I had a broken blender I wouldn't be pushing Pina coladas. Heh through all the wound in your Master Pearson sounding a little bit gene today. I like that does not a very big difference which came first. Yeah so yes so. cates like Seven signs of a yard apocalypse. Smoke children in-laws unreasonable beaches Men who are assholes roles. Tanner being disgusting Courtney still not ironing things Kevin Hi I'm trying to tie. Yeah diarrhea. That's more than seven actually. It was less than seven. There was smoke children and laws unreachable beaches no AC in the Galley and diarrhea seven. The seventh one is not being able to come up with the seventh one. High would come up with a seventh win but I'm choking to death so yeah sometimes the apocalypse reds early who says there it had to be seven signs sometimes sixes enough so the guys. Are you know working trying to figure out how to get. Riley's not sending an ashes like Roy. Release each state. You should have seen it before you should have seen it before our side that thinks it's like a two year old. It's very dangerous. Yeah yeah because he's like five seconds on toy or not can make the difference between life and death experience and meanwhile catchers like fucking around in the kitchen hitching she's holding a portray and looking at her on reflection it and going people think that what we're doing is easy like it's all smoke and mirrors but that's not comedy Kevin like like that Kevin just matters to himself and squeezes citrus really hard onto a salad Goto goto white to to gang up on right behind back Willem being nice right to efface looking Lee squeezing his orange Volvo only am chef or chef voice. Say So The GRANDPA the grandparents are talking to little master Pearson and the GRANDPA's like has he gotten taller. Something and the malls like Yeah you haven't seen him in six months. Welcome to growth. Welcome to humanity debate. Yeah you're only getting lunch. Grab before we ship you back to Puke so then masterpieces since like winter I wind and the grandma or someone the mom does he have a name. I forgot what the name is like. Oh Wow so you think you're a special mass appears NAM. You get an animal. Don't even name it. How dare you I call them? Get me lemonade. You poor person. They're made lemonade you poor. I S- grandma's like Jeez he's like I need our I'm weeding. Then the grandma takes dinosaur and force kisses Force kisses the Dinosaur Inter Master Pearson's face and I was like. Wow it's like a sign of things to come it really is is MSRP is master Pearson excited for Lodge Unto Har- will again very much like Gina I'm Jerry is not like that the Master Pearson. Where did you get that? Gather Sign Master Peterson. and Are you changing apartments again Massachusetts. Your hair damaged hair dynamics master appear saying that bleached up actually looks really good on you. Very good yeah actually works for you so this is exciting. Deanne dairy end up to the bridge. Dairy the am I love that dairy and I just like all of a sudden there's like another crew member you know whatever whenever shit hits the fan you see the the crew come out there like a high great to be here. All right Larry Berry inherited couldn't make it so. Guess I'm stuck with this fucking exhaust fan. I know he liked the they like unlocked. The steerage compartment volley let out the first engineer. Who's been like absences the very first episode when he gets introduced abused for one second and it really does go to show you why people are cast on TV and why people aren't daring? You're gonNA save our lives. He's like the exhaust fan. All right something will work here. They don't even give a microphone. Because he winds up going up to see Captain Lee and Kathleen handles that fan going. He's it's like it's it's a little bit of a mystery its emissions like wow you can't you can't even get a mike on him real quick. I one scene his once. We're yes dialogue. Doug like not an area there in really got screwed on this one. Yeah he did so in the kitchen the guests have just eaten and kate comes is in place and she's like Catherine. It's the first time family styles. I've worked good. Guests are actually guests. That was just the just finished a course of some sort. Because they're still eating something another and while they're eating their sad that they didn't get to go to the beach that'd be the highlight eight and then the grandma she's like eating lamb because well. There's no mint sauce for the lamb. Shut up grandma all right. This is why you're only around for like one meal and the ship you off. I know I dislike the idea that she lives in a country which famous famously like bold exotic not exotic to them exotic to us and like intense lance major flavors and then she still wants her like nineteen fifties like mint Jelly on the side of her lamb. Yeah gotTa have that Mint Jelly. I just liked it. She's coming on this really expensive day that her kids paying for and she's complaining about something. You can enjoy your for yachting meal before we toss you into the dinghy the other dudes probably still sniffing wine and saying perfect. Well he was the one. Yeah he was the one he was going The the ASTLE. I'm sorry you said are you saying the grandfather or the the the the the sniffer guy. Yeah the ones no rhyme class sniffer. Shut up your Glass Smith. He was the one he said. Yeah they pretty much now the except for the beach like Oh yeah you're a regular Baywatch overt yeah simmer down now wants yeah. He weighs and he goes. I personally. Don't think it was that treacherous treacherous. I'm like where are your stripes man. epaulette Madonna leads. We're your stripes with since when are you like an authority on what's treacherous and what's not. Have you seen this crew. Have you seen. Have you seen these deckhands. You should be so lucky that you're still alive just being on that tender for for five minutes and the is he's like we could have. We could have beached. It would have been fine. Okay okay. So then courtney is offering a watermelon fl.. Oh No Brian is offering. In Courtney a watermelon flip. Who Cares Ronnie? You're watermelon Mike. I object to myself off. Basically just canoe there. There's some sort of canoeing happening. And then they get interrupted by Kevin and Brunswick Municipal Court needs ran me. She's she's so cute but then people interrupt and she puts her gold up. Like okay. Whatever you take your hot you'll just wait around? You'll you'll be fine. The woman needs or guard up up in this cast. Seriously I mean right. Can you blame her. And also because Kevin like it's interrupting something to think something Mister Dole obscene. You always interrupt and something so The DAD's like well I. I haven't seen any jellyfish so far. Let's pull that ninety seven thousand four toys and Riley turns the Pearson and goes well you know what they say about the slide went in Thailand. I think that's like that sentiment's going to be lost on Master Pearson understands that expression. Yeah he's like women. Thailand get my batmobile when in Thailand get mid Jelly for my grandmother. You motherfucker AH captaining cater. Talking on air ain't well fifteen minutes to write for those. The parents will be here fucking mint Jelly Lady. Ann cates in fact in some way to deal with them us she genius. We're bringing here for lunch. That's exactly right. So yes a little dinky he comes and gets the parents by grandma and GRANDPA have some fun mint jelly down in Patong beach or wherever go have fun. Everyone the boys are like yeah teamwork year that we brought in those water toys and Riley's like you want me to get my toys sir. Thanks for early. We've got the boys got it. I share it. You want me to start Beaming out there for that means. No no thanks. We've gone it. We've got to believing whatever that means. Tanna Goes Yeah Nice teamwork everyone because yeah nice teamwork got it got nice teamwork Donovan. Bachchan gotta be errors right. Go get an for two hours. She's like and got it eh. Just wake me up at a quarter past get it. The captain is in the mirror in acceder coming his hair. He's like fucking G Keel over here. Look I didn't go as planned but tonight I'm pulling out all the stops to show him a good team that means some extra old spice and and really Old Tuxedo Jag iron. God bless Simone. She's a good kid. A gentleman doesn't leave home without bringing his talks talks. That's what I what does he talks without bringing his fucks as in. I don't give a fuck 'cause I got my suitcase. Just because I'm prepared prepared. I am prepared. I got my tax and tax acts up. Guess he's getting a one-way ticket home attack. Cedo they gave me a good man. Never leaves. Has this tax is just good. Taste flower shirt really needs to come back. The if you're if we're going to talk about taste get that flower. I was hoping that there'd be like some sort of flower element the Tuxedo. Like maybe flower blazer or or a flower cummerbunds something like that like a big bird of paradise situation known Kevin and cater talking and he's like eat out about that politely. You're just like okay okay. DVD But will reach added charter to and then she starts doing your table scape because it's roaring twenty s party and she goes. Oh God the deckhands we're GonNa hit US feathers everywhere. Sarraj okay. League is more flowers over here. Fetters over here sorry sometimes ups so the little girl all who gets no attention because masterson takes all the attention is getting ready and she's so cute you like why don't why don't you is there. Pearson they're adorable and like I love that Master Pearson's tension which happens later like compared to everyone every other child who's seen on Bravo is so benign. It's like he's like no mother and and that's like the extent of it. It's like wow. He's he's out of control. Mother I do not like this sauce is like that that you never eating again. Creme Brulee offer you monster child but ma so then A. The good news is that Darren fix fan. They're like Yay Daria. And we'll never see you again. Dan Legendary give a speech. He's like well get out -tarian mine back to this much and sound and too much ambient sound in your voice so then Captain Lee comes to his desk at another desk to the table. And he's like well look at me. I'm wearing attacks. This is my best. Titanic any Colleen Costume Daddy Daddy. Can you hear me from the titanic. I feel like I just would not joke about the titanic. If I were on a boat in the middle of the ocean yeah let you know. I guess if you're captain did I guess you make jokes like that. I guess so. I'm not even make. Comparisons of y other types of vehicles were wearing dressing and like that would be bad because they've just get worse. I'm GonNa Control Myself. We're addressing like being on the titanic could be worse dressing like equivalents. You know now yeah. I'm not I'm just not GONNA go into the world of of disasters like does that like I'm just I'm just telling people I'm basically asking for the Southwest Airlines. Where all the stewardesses or dressing like? Amelia earhart. Yeah exactly that's a better way a conversion so anyway better version of a terrible thing to say but to not make people that he is not making people at ease me trying to explain me trying into say because now we're all wondering what the hell you were going to say. It makes it like twenty times worse because now I was Gonna say that lives out of state. You don't have to know what I was GonNa say I was GonNa talk about. It's like back you know what it's like it's like snoopy being the Red Baron there. No I tried to take it to a sweet and cuddly. Place is this the point is this. Kevin is pleading leading. He's planning a soup Broccoli and spinach soup. And it's like electric green and has fed a foam and now I like Broccoli and I like spinach and I probably have no general problem with them being together. But there's something about a broccoli spinach soup that kind of triggers like weird childhood things just like no no no no no. Don't you have any Brussels sprouts that you can throw it in there and just make it a Trifecta fucking terrible for children. I know and it's like it's a neon green. I'm the green is so green. I was just like what is this crazy soup that he's serving. It shouldn't be that caller master Pearson's like what is that smashed. Green beans lay subtitled. told him going. Yeah that's bad if you've got a if you've got a lame from masterpiece this is and this is a kid with an adventurous palate like earlier. There were like well. Masterpiece appears in just loves his fish. When does anyone say that about a five year old? Oh you know masterpiece and he just loves his red snapper some of them love it my niece since there's a little baby just as grabs handfuls of Sushi and chefs. Have Dan who could well. Sushi is. Just it's just wonderful so your your niece has good taste. June June look so then kate is like all right Kevin. The first three adjectives out of their mouth where delicious wonderful and good. And that's just dairy and past can't wait to think. I can't wait to see what they think about atrophied and I think that's I think there was. Unfortunately the fourth adjective they used was lean. And if one was awful and the six one was hanged panegyric puke which is coincidentally the color of your soup that I added that part it it. It's a yacht apocalypse so now the big the big moment we've all been waiting for the not fight as in the K. N. O.. T. Five fight not that it was a not not that it was usually get it Mike going in my own one man advocates della routine in my brain but putting the wrong things in the wrong part. I'm like WHO's on third third for what WHO's in. What is your ruining the bit? Ben Yourself no Ben. It's a not fight. Every bit begins with Ashley Okay. Bow Fight so Ashton has tanner and Riley both. Both you know just so. He doesn't get lit on fire and he's like our all right now Tenneco's hey riley what's up. It's just web doc. And she just comes in like already like clearly. Do not take those two hours to sleep. She just spend that entire time just fuming just going overhead nineteen Mark Nice Teamwork nineteen so ashes. Like I'm GonNa give you both a rope and you need to learn to Bolan quite well. They'd say we're GONNA Lenny Rodney. I'm very patient and it's going to take five seconds to undo. Now listen it takes five seconds to undo on from experience that can be the difference between life indeed. Yeah do you show the clip again. No Oh wow. You're not even showing the clip again. Komo news time. Wow I must have really really gone the other people this season so then Riley's like sell like. When do you want to show you or anything like that Ashton's like do you have an issue? I don't have an issue I already did it Raleigh. It's not something I use on the fishing but a lot. I don't know what to say. Okay I did it got it got it Bolan gotTa Outta. I don't need to use a bowling while I'm shooting moves on the boat and Alaska rurally and given me and say to be that she's like. Oh yeah bless I say that pattern header. Look Yes yes unless you keep quiet on your superior and the situation that cousin Jackass. He doesn't respect me as a person or as a CO worker. So they asked you. It's like I'm going to be taken seriously. Watch my flashlight of gotTa Tony Flashlight. He's thank holding his flashlight up like he's Nancy drew looking for something in the woods he's like trying to be like like Darien. He's like look at me. I can be like dairy into and inspect aspect. Machinery got it. I'm not machinery Riley. You have a better to do something. Don't community to Kim. This is the guy smashed in. WHO's already cost cost like already like destroyed a DJ's equipment like on his day off? Okay so he like walks away. And riles leg. I know I know I know how how it is like. I can't do it but you guys can do it. Okay now you guys are my issue. That's the issue got an astronaut just keeps pointing that light bad light. That's not on. It was cracking me up. He held it like a weapon above his head the whole time. He's like listen. Eat Raw or lay. Taku your tiny flashlights terrifying I know. Are you terrifying Muriel. So Kevin is like this is GonNa be the best steely Kim. The world there were like thirty alerts centimeters tall juicers there I was like wow thanks for pursue thanks for freeing up that salt tack for everyone. He's like feel the hey bro. Well and wasn't he frying these steaks. There were definitely something he called. The I forget what you call it the big sort of giant griddle like food trucks. You know those things it has like a very fancy name of the flattop. They're the top but has defense name also but flattop yes. That's what we called it back when I was fifteen into shift at the snack bar on a bowling alley. The Dad is like wow guys I haven't seen someone pull out the slide as much as this crew. Hey captain you're doing great McAdams like data years it. I know one tow. Oh had a little boy who did master pure synthetic call me poor person. Yeah went down. That's why it so many times but still didn't didn't find them in jail. We that was for you. Grandma could've been bit by a jellyfish and it would have been West lame than the food you gave me. It doesn't count if you serve me soup. That looks like me Joey. If it's not been joey to wait so now Ashton's Shinzo Tanner and like talk about Riley in the bowlen's in everything and tanner like does a bowl and national like ashes like every everything gets taken as a personal attack brew it takes. It's an attack on like maybe that's because the moment she tried to like do it you just start yelling at her immediately. Well she does it to you. Know he does such a prick but riley entrance every situation like way way. You know it's like it doesn't doesn't help them like housewives macy. Yeah well also like reilly does like kate later says that rally has to learn how to take direction and it's true because Riley is like I mean Bowen not like it's just like you know it's not the only you can use. This is Ashwin Maine Childish. I'm like yeah but he's also your boss and he said the bull knots so do the bull and nuts she goes. I don't know how to do the bowling but it's not the only night you can use so asked him. Did you notice that Ashen okay. He's talking about professionalism and all all of this but he's talking to tanner all I wanted to do is show. You guys had to tie the bullets and ten is like I loved it. But he's like yeah. I won't doing today and she just can't do it and he's like well. My the problem is flick. Tennis still doesn't seem to know how to do it either. Yeah Ashton instead of like finishing the lesson. He's just bitching to his employees about another employee. Yeah are the. It's I mean. Ashton has really proven to be not not such a professional professional gasol to kill some kills the best of them so then they serve this Savita. Australian steak and master. Peterson is like looking at the plate. And he's like what's that and they're like that's what you mean. I don't want that WH- port of Chimney. He Says Mint Joey Bitch similar are similar. It's like a green sauce. It's green. It's getting closer not mint Jelly Kevin's just like sorry sorry do due Avocado Green Busey thing. Okay in from now. Will you have discipline. Let's be as a Song Kevin so I I'm sorry to harp on this. I'm just very confused about the SUV. Part of this grass fed beef. So did he suv eat it and then he just threw it on the flat top to get a nice crisp on it and probably already cooked. I feel like he probably seared at first because the Soviet is is supposed to take it to the proper temperature and I feel like if you take it to the proper temperature and the new Sierra you you risk not taking into the proper temperature but if you sear it I you can still take taught us to be I. I stay away from anything. SUV lead in home cookery. Because I've seen too many of our favorite top chef contestants unjustice fail and the final episode because they decided to see these something instead of cook the way they do every single other episode. And you've never chicken looking grocer thin Kim when it it looks so gross. It's like Jelly. It's like have we ever like have you. I have never even had surveyed unless maybe I'm just not not told about it but I feel like everywhere every restaurant I go to. I never seen anything that says severe but then again on the description feed me but it's To me I don't like it to me. It's like airline food. I mean that's what allowed airline food is you know or just like a wet even though it's in the plastic bag in the water but there's so much moisture captain the meat that yes Spongy to me it grosses me out. Yeah I know what you're saying. I know what you're saying. And the and Kevin's consistence on so many things I feel like is it annoys me. Yeah Domino's tonight so there's pallets at. I've had a cookie. That's that's my dinner so I'm sorry I'm not making funny. That's just like I've never said that. Yeah I've had I had a cookie you've added is yes but cookies. I ate a backup tapes. Could say oh well. It's not like it was the only crooked had today. I was just the most must reason thing that went in my mouth but like yes zaas. He's like I don't want this then don't eat. It's time for bed. Seen sit down. Kids like unmasks appear having attention. I'm on the attack and then the mom comes in and it's like since my son's not behaving just make sure he gets desert so there's that and then master Pearson gets sent a bed with desert and on top. Not only does he get sent to bed. He leaves the table with no resistance. Just sort of sad and marching to the bed. Ask This family does not I. I love that. They don't fuck around like they did not cave in he got no desert. They like made a promise. They made it. They made a a threat and they start to it and also master Pearson is like the most well behaved Tantrum. Child going to bed I've ever seen in my life. I wouldn't mess with that mom either. She you stay so calm and she's so chill about it. She's like well next time. We should listen Amami a okay. That's what happens when you're a bad boy. Sir And inveigling upstairs bears have some creme Brulee and maybe even some mint Jelly for grandma. Oh she didn't. Her head is at your bedside. That's what happens when you doubtless we're GonNa go to the beach after all C.. Morrow Tanner is is asking Kate if she's enjoying her cranberry lake has before. She's like he's not eating. That creme Brulee I'm I want it and ten is like I'm going to eat it before you. Big here earp. which way of flirting I guess? It's like caveman flirting. and Say HA. So when he comes wins he sees her again. He's like are you enjoying that. Green Rela- are you enjoying that chick appreciate it. Thanks thanks how you're like my knight in Shining Armor. Thanks for the tiny cup of desert desert. Didn't scarf after I called it already. Thanks that's rightfully mine. Exactly and Simone. Meanwhile is getting annoyed. That tanner because he keeps on saying like so was Moan- where keeping casual right. Yeah we're giving this casual. She keeps saying it over and over again and she's getting annoyed because it's making her seem like she's the one who's being clingy is sort of like gas sliding her you know so. She's just getting annoyed with him. Which makes me happy? Because she should be annoyed with him and like moving on like he's making me uncomfortable because exact exact same Oklahoma in love with him or something. And it's not the case checking your phone to see if he's texting making out with BARF face so reilly's in her so riley goes to her and cates room and really but your problem Bolan nuts got it taking them acting like I'm not even there and then they come in Mike. Tell me like everything I do is wrong idiot. fucking more like bowling. Got It okay. So cases like well we're just not dealing with to mature individuals and yeah basically. She is like ashes immature mature but Riley needs to learn how to take direction and they both are just like you to grow up so then the next morning and tanners tanner's sees Brian. I was like hey while you're asleep. Guess what you missed. We all making bulletin nuts and then Riley was totally acting up. I was like Whoa with diabolic around in my mouth. And my right Bro. My right. Yeah keeping the casualties name Ashton totally stood there in Pakistan so it was like you listen to your boss. I love that that's the power stance. He was standing with with a tiny little. Flashlights pointed up or like holding it up above his head scary stuff. Why am I Mike? That scary every theft brands. Like thank you very much brew. He's fondly standing up. I mean you can't tell me holy anything because she gets so fucking hectic about something first of all. I love hectic as slang second of all. Yeah but like and you guys aren't aren't being hectic. Did you see like Ashen literally had a Tantrum with a mini flashlight. Okay that's the definition of hectic. Yeah both the dad is now getting Bitchy I think. It's time for these people to the DADS to go down for a nap. Because that's like wow. She remembered the honey and everything the last charter. She always remembers awful awful. Okay Nice. Dad turned bitchy. Totally missed that Nice. Dad turned bitchy. That'll be linked. Dan Nice turn pitchy pollutant. Yeah so Kevin's assing tanner about Simonis. Yeah one keep it casual you know what is casual mean to you. Is that like when you say you don't want hook up with her and then gets wrong then after you rejected you texture to am and then have her come over and then you know eat around and then the next morning said he won't keep a casual with that is that is like yeah. A you know like I want to I just. I don't even know what I wrote for Tanner. But she's like well. Apparently he's never had a boat romance because He don't just pick up. Okay thank you. Just wait for the charter to end. Then you go okay bye yeah. Tanner wants to break up. Like quote unquote break up with Simone. which is funny because Like he's saying that he wants us to be a casual relationship but he's the one who planning to break up with his not girlfriend the last time I checked it. Sounds like you're the one relationship you just heard this relationship so case right like like just because you you may say to Simone like I don't WanNa keep hooking up because I want to be able to like bang other chicks and you know like whatever and it doesn't mean that Simone won't still have like issues like because his whole thing is he wants to break up with her quote unquote break up with her. That people stop when you can hit on other girls club and people alsop saying you're making Simone feel bad you're making Simone feel bad them. I guess what she still GonNa feel bad. Yeah hopefully not hopefully not but you know what I'm saying. You know what I'm saying. Jelly am I right I do. He just wants to you. know he wants his simone and to eat it too then. sending-off Earner God. That is the most effective thing you've ever done. All right. So Brian and Ashton talking about Riley's like Oh heard about the problem with worldly listening to sing. I can do this last charter with just the three of us just saying it's like didn't you. You just start walking like about this girl just saved your ass and kept you price showing up and doing stuff while you were incapacitated. Yeah exactly like doc late. Try not to like walk into walls from now on. And then we'll discuss getting rid of Riley so so it's up breakfast time and everyone likes breakfast Blah Blah Blah Blah and came hate to the wheelhouse big news key. Today's drop off is going to be a little bit different. Where taking on fuel? So we're going to move the guest by kinder- hinder and then we're going to go up to a barge and be like hey barge. Here's my Tuxedo. And earning give us fuel in return and then we're going to go to meetings and go to the dock and then we're gonNA clean the dock and in the bars going to be like hey l. one way ticket to the next to fill up. You know what I'm saying. Every country's different when it comes to fuelling in this case the mom is deciding. Hammer doing this. And she said we're going to be fueling up on something called soiling green back up the package in the middle of the ocean about it never speak of it again. You know we have to go to fuel barge and if you want fuel you gotta play by the rules so silent grain at is has to be particularly interested in this all cook something eight. Something the green than you've ever think Daddy. You thought my Broccoli and spinach green soup was growing than Iverson. Wait till you see. This one's called Soil Island Green Mint Jelly my own creation for grandma and GRANDPA. I think she was actually joking. When she said the Jelly l. e. because I saw like a little bit of a joke like a smile and I was like I don't care I'm list you our? We've already murdered you in your mind and our mind US okay. It's like twelve for the update captain. He's like wow. Thanks for my cheerios and caffeine. Why is this milk? So Green shamrock shake dime. Ah just everything is green and discussing right now. So so Brian Asks Courtney out for for a date which is of course my least favorite below deck tradition which is at three quarters of the way through a charter. Someone goes there's like an awkward date as never not awkward. It's always been awful. I think it's must be something that the producers make to people do every single season. Yes God Kat think back to Kate State for like I'm GonNa wear my fancy scarf and then Hannah's date where she really was always trying to make it work view But now yeah she's she's Courtney is carrying on the tradition of like hating an awkward date. I know what I also have to mention member. There was that really terrible date between like like was his name like EJ or something like that he was like the Canadian guy and then hers that deckhand who's was like yeah man and they. I had like those awkward day where he's like. Oh so how's it going. She's like oh it's awesome man talking about the as and you remember. Remember the date with I think is the one who enjoyed that little date seeing them. Yeah Jack that was a cute day there was of course. We'll never forget Ben and bunny from Bunny was on below Deck Med right. That was that was when Ben was on blow to his time and they try rabbits rabbit rabbit and the last day he know if all if I would have done this Joseph released. You did a terrible job at hand smacked if I was it wasn't a rabbit. That was her name was like boobs ear biopsy or something I forget all their names but she was the one who was like Yvonne Achieves oh you're right you're right but Battle with a rabbit. I glanced at the very end member. Second Job Tab somebody somebody casts okay so make up for all the bumbling we just did over names and not remembering everything that we've recapped over the years. Let me just mentioned what Asia mentioned. Apparently on her podcast Hacia Levy. Listen to Asia's podcast. She has a blowback podcast gassed. But I read this on facebook that she hooked up with. Tanner ill No no no so terrible. There's no justice in this world. Well so Brian is like so. So O'Brien quitting out for a drink. I guess I'll do it so then. They're all changed into ready earlier towers of seafood. Walk Doc so they're changing into whites and they're all like packing because the guests are going to leave and go on this. Little boat put on another life jacket for for Pearson. And he's like mine smells quos and the mom goes you'll live. It's my mom's favorite quote. Uh so then the lady who fell last times like I'll thanks guy didn't trip this time. It's like wow way to take the blame off what's his binds Ambler Adler Chancellor Chandler. WHO's probably like like carrying like a tall stack of plates at this moment? Like like two stories high and he's like whoa robot all over Sir so nice. Dad turned bitchy. Dad is like we had a wonderful vacation. You you guys knocked it out of the park. Would wind sniff like to say anything macrame front of anybody. Okay I'll say it for you. Wind snap thanks for Irving's great with the kids. Only bummer is. We didn't get to go to the beach. The kids were so bummed out fucking contact Mother Nature yes seriously. What were you people complaining too? But don't worry we left you a really good tip. I mean we all put in the amount of money. Didn't we wind sniff to literally put in the same out. You got a great zip line snapped. Why do you have feathers coming out of your pocket stealing the tables gapes? He has all the Jelly Jillian. Fava Shatti I WANNA wasting bill and I go itchy grew up kid. Yeah the mom I you got through manding off and grow but just like grandma. Who's feeling this boat? Well we were going to give you a racing boat last night but Cathal Saray gave it to your sister instead championing member I thought this chartered did well. I mean even Kevin didn't sack so congrats Kevin Thank you Pity so yeah so they got a tip. That's like sixteen thousand which is about fifteen hundred per person which is on the lower end cates cates. Not Happy she's like you know this was like this is not the tip I was expecting. You're hoping for I mean there were children generally requests. The boat was Santo. The boat was filled with smoke and Ashen cancelled the beach party emphasis on Ashton cancelling the beach party. So I guess I guess I can't really be surprised. Why am I the only one who's GonNa job anyone doing other work here? Where did that come from and are? They didn't really build that up. They ended up a little bit. That was getting tired of the lack of respect for Iraq but they. It's sort of wedged that in there. Yeah it just seemed to come out of nowhere like why am I can work from Kuwait so so Ashton is like who wants to flake the chain and Riley's like I'll be fake today. He's like good job Riley play. I'M GONNA keep saying flake until I get laugh. FUCKING radio So so now they dock docking docking. Docking were coming coming in. We're coming in. Oh God oh God the both coming in. It's going to help. We've done a good job. Kid did a great job. That was great. So so cats with Coordinators which is. Why are you so grumpy? I like that that's fun. She's leave at like five today. I had I don't have any time off to go on a date. I'm Brian who ask someone out on the same day date you give it to you. Business Days at least manner from Mars women are from Venus and I like it go of renaissance. She's not she's not really wrong and she's like but then again. Brian lives five five feet away from me. And I'm like I like him so I'll go but you're gonNA wear. I have nothing to wear. I've never seen this side of you. What is it an iron aside? Because that's new so so that yes. Oh so while Courtney's preparing to go reluctantly going to date. Tanner is simultaneously. Tenuously planning his big break up with Simone so yeah and he was like saying that he doesn't you know is doing this whole spiel about how he doesn't want people get get on his case when hits another girl at the club. You know what I'm saying. I don't want everyone yelling at me next time. I go up to an employee of restaurant rubbing my crotch all over all right. Yea I don't want people to get off of my business. Next time I go up to a pot of plans to make out with it thinking that it might be you know what I'm saying. Yeah I love the tanners acting like he could have been getting all this ass that he just wasn't. Yeah of Simone like Dude the only thing that touched you was employed to be there and she was trying really hard not to test you and actually like ran away from her post so she didn't have to be touched by you. Please get over yourself seriously. He like reminds me of. I don't know if you ever saw the Mary Katherine Gallagher. Movie with Molly Shannon There's worse it's like so good and totally totally underrated and like one of the best scenes is when the Shannon makes out with a tree. That is like tanner in real life. Though he like literally like he probably thinks like trees are like hot girls. Hey what's going on. I just wanted to know that I have an opt out policy so If you don't WanNa kiss me back say something not saying anything. I'm GonNa make you tree tree. Kevin is talking to his. I love the Galley. He's like I'm feeling good about off front dates. Eight immoral A.. Ah So then Ashton calls this mom now this is like when someone calls their parents right before they get eliminated on project runway or option like acids are about to have a really bad day. So let's just humanize him a little bitch Halley Ashton back home so she's like Hoya Creation. Has it going home just to say hi okay. Is there an unconventional materials challenger. Not on project runway more Mama Cylinder Boat Show but you all making address data tree. Then why would you like to see all of your old daughter who you miss very much and just need. I heard to help you get through the next few days mom. I don't even have a four year. Old Daughter Tim Connelly's taking care of your baby. Mamas doesn't project runway. Hey we want to talk about. Do we want to talk about food. Saved Your Life WanNa talk about that. You lived in Nevada because of your drug addiction more. That never happened so She's like an he tells us his back story about. His parents divorced destroying him and she's like well how about that other lady. Then you're okay with her. He's kate will be kate mom. Maybe the hardy girl shoulder model. She's been fired since then. Ah So then courtney. Brian go on their day. And and Tannin sins goad have their break-up drink so first let's go to Brian Corny at a at a bar called. Dudek apostrophe deck did ECHO which also looks. Looks like it might only be about ten feet from the boat so they go in like a little car and they sit down and Brian's like do you want some champagne and she goes I am. I don't think they've champagne here wearing Thailand. He's like all what under saint paying what they have here. Doesn't it's an exist. So then she goes. I'M GONNA GRONYEA's Jato wait so you're saying that Thailand is this far flung one country they don't even have champagne one of the most popular like wines in the entire world. And then you're going to order this super super specific like variant of Negroni. Rony also. I'll have a number two super size with the site of having buster ranch plea vein vein I am. I would really like an old fashioned but like one that only uses bourbon that's locally sourced to A Certain County in Tennessee. Do you Have that okay this the champagne. Oh sorry forgot Thailand. WHO So? She's like I'm sorry a bit grumpy it was like well. Yeah look make trump to cheer you up here. I am and he's all disappointed and tells us she'll come around. Hopefully which are the puppy here. I know but then he doesn't help matters when he tries the order. He's like he's like. Can we get one to grow. Ni Now Negroni Smith now playing on how so she just size and he's like I don't know what to do. We can go back to the boat and relax. We can go tonight have actually talked about something you something you know do something better so yeah ask ask you just got what is she supposed to do. Just like go down on you because you took her out someplace. Yeah and then I should mention mentioned just to finish out this arc of the Negroni that it does arrive and she sips it is like is it the Negroni with the sparkling line. She's now a regular in agronomy and she's she's like mount by the way also mentioned that her version of this version has sparkling wine in it. I don't think a regular in the GRUNGY does but either way whatever it is has a sparkling wine in it. That's basically the same as champagne. Championship sparkling Wine Champagne region. So it's of that quality but when he said you WANNA get champagne just like why. Don't we get sparkling wine. You know what I'm saying. Yes ideally kind of upset. He's dumb but yeah you know I mean. She's almost makes me wonder if she ordered the grenade sloughing JATO JR and descried ride this ingredients. Just that way as a test to see if you'd be like oh well if they have sparkling wine we can just get that right like maybe he didn't pick up on. That was like I'm feeling the test. Yeah like you don't even champagne as champagne. I got obviously really we wrapped up in this whole Negroni situation. Well Tanner. Tanner pulled Simone aside psychic. Yes tanner and he's like. You know to be honest I feel like different mind waves. Let's just like I think we're on the same wind wave in these people that use the word Mont Way. Who Burns you say? What is it mind wave? And so she's like no. I'm pretty sure we're than say mine. I'll want to lead you on on. And she's like you're not leading me on N. G. When you said you wanted a fun. I knew what you were saying. I got it. He's like. Yeah so what I'm saying is I want to keep because will so I'm GonNa give you the keys to my apartment. That's what I'm saying. I was drunk. I don't remember. I was drunk when I said that. So I don't remember that but you know I don't WanNa hurt you. You didn't hurt me but I just WanNa have fun. She's like okay. That's great have fun and so she'd lasts to make him more comfortable and she's like it's fine line like it seriously. It's amazing how you such a cool chick. She is such a fuck boy you know he says yeah. Thanks for the thanks. Thanks for the approval. Tanner thanks for. Thanks for new into the cool check so then back on the day courtney's just like I wish I could be lying down like I'm just getting lower and lower on this chair away. Okay I'm only my head is on the chair and my buddy sort of over okay. No I'm on the floor. I'm on the floor down warning warning. I spent a lot of energy and time on this date. So what was it to go kart like what what what was it. That was not owed. You're not owed a good date. Although to be fair. She was clearly not in the mood to go on a day. And it's like so. Don't go on the date. I I feel like the producers made her go on this date and she was like really not in the mood to do it. Yeah but also like you're dating us our purpose and then you're like she's Osama puss. Let's you know they both. They both like had had like a many different ways to avoid the situation like she was not in the mood. She should have gone on the date. He's hitting someone who doesn't want to go on a date at five five o'clock and he should've like picked up on that and like you said it's getting us our purpose. She's looking representative. That's what's going to happen. Yeah she's actually don't think she's a sour plus. I think that she's just like you know. I think she just likes. She likes really likes things on her own terms. And I think that's the ongoing problem. I would not even be the on base I cannot even walk like Sao hot air remember. Her first episode was like beaching it when she had to the beach with tanner. He's like Jesus Christ. You always like this like yeah. She's not a therapist. She's a Ben. You're not a sour focus. We'll see and now she's exonerated. Yeah that was tricky. Aided that okay here here's the here's all I'm trying to say for Courtney's next line court me a ugh so there you go. Yeah no I mean she has a definitely a bad date attitude for short. Like if you're GonNa do it just to have fun but at the same time like I've definitely really been someone who's like agreed to a day and then I'm like I don't want to bail the date because I wanna be. I WANNA be better than this and I'm GonNa get my shit together and you think that you're GonNa pull your shit together and then you go on the date and you're like I hate this and you just know you're giving stink face the entire time. The I mean. I've just always give stink face so like if you're going to be surprised I'm giving stink. Stink face why would you even be with me in the first place because when you looked at me from across that crowded room was giving you the stink face so stop complaining gay. Yeah I'm I definitely am also someone who doesn't always act on how. I'm feeling there was one time I went on a date with a guy and Like some British people like or I don't know if there were British but some girls roles like sat down on the table like Like sort of like behind my date and the ethnic question about something and he turned around and it's hard responding to them in a British accent and then he started talking with them for like eighteen. Minute I time to eighty ministry. I was like I should just get up and leave but I was like I want to see. How long does this because if I am like he stop talking start talking to people in a British accent for ten minutes and but like if I leave now I don't know how long he would do it so we did it for eighteen minutes and then when he turned around I was like I'm leaving and he was like why I was like because you just spoke with a British accent strangers for each date and the point is this S.? I really should've left much sooner but sometimes you just stick around for things for no good reason like that's like the story if you've listened to the story you just you just did exactly what I'm talking about. I was trying to figure out if it was talking to the other people in my mind I was like. Is he the guy for talking to other people for eighteen minutes doing it and then accent it was both I said I I said why did you do it in a British accent. He goes just to see if I could. I was like okay. I think we're done here that in my mind I was like okay. Oh Gosh so so Everyone's getting ready to go. Riley's ironing a hairpiece ages and Caffeine see Simone and she's like in a crop crop top and short shorts and it looks really good and he's like deemed Google. It can call girl. And he's like well not that Kinda girl try and make up to try and look hard to make jellies throwing throw him. Yeah they all had out courtney's like I feel the anxious which is like what you love when you go out with your friends when there's that one friend saying something like that and then smashed in the actions likes Michigan's coming out tonight. I'm like you realize you you just smashing and cost you like fifteen hundred dollars last episode. Do you really want smashing to come out again. And like you keep saying smashes coming out as smashes been gone for a year. Smashing came out late two days ago. Okay just at this point. You're alcoholic. Somebody does not name. I'm for it. You don't control. The incredible hulk just becomes agreement huge all the time. But he's like smart now. Just naturally the incredible hulk like no. You're not you just ruined it with a smashed in. Yeah it's like the incredible hulk turning green when he's just like having a wonderful time and it just becomes the hulk. You're like wait a second. I thought you only are the whole Angry Oh so this is not a special thing so basically anything that you can turn. The hawks are why should even be around you. Yeah So then kate is. The both of the cars are separated into boys and girls. 'cause it's twenty nineteen halfback everybody adults. So that's what we do. But I think curls okay it's like how was your date according to Find and then the other car brands like she's a keeper. She's a real key for. Yeah I think he's trying to convince himself of that so they get to a they get to Hong beach which is like the worst. DOC plays in the world because it looks terrible but it was. You Know Continuing Bravo's on tradition of sending its stars to like a CD areas. Chris cates like oh well here. We aren't pat on beach. You know you can get a piercing tattoos ping pong show unless cd all in one. I was like Oh gosh please please. Somebody did invite Cameron West. Got To this and nothing ends well after the Pingpong shows on Bravo this is now. We're learning. We're you're learning that like it's not just nothing goes well. It's that people do career limiting things after the pingpong shows. Hopefully people ruin their own lives lives after ping pong shows ways happening in these shows. Yeah so she's like. Wow look at this only place in the world. You can find a starbucks next talkie shower. They're like we resent that starbucks is in the donkey. Show okay. It's an in donkey show. starbucks backs so illusion Lucille Club. Look as smash tune Brian just just clips. Have everybody partying brains kissing courtney on the cheek. While she texts amp tired she was she was probably on Pinterest. Yeah he's like hold on hold on. It says I'm tired. I'm tired you getting this yet. Did you see the text. I just sent you again again. It's an Emoji. It's a strange shape. Yeah it's one of the emerges from the end of the not many that no one ever used to show just how bored I am right now. uh-huh I scrolled for this. That's hard I would have to go home but the thought of being alone in a cab for an hour. I mean there are ping-pong says being outside it's even scarier so so so so smashed out of his cage as if this is like made like again that's funny. We are alive smash and he's wasted. It's supposed to be something that we're like applauding. And then like but when the girls girls get drunk and are like a mess. It's like they can't even control themselves while they're all pretty wasted. They all get nice wasted in this season like everyone are. Yeah Yeah it's like So John Are you feeling like an idiot. Look at look at look at As grinding on the floor Komo dancing Jimmy Mint Jelly frequently in green beans Broccoli Broccoli properly British Soup Broccoli Spinach Ebisu so ten is like yeah you know what though but I wanted to hook up with you all season Kate and she's like Oh you're twenty five of and also disgusting like a giant oversized peapod that you just down to the back fridge. We're GONNA hook up though it. Well this is my thong and he starts doing the worm and Kate squeals. She's like it was weird. Weird also really sure what was happening. And Courtney is just sitting there alone giving the biggest thing I to the dance floor we've ever seen on Bravo. It's just like this look of horror. She's watching not like a car wreck trek she is. She's just like watching. She's watching the facade of a building fall down on a sidewalk and kill people like she's just horrified at what she's saying. Yeah and kids like Excel. You'RE GONNA have fun Now okay okay. To order you grannies now okay sure don't want one of this fake versions of Negroni now. Okay everyone leaves this place strip faced and tanners like a go to go to a the and Ashton's falling all over the place. He's so sweaty his entire darker to you than it ever was. And then we get a switch up in the cars done. Don't aunt kate rights with the boys. Yeah they're still. They're still sort of like sitting in the parking lot and Kadish like like Actions in the way back and kate is just in the next row forward and she's just sitting there and Ashen like climbs up over over her seat and like from above sort of Spiderman style tries to kiss Kate. Hey and she's just like Laura the squirms. Yeah and then Ashton. Okay Ashton is the damn mess Riley. Don't leave me in here with them. TAMMY's over the seat and kisses kate so she kissed his way not cash Janus. Oh Ashton kisses her first right. So yeah so how Ashton Ashen goes over the seat and she's like I have not given them any signs that I want this in fact the opposite and I don't care how yeah Trunk Am. I don't actually make out with someone twice so then like then like there's like still more switcheroo now ashes outside of yeah. He crawls over her and go leaves the van and he's like I go to marry he's like man and he scares the cat and so and Tana's like one accused me right now. It's like not really astor. Exactly our disaster. Wow so now. They're driving during this long. Drive back to the boat and ashes just wasted. He's doing that thing where people were. I guess he thinks everything's doing. It's just like absolutely precious so he leans over and gives kate the fingers so she just gives the finger back semi Ashton so to my fares. Eh Goes Herbert's you on my face. Oh my God it's like well you just put your tongue down my throat again again. It's like you loved it. Yeah and are loud that we that is like stop touching me. because he keeps trying to like he's like pawing at her and Ah He's like yeah. You should be so look in all should be drunk. Oh really 'cause I happened that drunk and you haven't been lucky so I mean she keeps a good sense of humor while being extremely sexually harassed so he's like Cohn Dan Relax and she's like let's just go to see until we get back to the boat so then the other vote in the other boat and the other Van and Ryan is laying picking off roses and giving them to the other girls. 'cause he got roses for Courtney. It's like he's already cheating on her. It's crazy so then back. So this van Kevin's like Oh. Oh He's to break the Awkward Nancy's like ooh Tan. They start teasing him about his mom. Yeah so the joke about that. And their mom tanner's mom and then kids like well ask what's with your mom which I guess later on. I guess her her mindset was that she was like she didn't realize that it's like a thing to make fun of tanners mom amongst them so she was like what's going on with your mom which is like I couldn't tell if she was trying to instigate or if she was just like genuinely asking or I don't really know what was going on but it was just a question ultimately and Ashton loses my. He's like the sorts of fucking week blow. That's a low blow. Who unlike she didn't say anything about your mom just asked and what is what is the problem with your mom or your parents got divorced when you were little like? You're you're still on friendly terms what is going on with his mom. Actually kid actually said let's talk about something else. Can we not talk about Tanner's Mama's Estrin what's going on with your mom. That's what she said. Ed fucking blast where you're asking about ten or small so I was asking but she was saying it in a way that I was like what is going on with his mom. Because she's like well you were asking about Tanner's enters mom so I was asking about your mom which he was saying in that way like she's kind of taunting but I didn't know I couldn't either like I honestly don't know that that I don't remember that story. Of course I don't remind bomb. All I know is but I couldn't tell me what what her what her intention was. But but I do know that like actions response was like crazy. It was crazy drunk. Infant colour my mother out. It's like what and so we start crawling over the seat to go at her. which is yeah nuts? Yeah and he's like that's my family brew that's more family. And she's like what Catanha's family we'll gives you the rule to bring moist food blue crawling over the rage and Kevin's like where ooh calm down. Bear oil so then ashes like red in the face like well. All right yeah yeah starts punching the window. What do Jesus craw Keiko's Sega? Jeez and then she seen Zangari. Yeah she brings up the incredible hulk and she's like that's incredible because I'm in a small space with him and I am the target Inguri. Yeah and so Ashes like what's wrong with you. What that when you have Tana's like we're heading to the hotel? Let's just chill okay and it's like wow very good tanner and then he leans over for a kiss and she gives him like a little pack. Yeah she like allows it but she was just so I mean this is all kind of like. I think it's actually a real. I mean when you have a co worker who I like. Who plants a kiss on you? This is the second time now. The first time could maybe be not excuse is but like okay. He was drunk or anything but now it's happened a second time and on top of that he'd outraged at you and punched a window. That is like you're fired right like an any any workplace. I mean that was like that is like so like it's like it's it's like violence. That's way it's way you too close to the try to make the kiss right like that is. I'm sorry like that's like so like above and beyond like it's just like it's so bad right. Yeah so that was kind of like shocking and then on top of that then you have like ten or trying to make a move on case like I'm like Whoa I mean below deck never fails the to have these situations time and time again which is unfortunately why get like actually resonates with a lot of people because it's a little too real sometimes wonder look we all know what it's like to go out and get wasted and Steph but that's just crazy you know like psycho and then doing it to the point where it's happening all the time and not just just getting like too who angry and just going popping off every time and then the next day just being. I'm sorry I was drunk. Fuck fuck then stop getting so fucking drunk like excuse every single exactly klay now but they hold it accountable for every like tiny thing that she does even when drunk but like Ashton literally destroyed J. equipments punches a window plants like kisses on co workers. And it's like oh well smashed in you know it's like it's ridiculous so Meanwhile they get the bands and tanners walking with Simone. You look beautiful fool tonight by the way I'm like what like these guys clapper ridiculous. They're all class so I'm going to bed you know so K- comes in EH thirty. And she goes. Where's Charley for how they were so scary? Actions a psycho Riley's like I knew that he showed voted Ashington. Kevin are cooking and smoking the kitchen because for applied for helper. What's his name dare can't dare Yam night's sleep. You know I know Darren's like turn turn on turn on the vent on the on the what's what's authoritarian can't hear you without your microphone bets. cake comes in and do you think that smoking here menu senior and Ashton's like we making toasties. Oh Sister Lisa my concern here behavior about that your behavior. It's like didn't talk about it. What do you want to bat with him on a bat? And then he just like instantly goes into surly. Yeah and we would be wellstone's like he Kourtney you wanna eat Straw issued. Yes so I was not talking shit about your mom. He's like we make fun of teens. The daily and he's comfortable with that and it's the chart of please tell me. Hey think managing my crews any of your business goes and she goes. I didn't know that making fun of Tanner's there's mother was a crew management style like the fact that she could be so funny. When like really in such a tense situation and is like really shocking to me I I I like I stammer I`Ma Stammer in a tense situation He's just like a drunk idiot and he passes awesome. He's like I'm Gonna I'm GonNa damage like I called her. What fucking kind of cases this I know? And he's like. Hey Donna like you. We need you to put her in a place which is like ooh. It's just like it's it's like look it's just the sort of language that has just been a used to really really marginalized women or a lot of honesty a lot of people like. Let's call tanner in here. Because you're big bitch boots so gweat. So then he gets tanner and ashes like she thinks he is. Some leg to stand on. Antenna comes in he goes. You think you've got something to say. What the fuck with your? Don't try to kiss her. She's like so he was complimenting your mother so I was complimenting his mother raising such a gentleman fit like always taking Tina's China's mom you know lesser you fucking thinking that she did not say that that you were attacking tanner's mom and she didn't attack her mom. What the fuck yeah? She's yes she's like. I didn't know you guys talk about Hannah's mom because Oh really you know something everyone. You do think you'd better than do you. Do you feel that way. Do you feel that way. I'm like well you're giving give me a good reason to earlier episodes to us. She literally did say that in a way. It's like what am I ever have to. Why am I the only person good at my job? But what's funny is. He doesn't even get no no. I don't think that she just looks at him. Mike Lee no she she was going to do like a Jim Halpern and look at the camera and be like I do feel that way eh. Then Tana's like she gets away with more people She gets married with more than what other people are given I might did you not hear what Kathy Lee said. I mean obviously didn't because he said in the confessional but like you know this is not like this is not a democracy. This is a true talker. Say Okay and you know what she earned that. That's what what happens. When you've like work with the same people over and over again? Guess what sometimes they do earn a little like leeway because you've proven yourself to them and she's he's been with Captain Lee for like six years or whatever it doesn't mean she gets up with everything but like she can pull some shared. That's what's called seniority on also tanner's just sitting. They're winding like she gets away just because his boss you know his boss asked in Berlin loss is brew is telling him to do it. You know so everyone thinks. UK Okay. Great well covered under the chiefs. Do I quit I quit. I mean leave the boat gracefully. I'M GONNA go. I mean I cannot see in this environment I would like to leave. I'm going to be graceful. I just like to gather my things and leave. I'm graceful graceful person right. I know you being very grateful. I'm not GonNa last night was my mind. I'm just GONNA leave way. Carolina left last year just gracefully quietly and quickly. It's an want to teach me about my family. I'm GONNA get emotional got you're really. You're really such a huge pile of fail right now. Riley's they do not do gratefully do Shit Kate. She's like I am going. Do not want to stay in this environment. She starts crying. which is so bizarre to me? I it's a weird world I used to you. Yeah she's like as you go comfortable in this environment okay. Yeah she's like starts talking to camera like control room. I would like to go right now to go and garage like wait unguarded unguarded. Do you WANNA speak to Cattani. Wants me to captain leashes like no no. I'm just leaving the producer's like hey where you going. She's like me. Dan Follow Me Davila me. I'm fine by Thai. So this is episode. Twelve is next week. This season phenomenal I don't know I mean below deck. Sailing Yacht is coming up in the beginning of February. Worry so I'm assuming that blow would probably get like a two week. I'm GONNA say like a two week reunion may be and then they will. I think they would probably we have like two or three more episodes. Well no they said. I'm sorry they were saying that. There's only two more charters left so we probably have tumor. Charters means that will probably have like three to four episodes left. Wow this is crazy. This is yeah. This is a tense. See I can't wait for this reunion and I hope like I hope Andy gets into it. You know I 'cause like sometimes the blowback reunions are a little light a little polite and I I I'm like I'm ready. I'm ready I'm ready for the reunion. Yeah if they even have one they will. They've had reunions recently. They've brought them. I'm back Matt didn't but I don't know bullock met had a reunion this year. Didn't they nope no they didn't and I think it's because the reunion before that had been so polite and nice that no one ever was just like you did this and I'm very sorry for that. The reunion last times like right in the corner this was like Joab. Big Redemption is on. WHO IS ON BELOW DECK MED? I I've already forgotten. Who Don't Know Jack in Asia? Are you sure there wasn't a reunited. Sworn there was what Jesus I was talking to dad and she said that there is a reunion. I could've sworn you as a reunion of some sort. I thought there wasn't so anyway that brings us to the end of below deck. Everybody everybody if there was a reunion obviously did not make much of an impression while we're done with this beloved Ludek for now. That's for sure well for now for now. It's Christmas Eve. You know what a great show at a show. On Christmas Eve touching muscle man getting wasted trying to make a pass at his co worker and then getting violence right in her face. Merry Christmas everyone. Geez it's compelling TV. That's for sure. Oh Merry Christmas everybody. We will talk to you actually later on for rows of Orange County reunion to got it by ruined by.

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