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"haley olenin" Discussed on Decorating Pages

"Yeah which is a little sugarcoated but Anyway fox the plug on it three weeks in the shooting and And before i left. Jim said all i tell you what. Why don't you come out to hollywood and At all hired a worth of us as hollywood giving it away. We're back to new york. I was newly married at the time. And and and got a got a car and drove out to hollywood just to sort of test. The waters see what it was like. I slept on. Jim's gyms living world tour. And i decided that's where i should be. 'cause new york was really tough. You know i didn't. I didn't know anybody there. And yeah getting into this theaters. And i was. I was looking to design for theatre and and that would have been almost impossible for me. Getting wasn't that talented. I i didn't. I didn't come with any kind of credentials. And i realized you know without harvard. Harvard degree where at least some of the work. I just didn't know anybody that i couldn't so i decided to come out the law los angeles and and and a lot of stuff worked as a production manager did kentucky fried movie as a production. I did Some good old boy driving in movies as sort of the art department said again peter later on these hundred and fifty thousand dollar movies got shown on the southern. You just do everything. There's no there's no there's no lines of what you can and cannot do get it done eventually. Migrated into doing some episode. Where did this all to forty robert. Which was jimmy. Dykes designed the the pilot. And then he didn't want to do the series. And so i took over the series and i started working episode. Tv and also doing. We had tb new. Continue doing of real real low budget features but But it interesting to this whole group of people. I did a lot of black black movies. Because at the time The the black stroke curious though cheryl's sweetheart she's the dog and and secure remember all the names but you know when the black movies come around and they'd offer them to the black decorators. The black artist didn't want to do them because they didn't want to get paid as just to a black stop. You world class talents that they wanted to do the big shows so they needed somebody to do it. And i came from the south. So i wound up doing the back. The story is actual page and And then king with with jim spencer and then Through the context. I'd met people i've met. I got hooked up with norman. Lear now haley olenin episodic thing called about palmerstown usa and it was semi autobiographical from alex about him growing up in the segregated south. Yeah i was looking into that. Because i had never heard of it but i was looking like oh. When was this on. I. i didn't. I mean i. I have never heard of it seventy and we only did the pilot and we did serve six six eight hour episodes now it but it's been it's been broadcast occasionally as sweet and i have to say it was it was it was really life changing for me. Alex was one of the best rock on tours. I'd ever met right. You can tell a story and you would be knows marrived. And i loved loved working up this glitter at this is to lead back to easy. This is this is what i wanna hear. This is what i'm in boy. So alex was really really special and so was Doorman normally lear. But i had much board dealings with alex. This show required Lots of principle sets and And it also meant that we had to build a little southern care and Which was great. We built it out at the deal. Disney ranch last week the canyon and Don't they don't have many pictures of it on. I'm be either well anyway. What happened was We had the sense that we're now call overseas studios at the time they were called air. At international and layered international was the old celtic studio and And it was a rare in that it would. There was the the old sandoval goal and lot which was in hollywood. And then the celtics studios. Which would now core city in part of sony and those were the two big independent lots were non-signatory. Lots just sort of before wallet if you come in and just rent the stages shoot whatever you wanted to. You didn't after after union signatory and We had the three largest stages for palmerstown and we had. That's where we had this goshi store. And the protagonist Says everyday sets well. Steven spielberg had come back from From shooting raiders of the lost ark in tunisia and And he had one more picture to do it. A three picture deal the was with universal and there was an impending strike so his strategy was to possibly get stay space at it independent lot and do it as a negative pickup. Continue china sweetheart. Deal of the dj went on strike it and keep production going so so he went down to look at all these stages and they took him for a tour of the three largest stages at the laird international studios and there were hats and he liked the sets and he was touring it with the guy that he hoped would shoot the movie guy. Defeating dollar and allen said yeah. These are nice and there's even room to light them. I mean. remember his a theater designer as well. Right so I got into the list of people interview back off and like your portfolio was in front of them. You didn't even have to show them anything. And also stephen at that point had jewish. Lucas lectured him and taught him out.

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