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"hala hala donald alex" Discussed on Deliverybros

"Bros podcast you can also find me on social media delivery Bros. pod for the that. The twitter twitter delivery Bros pod sweater Muslim donald beyond their messing around around looking at independent wrestling. This stuff as you know. He's rustling thing. I try not to make the focus strictly about wrestling. I just wanted to give you guys a piece of personality and things alike. I mean he's anime fan on podcast. I like talking to people who will join movies. leasehold been in movies filmmakers. I've had I mean you know who I've had it. You've listened or you can listen to pass up it's all to see for yourself Anybody new that's listening Welcome to the PODCAST. Course I don't want you to feel like you being singled out because I'm just talking to you know people who have been ride with me. I appreciate you going on this right to hope that you continue to enjoy whatever it out. Oh Yeah You can find me at delivery. Rose podcast on instagram. Or you can just kill them regular Anthony Anthem page. I got one for both because at the time me and my brother were doing it together but Yeah delivery rose podcast. This was And my brother resorted together for a while but of course you know. He's not he's not really into this podcast thing like myself but it's okay. I mean he comes on every once in along. We have plumbed Redo the episodes. I mean. He's got his own life right now. He's in a relationship with a pretty good guy. And and I'm wishing the best and of course you know you can find me on Anthony Anthem on instagram. As well and you defined to facebook page delivery rose or Anthony Anthony on facebook now. Another thing I want to talk about is I had a conversation with a gentleman today at my job right now. I'm doing a job where I am driving Guys who work at a railroad you know and I take them to the train yards and things of that nature based just driving around and stuff all day not a hard job upped. I'm actually very happy to have. It gives me Ta kind of do. I need to do in between dropping them off driving them somewhere and I couldn't get some other stuff done throughout the day so I'm multitasking a lot that still dj and still doing that Giga Fun. I mean right now. I'm just trying to find more enjoyable ways to use my time but at the same time still you know ride ride it out and get some work done because I mean the be honest. I'm not making anything as far as I'm not saying that to be like an asshole and I'm let that shoe do I am poor. I'm so poor. I licked food stamps for dinner. And that's a quote from Chris. Rock Rama noodles is on them. Then you I am that for but I am not GonNa Complain. At least I got some food in my stomach in Gaza finance the key me going And you know that's just how it is right now so keep it real what you. I'm poor guy doing this. podcast making things happen. But you're opening my patriotic delivery. Rose Yeah I know I know that was terrible. I think I'm just saying. Hey Yo multiple plot the patriot. I'm also on go fund me as well And you can probably find links below or in the advertisements of my post on my social media and stuff like that so so guys to all those listen even if you donate a dollar a dollar Holler Hala Hala Hala Donald Alex and if you argue my pay palace wealth or my cash which is dollar sign Anthony Anthem. Oh yeah that is my cash so feel free to cash at me. A loss about seventy already again. Okay so in the less shameless way because I feel ashamed of myself. Okay so seventy this rogue guy and it was just like a random conversation gone to a conversation about just how the the world's changing and just how the government really doesn't give a shit you know Yadda Yadda okay sorry about that actually pushed a freaking wrong button so anyway so medium conversation about you know government should and all that you know. I'm one of those people. I remain independent because I don't believe either party is right at times and I'm not really a political guy. I try not to get too political on my show because Republican Democrat or not. I'm not trying to single somebody out for their own values and beliefs your trump supporter. He's not my cup apetit. I've.

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