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"hal brian" Discussed on EAA's The Green Dot - An Aviation Podcast

EAA's The Green Dot - An Aviation Podcast

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"hal brian" Discussed on EAA's The Green Dot - An Aviation Podcast

"I'm Tom sharp and tear government relations director at EAA and the host of this episode. Across the table from me, is I'm Chris Henry. I'm the museum programs coordinator here. And I'm Hal Brian. He is managing editor for print and digital content and publications. And Chris and I are playing some different roles this time, Tom. Yes, that's right. Those of you listening will notice that rather than being a co host today, Chris and Howell are, I guess my guess as I skipper this episode and we talk about the book that the two of them have written, which I'm surprised we haven't talked about before. On the podcast, given that it's been out for a little over a year now. It's called the final mission. And it's stories of the veterans that we've had on EA's B-17, aluminum overcast. That's the stories that we've collected throughout the years. And there's some very powerful and very moving stories that are contained in the book and it's organized in a really, really interesting way. You can get that book at EAA's online store, as well as Amazon.com. You can go to Amazon.com slash EAA to get your copy. So Chris, I wanted to start with you. Because this book really stems from a lot of work that you have done for many years with aluminum overcast. How did you start off doing that back when we were in membership? Thanks, Tom. I've always been a B-17 nerd. It's hands down my favorite airplane. Started working on volunteering around the B-17 when I was around 12 years old back in beaver falls small air museum called air heritage. David restoring a B-17 that it had a landing mishap. And then through that, they had sort of became a repair station for B-17, so we actually saw the movie Memphis Belle aircraft, Texas raiders and a few others. So I've just always been a B-17 nerd. And when I came here.

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