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"hakeem allah alaraby" Discussed on The Sporting Life with Jeremy Schaap

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"hakeem allah alaraby" Discussed on The Sporting Life with Jeremy Schaap

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Welcome to the sporting life with Jeremy shop. Over the next hour race favourite. Brad Keselowski lays out he's planned to win. This weekend's Daytona five hundred everything have to come together. Perfectly to win the Daytona five hundred for us that hasn't happened yet. But I'm confident we just kind of stay the course and try to to do everything we can to run up front lead lap and went at it will be dead e sixties executive producer. Andy Tennant describes the principles that guide. ESPN's award-winning morning show thirty for thirty came along they were telling stories longer than anybody else at ESPN and the response was overwhelming. And we started to look at ourselves as storytellers and say, you know, maybe we don't have this, right? Maybe shorter isn't better maybe longer as better plus an outside the lines feature pays tribute to the life of Frank Robinson. The first African American manager in major league baseball history a lot of expectations and a lot of happy people because one thing and right funds for one thing wrong. It was going to be doubly bad. Because me being the first guy that didn't bother. This is the sporting life on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Here's Jeremy shop. Welcome to another Bishop the sporting line this past Monday, Thailand, freed Hakeem Allah Alaraby about rainy soccer play who'd been detained for seventy days. As Bahrain tried to have him extradited where he is considered a criminal in Australia. He is a refugee and finally he was freed, and he is now backing Australia. We'll be talking about his situation later in the show with Andrew or Sidey of fief pro the global soccer players union. But I with the Daytona five hundred right around the corner. We welcome to the show. What are the best drivers in the world? The two thousand twelve sprint Cup champion. Brad kozlowski. Brad. Thank you for being with us. Thanks for having me on guys. Appreciate it. Brad. You've never won this particular race. You've what all the other big races. What would it mean to you to break through this year Daytona whether they on five hundred is probably the biggest race in NASCAR? And with that mind if it's kinda strange and it starts the season. But also kinda cool. It says some unique about our sport. And you know, like you said I haven't one one a lot of other races that I'm really proud of one. But not that they told the five hundred and I think it would mean a lot to me it's kind of one of those on clothes tappers in my career that I'm hoping that we can check the box on this year. We're spewed Brad Keselowski. You're thirty five. Now as we've said, you know, you've done just about everything that you can do in NASCAR except win this race. And you've talked about it recently. What it takes to win the Daytona five hundred sometimes it falls into your lap. Sometimes it is victory produced by aggressiveness by certain decision making. What's your approach going to be? Well, I'm gonna just try to lead every lap pecan to be quite honest. You know, you just don't know how these races are going to play out. It seems we we've had the car to to win this race number years. And you know, it seems. Like the years that we have the car to win race. There's been a lot of wrecks on a lot of attrition and things haven't come together for. And here's what we haven't had the probably the car effort to win the race. You know, I've been years where there hasn't been a lot of attrition. So everything has to come together. Just perfectly to win the Daytona five hundred you know, for us that hasn't happened yet. But I'm confident we just kind of stay the course and try to to do everything we can to run up front and lead laps and went at it will actually be speaking with Brad kiss Laskey if the two car Daytona five hundred coming up. What would it mean to you to win the great American race? Well, I think it winning the great American race being the the one box. It's not checked. My career is is a statement. It's the statement that you know, you've kind of done the most important thing you can do as a professional risk driver in North America. And that you're one of the legends. I loved to join that group you've been working with Roger Penske for longtime. Now when the great. Figures in the annals of your sport. When people ask you about Roger Penske. What are the first things that come to mind? Probably just his grace is class. I his ability to lose, but come back, and and and learn lessons and be better for it. And then eventually, prevail. He he's got so many, you know, amazing qualities about him. But those are are one anywhere else. Or I haven't seen anywhere else at my life in it. It's a testament to success is those ability at this point for Roger Penske, who I think is spent eight years old cow involved this on a day-to-day basis with what you guys are doing. Oh, he knows what's going on. You know, our our team president, Tim Senator can him. You know, they they talk jeeze if it's not a daily basis as close to it. But he he's definitely got spin around the pulse. And that's really important to this successive are arresting speaking with Brad Keselowski about the tone of five hundred about NASCAR general your last. Last year was an interesting year for the sports. There was a great finish to the championship race at the end. But there were there were warning signs that the business of NASCAR is not as robust, certainly as it has been or it was ten or fifteen years ago sponsorship down, the removing stands from some tracks of how you assess the state of nascar's business right now Brad, well, my ability to influence that is so very very little that, you know, I just asked for the serenity to let go and focus on things I can't control. And you know, that's that's tough because I wanna see this basic. That's what it can be. But the reality is I have very very little control over those things. And and to put my time and energy and thought into that is more harmful than good. So quite are. I'm trying not to be honest. And I think that there's some smart people working on all that stuff and. They'll figure it out. Is there anything from where you stand even if you're not putting any kind of mental energy into there's something from where you stand that. You think can be done to to get NASCAR back to where it was in the public consciousness. What's orland? There's a lot of knobs that can always be adjusted here there. It's just a matter of, you know, having the willingness to act and Embiid to do. So so, you know, I'll let those that have the control of the knobs worry about speaking. With Brad Keselowski. Very talented NASCAR driver who's competing, of course, in the Daytona five hundred this weekend, some people call it the great American race others calls the Indy. Five hundred if you're an open wheel fan still looking for that I e tone of five hundred victory won the sprint Cup. Which is now the monster Cup championship in two thousand twelve will what goes through your mind in the moments right before the race starts. Well, the pattern of the Daytona five hundred really not like any other. Nascar race it. It's pretty incredible. And you know, you try to treat the race like getting out of the race. But when when all of those things happen all the pre pre-race, hyper literally right before you get in the car, and you see all the people in the stands. It definitely affects you and puts some thoughts in your mind. But you know, you try to calm yourself and stay focused. It's a big race and get into tents or too excited about Inga any favor. So I just try to keep myself calm and do you? Typically succeed you stay calm. Yeah. I think so it would result and been when I want it. But I feel good about the things that we're doing that. We can control we've been speaking with Brad his St. who would be competing again in the Daytona five hundred looking I first win there. We bills have been discussing the state of that star. Brad. Enjoy the race. Good luck. Stay safe. It's really been a pleasure having you here on on the sporting life. Well, thank you so much and hope you have a great day as well. And enjoy the Daytona five hundred. This is the sporting life on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. This past week e sixty kicked off its twelfth season on ESPN the show goes back to two thousand seven

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