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Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran, Deep Dive With Billy Football, ARod saved Sports + Mt Flushmore

Pardon My Take

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Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran, Deep Dive With Billy Football, ARod saved Sports + Mt Flushmore

"Until as part of my take we have Barbara Corcoran Shark Tanks Barbara Corcoran. Who actually after the interview? Like the so much. She got our personal email addresses. Tennyson emails saying that she loved US and wants us to come work for Barbara Corcoran Inc. This was probably about two months ago. So I don't know if that offer still stands because back and forth. Yeah Awesome interview with her We have billy football in new instead of Monday reading doing Monday. Deep dives with Billy football while Corentin last so this week. We're going to do a deep dive on bears. We learned a lot of bare facts. This is the only place you're GONNA learn a lot of bear fax on Monday sports. Podcast we actually. It was just fair to Piper nation. But we found out. And you'll come along. This journey with US Billie took us to a more interesting place overall. Yeah we we. He got all deepened bears. We found out about everything about bears. We have who's back in the week? Mount flush more and more and before we do that part of my take brought to you by the cash APP alleys the easiest place to send money to your friends. It's the safest Corona viruses. No joke everyone is corn. Team lockdown shelter in place will guess. What if you or shelter in place? You probably aren't seeing your friends. You probably aren't seeing your favorite bartender. Your favorite restaurant but you can still send them some cash with the cash app you don't need to be handing over some cash actual cash. You can just do it with the cash APP. No face to face interaction. Social distancing is a moss. Cash APP is the number one APP for social distancing then of course when you download the cash up to the Referral Code Barstool. You'll receive ten dollars and you can use that. Maybe tip your favorite restaurant favorite bartender. Someone they probably is going to need it right now in the cash will also send ten dollars to the SPCA download the cash out from the APP store. Google play store today and get involved with cash. Okay let's go album. Pardon my stools presented by the cash APP. Download it using Barstool. You get ten dollars free ten dollars to ASPCA. Today is Monday. March thirtieth the final four sets. No it's not this. It's not really hurt me. I'm actually find during the week because I keep myself busy. And there's things going on. It's the weekends I told you. Guys the the difference between yes. Doing nothing is dead because all I do is nothing. So I get so bummed out on the weekends I wish didn't exist. Okay all right. Let's let's restart this because we're going through right now. Do My alternate cat I want. I want to hype up real quick answer. It was just going to be the a-rod Corpus solved corona virus. So we're fine. We'll be back in a minute because we'll sports would probably be back before you even know because president trump called up a rat on Friday night and I don't know to degrees business minds in the world's getting together how master of never ever testing positive for anything himself A. Rod boo up fact. That's yes. He earned his stripes. He's the he's the new Yankee captain in fact A. Rod. I think we could all learn a lot from a rod in these trying times and that's just like go back to Your Business Project success. You'll be fine. What do you mean project success? We're just doesn't success. I'm saying when you're a winners of all time A. Rod was great at alienating his teammates so much that he was natural so as a little story Rod. Pfc a little story about sports here era. People don't really saying I'm giving him be ready to realize a Rod. Every year would by every new player on the team every rookie. Who IS COMING UP? Three new custom made suits. He would do that. He take him to his Taylor. He by three suits and say this is how you have to dress. You're in the big leagues now. Kid and guess what that didn't get publicity because that's just the type of Guy Erez. How many Sushi met you big cat. Which say how many does he got you? I'll like fifteen twenty a Raj. Do that for all the doctors and nurses get them brand new personal protection equipment. Sure he will. I'm sure he. How do people find out about him buying suits for everybody? Because it didn't get out there. I just told the story was so I'm breaking news right now. Okay that's huge. Let me guess you up real quick because you are. I know that hank both had rough weekends. And I want you guys to be okay so like five minutes before the show started just wrote down some things that I love you guys ready. Sure Okay I love. The cat gave no way. Will this be love it? I Love Khaki I haven't watched it but I love their grounds air alarm. Put on the show I love that brings you joy. I love that you do it. Well tonight I was not happy because I'm by actually what happened. I'm just bumped Sunday's Balmy out is I all I can think about. Is the fact you know. We should be getting the final four right now. I'm telling you the weekends or regular big cats living in his turned into the new Santa Anita Racetrack. He's just like throwing horses. All over the place Hank I actually realized this day I mr yawns I really do. I miss the sound of a mis- how weird they are. It's like you know in goodwill hunting when Robin Williams is like you know my wife's farts I miss I miss. I Miss Baba's Johns I miss. I miss fits. My life is basically a series of yawns. Now so I'll just facetime you one day. Yeah I actually look in the afternoon I feel like I'm sick but I'm not sick because you know when you have when you actually you're sick and you stay home because you're sick for like a week and you have that feeling of. I haven't been outside. I haven't really done anything. I have that without being sick. And it's just as weird like kind of no man's land that we're all just living it for me. There's like a part of like the natural procrastinator. Likes to push things off but if it's like too long of a break right then I have nothing to like. Push it off till it's like oh pushed off a week and do it next week. Push us off a month and nothing's going to be going on in a month. I'm happy you brought that up because we've been thinking a lot about this. I like this whole two weeks. We've had often. It's going to go for another four weeks has made me realize that. I may never be able to retire because I'm like a worker bee that needs to be working except do you think. I could if I had the ability to still gamble on sports at night with that. Keep me working enough. Because that's just part. Is You have to Pay Your. You have to pay your gambling debts. No need to know you are saying what I'm saying. I'm saying like right now I would not. I can't maintain this life like I need to be busy. I need to be doing something. It's driving me crazy. It's driving my brain crazy but would if sports existed right now and I wasn't working would I be able to survive by just gambling at night and I think the answer is yes. I don't yes no. I definitely think that it would make all the difference in the entire world for four to Brian about even just sports but like any sort of live events happening anywhere just like I need life to be happening around. It's like God has put us all on punishment like God has grounded America or just the world. He's grounded the world because probably we didn't take like three thousand years of thou shalt not kill seriously is putting his foot down but that's what it feels like if you'll just like we're back in middle school when you weren't allowed to leave your room and you can have a TV in there. That's what this feels like an extended period of time. Yes it sucks. It sucks so haven't thought about reading but now well I thought about reading. Today I picked up a book and it's come to that I was about to tweet out literally come to this. I'm reading a book in there. No pictures but then I realized that all I had done was picked up my book. I should tweet that. I'm reading a book and I immediately put my book down to tweet it out and I was acquitted by. What am I doing right now? I'm tweeting that I'm reading a book that I haven't started yet. So yeah life is what happens in between cloud chasing the ad it sucks. It sucks but here. We are the only other stores that are sports adjacent. Besides a-rod saving America which I'm sure will happen very soon James Dolan got the big C the Rona and Knicks fans everywhere. Now were obviously not rooting against anyone. Who HAS RONA? We want everyone to be healthy. But Knicks fans. They did have like three minutes there where our Guy Shams tweeted that he had the Rona and then three minutes later was like he is not suffering or experiencing any symptoms at this moment in his fine in his Uber Mansion. Somewhere on long island or the Hamptons or wherever the fuck lives and that was like fans you could feel collectively. New York City couldn't get lower and then it got lower because they were raised for a minute. I'll say this about James Dolan in the Ronan scare It was a good test of everybody just to see like how cold hearted and cold blooded we really are and I think as Americans we pass it. There weren't as many jokes about James Dolan old. That's not that I saw. I don't think you'll own knicks fans due to provide the prevailing sentiment. Was I really hope that he's okay and I hope that he does everything that he can possibly focus on his health leading stepping away from the images taken on time getting the best. Put Him on a ship to Antarctica. Keep them totally. An isolation can't hurt US anymore. No I think I think this is one of those times that your twitter feed might be to. Nfl centric because there was a lot of people who are wishing for him not to get better off of it. A lot of expands like hollow. Were free so they pass the test. They're I would. I would actually BE WORRIED FOR KNICKS FANS. If they didn't have that reaction it means that they still have sports hatred in their blood they can still feel passion about the man that has given them. Su absolutely nothing for the last couple of decades. I saw more people reacting to the tweet said but he has no symptom angrily than anyone else saying anything worse than the no symptoms. Tweet comes up. That's when it's everyone's like okay. We can joke about this a little bit and it's good to go. You need to have that like all clear from Shams and yeah. I don't know maybe I do follow too many. Nfl accounts. Because most of the things I saw just people being like. I'm not gonNA comment on this but you know what I would say if I wanted to comment on it early. Cam Newton really should be signed by now as James is fighting the Rona. But Yeah No. I actually was happy. That Knicks fans had the reaction. Like I was like good. You guys still feel the passion. Because I've said this before but the farther we get away it's we're in this weird spot where life is so weird but every day that it's weird it becomes normal because like today was weird put. It's the same as yesterday so now. It's normal right. It's the new normal Ryan and I'm GonNa. I'M GONNA go back to what we talked about last week. We're not getting any medals or anything like that for sheltering in place in and that sort of thing first of all I feel like we should create a part of my take pandemic response to him and we can give out. Awards are t shirts whatever people who are staying in place because we do need to pat on the back end. It's not our fault because I blame. I blame boomers for giving US participation trophies. So we're used to getting rewarded for doing stuff. We we need a participation trophy for not participating in anything like a non participation trophy. We need to be rewarded with something like that. Yeah I mean I agree I've been. I've been seven mad about it for two weeks now. I want people to start telling US good job because I'm my brain is simple like that. I can't again continued to do nothing. And and stay in my house. If Andrew Cuomo doesn't get in front of everyone in his His Golf Polo Shirt. Tell me hey you're doing a good job. Keep doing it. Keep it up right needs. I need something I need the Atta boys in the form of his power points correct and I need Andrew Cuomo to open up a powerpoint and have clip. He come out and clube be like. Hey It looks like you're confronting global pandemic. Would you like some help figuring out who to give a pat on the back to hit up the millennial? That's what I need to happen right now. I need to feel better about myself. I duNNO I. I've been going to some weird places. I got into sleep podcasts yesterday. Have you listened to any sleep podcasts? A half he has just a person that talks until you fall. Asleep the mapping. Hey one well no. It's essentially the J. Mariotti show but intentionally he's shy. That was rick. Reilly he late me up for that one but if you listen to it. It's actually like bizarre stuff. Keep listening to be like. Is this guy hypnotize? Me and all he does is he just rambles on. And he's like don't feel any pressure fall asleep. But you're probably GONNA START FALLING ASLEEP. Before I do it. That's what I'm going to doing it just like competing against by soft to see how long I can stay awake listening to put you to sleep podcasts. No I've been doing the opposite where right before I go to sleep. I hop on twitter and click the trends about corona virus. And then just fill my entire body with like crippling anxiety so then I don't sleep. Well that's why I need to go to sleep at Super Hell's been really really good time into the morning. Hey Hey sorry about the infant dying and Illinois. That was only. I had no sleep that night. That was fucking cool. That's basically what I do every single night. So maybe I will try to sleep podcast. And then the other story that was adjacent to sports. What Sports Roger Goodell? Thank God who would have thought we would be in this spot. Where even the most adamant Roger Goodell haters have to say thank you? Roger Goodell for holding the draft in in in spite of global pandemic. Hake you have to jail fighting against Roger Goodell and even you have to say. Thank you for giving us something in these next in this next month. Yes but the way that he acts like he's above reproach and says if anyone comments on it or at him they're going to face harsh fines and penalties. How can you appreciate that? Because he's a wartime commissioner. Do that. We're at war against an invisible enemy and you need to have a unified front so you can't there's no time for dissent amongst the ranks in the NFL like do Jerry. Jones is already going insane right now. They're negotiating long-term deal attack right. After they franchise tag him like these owners are going nuts. They need a strong leader to keep them on the path to the draft. And we need to. We need to have some sense of normalcy. So give me the draft. Yes I agree that I'm pro the drafts I'm just anti cadel being like no one saying anything else. That's fucked up. That's exactly what he should be doing. Because guess what little Piss ants like you start being like. Hey Roger. We shouldn't be dealing this little drafting during a pandemic. We got you away and be like. Hey what people need. They need something. That's not crippling anxiety. Booklets writers how is by the way? How am I gonNA look? It's GonNa look wonderful on television. So let's sports is going to look really cool. And as the son of a United States. Senator if there's something that he hates it's draft dodgers like you hank okay so straighten up. Fly Right respect to shield. Please thank you phone line. Hank. All Right. I got to see the video. That old guy talking about Warren Sharp tweeted it. Yes Grandma Guy Century on what how like the NFL shield basically like risk going to jail for the shield so in that regard this interview that that inspired me to respect the shield and he said he said when he dies he wants to the NFL shield on his heart. I mean so it after that. It's hard for me not to have a little bit more respect for shield not goodell but because of that guy thank you thank you. Do you really not want the draft happened on schedule. I'm pro the draft. I wanted to draft like everything about that is good. I'm I'm all for. It's just the way that cadel then had to be like an issue would have anything negative to say about it. Like don't bother. That was the best part of. It is like if you're going to have anything if you'RE GONNA if you're gonNA say anything in the press that goes against what I want. I'm going to find the shit out of that. Goodell rates at the Great Hank. Anything that's close to what normal life looks like like Roger. Goodell saying you better not say one bad thing about me that I'm all for all we need an enemy. We need an enemy and normal life to return. Roger Goodell being a dictator is normal life goodell to deliver pizzas to every single general manager in the NFL draft night and they're not allowed to take a slice until he has a bite his. That's what I want. I want I yes I want fuhrer. Godot back in charge of everything and by the way I think every general manager in the League is freaking out right now because if we're being honest it's a terrible idea from talent evaluation side of things to have this draft when you can't go see him as impacting produce what's going to happen is it's going to give the teams that have that. Have their shit together. Such a huge leg up on every other team. That might not have like scouts all that stuff. So you're telling me. Pf T- that teams might screw up the draft. That I'm telling you that. Be True more screw ups in the draft this year than usual. All these not knows what they're doing. There's no no team has great drafts year in year out. It's genre is going to try to draft Jake from twice doesn't happen it's actually if anything. It's actually good. Because they all have an excuse for why they screwed up their draft which they were gonNA screw up anyway so it is actually going to be very funny to watch all these football guys excuse. A zoom meeting from across the country live during the draft. Like if you thought that the Minnesota Vikings couldn't turn in their draft cards on time before it was all done via gotomeeting dot com. Or whatever. Imagine Mike Zimmer trying to figure that out yeah no this is going to be the greatest success ever because guess what they always screwed up. Anyway I mean everyone screws up the draft all the time people. I mean that that was a little different because Cam Newton obviously as well. He might be a starter. But it was seven. Quarterbacks taken in the first five picks from two thousand ten two thousand fifteen in a starting job right now yeah but put the pandemic will probably screw up their evaluation. Yeah that's the pandemic is going to be in a very they're gonna try to be restarting. Drew brees the next fifteen years is why be a time for my boy? Sam Bradford to get back in the mix. What is is your team right now. No I know he was but he was the best quarterback in the NFL two years ago. Completion percentage wise isn't three years ago. I think yes All right let's do. Who's back before we get to Barbara Corcoran? Then we're going to mount flush more football on the other side of babs. Hank while as you start back gives the ozarks. Yes yes I don't watch the show yet. I'M GONNA turn I because everyone everyone says it's a good show me a lot a lot of people talking about it. I also same way where I couldn't like. Stop bring from calling him exotic Joe. I can't stop calling the ozarks get very frustrated. It's a good show. The show is mostly comprised of just Jason Bateman leaving places and then his wife leaving a place and then them arriving another place them. Driving away from a place mostly getting. Yeah getting into your car and driving down. The street is most show. And then when that's not happening. Someone's getting killed so it's a pretty good show. Yeah it's it is one of those shows that it's entertaining and I'm not going to give spoilers but it's I don't I don't like I don't feel for any. I'm not attached to any character like when you watch the Sopranos you get attached to characters when you watch the wire you task to characters. I don't give a fuck about any of these people but you watch it and it's like there's drama so it's good. I like the old man that lives with them. Yes okay that's also been watching hunters if you if you curious. Oh is it good started. That was pretty good to watch. GotTa Watch hate Nazis like us. We are the number one anti called it the vendors which has still has made no sense to me as I've been watching it but I enjoyed that comparison. What to be fair to me. I haven't seen the avengers the avengers but they fight Nazis from what I've leaned on line from memes about the avengers. Yeah the same show. And it's like it's it's like inglorious bastards if there were all superheroes but glories bastards if they were all glorious bastards as a TV show fuck PMT. What's yours okay. My who's back of the week is Britney Spears. She ran she said a world record in the hundred meter dash. She ran a hundred meters in five point. Nine seven seconds on a treadmill which is four seconds faster than saying bolt. I think ever did it. So congratulations to our queen. We don't need the Olympics right now. Britney Spears won them probably for the rest of forever. Because no one's going to break that record that's incredible. That's very very fast. I mean she's she's always been pretty athletic and a lot of haters out there. That are like well. No that can't be right because she just posted a screen shot of the stop. Watch APP on your iphone. It's like yeah and it says five point nine seven seconds on it and then she put a picture of her running on the treadmill so I don't know what the problem is here. Yeah I fail to see the issue. So who wins the race? Your Britney Spears. I think I think she could beat me. Let's put it this way. The raiders are probably going to draft her first overall this year receiver. By the way. Did you see I think it's I think Mel Kiper said Jordan. Love to the raiders. Which would be awesome. Because Jordan love is like the perfect huge hands. Big Arm guy. That the raiders like still still. Don't change much. Keep doing you raiders love. It don't get enough Cam Newton. Yeah I don't know I mean I guess I guess because you can't ask you might have something to do the fact that he's bad now. Have you seen his instagram videos? Always physical as fuck so. I actually did I. I don't know what time doesn't exist anymore but I did read an article where it was like Cam. Newton shoulder is not the problem. It was actually his foot injury last year. I can't remember if I mentioned that on this show. It's probably a combination of the two. Though it was actually like someone smarter than any of US did like the SH- mapped out his throws and it was all his throws to the right were his inaccurate throws into the middle and to the left were accurate so of his shoulder was hurt. He wouldn't be able to throw the laughs. It you know. Accurately it was basically his plant foot in the right to rose that were screwing him up. Which was the Liz Frank Injury? Okay so so. Yeah I'm doing. The problem was the foot. If you're Jon Gruden I think John Gruden's actually just gun shy about hiring any single. Nfl player that has an instagram account. After what happened last year with Antonio Brown true if he hears the term social media around a player that he's evaluate he's like. I'm out that social media. It's it's it's the devil's work I've been recorded against my will once can't have this again. Which was the coolest video of all time but wonderful? All right Whose back is my health. I'm getting back boys. I'm always back. I'm done feeling bad for myself. I got I got I got the vast I told you guys that look like a cop in the best or like a truck driver do right there. Okay so yeah. I would say looks like a bulletproof vest last week. Okay that's pretty sweet. How many pounds again that sucker right now right now they can actually get in. Get up to a hundred. Why don't you have one hundred pounds working me up there right the best? I got the tactical glasses for my eyesight. And then my got my altitude training mass skin. Yesterday John Lynch thing it limits the oxygen you can get in it. It basically just limits all the oxygen to your brain you suffocate yourself but you also feel like you're training at a really high out here so you're getting high or like eighteen thousand eight right now may eighteen thousand feet into thin air. Big Cat addition. I like it. That's cool. I just ordered a sunlamp. Today off Amazon is sick of being inside all the time. I feel like that's probably going to help a lot with with the depression that we're all going through right just like the Sun Fun Story About sunlamps. When I'm the worst luck professional look pretty much anyone in history because I got into the casino business. January of Twenty Twenty. And then. This happened but my other bad luck was. I got into the real estate business August of two thousand and seven and then the world came down but when everything was going bad and I was working in real estate My boss gotTA sunlamp. And he was like he was like NAM fine and he would just sit in front of the sunlamp like I feel like. You're not that fine so it seems like repeating itself so today. I ask to see space. I'm like are you okay fine. I'm just you know just trying to get a little extra structure okay. I'm grasping at straws. I'm just I thought that this was going care to all my problems like no sports. That's fine just go stand in front of the SUNLAMP for sixty minutes. Don't say a word. Yeah so yes. So history repeats itself. Were back here. This is really fucking heavy. I'm going to do my ad invest though I can already feel my heart rate. Goes UP SO fast when I put this vest on. It's fucking awesome and I got my fit bit too. I forgot I'm back in the fifth game. So it's like I'm all these things I'm just adding up. I'm going to end up being superman and look this. Check this out. See this terrible job. What is that? It's bad. What is that. It's a head massage. Okay Yeah you told us about to head massage. Kim. That's your brain going. You Definitely GonNa kill me. Here's what we should get electric shock thing that Trevor. Bauer uses to learn stuff fast. I'm down I'm down. I mean this one dot one I should have. It's like you know the old saying like never buy a cheap suit because it's just you buy cheap suit and it's cheap suit it's GonNa GonNa fall apart. Never buy like a cheap electronic thing that you have to attach to your brain because it will probably die. I think saying no. You've got to invest in you. Get what you put into it. Yes exactly all right. Let's do Barbara Corcoran before we do that. 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And she's an investor on shark tank. She's also a podcast. Her business unusual for podcasts. Eighty eight Barbara is her other What so so you have gotten into podcasting you just disappear. Fte which was I said this is. This is the art of the deal. You need somebody right off the bat. Now you feel like you're you have control over the situation not at all what it is. What are your shrink shrink now. I spent a lot of money on shrinks. They didn't help. Yes all right. So so you so your podcast. Tell us what what made you ever got. A podcast now is that we're not going and selling houses. We're not going to do in real estate deals. Why are you doing this to us? Because I'm better at it than you are. And that's the truth that okay. You know everybody's got this sweet spot you know. We're good at certain things. Were better at certain things. My sweet spot is I give great advice. I always have and I think the reason for that is. I've walked a lot of shoes. So you can pay your local shrink for advice. It's all theoretical. I've walked it eaten. It done it gotten over it and I give Great Advice. Such a skewed damn good advice. I know that it's harder to do Make a million dollar real estate deal or record one podcast. Oh my God. A million dollar deal is so much harder you have to put in long term effort. You have to get a whole team of people cooperating. When you have a podcast taught in one person you say whatever you want. It's easy okay so I get this question so the Putting in doing like a million dollar deal when you have it all set up and it falls through at the end. Are you able to get over? It quickly is that part of why you've been successful or do those kind of things linger on you honestly. It's not just me. I've managed Silsbee my whole life. Had a thousand salespeople I could tell you the top ten out sold out earned ten to one what everybody else was doing and when I really analyzed over the years what the secret ingredient is wasn't the connections it wasn't a personality wasn't anything it was exactly what you just said how long they take to feel sorry for themselves. We'll do I mean we're not we have blood and Avin's but it's how long it takes some say. Oh poor me and get right back up. It's like my best people including myself had average high. Iq's or maybe even on the stupid side because you too stupid to lay low and get smashed and that takes a certain personality type and that is what gets everybody overall failure not just real estate deals at the magic. That's the magic of people who succeed. I really believe that God actually is very that works for what our favorite sport football we talk about it all the time that you want to have that perfect amount of intelligence where you're just dumb enough to think when you throw a bad interception that you can get back out there and it'll be completely different really like to to to and be like you know what I can. Just forget about this. Not over analyze it. Sometimes there's quarterbacks or players that are too smart for their own good were they actually think over think it and it's paralysis by analysis. Of course yes. Rosen's football player everything I think you're not lacking in confidence is anyone said you're lacking in confidence. But I think I'm not. I don't think I'm going to be a good football player. Outta see. I've always thought that so I. I had a background in sales. I sold pretty much anything into the map. You name it. I slammed it. I was the best salesperson. I could be right after I sold something else. Why was that because you were bouncing off a high thought. I'm a mighty man you check. I can do anything. Yeah Yeah you've not work. Yeah work really well for two deals. Maybe no no I sold. I sold cats. I sold US dogs. I saw Christmas trees. I sold portable air conditioners software. Used cars and you know. Yeah yeah single one. Let me ask if you're such a good salesman. Let me challenge if you're such a good sales. And why don't you hop from product to product to product put sales people? Don't do that because there's a cap on my commissions. When I was selling cats also moved up to dogs and then Christmas. The higher the ticket item the more money get paid also. I found that the higher the ticket the higher the dollar sign on whatever it is. You're selling a lot of times it's easier so the expensive thing is sell the cheap to and why is that because the customers that charter by a cheap thing. They're focused on the price and they'll just walk away at any given second customers that want to buy an expensive thing to focus on the other stuff that you can highlight for him. You got something. I'm curious about you telling me that you went unsold high price shit to people with that haircut. No Timur back. That's a good point. Yeah I wouldn't buy anything right now. My own customer would be kid rock if he needed like a legacy software upgrade then I could hook up. Oh yeah of course you could use it work when you do like the When you try sell something like this is a million in one dollars or this is nine hundred. Ninety nine thousand nine hundred nine because it works on me. I'll not necessarily real estate. Boom you selling product. It works as magic points. Forty nine ninety nine is a is a perfect price an who. Yeah all right. But if you're going to sell real estate nine eighty versus eighty no when you go over a million dollars. It's a different category. People search differently online. So that's a problem. So I guess his brackets and everything that it would be easier to sell an apartment for a million and five dollars as opposed to selling one for nine hundred ninety thousand dollars. I will tell you one thing. I negotiated many deals in my life and I would be advising the buyer and I never let them go in with a nine ninety or for I always said put in at nine hundred ninety thousand and forty five dollars or some shit like that. Why because what do you think the seller said why that Price Kosovan it? So much careful thought they've really arrived at exactly the value. They WanNa really come in the sweet spot. This is what they have to offer and they mean it. That's taken seriously. Well forty five dollars but it made an incredible made. It seem thoughtful at offer. So you not far off in what you're asking. You have to really be creative in what you are. I would assume that at some point. Well I'll give you an example so I worked in a bar at one point and in this bar. They had a Margarita. They'd probably five different types of Margaritas that range from seven dollars to fifteen dollars and then they had one. That was one hundred dollars. Wow and don't tell me they sold a lot of those suckers will I was talking to the owner and he was telling me like what when it was all the most expensive ingredients the most expensive Tequila. They could buy and in reality if they if they had the same margin on that cocktail as it did on the fifth one. This should only been charging about seventy dollars as the market went on it. But they would so more of them if they charged one hundred than if they did seventy because people are like fuck. Yeah hundred dollars. Happy to let's go bragging rights for the guy who paid the bill. There's like there's an omen of you WanNa if you pay more money for something you feel better about your purchasing. I'll absolutely if you could afford it luxury. I feel bad the next day when you charge it and you can't afford and go what the fuck was. Call the credit card company. You're like my card was stolen that easily. Go to charge absolutely. When is the next real estate recession going to happen? I'd like to get ahead of that one. You know this already. Real Estate Recession New York has called billionaire recession. Okay anything that's multimillion dollars. Right now is sitting still. A prices are being negotiated a lot more than the developers will let you know because everybody's afraid of the market right now but the interesting thing is always somebody's willing to buy in the mar part of the real estate market here in New York City. Clearly right now is under three million dollars and the more under three it is. It's a middle class market. You know if middle class in Manhattan you buy between nine. Fifty and three million and that market is hopping being overbid. It's steaming up. That's that's one bedroom by the way no sometimes a two bedroom world basically sleep with your head next to your Oven yeah recessions. And nobody sees them coming. I was wrong in the last one. I said everything's great shirt. I was long by a mile. I was wrong by Mile. Course I was. Yeah but you know what? Nobody knows a recession. So you looking back and thinking. Oh my God look at that. Nobody knows an uptick. Either I should have fought. Should've thought they didn't know when it was up. Ticking except Christian Bale and big short well. He's a genius that everybody knows you so when that happened though did you have any? You had no inkling that con- surprise you as well two thousand eight you know. It surprised me honestly embarrassing because of an optimist. I always thought the future was bright. Oh just this just this. So did I give the best advice to people know. Did I hold onto real estate? Because I real estate holdings I had. Yes I did because I thought Oh. Thank God you know. It's only GonNa be worth more tomorrow to lose the money no because I held off for another five years and now it's worth much more so no. I was pretty stupid about that. 'cause love is blind and in love with real estate. I trust them with anything else in the world. If you could hold onto a long-term that's the way it is. You hold onto long-term you come out a winner if you force to sell at different points in the market you can really loose a lot Why is it called real estate? It's real it's real. What would you trust what you put your hands on a good step on it? You can live on. He could sleep on it. Really Horn. Fit glenmorangie Oh you're not a bit corner. Us sign whine. They Mind No. I do not scary to me like if you're trying to sell connor just call it the blockchain Condo and whenever you add blockchain onto something boom. That's extra million dollars. Wow easy you know what I would not work for you. If you'RE GONNA start a real estate company I feel like we've we've uncovered a lot of different ways that you and I would not work so far view. I'm gonNA find one eventually. We're going to find common ground dynasty. You're at this guy because I'm trying to see okay history. We know what happens when you stare at me. You Fall in love so good looking guy out. It's a sale our by your new much. You did this last time. I know but it's true. You haven't gotten these please What is your best investment in Shark tank? The one that you look back and you're like that was the one I would have to say a moneywise when I made the most money GimME MONEY ALSO. Give me the one that was most with the one. I made the most money on already in just a few short years. Millions of dollars is comfy. It's a sweatshirt that everybody should have. It's a oversized hoodie. Sweatshirt NAMED COMFY AND IT sells for thirty nine ninety five. I thought maybe they'd sell a hundred of them. Honest guy when these two clowns came on the site say I got this idea? I don't know how make or what will cost an honorable by Butson ideas. I took just a thirty percent of their interest just because I liked the guys. They've sold over seventy million dollars. I think you have one thank you. Let's see what what's my margin on that for my thirty percent about four bucks. Thank you for. This might be a stupid question but the I'm looking at it right now. What stops people from? Can you patent a sweatshirt? Patented design is padded. But you real question. I think you're going to ask us what's GONNA stop people from knocking off everybody's knocked it off thousand imitators but this is the original confident. Despite all that making money big swear does look very comfy. And that's a great name for you. Put that in your in your equation when you see a product and you're like okay that product works but people are GonNa rip it off no. I didn't even think of that. You know some of my mind when those two brothers came in pitch these guys drink way too much even making sense. I don't get this product. And who the hell with it. But they looked like they'd be fun to have a beer with. I said what the Hell for one hundred thousand dollars. I'll take thirty percent. You could do comfy 2.0. And since it sounds like there's some creative party guys and so you you so in little pockets on the inside to put flasks cash. Listen you let I. Yeah there's an entire marketplace out there for kids that are trying to sneak flasks and beers into credit events. Your pants you could hear the radar really. No No. Because it's that guy that just goes top tap and then he just lets you in so if it's a metal detector floss can be tricky one but I didn't beer pants in college. Which is maybe some things that we can connect on good for you so little pockets into just the coffee pants. You just put the beer. No no not at the bottom of the pants but he walked like coast to coast at work. I look ridiculous but it works to come story my life really to comfy also could do a you like a chilled hood. 'cause you know when you're like really hung over and you? WanNa put your face like on the on the tile in your bathroom need tension. Yes freeze it you you said. I never. I didn't watch that particular shark tank but the guys drink a lot and they made what looks like a hangover sweatshirt. That is they basically sit around dying on their couch on the weekend. They're like no we really need is something to die inside of L. Mike. I like that. That's a good pass. He'll both ideas no credit. Yeah that's fine. That's really fun. Have you ever invested in something just so that someone else that you didn't like couldn't invest in it on the shell all the time? It's ridiculous I did that for three years. It's like I'll be damned mark. Take this for me and then I compete with that billionaire. What an asset was. I didn't do that along. He could outspend any of US under the table three times over. What about what about the reverse? When like his because Kevin O'Leary doesn't really get into a lot of deals when he does get interested. Well first of all when he gets interested it's always bolsheviks he's like. I'm a licensed and I'll pay you this and then I'll just make all the money. Do you get interested when someone who passes on so many deals is now all of a sudden like Ooh I see something taken a couple of Kevin Steele's simply because I thought he was taking huge advantage of an ice entrepreneur. I had no interest in the deal but it was like watching him. Slaughter somebody but I only did that for two years and then lost a few hundred thousand dollars off shut. Shut my mouth in the future. Interesting interesting what is the? Where's the one product at you've invested in that you wish you could take back out? Zola them okay. The lipstick that makes you lose weight very happy. It sounds like a great idea. But guess what it doesn't make you lose weight. Those burns a crap buddy ellipse. You don't WANNA eat a hot dog. Thanks time terrible. That's a real. It sounds like a high or the dentists have used toothpaste. It's GonNa put you to sleep at night. I tried it. I was having a hard time sleeping. I never went to sleep after uses no not Mel Trojan Pace. Yeah maybe yeah. There was no Melatonin. That wasn't the knock you out as lister or quill NYQUIL and listerine rabbi formulations made. My money's not lost you. List has been a longtime idea. Holy Shit Hank. That was just proven that you're right you know. I don't know what to take seriously. You know. He is a longtime idea of Beta. It sounds like you invested in list or quill. But it wasn't the allegation yet. Couldn't put you to sleep and it tasted like crap. The only sad part is that is after her single her least favourite investment favor. Formula was your formula work. She likes the idea. Barbara loves she's in love with the idea. It's the people behind who I think I come here today. Make money yeah. I never saw that come correct. Has there ever been a product that you thought was a no brainer and still think to? This Day is a no brainer. But the people that were leading it were just all wrong for didn't work out. Lots of products. I won't name the products because it would be. I'll put everybody into a hall of shame but so many products like the guy who invented a bicycle. That was the most stunning bicycle I've ever seen in my life had to have it. I should just order bicycle instead. Mark and I each invest five hundred thousand dollars into lost all of our money. What was wrote the bicycle. The Guy was an artist. He had to have the exact rate little. This rate little body had fifty thousand skews the cap on the on the tire. Okay a guy like that never makes money. He's an artist okay. I've learned those lessons. Right Marquez. And he still invested artists interested enough but I like look and I go to bed on him. Okay so what about the reverse? What about someone that you invest in and their idea ended up sucking? But you're like this person is so good I wanna keep them around something else going for you. Got Cousins Maine lobster their ideas. They just want to sell lots roles one truck okay and they were happy. It was a side business a side kick but when I heard how much money they're making news a franchise empire say they have seventy trucks sixteen seventeen restaurants. I think now the making a ton of money. Okay I invest in. Those guys are so smart. I knew they could figure anything out that just so sharp and lovely people do. They're going to be winners. How how often does it happen when you're out? Let's say you're buying a product or your add a story out of Shopping Mall. You buy something and you're like you know what? I like this so much. I'd like to own the entire company. And that's what never happens. You've really I buy a product and I say thank God and have to invest in this. I just pay him afford ninety nine and get get a pack of gum you know. Yeah no I'm never jealous of that. I'm thinking of the things I see on the shelves at all of the shelves that I know are going to be returned to the manufacturer that week and I'm going to have to give the money back. That's the stuff. I don't go shopping Harley cause I don't WanNa see and the worst part I'll go to a store and I'll see lorries great product. She's the best merchant on the show. I'll see her stupid little nickel dime shit that. She's made millions of dollars in hater while I'm shopping for my food. It's just terrible. Yeah no I try to keep out of the stores I've given up on store is now I don't like them at all. How much of the how much of lorries products though like I've watched QVC late at night? There's something about watching it like past midnight. We gotta have that knife that cuts through shoe. GonNa have that. Yeah the the the extendable ladder. That goes up three stories even though I live in a one bedroom apartment. I gotTa have that thing. How much how? Much that plays into That's part of it. But honestly she's got a great nose for picking product. She when those I can't remember the name I exit out of my head. When that guy came peddling a sponge with a smiley face I thought to myself. What a stupid ass product okay. Laurie made like seven million dollars in three months is like why the hell would buy one a sponge. What's the name of it does? It is the most successful product. Oh don't even mention investment or you should have been the best sellers. Indian woman gorgeous hair with curlers in and think. Oh what a WHO even uses curlers anymore without me dollars on that one. I'm with you though. I wouldn't want invest in that rinky-dink Shit I don't like I don't like the idea of buying cheap stuff. I want to so one big so like I want to get the business of selling football stadiums. One of those. You're set for life. Well you let me know in. The football stadium comes on shark tank. We haven't seen deals like that. There could be one in New York. How much do you think like for? As far as real estate market goes the jets. Were thinking about building a stadium in Manhattan like ten years ago. I think out by Chelsea Piers and that didn't come to pass. We need it. How much. Yeah how that would be great for traffic right. How much money. How much more do you think it would cost to buy enough real estate in in like the west side of Manhattan to build a football stadium cat? The God USA land alone. I don't know how what the footprint is. I would say tens of billions of dollars just for the land and you couldn't do it anyway. Where are you going to get raw? Land the only thing you could do is fill in the Hudson River or the East River Front. Well people have done. Yeah ooh Stadium. Island. What happened to Randall's island? That would have been perfect. Yeah I've got another idea. What's the one thing that we're missing in New York that all these other places all these other great cities in the world have that we don't manners and yeah that and a beach? Oh we don't have a beach in Manhattan. What if you just? How much would it cost to get a Shitload of sand? And just dump it on the South Street Manhattan and just have that you know the Hudson River's pretty clean. Your idea. Sounds Wacky 'cause you're coming from a wacky guy but I'll tell you it's not a bad idea. I know the city in the world before he told me I'm smart to say that's a smart idea. Pf teekay smart idea. You don't WanNA conscious that. Hey It's a smart idea but it's a smart idea. Honestly people would welcome it. I want my point was going to be And then you interrupted won't keep talking to you interrupt me again. Great City you go to and when you're on the water you're aware of the water. This is the only city not even aware of the water. When you're on the on your on the island it would be phenomenal on the Hudson River to have a lengthy beautiful beach because waters even cleaning up to swim and now of course it is. I don't think so either. Have TO CHECK THAT. You are a bundle of ideas. Actually hanks idea yeah. Okay stealing your idea. Hancock Gulf right. We built a top golf. But this is my. This is my spin on it. You put all the all the balls hitting the water. You hit him directly into the East River and they disintegrate over time and on the inside of the balls its algae so makes the river nicer. Yeah as time goes on so you're making green and you're keeping the environment green yellow. I'm out on that one that one unethical over people don't like the Trash Lor did. I know it's helping the water. It is who what about top golf? You're saving the land. What about time golfing in the golf balls are ice cubes and we lower the temperature of the ocean isle? That's practical back on. Our global warming actually would work. This is starting to sound. Like some of the wacky pitches. We heard on Sharpton. I do have serious question about real estate in Manhattan because in my neighborhood. I'm walking down the street neighborhood in the West village. Yeah and I see all around me. Probably three quarters of the storefronts are absolutely empty right there. They've been empty for the last like two years year and a half hour the people that own how people making money if they own that building where they're not getting any money coming in from the storefront not making money but you have to look at a different way. There's a great opportunity by those buildings. Cheap people only hold out losing money for so long and a lot of these smaller properties are owned by small landlords. Okay I've the same problem to billings. I owned in the East Village Fifth Avenue. I lost my ground tenant. They had two floors suddenly. I'm losing money on those villas. Each of them. What am I gonNA DO GONNA turn them into apartments. Sometimes you could do that and make money and save your ass but most times you can. That's great opportunities. Solicit those people and get a great deal on real estate. 'cause whenever this trouble it's always the best time to make a killing but when this troubled people focus on the trouble but there's always that flipside the underbelly of it wrote so you could become a giant land owner if you would just approach all those owners and you know. I didn't even think of it myself. I'm going to do it the minute we leave here. And I'm GonNa beat you to the punch I've the wherewithal to get out there faster. That's a great another moneymaking. Tonight's sway of just like dressing up the old saying when there's blood in the streets by land I would have a funny guy thank you. He's like girl girl girl when you think so quick. How do you come up with got breasts? But they're actually must girl I had one last question. Real question. Seekie question pro-moscow take Put It in you get ten dollars off. Work Life Balance When you invest in people. Do you expect them to like what's the balance that you expect them to have where they're just trying to kill themselves for their job or do you? Do you ever step in and be like. Hey you need take a vacation or you chill out. Here's the funny thing about people. The more you say to the people that work on your team don't work hard. Take a week off is no vacation schedule. Here go home. It's noon. It's a rainy day. Go ENJOY YOURSELF. Take a personal day. The more you do that the harder people work. I mean I do that because I really want people to have a great life but the fact of the matter is do I really get something from it. Yeah I get a real dedicated people that worked from their own volition and what you get is a team. That can't be beat. It's the stupidest thing in the world of vacation scheduling. Any business in my book could have hours let people make their own hours and their strength comes to the front you. I have phenomenal people because I do exactly that I really want them to have a great life and you know what they take care of you. What comes around goes around. You Love Them. They love you back. That's Outgo people ever take advantage of the fact that you're not a one I mean I hired a clunker and I've hired a few clunkers in my day but I get rid of them fast. I Love Fridays to get rid of a clunker Could you see me? Eleven o'clock I'm running around. Okay but take the clunkers out of the equation. Which is a rare exception really. Because I'm careful letting people in but I'm telling you know antics advantage people give you extra in every way they can from the heart and the soul to the hours to their Intelligence brought to the fore and you know what happens they grow. They grow because giving one hundred and fifty percent of all the time. You can't help it to grow. If you push yourself out push yourself out you get bigger and bigger and better. That's the way life. Ricco people around here that that take advantage of vacation policy. Sometimes you haven't vacation policy. It's a problem. We don't know the thing is. We actually don't have a vacation policy and some people in this room if vacation time him. That Guy Shamed one day off one time and I get shame I feel so bad. What you just said where it's I'm not mad about. People love nurture them. Tell them take as many as it is the exact opposite culture here and it just hurts as you look like you take it though you look like the. Kinda goes bitching about it but you kind of enjoy it. That's my nose vacations. We work hard so I can take days off whenever I take him. I get on my next vacation. You'd be a blast. Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck have to say anything you just take it in the end of the night down your coal and then boom sleep like a baby. I've got one one of the real estate podcast before you finish. Yes it is Business unusual eight eight Barbara geico download. It now got a question you can call eight eight eight Barbara. I'm just call in a call. And what do you think the name Barbara Barbara was taken by? A Porn Star would have taken that one only true story. Yeah there's lesson oh I don't know what her name is but who is eight hundred Barbara. Try to do it. Yeah and if for some reason she's not doing anymore let me know. I'll I'll grab that number to call. Let's call her in a second question. I'm enjoying pitching you so much. I'm probably just going to call into your podcast. All the time with these stupid ideas but My final one. What if I were to tell you that? There's a business out there. The models been proven. It can be a five billion dollar business. Yeah it's been proven already but it's never been executed. What would you say to that Let's say who's running. It may have caught me. I know you're GONNA say no if it's Manson who's running. Give me five minutes with the person writing. I'll tell you if it's going to work with drastic park. Model has been proven. The science exists to make dinosaurs. We Buy Staten Island. And we just fill it with rap. No that's we got the stadium with two island ideas to separate but equal. Maybe could maybe combine them we could. Maybe yeah now. You're talking about a stadium with dinosaurs in it. Do you drop the kids off at dinosaur island and then you go to the game have a couple of cold hands picked has hats. We have like velociraptor. Yeah Yeah Yeah. We wanted to if yeah why not. The technology existed for Jurassic Orchard. You're saying you're saying it does. It does saying if you were confident in the technology behind it would you or would you not invest in Jurassic Park? Now if not if it was owned by you know by me again. Let's picture for many. You don't own it but some fabulous guy who's really smart who knows business a hustler. Good looking charming could raise additional funds. 'cause he's talking about me I get. Yeah Yeah you know. It's exciting because it's new but do I believe you could really bring dinosaurs back. I don't think I could write the check. Sorry about that even if I had a great entrepreneurial cloning humans which do that. Oh Yeah I clone myself next five husbands and they'd all be under thirty they'd be rock solid and I don't know what's wrong with that. You would clone yourself and then hire yourself to work for you so you got more use. I would actually be a good way for your vacation. That's actually a funny movie. Actually good idea for a movie. I think that's show now. It's already taken to bed. That's okay we can just steal it up past the first rule business just steal someone idea. That's it is that right. Thank you are saying. Oh you did a little pump fake. We want that has yet is GonNa say you remake it not steal it as a rematch. An attorney in the room. Yes All Right Barbara Corcoran check it out. Unusual business on newsradio. Eight eight eight Barbara is the new podcast call in with questions. If you WANNA get yourself ahead. Shinsen you way and you don't know how to get past your own self. Give me a question. I'll show you the way out okay. Perfect recall perfect Barb apart one eight hundred Barber Reynaud eight hundred bar book. That interview with Barbara Corcoran was proxy. By simply safe. With all this uncertainty in the world feeling safe at home has never been more important so I wanNA talk to you guys about simplisafe home security. Their longtime friends part might take even advertising with us for like three years for good reason. Simplisafe has made it easy to finally get comprehensive protection for your home. There's no technician. There's no salesperson that needs to come to disrupt your house. You don't need to pay any outrageous monthly fees. You don't need to sign a two year contract you just order online. You set it up yourself in under an hour and your home is protected to twenty four seven with emergency dispatch for break ends fire more all for just fifty cents a day and we're not the only fans at simplisafe. Us News and World Report. They named simplisafe best overall home. Security of twenty twenty so right now when you had to simplisafe dot com slash. Pmt Our listeners. Get Free Shipping and a sixty day risk-free trial so that's two months to figure out if it's something you want to hang onto or not that simplisafe dot com slash. Pmt Make sure that you know. Make sure they know that you heard this on our show so simply safe and all of us are wishing has safety in good health go to simplisafe dot com slash pmt. Okay let's get some segments real quick and then we'll do our Monday deep dive with Billy Football Pfc Idea you're now. Drug Guy Maja Guide. All but I did. I enjoyed as I said last week. local small business reached out. And they said Hey. We're taking extra precautions to make sure that you guys are safe small businesses. I wanted to help them out so yeah I dabbled last night and came up with a billion dollar maybe quadrille trillion dollar idea. It's water for dogs okay. Humans are freaks about their dogs. They WANNA make sure that they're getting the best food like within its grain free. They WANNA treat their dogs to all the best nutrition wise stuff they possibly can but our dogs are drinking the exact same thing every single day. They gotTA BE BORED OF WATER RIGHT. So why not a little flavored water for your dog so you can either go with a savory option. Have it be like a bacon flavored water or bone broth water? I don't know what bone broth is. But when you say it sounds healthiest faulk so bone broth water and you say that. It's got glucose minute all these specific nutrients that your dog needs. Plus it tastes better and your dog will love it. Your Dog's going to drink the shit out of it and or you can even go something. More refreshing can say meant water cucumber flavored water and people will buy the hell out of this stuff because they want their dogs to have the best and they are probably thinking themselves. Yeah I've been a bad pedal I've been feed my dog. Plain water like trump for the last twenty years so. I feel like this is like a no doubt smash force I mean. I don't really see a hole in it. I'm googling to see it exists and I don't know if it does so I think we're good dying. There's you can even call like Paleo water. You can take your dog back in the day and really say drink nothing but just just blood when there were wolves. All you have to do is say it it's Tests have been proven to show that the PMT dog water has dogs living up to twelve to eighteen months longer than the average dog. And then in fine print say tests have not been conclusive by science. But this is just how we feel but also big cat. It's not just. The amount of years is the quality of yours. Do you want your dog to be out there. Drinking normal water like like some sort of Pussy. No you want your dog to be drinking. Masculine strong water. That's putting it more in touch with. Its ancestors here's a fun. Fact about dogs dogs have only been domesticated for like a thousand years. Fifteen hundred years. And what do you think dogs were drinking before that they were filtered Britta water? They were drinking the blood of their kills. Your drinking whatever they could find out nature so we've coddled their stomachs really aren't equipped to handle tap water and Evian or Perrier or whatever. Everyone after his feeding their dogs out of like a bottle they wanna be just sipping that raw stuff you know. Yeah I don't see I feel like we should put it. Put it to market like right now. People got expend once trump bucks come in spend twelve hundred bucks and dog water. Ooh What if we made an extra special deal to where like we make. People think that we're putting on discount. We'll give you a twelve pack of our dog water if you use your regular dollars it's GonNa be forty five dollars. Us your trump box. It's thirty how about this if you spend all twelve hundred of your trump books on dog water. We're just we're going to give you fifteen hundred dollars worth of dog water so you get the extra three hundred dollars on the house. No actually okay. Here's what really should do. Pfc Okay we should create some kind of patent patented nozzle that you can put on your sink your sink. You're so so you hook it up and then it's dog water for life and we charge people like seven thousand dollars but it really does nothing. Okay just goes through a contraption right. But we're like hey. This is the special dog water contraption. So we're like we will give you unlimited dog water for seven thousand dollars of cash if it pays for itself after fifteen years correct correct or if we can figure out what it developed the technology to inject dog whistles into water so that when dogs here the water sound. They've come running to it like a dog whistle way when the when the Bible opens knowing the Fox when the Faucet runs it also whistles yes or the holders will be like Holy Shit is fucking coming running for this because people can't hear and then they're like Oh my God this dog. They love water now. They really need this water. Oh my God that God actually is an idea that I think we could scam. Millions of people out of their money. Absolute dog water. We should have pitched it to her now. Granted we had her on. It was probably more like three or four months ago. Well but there's no doubt in my brain. This is our this. Is Our meal ticket out of the Sports List L? That we're living in right now and here's the thing with the nozzle you can like. I said you can. You can patent it so like if we just created dog water. Anyone else could rip that off. There's Dasani there's Fiji there's all these other water. If we actually make an instrument that you can put on your faucet no one can rip that off if we get the correct patents. I'm sure we know there's got to be like a patent dude who listens to this show. works for us done. We've done. We've done studies already and dogs given the choice of having dog. Water are nothing at all. Live fifteen years longer if they drink dog water If you don't if you don't buy our faucet add on your dog died and if you do it maybe they won't know we actually haven't done enough studies to know if it's Talk. Everlasting live forever sidebar. Here would if we include something in the mix that came out of the Faucet that made the dogs addicted to it. I worked so they just wouldn't drink water after trying dog water for the first time. Yeah yeah dog heroin. That's aside brand. You've got a little bit. Yeah there's like it's like the everlasting God stopper. But it's just meet and you put it in. The water runs over it okay. Hang we edit that part out right. Okay Yeah I think that. This is absolute no brainer. Let's make some money here and this is legally. We have decided that we have just said this entire idea out loud. So if you steal you will be sued. Actually when we ever do these things I kind of hope that someone does the legwork and then we can just sued right. We're talking like they're always people always like. Oh the poor winkled. Haas twins dude I would love to be a was just had the idea but no execution than sued. The Guy who did the execution has he is the best sitting back on your couch and coming up with ideas and then someone else actually puts working to. Yeoman's fucked up. I thought about that already. And then just and then and then waiting until they're such a big company that they're like five motors. Give you two hundred million dollars to leave us alone. Carol Baskin did. It's true just mad at Joe Exotic for flexing on her so she sued the shit out of them. We need your documentary. By the way we've got to figure that out through we'll figure out to watch King Kong. Oh Yeah let's do that. Let's say for Friday. We'll go on YouTube. We still need the field goal. Kicker movie Yes yeah. Let's let's do that one. People can't walk them watching us. Oh we put it on we can we? Let's you King Kong. Just got me so excited. Can Congress one of the greatest documentaries of all time? Yeah can you. You can find the whole thing on youtube you just type in King of Kong fistful of quarters. The whole thing on youtube knows the fight was fix all right. So we're GONNA do that. Review on Friday. We're going to do a wide receivers on Wednesday. Let's do it big matter or you know you should we. Should we thing running back since you running backs and we'll do water series next week? We'll still running backs. Okay all right when you running backs on Wednesday we're a new King Kong fistful quarters on Friday. Maybe the greatest villain character of all time in any documentary. Billy Mitchell everyone watch it will tweeted out will tweet out clips. I'm so excited for this. You you've got me back. I'm back. I just don't these things to look forward to and diving back into this. I remember the first time I watched this documentary. Probably two thousand four and I was like I can't believe these people exist incredible incredible. It's incredible so and fell ball. Guy Makes an appearance. That's right and guy. Sorry. Let's see came. Came out two thousand seven so seven then. Yeah in college so I didn't remember what what year was all right. Let's do my mouth. Flush more of websites hate your I. I am I all right My first one is sports. One Point Oh is the website so bad that emits to delete everything that was on it for the past six years. It was bad. We have a good website now. We have good people now but basically we had different tech team from two thousand sixteen in prior and basically finding anything that was on the website before that even if I like remember exactly like the the blog tytler exactly what was in the blog. I just can't find it. There was definitely a level of this site is so poorly done that you have to keep going back to because there's something about it like when when the web revolution came and it just skipped right over barstool sports. We had that website where people are like. Oh this is how it's set up and it was just a constant scroll two pages. Oh keep reading all greedy bitches having grow into infinity. No there was like two thousand thirteen or fourteen. We're like hey maybe we should make it change. So it's not like forty blogs on one page maybe cut it up so it's like eight and then you have to hit keep reading in our page views like quadruple. That's smart could get that extra quicken. It also used to be that you didn't click on the on the actual story it would just be go to Barcelona's every like just there and then everything I lost so our good good call a hang for your first. Pick all right okay for my first. Pick right at the gate. I think I'M GONNA go with bleacher. Report two thousand seven until two thousand fourteen and that it was the landing zone for every single slide show on the Internet. It was like ninety percent. Bleach reports website was look at the fifty hottest wives and girlfriends of this English soccer player. And then it makes you just click. All the way through Click Click. Click Click Click and then they went legit. There's kind of like the mob. They tried to go legit. And pretend that they're bootlegging passed in exists at that point but from experience it was. It was an awful awful website. Yes and and and Game Start Times. That's always like search for like what Channel Games and it was always bleacher report so they didn't pay anybody to write for the website so anyone could submit their writing to it and like their draft. Grades are always hilarious to go back and read because it was just done by some some person with like a high speed Internet access. And that's it like they gave Russell Wilson That I think it was a cliff. April that seahawks brave they gave it an F and they rejected me from writing there when I tried to write the world's worst article to Seafood. Pass their quality filter. They actually caught that one. That's pretty funny. That's good good good to know that they were able to stop you there. That was a that was a big stop for them and they end some random dude just giving draft grades that that's a good. That's a good one The slide shows. I mean. It's so funny when you think about all those websites and and like what they started out and then just trying to pretend like you said like actually my my first pick will be the original buzzfeed which was kind of the same where buzzfeed orally just took everything from everyone. Like unapologetically. Didn't even add their own. Like thought on it. So the original buzzfeed and they. It was huge. It was huge. They were able to basically they were. I think the first true aggregate on the Internet where they not yet they just they made lists the ten funniest tweets of two thousand eleven or two thousand twelve whatever and it would just be screengrabs like no links or anything. Hopefully I would feel all the content. I'm going to try to find this real quick. There is when buzzfeed came on the map. Dave got nervous that they were going to like not nervous but he was like we gotta keep up with the Jones and he would he like sent us an email being like we gotta start doing lists like let's start doing lists and we. We made a We made a calendar where everyone had to do a different list every day and I think we made it like four days before we all just gave. Yeah I remember. Those stupid as Buzzfeed was coming out. Colin Coward. He did a segment he was. I'm GonNa tell you the secret to business after this break and then I was like well. I gotta stay in my car during my lunch. Break to figure this out because I need to know what the secret of businesses he comes back and he goes guys love lists every guy will read list. I was calling on new that. But thank you for saying that loud. Yes yes he is the ad lists or what guys want to see. I'm looking at thousand twelve lists blocks. He basically sent us an email lists blogs of the way to go. GotTa have a top ten list gifts. Ten hottest little sisters of professional athletes that are just barely eighteen and then like the moral arbiter of the universe about five years later this was. This was before the separate pages so days I did it make sense because it would have just all been one giant scroll heroes in the slide show. We only lasted one week doing these. He's people eat this shit. It's also a great way to build a following with our writers. The bottom line is redoing. These lists just add more work. I think passing these assignments off to part time guys a major mistake so he basically was like we have our best in Christ minds on the lists. Just got off the phone with the boys. Got Top minute on it in the back. All right my other one. I don't know if this counts. Well no it should count. It's the sneakers APP slash website. I hate it so much of my existence. It's the fucking worst thing ever. You never win anything. So that is one of my worst websites out there. Let's get one. I'M GONNA go with anything. Any online education portal. So let's say blackboard DOT COM Just awful awful lay out and you know that whenever you go in there. You're going there because you're doing schoolwork by the way. Did you guys see the Ivy League is giving away like free courses? We take a course I'd rather just. I'd rather just go to that fake college where you can buy a degree for ten dollars okay. All right well we should think about taking a course maybe not an ivy league course but maybe of course somewhere I liked. Pfc's idea of just jumping into random courses and inspiring debate. I don't know about actually taking a course y'all been crashing zoom meetings just out of boredom this week but it's pretty fun hank. You took one course at Harvard when people ask like. Where did you go to college like well? I didn't graduate but I went to Harvard. I can already do that. Would be though. I can already say that I went to college somewhere in Massachusetts will know my. I went to the program and went to his one year program at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts so I can take off the last four words into say at Byu okay. Okay but I mean for you should get a degree from Hartford and just say really quickly. I might take a class at Harvard. Just we just so. I can say that every time actually one of us should do a class at Harvard. The other should go to yells. Who have like a rivalry going. Yeah for no we just. We could just like all day do cocaine and make homophobic jokes against each other That'd be fun. All right hank your two packs yacht. Yahu search bar whenever whenever you type something in Google and the yacht yet. Dr Who search results come up that are just somehow like the shitty is aggregated results of all time. I'd never make sense to me. I always websites that have like it's start with. Www two one five c three or four and then dot and then the address. That's not even a website. How how is this working right now? Yup and then have you ever been to. I mean I've I've I was searching under really have a lot but PFC commenter dot. Com isn't isn't great. It's not no. There's not a lot going on there. What about PROFOOTBALLTALK DOT COM sites? Larry was an inside job wake up. She acted dot sky connected. That sky. I don't understand this website at all. Oh goes to burst of big CAT DOT COM and also says Larry was an inside job who created must have been made like three years ago but yeah shit okay. They're sitting on a goldmine. They are your next pick. Pf my next one. I'm going to go with storm. Front Neo Nazi message. Supports US I guess the only one that I even know about that. Yeah how'd you find dumb? That's fine spilled the news of which I read a lot so intricate storm front. How you go haven't put it on your list. How often do you go there? I've never been. Oh really. That has adleman. How'd know it's bad? Yes Dan cats. The Ad Minute Storm Fronts Dot COM How how would you? How many times you've been there for real? Never been there never a bad place. Okay I find it interesting that you're attacking for on my list of websites. I didn't see that one coming. I didn't see that come. Accent even know existed I my next one. I got my last two Meet SPIN DOT COM. Clarion meet spins back in the day. I don't even know if it still exists but you know the old changer. Change your home screen to it. So funny The original would yes was it was the original would and then This one's more of a current one it's ESPN scoreboard. Which is nothing on it. Because I've been doing that. Just reflects chugging clicking different like sports and everything's been cancelled so it's the worst website out there right now pretty bad remember. Espn DOT sports. Net Dot com the original website that he has to espn back in nineteen ninety. Six or whatever vaguely vaguely. That place is really bad. All right so my final pick is going to be twitter dot com slash D. A. R. E. N. E. L. L. Who Good one say very bad? I've been noticing that he's not been tweeting a lot. I don't know what's going on with them. Hoping that was sports visit supporter. There's no business going on which I really back. It's true it's true. It's my last one. Yes yes turbo. Tax Dot Com. Do you ever find yourself on. They're going to have a miserable experience in my skirt. Us is hank is probably owed thousands of dollars by the federal government yes. Oh absolutely hake didn't didn't I love taxes two years ago but there was the I. There's like two years where I was not making a lot of money. The zero option where the most money got taken out of my taxes. That I'm supposed to get back and I just never did it. Never did you pick the years to not to your taxes by far. Also think I'm going to have to do my taxes during quarantine because there's going to be a point where I have nothing else to do. No they extended it though. I know but like I might actually be proactive. Oh come on. Things can't take back light. That was the dumbest thing set on the show today. By far you're going to start doing your taxes. Maybe get the. May Anklets and somebody's an investor is gonNA listen to this and they're going to hear you say that and they're going to back out of investing in dog water because they heard that coming from you. Yeah like this is not a kind of person. I want to be involved. He's crazy is crazy Before we get to billy football Monday deep dive reminder we're going to King Kong fistful of quarters on Friday. We're going to do. Nfl One hundred running backs on Wednesday. And tomorrow night. Monday night or tonight Monday night. Because you're listening to us on a Monday We're going to go live with an old. Nfl Game we do not know the result of and we know. Spoilers should we even we should probably not even announce what the game is until we get into it. But we're going to go live from part my take right on twitter. If you go to part of my twitter you'll be able to see where we live from. It will probably be from a different account. Okay PM Eight PM Monday nights tune in. We're going to go live. It will probably be only about a forty five minute. We've condensed the game. It's a game. We don't know remember or anything like that. We're going to watch it. Talk about it livestream. It will feel like sports or back. Get ready for that eight o'clock Monday night. Pfc Before we get to billy football you got one last at. Yes I want to talk to you guys about McCain potatoes their new sponsor of ours I love McCain potatoes. I love anything potato related. Great Forbid Day snacks and now that we all have access to kitchen. Since we're working from home you can enjoy became potatoes at any time. They're easy cook up for your family since we're somewhat confined to cooking at home. It's a meal that you don't have to think about preparing McCain potatoes breakfast lunch and dinner. 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Maybe someday our colleague William Football our son our son. We're going to do some deep dives with billy football on Mondays and place Monday reading so this should be fun. We're GONNA get our learn on. We told billy whatever you want to whatever you want to dive into. We'll dive into his. Well Billy what are we starting with this week or you mentioned the other day if we put everyone into hibernation state for two weeks that we'd be able to stop the spread of Corona in end the pandemic so you referenced an article that also the same take by Donald Gene. Woo Woo I. I just went on the record. He stole my take so he actually wrote that. After I said it I just wanted on the record that he actually stole all of our take from after football season every year. We just want to hibernate until March madness So the the his quote was if it were possible to wave a magic wand and make all Americans freeze in place for fourteen days while sitting six feet apart epidemologists say. The whole epidemic would sputter tools. Anyway so I looked into this our a first things first. There is no known cases of natural human hibernation. They've been working on this for space travel for years because they want to put astronauts hibernation so they can like not use any resources and just like they sleep fall asleep in wake up in another planet like a year interstellar. Yeah Okay what about Terri? Schiavo she What we'll dive into that later. But what about when you blackout? If you just get really really drunk for a long time. How long have you blacked up? I don't know because I was blacked out. So basically a hibernation states you have to slow your metabolism to a fourth of the rate in your heartbeat. Just beats a couple times per minute. So there's a lot of cases of mammals in colder climates hibernating over the winter so hibernation is only in a state of Kohl's that they started hibernating so animals zoos hybrid. Oh so bears in zoos. Don't hibernate wars and Zoos. Don't high rate they have plenty of food in water in warmth. They don't hibernate. Be exhausting though like as a bear. That's gotta be in your natural clock that you get to spend like three months out of the year just napping. Well what billy saying is it's the other way around that it's not the hibernate out of necessity. Not Out of like what they are. Yeah I agree but it's also like I shit out of necessity but sometimes it feels good to go take a big shit. Rice put bears. Why not hibernating? Because they're just eating in warm the whole time okay. You RECYCLE THEIR HOOP IN P. While they hybrid. What do you mean? Recycle DON'T POOP IN. They turn it into more carbon carbohydrates approaching while that highly. So does that mean that. Their stomach just operates more efficient level or do they actually Christian. Your body just wants the shit they it goes the digestive track but then somehow it goes back around the circle snake eating its own tail. That's incredible and pissed too. I just assumed they just pissed their pants all winter. They don't because like the scientists don't caves in find no nothing. Please try your pants. So but the thing is only female bears with cubs hibernate. Bears aren't actually the best hibernate. There's everyone thinks they're the best but there's actually other animals there's other forms of inactivity knock confined to cold weather months. This called Ace station which is done by a lot of reptiles and frogs and some lemurs in Madagascar. So if we were to do it it'd be in the warm weather months Technically aced Weights who's the best hibernate? I think Actually have to go actually not I kind of got sidetracked on bare facts. Because I heard the poop was like let's see these guys that's why we're good bareback. Bare skin is really black. Underneath the white for I knew then. Yup All the well-known could facts. Grizzly bears are fast as a racehorse color regular bearskin. I think it's I'm not sure also black. I think that'd be cool when it can't if instead of horse races you had bear raises put so my question for you. Billy is it would be very cool. How long can they can? They run as fast as a resource on. Imagine they can run as fast as a racehorse for a hundred meters though they can reach speeds up to forty two miles per hour in strint spears level. So long can they. Can they go for Tyler? Show guy looked at. They're probably sprinters Yeah well here's another fact. Black fight back round. Lay Down White. Say Good night so look say it again. That's fantastic back. Brown lay down white good night so so bear your fuck. You're absolutely fat of Blackfriars Bitch. You black where you actually want to fight back will make a lot of noise. Get Big and be like. Let's go buddy black bears whenever you see like a direct chapin videos. That says dogs Brian. It's like a little Pekinese that chases way a barren somebody's backyard. It's always a black bear and Brown. You're so grisly berry just GonNa lay down and pretend you're dead within polar bears. They're also scavengers so they'll eat dead things too so you're screwed got it that makes sense so yeah so that's actually really good so if you see us probably just WANNA run honesty. Just I have no idea where house there are South could you? Could you get dressed in all white and blended with the snow on the scene caller? I'm not too sure maybe. Just dig in the snow. Okay Borough Hibernate. Dig Right in the snow. Okay we'll get a bottle of Coca Cola and then they'll smile and wink at you. Another attack polar bears have never met Penguin in the wild. Oh different is a different Where Hake go ahead happen? Hank happen whenever you want. No yes I see you see you. North Hake Albert get in. There was no four himself. Which was which hangings aren't south correct? Yeah they love the Sun so that kind of ruins like a lot of I feel like children's books and and cartoons like polar bears and penguins just kicking it together. Yeah I remember. There was a far side cartoon. Did you ever read that one Where there is a polar bear on an iceberg wearing a beak like with a string around it and he was eating all the penguins one by one and I remember like two people wrote letters to the cartoonist was. Actually this can't happen. And then he puerto fell was one of them. It was absolutely dermer. Vote Yeah Yeah So. Male bears are called bores while females or called sows which is like pig terminology. So I thought that was interesting. That is interesting. This is another. This is kind of been circling the Internet. But one hundred seventy five pound black bear once eight. Eight pounds of cocaine died. We two hundred and seventy five pound black bear. That's a small better. Yeah eight eight hotter crazy. I didn't know they made the craziest part of that story. Is One hundred seven five pound bear not the eight hundred pounds of cocaine and my mom was like. He had like a hundred grams of cocaine. Eightieth Graham that killed him or screw question to eat eight pounds so there is turns out there was like a lot more like. There's some drug runners dropping stuff into the woods and then the The Da Lewitt's trying to find a drop drugs in a dead bear with eight hundred pounds of Kolkata's so what we know is that a bear can handle one hundred. Seventy five pound bear can handle at least eighty seven point five pounds of cocaine. Yeah Black Bears. Party will when if a bears Moose. What about the one wrestling? Great get the flake going Would about I fucking love cocaine. We're kind of bears that rally this bear. Well hanker you learned underwear aches nude. We just saw his balls just put his balls on livestream so there is a bear that fought for the Polish against the Nazi. I remember seeing the tech. Yeah that bears a bad ass we should. We should write a movie are we should right. Vo Tech Into Boehner Dogs Billy. How how old bears live to indicate about twenty twenty five? That's pretty cool. Dogs dogs are we. Yes we all hope that dogs live to twenty or twenty five now can you? Can you put like a saddle on a barren right? Golden Compass movie probably okay in Poop we what the HBO show that. Golden comes about is pretty good. What's Golden Compass? It's this book. Everyone's little exposed to the next Harry Potter. But then the guy the author kind of went nuts in the next book so they couldn't really make it a children's name but they've made it they made it into A. Hbo Series called his dark materials is pretty good. He's like that that that Youtube Kids Youtube Star blimpy. Who who did the cocky now? He's cocky hot tub right shit notion his friends Face okay. Joey Salads no Harlem shake show salads drinks on p Okay my mistake with Donald Trump little rabbit hole there. Billy when it comes to these bears are they Are they in the dog family? No Beers are closed. Bears have claws like dogs. They can't retract them but their own separate like their ancestors branched off from dogs longtime ago. There's actually a cave bear from North America. That was one of the largest land Predator layin Predator mammals on earth. That was like huge like I think it was like six five standing up shit. The cave bear. I'm looking at right now. Billie this thing is no joke yet. They said that it was the only thing. Their ancestors feared like anything on the planes. So thera they got up to thirteen hundred pounds. Oh my God oh no to twenty. Two hundred pounds is the biggest one about how much cocaine that bear can do to. That's a lot. I think Keith Richards bear got SICOM. Wasn't there a movie that I had well. We had the whatever the that movie the remnant but wasn't there another one where it was like a huge enormous bear prehistoric size and maybe night at the museum thousand. Who was in that? No I think it was night at the museum was Steven Rayle. I found an awesome like ten. Sign that you can hang up. Your living room. Says Welcome to the man cave. And it's just a giant grizzly bear and it says it says no responsibilities or empty glasses. Women allowed only to replenish food and drink. That's pretty bad ass. I might does. Moscow train bears to serve of. Let's another famous player and that was pretty cool. Didn't go check the bear in Polish army Carry the artillery shells. Didn't he smoked cigarettes? He knew salute. No that pretty sure Maybe just eight cigarettes. Okay what else. We got CH Polar bears mating lasts longer than panda bears by an hour. Still Bears Dating. Long Panda bears by. But we don't panda. Bears only go like a minute. Hallerberg go for like hours. Oh okay but it wasn't like it's pretty easy to last longer than a panda bear. Those are the two sides of the spectrum. Got It got it okay. How long did it take like a black bear to nut? I I gotTA figure that one thousand one fact. They saw looked at the data. Okay you think that has anything to do with the cold like it takes longer to to boss because it's so chilly. Outside Bayer's there is a polar bear grizzly bear hybrid a couple people shot and Canada. Nash Look Pretty. Cool a Paisley. It's a griller a crueler bear it kind of the comics awhile. Is that a panda. Yeah like it's it's huge. This things very cool. It's like it's arms. It looks like it's got a farmer's Tan so like the body is white and then the arms and the legs are Brown. We owe tire. Can you guys know Langer's? Yeah Yep bigger. Yeah Yup we will grow bears the same thing so I love grow or bears although yeah I guess if you're going for like what's the more intimidating name. Grohl is definitely more intimidating than than a Piddly right next time we bile across him. We should name it. The grower bears yes. The bears only Predator on earth. The only thing that hunts bears is a tigers in Asia on humans true but natural predators Cotton Tigers Asia. Beat BEARS CANDIDATES. Oh Our pussies lofter's panda bears would be like the would be like the Brooklyn Podcasters of the world like they live indoors there only to be gawked at. They don't know what I hard day's work is anymore that's POLARTEC. They're lazy all the time. It's basically impossible to get them to mate with anyone. We're just here for for our listening enjoyment or visual enjoyment. Yeah that's what a polar bears Kuala bears. Are they bears out very very dismissive of good. Fucking idiot. Pfc Quarters though. You can at least agree that that's a little bit misleading. Hola bears are chads and is. Yes Burgess yeah they're simps- would see what else we got good. They're black bears with a genetic variation that they appear white. The native Americans called these bears. A kermode May and they're like they call like the ghost bears if you like see one. It's good luck or something. You're like in a certain peninsula in Washington state where Canada looked at. That's close enough to around the same area. What else you got on the regional distribution of bears in the United States. Where are you least likely to find a bear? Your least likely to find a bear in Black. Bears are honestly. Tell me a huge problem near New York. Seal Ernie minutes outside New York. There's like Lacquers in Connecticut. That Tony Soprano they're everywhere. It's only soprano. Remember that episode. Hank it was after the ducks left him and then he got really depressed and you had to go see a psychiatrist because the ducks leaving reminded him of like his dad and everyone else so he really wanted to fuck the. Psychiatry Melfi dreamed about fucking her and then eventually he actually dies part. I remember the bears remember they. Yeah they fucked all. They definitely fucked on ninety. Were just been a dream very vivid dream. He I think they might see. She had the dream that yeah and then she woke up and she had to tell her psychiatrist. And then I'm sorry. Her psychiatrists had a dream about Melfi. Fucking him this subconscious think about Yeah Okay Billy Mares on law. There are bears on Long Island okay. Yeah how they get out there on a bears everywhere except Long Island New York City near mill case. They can't get out on islands. Got It could you know. Can they swim? Bears can swim close to like a hundred miles so we shouldn't feel that bad about global warming because at that point it's like polar bear. You had a chance to get off that ICEBERG. Swim back to land your true polar swimmers. What all the bad swimmers dot. Which is the the melted there and also because it's like lot of fat people go out on January first and jump in the water and light polar bear. Yeah that's true bill. You know you've grown a lot like in the last couple years and you were curious and what one thing I appreciate. I just noticed this right now when I asked you if I could swim. And he said Yeah Polar bears. They can swim one hundred miles. If this was billy from three years ago I would have thought that you thought that polar bears can swim really well. And so you're like instinctual. Measurement would've been like. Yeah they can go for like one hundred miles but now I think that you actually know that. Their range is about one hundred miles and it wasn't a guess we'll let me just look at that Thirty thirty that's called S. Is like a hundred. Yeah yeah that's one case. As far as two hundred twenty Mario Right. That's tides if they get if they get good tied like they're fine currents thicker. Yeah you can just sit in the current and just let it take you. Lazy River Body Surf Miles. We got anything else. Billy yes pretty much home at bare facts. There's a couple of awareness exciting. Well I want to say thank you because you somehow did this without making a Mitch. Trubisky joke so that was good. I fully expected something. There is getting through. They can't throw right. I don't think there's any exam actually Mitch can't throw left. He can throw right. That's why we actually the Cam Newton Cam cancer or rights interesting because usually disappear for a while right around January right. I forgot to ask you this last night. How matter you that came on the bears. Those videos Wednesday then. There's been more videos that have come out since then. We're cabbages looks like an absolute monster. Yes I think he's going to have a good bounce back year and people are going to be like wait. Why do we not Pick them up. It looks like an absolute freak. I hope I mean you're talking to get them. But I hope now that hot take about quarterbacks you wanted to lay on us before we let you go good quarterback in the NFL. You Got Absence Weirdo. Okay cool guys burn out. You can't be cool. That's I think that was the psyche. It's behind getting Daniel. Johns for the giants was like like they don't want someone who's like like cool guys. Don't work out you'll guy who's either like Carson Wentz where you just Kinda like for a guy like doesn't really think about all the noise like someone changing process the noise you lie you lie whereas bigger Mayfield. He's taken on the Careful real swag is no swag Baker. Though what do you think you don't think Patrick Mahomes School? We used to cut the whole thing gone. Yeah Yeah you're cool guy like you wanna live. That single guy wife style to Mahomes has never really done that. Big Ben was kind of cool not everyone but some people also weird like his beard nowadays true. That is weird. He's become weird. Yeah Cam Newton. Weird would is definitely weird. Peyton manning a little weird weird he wasn't he wasn't cool to the end of his career. Let's not let's not change historically if you look at the older quarterbacks I feel like some of those guys were cool and at the same time like Joe Montana his name was Joe Cool. Dan John Elway John elway was guy the Manera. What are the coolest guys only won? One Super Bowl in debatably wasn't his did he jerry team. I'm New York like I'm even admitted that way for WHO Joanie O. Got It yet. But he did win a superbowl. But yeah you're right okay through watching go. Maybe we'll do that list be next week when we do. A deep dive will list all the quarterbacks at Super Bowl. We'll decide cooler. Not Cool. Were multiple super bowls. Because well like you could make the argument that Tom Brady might've been cool at the beginning of his career but then it got kind of weird or he was cool during the years after the first three and then before the second three in many interesting may maybe you could also say that winning multiple super bowls makes you weird and cool. We're GONNA have to dive in and we're going to have to set aside for our big Cat harking lot idea. We'll come back to that. Wow Our way before we let you go. We were supposed to talk about hibernation. Was there anything else about hibernate? She wanted to share. We got kind of sidetracked on bears as we to hibernate. It's not gonNa Work Science. I'd like to explore that a little bit. Further but we'd hibernation in a COMA HIBERNATION. Actually like rain is operating in a coma. Like your your your terminal systems are operating too fast wade so when you're hibernating you're dreaming the whole time well it's actually different than sleep. A lot of animals that wake up from hibernation actually. Don't like they actually deprived like they haven't slept. Well it too much. You can be sleep here. Yeah interesting all right. So billy can people. Can we have people sending ideas for what you should do for deep dives? We'll have them tweet. Us sent up a deep twitter. Yeah you might want to let me. I mean kind of like a wikipedia club twitter. J. J. Kinda swag on your your old twitter account yeah. He swears he's wearing you. We don't have the Gucci's twitter account we do. Have we have no? We don't? I might have a password for Tom. Gucci let me say we'll get. We'll get billy set up with the deep dive twitter and we'll just have it because that's really where you always like. Thrived was facts. That was kind of the beginning of the WIKIPEDIA. Where do we want to call this? Billy's Corner Billy's deep dives. Won't Chalk Talk Charter like that. Okay Billy thank you see next Monday guys. You feel better. Everyone should know feels better. Still stay inside though inside looking up facts all good. Stay healthy out there. Everybody they love love. Guess Away to say say today is to show say then I feel better to be safe online off things off It's pardon my take presented by Bar Stool Sports.

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