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"haden johann" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Nine hundred ninety seven world series. Who loved the indians with seven hits in the nineteen eighty seven world series. I complete guests. I was at parris island for Told there was really nothing to watch so seven hit slide. Did matt williams get seven hits. That's sandy alamar alert. Yeah heck of ninety seven he we he was vastly overrated. His entire career Namesake his brother was a lot better. i mean he had some good qualities to them. Cad alamar was not the great player that a lot of The oh my cleveland brother and like to make him out to be. Who replaced wesley. Snipes in the role of willie mays hayes in the nineteen ninety four sequel major league to. Well we're we're going to go on the assumption that made that there was actually a sequel to that Major league movie And i think that they cast omar epps in that role they did. A discredit Scott well he wasn't until the third one which wasn't even the indians to be start for more and Yeah why don't we do three pointer and then we'll do a seven point card wrapped up in two thousand and five who was fired after less than two full seasons as cavs heads coach following a five year. Stint with the hornets as paul silas Just didn't mesh with lebron Enough in two thousand eleven. What rookie cornerback became the first browns player since nineteen sixty eight intercept a pass in four consecutive games. It's a guest joe. Haden johann about you and two thousand twelve. What longtime sportswriter was removed from covering the browns after calling owner run rambling winner. Pathetic and an irrelevant billionaire on twitter. That's everybody's favourite tony grossi and nine hundred ninety seven. One indians left e. Relieved phil niekro making the first time to three hundred game winners pitched for the same team in. Mlb game negro was already washed up and he looked like an old man. Where you got to. Cleveland was already throwing the knuckleball pitchers for the yankees. And the sherlock time steve carlton who pitched for the cardinals in the in the late sixties. And for the philly's most of his career is probably going to be your answer. That is correct. All right how about how about some harlan's at the seven planners seven pointer here all right. What twins berg native start at exemplary university of prior to being selected by the denver nuggets in the first round nineteen ninety nine nba draft. Well i think that xavier makes it a little bit easier on me and he was playing for the warriors in two thousand sixteen. If i have it right Ninety nine it's either david west or it's brian grant and i'm gonna i'm gonna go with. You're giving me that look like i don't have this one. I different name. Besides it's two. Because i don't know anybody else for xavier besides tyrone hill and it's a little late for tyrone did ninety nine james posey james posey and you know. That's that's a school that we played against. When i was in high school. I did play basketball. But our school played against them. Play basketball but our scalded. Against which team did the new browns earned their first regular season win in their nineteen ninety nine returned the nfl. on a hail. Mary pass from tim couch to kevin johnson. They defeated the new orleans. Saints the superdome. I think it was alouine. In fact what seemed to the browns defeat in the final game played at cleveland municipal stadium since the bengals still bungles as of twenty fourteen. Who is the browns. All time leader in defensive interceptions frowns all time leader in defensive interceptions as of two thousand and what year two thousand fourteen. The leader in interceptions. I'm gonna go with Hanford dixon thom darden thom darden the before my time in nineteen forty one. What indians outfielder became the first player to hit. At least twenty doubles twenty triples and twenty home runs in the same season in one thousand nine hundred forty one nine thousand nine hundred. Forty one ninety. I don't even know who played for the idiots. They wanna title in twenty. They wanna title in fifty four. It's a complete guess. we're gonna go with Mac elvis jeff jesse. Let's get this year that you might remember in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. What browns defensive lineman was both inducted as a charter member of the ohio state versity. Oh hall of fame and elected to the pro football hall of fame. I'm gonna go with dole willis. Is that right. It is right all right and we got to throw at you to break. We'll throw a question at me on the other samuel through a question at eugene rich. It's all territory sports overnight america. This is the sports byline broadcast network. You know.

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