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"hacker aubrey" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"This isn't supposed to be open. It wasn't supposed to be accessible but they founded stumbled upon it can for news of the public website quickly spread across social media after making. Its way to canadian. Hacker aubrey. kerr tanner cuddle. Who is able to set up. Fake accounts for numerous high profile individuals such as cunanan guru. Ron watkins who the hell that is given that the mobile beta wasn't yet intended for public. Use handles like real donald. J trump and mike. Mike pence were openly available. The daily was able to secure the account for donald trump uploading the profile image and banner previously used by trump on twitter to showcase the lack of verification. Protocols well no website has verification protocols. I mean that's something that twitter added i think later on like. Oh we'll give you a blue check mark if you jump through whatever hoops. I don't know what they require for that but by default you're not required to verify yourself when you create a twitter account. There's nothing different there. There's a like a rich dad. Poor dad me. I've read the book. Have you read that book. I haven't actually. I used to cook for living. And i cooked for the author robert kiyosaki. Yeah yeah. I actually cook the meal for that good book. It's one of those basic kind of introduction to how to get ahead in the world kind of books. Yeah i know it was really well received. But there's a mean going around now with showing peter shifts face in says poor dad rich son because apparently peter schiff is famously. Anti-big klein yells at a pyramid scheme. Peter schiff note a pyramid scheme. He ought to note pyramid scheme. Is he's been taken dump on bitcoin for years now even as rises and rises and rises. And he's just one of those people who just takes pleasure in every little drop every little dip. Oh this is proof. Proof that it's a bubble and then as he sits there and stays very mediocre in his in his other investments. You know look. I love it i mean i love. We're we're libertarians. Right like we love ourselves. Some precious metals runs in our vein. There's just no doubt about it. Our dna has written in gold ink for shorter. But look as beautiful as it is as wonderful as it is. It can't hold a candle to the success of bitcoin in the last decade or doesn't or the transfer ability. I mean it's just so many things that that crypto can do that bitcoin gold candy precious metals simply can't do yeah one bitcoin versus an ounce of gold. Is it used to be that. An ounce of gold would buy you a bunch of bitcoin whole bunch. now you have to. Have you know one. Bitcoin will buy you a bunch of ounces. It's flipped things have changed quite a bit about people like peter. Schiff would tell you that that that all those bitcoins about with goal was a bad purchase. Because you know bitcoin's hollow and empty and there's nothing to it in the end of the day you got nothing. I disagree you. Have you have trade ability. You can actually spend bitcoin on things. Yes someone else's willing to accept it for payment than you're in business..

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