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"habibur justin" Discussed on MMA Junkie Radio

"No I don't think I don't think so either. I've seen Dion Sanders play in a football game and a world series game in the same day. I don't remember that. Yeah really. Yeah and I've seen George Foreman comeback from a least ten year layoff and win a world title. Yeah and in his forties late forties early fifties for sure Randy tour Kinda. Did something similar layoff. Come in win. The title. He says again equals up to anything that's ever been done. I think knitting was up to certain things. But I've seen some pretty great things. I remember the Great Sidney Crosby when it was it him. Those Pittsburgh Penguin player. Oh he went lemieux. Lou had Hodgkin's right Lawyers and they came back and it was. He was still almost one of the greatest hockey players. Like you know simply the other day some pretty amazing shit man. We talked about Who's the Anderson Silva of May? I don't remember where we did it but we have in our Patriot show and one of our subscribers asked. Who's the Bo Jackson of me? I thought that was an interesting question. Might be one. We'd have to dive into day so to sports star to sports star but he also described it as somebody that did well in both sports but didn't really achieve a championship or anything so in Henry almost too good of a comparison right so it almost had to be like a Guy Rhonda had. She not won the world title because she was a bronze medalist so she didn't win a gold and she had not won the title. You could say wow but she was one of the top fighters but I was thinking more like a team right in K. One Vote Jackson didn't win. Time on raiders. I don't think so I went to look that up. I don't know anyway all right so I guess I don't hate him for saying that but when he said in in sports ooh that's a really really broad statement there maybe just combat sports but again I got that whole George Foreman thing I remember that one for sure. Yeah when you throw in boxing. Yeesh I don't know but I ruined for him to perform. Well I took Henry. Pseudo may the best man win? But I'm rooting for him to do. Well not get hurt. Should he win? Maybe he turns it around and defense quickly and Suharto. Same thing Sudas fighting about a year. I see the same thing from him. Pseudo by the way is still pushing the whole Josie Baldo and Waldo these willing to marry Jose Aldo and creatively. The editorial team threw me off. They posted a picture of Henry and I guess is significant other on about That that always bending the knee to propose but now he's basically saying so touche to those guys he's basically saying I'm willing to marry Josie Aldo to get immigration status into the US. So I can beat him up funny I mean he said I think when he arrived he posted a picture of the King of cringes. Back sure is man because that one was Pretty cringe-worthy Tony Ferguson. Says the following goes those guys are a bunch of lives? And he's talking about basically media and fans and maybe even other fighters who criticized his weight cut three weeks ago. Remember he didn't. There was no April eighteenth event in more California at Tachi Palace. It got cancelled to it or anything but he's decided to make weight at home two part question. What do you think of that? The other part is what's the expletive think he used ASCPA ceaseless easy. Yeah probably Look Dude I mean. There are so many reasons as to why he could have done it. I really doubt there was nothing else to do was One of them. There's nothing else to do. I mean I'm GonNa go bull riding or something like that like I'm not GonNa do things that could possibly hurt me. I think he did it because he hasn't fought in so long. He's getting older. You just want to make sure his body could go through it. It's probably good peace of mind. That's why I think he did it. But that whole if you're not a fighter you don't understand always gets on my nerves. Well other fighters also criticized their fighters criticized it and I just always when somebody brings up always look at like wall okay. Does that mean when you're watching the news and they talk about the president something. You can't criticize the president because you've never been a president of the United States. I mean I don't. I don't know you necessarily have to walk in those shoes. One hundred percent just know when some things all right. When something's wrong I agree. He did say this though. I'M GONNA keep it real. I'M GONNA keep it real with you just because no. That's not what I wanted to say. Is that what? He's saying what you're saying what he's saying he's saying. I'M GONNA keep it real with you just because they've never wrestled. They've never been in this board. They have their opinions. That's what he's telling him. I think about the media and the fans No he said It was an easy he goes. I'll be real with you he goes. It wasn't easy. It was actually pretty difficult. I didn't have my nutritionist or anybody with me. I wish she almost would've left at that. When I start hearing about nutritionists because again what if something had gone wrong but I I like that. He leased admitted man. It was difficult almost like a little second guess but yet still not backing down from the fact that he did it. He's got to do it again. Folks in about twenty four hours and God forbid the body shuts down. I mean it was only three weeks ago guys hubby and he's he's you're Tony. I mean. He's Super Super Lean. So hopefully he didn't go back up and wait too much and have to do it all over again. But I don't know man I've hung around not best friends with Dull J. But enough to know about just how savage and brutal these cuts are and he's now what thirty six going on thirty seven. I think Ferguson is it was. He just didn't need to do it. I don't think there's anything that could get in Habibur Justin's those guys are savages to in their own way in their own And their own way so whatever. Here's some good news goes more good news juicier for me got meets. Alex Perez at UC to fifty on June six. So June six sounds like it'll be an APEC show or well. No that might be a fight island show early. June is Dana White update on that and International Guy Well but what I was getting at is this is flyweights. So the flyweights still a pulse. They're in a coma right now. They'RE IN A COMA. The divisions in a coma. We're hoping they run back. Benedetti's deserves Figueredo. But the fact that they're doing this means that maybe they've been moving their fingers or their toes in and they're going to come out of the coma soon. I love the flyway division. It's not my favorite probably like third or fourth. But I do not want to go away. I think it's definitely worth it. The guy's really turned it up in the last three. To five years there was a run where Dimitrius was so amazing and so much better than everyone else that I understand why people just couldn't get that excited. It wasn't a deep division. So it's not like you had well the number two and the number eight guy or the number six. The number seven had a barn burner. There wasn't enough fights to really keep your interest in the. The champion was just smashing. But it's gotten a lot lot better the fight tab there's some contenders and And needs the stay in on June. Six juicy for mega will meet Alex Perez. While we're closing in here on the end of the show I do WanNa talk a little bit about what we did this week. We spoke to Ryan Bater and luckily goes to question regarding what Chicago had said. Call them a big coward goes and you know he talked to any CIGARROA and started talking about that that no contest the eye poke so as a good article there on Chicago and him wanting to run it back. And Soon I think you'll see a recap on baiters response to check Congo. He kind of broke it down. Just watching it you know over and over with he says is interesting what he said back exactly he still wants to be a double champ. He wants to defend both titles. I told them enough. Just stick to heavy not seems to be like the more exciting division. He's already been Davis twice and I know there's them cough. I believe his name is and a few others. But I don't know man if they still got Mir they still got fatal and they still got maitree own and I know what Barnett status but Batalli I mean. I don't know marks. Yeah they may have over there I. It sounds like there's more matchups. There have been no way cuts but this. I mean he's also mid thirties What does he need to prove? You know who knows but check that out for sure on Saturday goes and I will be hosting a watch along. Ufc Two forty nine. Watch along on sports caster working to start at nine PM Eastern six Pacific remember. This pay per view is going to be done a little bit different. I mean I don't know that there'll be these long walkouts with turning off the lights. And these I the Brasilia show happened really really quick boon to fighters in two fighters out to into fighters out. It went at a quick pace and with this car beans so deep I wanNa make sure that we actually capture some of these great fights the we're probably do about seven fight starting nine eastern six Pacific sports caster dot com forward slash enemy junkie. Sports CASTER SPELLED S. P. O. R. T. S. C. A. S. T. R. There's no way in caster and whether you get the event or not you can hang out with us. We have a chat room and I think right now. We gotta make the call soon if we're GONNA do maybe a possible giveaway goes just like last week any final thoughts on UFC. Two forty nine of you enjoyed the embedded pretty cool to see just engage. He actually take his dog for a walk. Did you see yeah on his back on his bags. Dockyard Awesome. Yeah no there's some real good stuff that behind the scenes embedded one was really great. Uc Did a great job of showing. Everybody what how they're going above. And beyond the keep the fighters say they need to do more of that as much as they possibly can. And embedded to still keep an eye on the fighters as they get ready to travel. Remember run like a day or two behind so crews was going for a run in San Diego. Gay G was going for a hike in Colorado. And Yeah I mean. We're getting a lot closer so keep it locked on Emi Junkie more content for sure to come. We have Jon Morgan. They're reporting and we have Most of the team and loaded For all the coverage that we're going to send your way including the way in tomorrow and the actual fights on Saturday on twitter and instagram. I'm Adam e Junkie George goes is at the goes. The radio show is at enemy junkie radio. And that's about it we're GONNA bounce on IDA here enjoy your rest of the week weekends. They save they saying stay indoors. 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