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NZ election: why voters chose 'health over wealth'

Between The Lines

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NZ election: why voters chose 'health over wealth'

"Into mania in. New Zealand. Tonight. New Zealand has shown the Labor Party, its greatest support and at least fifty years. End For that. I only had two simple words. Thank you. Well that was prime, minister? I done this she celebrating her emphatic election victory last weekend. Now the significance of the Labor Party landslide. It's not just that it's seen as a reward for her decisive response to the COVID crisis. It means New Zealand now has its first single-party government in decades. So what does the mandate main for new? Zealand's economic landscape as it faces its worst recession in nearly a century. We'll deliver a progressive transformation across the ditch. What happens if New Zealand does not sort ad its economic challenges quickly. trans-tasman cousins could I become fouled state? All of the heart, which is executive director of the new. Zealand initiative and Josie. PAGARINI is the executive director of the Council for International Development both a based in Wellington all of Josie welcome to. Radio National. Hello Tom. JC How do you account for Cinderella Dunes emphatic victory. Well, I mean you've got to say the popularity is genuine people lover. She's like a superstar she goes into to shopping malls and gets mobbed but I think you'd say you'd have to say to that that election campaign was incredibly disciplined Labor wanted a covid election. They wanted election that was about who stopped US getting sick not who's going to get us back to work and they succeeded in getting that they also wanted election that was focused not on labor, not particularly on policy, but almost entirely on just cinder. So if you the completely unscientific focus. Group in the Texas, you'd ask a taxi driver who you voting for, and let's say I'm voting for just under the all of a juicy. He reflects the Conventional Wisdom Abacha in Dorado and that her aggressive handling off covered and not to mention her response to the mass shooting of Muslims in in Christchurch earlier last year the gun control measures she put in place all that explains Justin, Dryden's remarkable political popularity. She's also received widespread global price for being a stateswoman who's kept New Zealand you nodded even in the face of multiple crises, your not fanned. Why? Well. First of all, I would agree with our choice just as remarkably popular and. This scenes from her election campaign were quite telling wherever she turned up. They were hundreds of people around her celebrating her. My experience with taxi drivers though is a bit different, maybe different taxi companies are us. Last The last few times I had known taxi drivers They complained that their businesses stoned at the city's undying out that we are not recovering properly from the crisis. That business is simply not what it used to be an typically detect Texas. Of course when I'm flying from Wellington to Auckland, and have to get to the CD and you can see the traffic in the city, the city looks kind of dead. We've got a massive challenge ahead on the economy in these eland, and that's why I haven't really seen much from the government in general plans of how to revive the economy and how to get us out of they have effectively beaten the virus now twice. But they haven't actually given us any clear indication how they're going to lift us out of this because the protections for public debts for unemployment. From monetary policy, they actually scare me when you look at them many New Zealand business figures share all of skepticism is fair Point Jersey. Yes, it is because the election really did focus on cousin who it was absolutely about who stopped US getting sick and so it was actually really hard to get any coherent debate about what is the plan B if we don't get a vaccine next year, what is the retail kind? So it was all very vague that staff and. You're right. All of you got different taxi companies to me to probably but another thing I heard in Texas a lot was all well if it's between wealth and health, I'm GonNa pick health and just send a picked health. Well, of course, you know we know that that's a false dichotomy it's not health or wealth. If you country is unable to trade and you borders closed long-term, then you're not going to raise the revenue to be able to have decent hospitals. You're not going to get your school buildings. Renovated and so on, and you're not going to be getting elective surgery and people are actually going to get unhealthy. So but it was no one wanted to hear that town that was the thing. No one wanted to hear a debate about next year they just wanted to know that. Anti Cinde was gonNA look after and that was it. Yes we'll enjoys does mentioned the vaccine just interested in like most western leaders frankly, she's pretty policy on the likelihood of a vaccine in coming months but the question here is what if a readily available vaccine if it ever happens what if it's a long way off I mean for how long all of our the present measures sustainable I mean, how long can you zeal and cut itself off from the outside world? Well I think that is actually a political question not an economic run from an economic perspective I. Think it would be desirable to New Zealand to the words more quickly but can do the safely. We can still have proper border to ensure that when we opened up to the word again, we do this without importing the virus. But I think the government sticks to the precautionary principle at the moment, and that's a political decision because the public doesn't want the government do anything outspent opinion polls before election showing that more than seventy percent of New Zealanders what actually like to keep the borders Morris close and these are people who probably don't have any immediate travel plans or maybe don't have any family abroad. Heavily business to do abroad, and so for them life is quite pleasant as long as they also keep their jobson New Zealand's, and so they would rather electric continue the status quo until that vaccine arrive. So it is difficult for the government to go against this when the public is. So strongly in favor of just keeping the border shut as they are but at some stage will just have to a because some the economic consequences of this some prolonged isolation are going to be enormous Jesse is point. Absolutely, you could not get a discussion out during the election campaign about elimination versus suppression of the virus, and so it was it was almost impossible to talk about the plan. B. If the vaccine doesn't turn up which let's face it, it's unlikely tuneup and be available next year so. Realistically the from left or the right of the political spectrum. It was really hard to talk about how long do our border stay closed, and those of us myself included who were trying to say, you know look closing the borders as a six month policy not a two year policy. He can't possibly maintain a closed border and keep trade going even though we can still export milk powder and so on. But the ability for our businesses to connect with the world and so on for us to travel is just not feasible but whenever I said that I would get attacked on twitter and everywhere for being the head of a capitalist difficult. So you could not get a good debate going about this even though the w eight show for example was saying, Hey, you know strict lockdowns and we've had very strict lockdowns for lockdowns are not the best approach if you're doing a cost benefit analysis on either health or economic growth.

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Stuck Holding Double Badgers

Shut Up & Sit Down

03:47 min | 2 months ago

Stuck Holding Double Badgers

"So a game that me and Tom Played on the Internet of all places just the other day on a service table Topa. Could Renisha. Insisted on calling it repeatedly in a frankly probably slightly racist manner anyway. Is a glorious creation of dominoes and domination featuring animals. The surround little patches of ground how flowers and trees placed on them that eventually popoff. Awarding points the person in control of that area. Now, this is a game by Michael Kiessling and Wolfgang Kramer who you might know Rassoul and our grand. But this isn't the first time they've worked together created the mask trilogy, of Decal, Mexica and cosker. which are all as quince points out in this document I'm reading from. There were lovely. Lovely Gates. Mexico is an absolute delight. So a lot of time for these two when it comes to games way you place lucky things on maps in ways going to irritate other players, which is all I remember was the game in Mexico. Now. This has an immediately striking theme could re nature. You have these dominoes that you're drawing up from when holding three of them in your hand anytime. Each. Domino. As you might expect, has a little image on either side of it and they're all different types of animals, some birds, some badges, some bloody aisles, and I kept drawing double owls, which was a nightmare because there was nowhere for to connect to, and really you are just taking intends to play a domino style game where you have this grid, put them out onto but the placement rules. As you would expect from Domino's you cannot put an owl and up against Abacha and that is illegal as we learned in the story of Adam and Eve. The trickiness is no freefall with this. There is a specific grid that you can follow and as you play, you're going to be slowly surrounding these enclosures and everytime put down domino on the board in one of the enclosed spaces adjacent to it. which is kind of patch of dirt. You may place one of your selection of the light full. Phone Ah. La. Fauna for them foreigner in flora. So you can place like a little bit of grass or you can place like shrubbery. Shrub or you can place like a small tree or you can place a massive trade and there's no cost for place in these things it's just that you have a very limited amount of all of these things. Even a couple of massive trees you got loads of grass up the scoring valleys of these things obviously scale up as you go along and the trick is. The moment at which that soiling closure is fully surrounded by Dominos always surrounded as it is possible for it to be. You'll immediately score that. Who has the largest score of trees and shrubberies and graphics as you're in that area is going to get the big prize bonus with whoever second, getting a lesser known but a big thing. Is No one else? Is there you get the big bonus and the little bonus which means you have the strange game of creeping domino's our across the board. Whilst trying to take control of areas but obviously you're not. You'll never connecting your dominos you're connecting to anyone's domino's so becomes. The game, it reminded me most of that. She was T- GRISSOM Euphrates of it being more than anything a game of of having is everywhere and. Saying the place you should be putting a thing down the thing you should be blocking next

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"h  abacha" Discussed on Switch4Good


03:10 min | 6 months ago

"h abacha" Discussed on Switch4Good

"Actually she was she was still so i. As long story shortened it for actually started eliminating dairy eggs and not from my diet while she was going through all of that and then even then she was reacting so we had to go to this woman. That was this. Because she was Chook Fed and the Dietitian said the fastest way to get H- Abacha was to go switch to the formula so I had to basically give up breastfeeding. So was the problem. The fact that you had a leaky gut and the cow's milk protein was getting through to your daughter or was it that your daughter has a dairy allergy and she happened to be exposed earlier than people thought she would be exposed in other words would every child who has a mother with a leaky gut. Get this problem or was it just happened to be. Your daughter is susceptible. Yeah so it's both so it has to be that she's also allergic and had leaky got it was kind of like the perfect storm So so there could be a dairy allergy in a newborn which is common and beginning the dairy through the breast milk. Even if the mother doesn't have leaky gut right because it's just it's in her diet. It's in her. Is I have a question and it just A. I'm so disturbed by in confused by. I was with my sister this past weekend hiking in Colorado. We were talking about this very subject. She can't really get away from me talking about the subject. She's probably really tired of it. And we were talking about what happened to your daughter and she lives in the in. Kentucky in the southeast so not nearly as much access as I feel like we have out here in in the West on situational problems with consuming animal products. So cute she said. Oh dot she goes. I know at least fifteen friends if not more who whose child was allergic to their breast milk and they went to see their physician and the physician pediatrician told them to stop breastfeeding their child. Not Look into what. The mother is eating or ingesting drinking. That is in their breast milk. And so yup which is just blows me away because that milk that that mother of every species right makes for their own young is a specific formulation for that baby to thrive and so these these pediatricians do they just not know that there could be something that the baby is allergic to. Whether it's a cows milk allergy or nut or what what I just I I I literally was tripping down the mountain hearing this almost in tears because what a horrible thing for the mother to sit to know. I now have to stop breastfeeding. And maybe even to you us. An excellent question and I was absolutely heartbroken. I was told to stop breastfeeding but I think given the severity of her situation day suggested it as a quicker route for her to recover.

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AI Opportunity in Insurance, from Process Automation to Decision Support - with Gary Hagmueller

Artificial Intelligence in Industry

07:04 min | 7 months ago

AI Opportunity in Insurance, from Process Automation to Decision Support - with Gary Hagmueller

"This week's episode is focused squarely on insurance. There's a lot to keep track of in the space from claims to underwriting to back in process automation to customer service every six months the landscape of AI vendors and known use cases in the enterprise companies changing in altering in part of our work involves staying on top of that that means speaking to heads of AI and innovation leaders at companies. You might know like Geico allstate or Axa. Some the biggest insurance players in the world as well as staying on top of the start up ecosystem this week we speak with one of the players in that. Startup ecosystem. Gary Moeller is the CEO and president of Clara Analytics Clara analytics based in the bay area. And they are focused squarely on insurance artificial intelligence applications Gary previously was the chief operating officer at a house. D One of the rare companies in Silicon Valley to raise hundred million dollars plus for an artificial intelligence company and he was before that the CFO at Zoro which is an incredibly successful subscription management payments. Firm out again in the bay area so gary has got a pretty storied past in the startup world. Clarice raised about twelve million in there. Certainly on the way up insurances ripe for disruption and there's plenty to cover so gary gives us his perspective on where is making its way into insurance where he thinks it's going to make the biggest impact in the relative near term without further ado. We're going to hop right. It says Gary Hag with Clara analytics here on the business podcast so Gary. I wanted to start us off with just your idea today as to where is making a difference in insurance what what functions. It's being adopted into where the traction is today. If we look at a in the Insurance Enterprise Great Question. Damn yeah so so. There's definitely a whole bunch of different places where we're starting to see a proliferate. I will say it's probably very early days really for a big time. So we're you know. Obviously we are very focused on the claims operation space and so we're seeing a variety of different places where this is getting applied. It's getting applied. At least we're we're we're seeing it generally in two flavors things that can kind of be automated away. You know think simple tasks that it you know today. You got a human doing that. Maybe doesn't need to be done and in the second place where we're seeing it. Generally is is occurring in places where there are very complex in weak signals. That have a pretty large bearing on the outcome of whatever the person is working on or whatever the group is working on in is really being used as an augmentation of human capability but so think about the ability to kind of see around the corner and figure out where the things that that could affect what they're working on positively or negatively are In giving them action in on so like nausea as he said. Our focus is on claims ops but yet we have it a guy on my board works in in underwriting and we seen a bunch of different places where this is starting to apply even in the actuarial space. But it's been you know it's really feels like there's a. There's a groundswell of interest activity coming. I like your break out here when you when you look at a impact and insurance. Maybe we could do this with any sector. But you're talking about two categories. One is what can be automated away. I like the term. A lot of vendors are afraid to use that phrase even because it it comes across. You know immoral. You're one of those automation. People stealing job I. I hear a lot of vendors been far too tender with being able to say that phrase Second informing decisions. So it's sounds like a short breaking things up into we look at insurance. What might be an example of each just to give people a Nice Representative Lens into space some automated stuff and then some some decision informing. So I'm GonNa give you some thoughts on both of those but I do WanNa touch on the point on the automation automation away. I feel like that's a topic. That comes up a lot in this whole a discussion on. I don't think it's as sinister as which you portrayed it as I think it's really a situation where there's a lot of tasks that are being done today that I guarantee you that people do not. I don't WanNa do. And it's part of their regular job and so if you free them from doing tasks that they don't WanNa do in focus them in on the things that they would rather be doing that. They are probably better at doing right. That actually ends up making everybody better off instead of giving you kind of an example right. There's a lot of places where you have things blow through processing right where you can get a claim you can analyze. The machine can analyze the claim. The machine can make a determination that like this routine claimed. Let's just go ahead and eight. You know issue payment or issue settlement or whatever On this particular thing so that's maybe an example of things that the kind of flow through the machine can take care of An ambitious close out without necessarily having to kick it up to somebody who is just going to you know. Look at it. Roll their eyes. It's just another one of these ones again. You know do a couple of things. Close it out and move on right. So that's kind of an example of the automation flow the other side of it. So think of it as kind of decision support or or kind of enhancements human enhancement is what I would basically think about it. Were that's where you know. This is this by the way is common across all areas of machine learning. Were what you're doing. If you're tapping into an appropriately. Large amount of data. You're going to begin to pick up weak signals right in in things that are actually deterministic. That most humans aren't going to be able to go off and do right in in. That's for two reasons number one. They may have been doing this job for ten fifteen whatever years to have a certain way of doing the job and they're just never going to look at those other sources of data right. The secondary part is that some of those sources flow in places that people generally don't even look at so if you've figured out how to tap into all these different data sources and you can then get a much more complete picture like in the case of the sorts of things that we do. We can do a much more complete sense of what's going on with an individual claiming give evidence on like exactly how to attack this problem. Right now to mitigate loss or wind up doing something that's going to wind up making the claiming happier subtle faster. That sort of thing in. Maybe there's an interesting sort of exercise that we could do so I guess one quick thing I did I certainly wouldn't call automation sinister per se. I think there are to be some cases where someone gets freed up to do something more cognitively interesting and it's a thank goodness kind of experience. There will be other times where you know. Abacha folks in India Needham Filing TPS reports anymore. You know what I mean. They'll find somebody else to work with point blank period. There's going to be that and I think everybody needs to be pretty honest about it but there will be plenty of of experiences where we'll be able to move people up in work more interesting things when you look in a business and obviously insurance is your space and you aim to sort of help. Maybe business leaders think through where I can find a fit. You look at a business and say oh here's some identifiable for our potentially automative bucket and then here's some ones that we can also identify for the decision bucket. How do we put on a pair of goggles to to see those opportunities an insurance? What might be helpful.

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How has React changed web development?

Software Engineering Daily

02:06 min | 9 months ago

How has React changed web development?

"Rush. Welcome back to software engineering daily things having me again. We're about six years into the release of react. How his React Change Web Development? I've been saying for a while. Now that I think broadly the most exciting paradigm shift of react has been moving away from templates into components. If we had to summarize the great innovation I think has been to create a workflow for teams to see the rise of the signed systems to give people greater ability composition power and ultimately empowering the front end developer. I think before especially with templates were confined to servers surrendering things that would do. Spin Abacha. Jvm Box and write some temple leading language and then just not care about the front. That's much anything. React has made people gravitate in the opposite direction. You know even teams that were not that fun of J S Realize. Hey to build a world class front would probably have to use this reacting the development of react application has gotten easier over time. What was the boiler plate that was historically needed for starting a react application? How have they gotten simpler? That's a great way to put it. I think there was a lot of boy to play in fact when we started next Jay. S which was solving the problem of making react application top to bottom entire experience. We are seeing a lot of GETUP repos floating around that were basically copy paste of boilerplate. S- they weren't providing a framework on an altogether solution. They were like hey clone this boilerplate and then started making changes. And then you'll diverge from the border played at some point because you're not merging changes back in so we created next year. Solve that problem. Exactly it was okay. Reinserted as a as an embassy was kind of like component specific library and wanted to create an entire obligation with react. Next year it's kind of became that

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New Budget Deal Is A Disaster

Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal

01:43 min | 1 year ago

New Budget Deal Is A Disaster

"To those trying to rain in in government spending this budget deal is kind of a disaster relatively little of the new money is offset by cuts in other areas and it cancels out budget caps that were supposed to hold federal spending and check the fiscal hawks have flown away and there's not even any semblance of fiscal responsibility left in Washington remain Abacha's with the Heritage Foundation. She says the budget caps put in place during the Obama years put pressure on lawmakers to keep spending down by offsetting getting some increases with cuts elsewhere but since president trump came into office there has been very little attempt made at actually paying for these budget deals now. It's a given Congress will keep raising the debt limit to accommodate higher spending bill gail at the Brookings Institution says this deal was never going to fix the debt but it seems to me this is just not the right venue to be going after the longterm fiscal problem gail points out the budget only covers a small portion of government spending which doesn't include big ticket items like social security or interest on the debt Seth Hamlin at the Center for American progress argues budget cuts are only one side of the equation I would argue that the biggest cause of the deficits that we have now and the biggest driver of the deficits over the long term is just the inadequate amounts of revenue that we raise Hanlin points to the revenue loss from the G._O._p.. Tax cuts with seemingly few consequences sequences for unlimited spending and election coming up. It's pretty easy for Congress to just keep writing checks in Washington. I'm Kimberly Adams for marketplace so

Abacha Congress Gail Heritage Foundation Washington Barack Obama Brookings Institution Kimberly Adams Seth Hamlin President Trump Center For American Progress Hanlin
What Are Honey Badgers Really Like?


06:39 min | 1 year ago

What Are Honey Badgers Really Like?

"Pillow friends. This is Ron burgundy the entire first season of the Ron burgundy podcast is available now to stream or download and what a season it was Peter ding glitch. Mr. Deepak Chopra, the San Diego chicken, Mr. rupaul. We should get out of this elevator. Find the Ron burgundy podcast on the free iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts. The Ron burgundy podcast another reason why I heart radio is number one for podcasts. Welcome to brainstorm production of I heart radio. Hey, brain stuff. Lauren vocal bomb here. Unless he we're living under the sort of rock that does not get WI fi in twenty eleven you've probably heard of the Honey, badger, biological classification. Mela Vara Pence's that year a YouTube video went viral featuring a collage of National Geographic footage, showing Honey badgers eating snakes running backwards and chasing, jackals with expletive ridden, aeration, featuring the refrain. Honey, badger don't care. It's now been viewed over ninety one million times and Taylor swift has admitted to being able to recite the entire video by heart and although the Honey badger has established a lasting place in internet culture because of this three minute comedy bit. It's celebrity make us think we know more about this strange solitary animal than we actually do the truth is on Abacha's aren't well understood because they're extremely difficult to study. We spoke with Derek vendor. Meta with the endangered Wildlife Trust in South Africa. He said, how Honey badgers became famous in America is incredible. We get so many calls for America. Wanting to come film them because of the famous YouTube clip. They don't realize how difficult it is to film, Honey badger, because they're very intelligent, a lot of them forage at night, and they have extremely big home ranges. Some of them up to five hundred square kilometers that's three hundred ten square miles. Honey, badgers are more closely related to a weasel than a European badger, and they don't actually eat Honey, though. Their weakness for beehives and the tasty be larva within often gets them in trouble with humans, they live in a wide range of habitats from forests to deserts, but mostly hang out in dry areas in Africa, southeast Asia, and India, Honey, badgers have become synonymous with aggression, and ferocity Guinness world records has named them the world's most fearless creature to the point the particularly nations, professional athletes, sometimes earn Honey, badger, as nickname, they the Honey badger animal, not the athletes have a reputation for being nearly indestructible. But the truth is, they're short, just about eleven inches at shoulder height, which is about twenty eight centimeters and not very fast. So there's sometimes attacked and killed by bigger predators. But for Honey badger, the best form of defence is attack. Vulnera- said they're thick skin is loose so loose. In fact, that they can almost turn around completely within it. If an animal bites the Honey badger on the back, it can turn around and bite the animal right back. They have long claws on their front feet that they use for digging, but which they use for fighting as well. Inexperienced predators a young leopard, lion hyena, for instance might try to attack a Honey badger once, but they'll never try it again after the first time Honey badgers off, untangle of venomous snakes. But one misconception is that they're naturally immune to venom while it's true? They eat a lot of items animals their immunity needs to be developed over time how Honey badgers acquire? This immunity is not well studied or understood, but mother Honey badgers spend a long time raisin each pup fourteen to eighteen months and as the baby grows it seems, it's mom slowly. Introduces it to venomous animals starting with the mildest scorpion and moving up the venom ladder, until the youngsters eating cobras and puff Hatters. Another thing we get wrong about Honey badgers is that we think they're like, skunks, because they bear a physical resemblance in there for pattern skunk, spray. A strong unpleasant smelling liquid at their attackers to gross them out and get them away. And while it's true that Honey badgers. Do store revolting smelling substance in their anal pouch and they occasionally release it when they're in a life threatening situation. They don't weaponize it the way skunks do. It's more a panic button than a threat of though. It's still something, you don't want to get on you because that stench lingers. When Honey badgers were first described in South Africa. They're often found in B's nests apparently feeding on Honey. Hence the common name. But it turns out that they were really interested in the be brewed through nutritious larva found in the honeycomb Monday nervous said in South Africa, the Honey badger was listed as near threatened in the early two thousands beekeepers were killing them, because they were causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to the beekeeping industry, breaking into hives not only. Do they destroy the hive itself, the beekeeper loses Honey and the swarm of bees? It's actually quite a lot of money, some badgers, just learned to live off sacking beehives, and they were being persecuted for it, but over the past two decades, the relationship between badger and human has gotten better London marva explained what we did in South Africa is start raising the hives off the ground by one point one meters, or three point six feet or strapping them together, or two tires on the ground. This prevents the Honey badgers rolling the hives, which is how they access them in early two thousands half the beekeepers we surveyed admitted to deliberately killing Honey badgers because they were costing them so much money since we've come up with these methods for preventing the badgers accessing the hives beekeepers are no longer killing them. And we've noticed an increase in numbers and in range in some areas, they've since been downgraded to a species of least concern, which is great news. Because even though they've got terrible personalities Honey badgers are good for ecosystems they live in, because they're not as fast as other predators. They'll dig rodents out of boroughs, but miss catching them thus providing food for birds of prey and jackals, which often follow a Honey badger. Around waiting to catch the Honey badgers intended prey, it's okay though, the Honey, badger don't care. Today's episode was written by Dave rou and produced by Tyler clang brain stuff is a production of iheartradio's has to works for more on this, and lots of other pugnacious topics. Visit our home planet house, two forks dot com and from our pod has for my heart radio is iheartradio app. Apple podcasts are ever you listen to your favorite shows. Hi, I'm Chelsea handler. And I'm launching a brand new podcast with iheartradio called life will be the death of me. And I'm gonna talk to all these different people, my BFF Mary McCormack. That's what we should call. My book tour the apology for great idea. Sorry. Everyone on this whole podcast should be called. It should be called with the orange because of the orange theme of the book Archie. Glad I went to therapy. Life will be the death of me with. Chelsea handler listening subscribe at apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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"h  abacha" Discussed on Everything's Coming Up Simpsons

Everything's Coming Up Simpsons

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"h abacha" Discussed on Everything's Coming Up Simpsons

"The show the show, just none of none of the writers game. They were on. I in fact, they were on like the, the picket line. I remember I saw them all walking on the picket line honk at them because I either it was either just working there. And like didn't really know the guys are because when you're like you're still you're still expected to work like there was no, there's no union as weren't scabs. Yeah. They would fire you. If there was like a scab that came in to replace you come. Explain what that is to be let, don't know. Yeah. Yeah. A scab viewers are imagining actual scabs. Wondering what's happening or something? Scab is someone when, when their union goes on strike, that, that does the were there non union people that do that do the work. And so, yeah. And they find them from lake temp agencies, or I don't know. That's a good question. I mean, like I don't think it happens really much dignified position to be in there. You can get then. And then, like a lot of instances like you won't work the union. We'll make sure you don't work ever again. If you, if you were scab so true, the other the, the union looks down on I mean like it doesn't I feel like scab worked like doesn't happen too. Often feel like someone should absolutely make like a very like tent. Drama, thriller, Abacha movie. Appel scab being chased down. We're the only peril is your dignity. Trying to think of like when they were like when like, like sports, when, like when they were like you union issues and sports and stuff. And they will was a scab season where people were the scabs played, that'd be. I mean, I'm picturing, like regular Joes like being thrown in and be like, you know, they toss jerseys. Do people in the stands, and they are or something like what sports is like it's kind of a good comparison. Because then it's like people that are like that. Like almost made it to the NFL, for instance, like Meron strike, and then those guys would play you know what I mean. Like because they have an opportunity to make money. Yeah. That may be maybe better opportunity for them versus being a scout for writer's room, because then they can, you know, they have like such a huge platform to show what they got exactly. Yeah. And you know what I'm proud to say, no scabs in the Simpsons. No scabs on this podcast. No scabs on your podcast. I listen to that. You can get your in trying to fill in for you guys. We kind of do with, like that, if he song or somebody came back into for we're, we're. If your show was if your podcast was a TV show that would be like that one bottle episode from, like a different characters perspective, like did you ever watch in lightened? I watched some of the best it's the best. So there was one episode that was just from the perspective of Mike White's character and got to see like a little different angle like the same actions. I don't know people like that. I have did my quite ever do Simpson stuff. I feel like that would be my dream come true. Oh, boy, that movie, Orange County. Oh, yeah. Orange as MTV produced movie Joe's apartment. So it was the second perhaps, Jerry O'Connell and the talking cock. What America wanted he picked up the phone ring ring. Here you go in those were shorts, right? The like the roaches. Or like I m TV's little short sense. Yeah, that sounds about right? This episode. I wanna talk about liquid television. Exploring a new format for our show where we just don't talk about. Since it all, but everything in the periphery of the Simpsons. So let's talk about getting lunch for the writers arriving to work every day..

Jerry O'Connell Abacha MTV Appel Mike White Orange County NFL writer Simpson Meron America Joe
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"And I'll just add. Of course, I went to Texas at seventh district, which is a great of a suburban district that flipped to Democrats onto. Tuesday night. And one of the big questions was is this trend amongst college educated voters in particular college educated white voters going to stick. They kind of fled the Republican party when Trump was on the ticket is that going to revert to the mean and in poking through some of the exit poll data this morning. It does not look like that reverted to the mean, it looks like college educated voters stuck with Democrats at the same levels that they did in two thousand sixteen and college educated white voters voted for Democrats and not obviously bucks a trend of college educated whites being part of that more Reagan Republican party, totally. So I mean, this is what explains why was a good night for Democrats over. All right. Is that let's use the Romney Clinton Abacha Trump typology to explain this. But you know, one Romney Clinton districts continued to go democratic Democrats cleaned up there to Obama Trump districts reverted back to the mean, let's say. So this is why the, you know, Nate wrote on the site today that the map looks scary for Trump. That's why because he can't win if he's underperforming, but a typical Republican does among college educated whites but not over performing among non college whites. Trump needs to over perform among non college whites. In other words, he needs to keep winning those obama-trump districts and look he wasn't on the ballot. So he might do perfectly fine in two thousand twenty but at least on Tuesday, the Obama Trump districts now, it's like I didn't have we need to update the names for these. But now it's like these districts are like Romney Clinton democrat Abacha Trump. All right one. Final thing on the house before we move on. Is we talked a lot also before the election about what kind of popular vote margin Democrats would need in order to win the house. We said it was somewhere between about five and a half and seven it looks like in the end the popular vote margin is going to be around seven Democrats won the house relatively easily. What can we say about some of those structural challenges for Democrats, and what kind of popular vote margin they actually need when I say structural challenges. I mean gerrymandering and sorta I guess we can go back and went to the results are aiming go back and look at how much of a swing. What are you have needed for the GOP to take the House Democrats Lana close races? I mean, it looks like the break even point might have been four and a half or five..

Abacha Trump Romney Clinton Republican party Obama Clinton Abacha Texas Nate Reagan GOP Lana
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"To the, diamonds direct, live line. Migo remain Abacha, budget analyst at the Heritage Foundation joins me for a couple of minutes and when you see a headline social security is going. Broke some people will say no other people be like holy mackerel, I'm getting ready to retire this is bad, news Romania walk me through when, we say it's, going broke where do. We, stand, right, now This is. The first year first of. All good morning this. Is, the first year now that social security is actually. Starting to drain it's trust me Even be interest on accumulated assets for social security is no longer sufficient to cover the cost of full benefits the now we're actually tapping into nonexistent a piggy Bank and. It's. Just one? More sign how quickly this program it's? Reaching insolvency at, which point where I either phasing March tax increases or automatic massive. Benefit cuts yes so what what are, the forces at work here because I. Mean anybody's working sees the Fayka and they know they've been paying in so when you get to sixty five. You should be able to. Draw out why, is the, money no longer their workers have in fact been paying a lot into social. Security and impacted Heritage Foundation calculated that workers could. Get a benefit that's high or higher, than what they can expect from social. Security they told me they were allowed to put their money in the market where would grow with the economy Having to put it in the social security workers, are actually getting. A raw deal because they're only get the interest on the special issue treasury securities which the government. Determine so that means that those assets, aren't accumulating, value it's like putting your money under under. Your mattress which doesn't grow and that's one of. The reasons social security? Is going broke is that it hasn't been infested case so we talk about going broke of you know you said. The piggy Bank is being tapped the interest payment is not covering the full nut how close is it Undercard projections and this does the. Council looming economic crises that could very well happen, over the next. Decade or so under current projections if everything goes well the program will be completely idle Barney by. Twenty thirty four and at that point, program is, only allowed to pay benefits to the amount. That it can afford based on the payroll taxes. Collected at that time Shortfall. Currently projected would, be, over twenty over twenty five percent so there could be an. Automatic benefit cut of about a quarter and people benefits or what is more likely that congress will tried to raise taxes to paper with a shortfall So for someone, who is getting close to retirement and. Let's say just to make it easy round number they're. Expecting three thousand dollars in monthly benefit you're saying by twenty twenty twenty twenty thirty four there is a chance that instead of three thousand dollars they'll be getting twenty to fifty That's right that's under current law. Now we were at this place before in the in, the early nineties when the trust And President Reagan. At the time and they, worked out a deal that included increases in the retirement is much higher payroll taxes over time even that wasn't enough though for the long run, fiscal health is so we're long overdue for over how to reform social security, such that. Provides protection against poverty. In retirement but it doesn't disabled people from saving for their own retirement. And really well More effective savings vehicles like the floor on Alexa, for like all of the great savings vehicles to detector has put out there We should protect workers from poverty and retirement and. Social security taxes people so heavily makes it really difficult especially for low in Italy workers to set aside a on, their own so they're not fully relying on the government which is also been overspending and more than twenty one dollars and Romeo no chance that with a historic low unemployment numbers that that might turn around a little bit Now this already factored in current numbers it's really unfortunate is harder Wages The generosity of social security benefits growth with them so we can grow our way out of it because the benefits gets more. Costly as the economy And Our reform commonsense reforms is better targeting benefits were, beneficiaries could meet them up beginning to adjust with your retirement, age growing life expectancy that we've been up birding such great news for the American, people but his made it very difficult to, finance, ever-growing, entitlement state or social, security, Medicare, Medicaid and similar, programs Just for reality, graphic sectors people aren't giving birth to many, children, the, United States as they, during, the baby boom period Factors contributing to that fiscal health of social security modernize the program yeah well my experience with people in DC is they don't much. Care for reality and I guess that's another, thing.

Heritage Foundation piggy Bank Romania Alexa Abacha twenty twenty twenty analyst Migo President Reagan congress Barney United States DC Romeo Italy Medicare three thousand dollars twenty five percent twenty one dollars
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"Happy Friday glad you're, with us and thanks for. Checking in thanks for, that, back, Brown Florida Georgia, line series John that was fun to listen to listen. To write it puts you in a good mood for. The weekend it did. My son my husband had that chicken fried song on his phone as my rain town for. A, while wow Hey your example. Of honoring others is so vital to our country. Right Now. Sean I really, appreciate, how you, deflect, praise and it, just comes, from, a heart, of. Humility you're just really choosing to be known for. Who you really are nothing more, nothing, less than. I believe that builds, unity within our country which. Is so desperately lacking, at, the, present so thank, you for your voice your very nice you provided us. Over the years the facts reported they've been indefensible you. Fight democrat public things. Next week is going to be a blockbuster week that's all I can really say at this. Point You, know I say this but this is these are not words everybody is in the. Service industry in one way or the other the, fact that whatever I'm doing in the public eye doesn't make it any different from what people do. And don't get you know consideration or praise or acknowledgement for but if you really. Look at it that we're all spokes in a wheel we live in the greatest country God gave man, and, the idea is that we want to preserve protect and defend the greatest, country, God gave man for future generations then we're really kind of all on the same team. Unfortunately there are people that think they know better than us that. They're smarter than us they were smarter than us in two thousand sixteen, and they took it upon themselves to do. Things that they should never have. Had never have. Done and all of this I. Think is going, to come to, a head next week I'm. Pretty confident it's going to be a pretty revealing. Week next week if you if you stay tuned Stay tuned, yeah I I agree with that those who are seeking for globalization want to divide us it's like. They wanna make the divided states of America because they know that we're gonna fall. Divided by what's the rest of that thing is United we stand and yeah there are e. pluribus Zuma Yeah That that campaign a hashtag. Resist I think we need to defend that or or come against that with a art attack serve, campaign feel like you Donald Trump and many others are serving to preserve. Unify and and the sad reality, is is there are people that want to destroy this president never wanted him to, win did illegal things to prevent him from winning anyone. Anyway and as a, result we see the benefits now of eighteen months of a Trump, presidency and they never give him, credit but I don't even think he wants the credit to be. Honest I just think he's happy that things have turned. Around I was watching him closely last night in Pennsylvania news, rally and I think he's just happy that things are turning. Around all, right. Ellen thank. You appreciate. It Betsy is in Illinois. Bessie. Hi how are? You glad you. Called I wanted to talk about Gregory crack in his hospital. Indictment, well I saw his name was setup up by Muller and company to the southern district of New, York which I don't think any American would ever. Want, no I think, he's Trying to deter to come on like he's a. Political because he's dealt with him, before he interviews Muller's FBI interviewed Obama and criminal case of the selling of the, Senate seat Gregory Craig Representative he gave him an internal. Investigation report that Craig, wrote before the interview contradicted by prosecution witness testimony two years later, and even after this now there's, all happen ten in eight years ago we still haven't seen Obama's. FBI three to not even the defense attorney listen at. Some point here and I don't know when I think the, president is going to take the advice of many people many. Experts and, just. Allow the. Public to. See a lot of the. Information. That I think? Blows all of. This narrative everything about Muller everything about Russia everything about Pfizer. Out, of the water but I we pretty much know the story but the smoking guns have yet to, come out and I think one of them is. Coming, out next week And what. That has to do it you got Abacha's FBI, three oh twos and you compared it to Gregory Craig's internal investigation report and the testimony of Tom bail none of it matched up how do you know so much about this I'm interested I there was, when which was. On trial yeah it was a big to do in Illinois the son time Chicago put out LifeLock's, where you could. Interact and I went. To the court well listen I I saw Blagojevich's, name being raised in the press about a possible pardoned by the president. It'll be interesting to see I listen I interviewed Marie Johnson this week and what a lovely woman and it took my breath, away and it was such an honor to get to meet her and her family and her attorney and we do need. Criminal Justice reform I will say, that a grandmother I defense never before, Ben in trouble one drug offence should not, be a life sentence for somebody although I think. We've got to be very tough especially on these drug dealer That are pushing these opioids onto our kids and creating, addiction that is lifelong and leading to. Death but anyway I appreciate it, Bessie thank you Georgia and Florida wants. To defend Jimmy Kosta what's up Georgia and Florida how are. You hey Sean thanks to date McCall yeah I, I just want share the I'm gonna send him. And. He paint is a victim of his circumstances? Because why is he a victim why is he not responsible for. His own disgraceful behavior okay let me explain would you be upset with a cat backed into a, corner? By a toddler but then that strikes out and scratches the child, on the hand okay, so who's the cat in this particular case because, you've got them in. Trump and you back into the corner you've been saying for years that these journalists are part of the democratic arm and the Democratic Party right and and their policies have made because maybe a short term relief but. In the, long-term their policy just. Have caused, debilitating dependency on people irreparable harm for families. So here comes the president. Who now Josh? Reports, are, just out and in. All, the, economy's downing and these jerk Journalists who have been in this system for. The. Last thirty or forty years are realizing that they failed? In their job in the fourth arm of our government? Urine near your you're assuming. Something here that I don't think is true I don't think they are acknowledging, anything I don't think they recognize that all their. Abuse a bias they don't they don't recognize it because I think they I think they think they're the? Super patriots sorta like Peter Struck I think they think? They're. Better than all. Of us well it's something when I called the there are caught in the, matrix of the Ted Koppel that and you've been caught in this. To. A couple a couple of months ago you? Went on the cop Ted Koppel chill interview correct remember Ted Koppel. Yeah when I when I gave him you know an hours worth of interviewee us sixty seconds that, benefited? Him correct and how did you feel when you came back you, I remember you talking, about how how do I buy the problem is, I expected I expected. A little more from him because I've known him over the years but it didn't surprise me nor did it bother Me and gave me an opportunity, to tell people, what edited fake news is like but you have a. Platform you do you have great but. What happened to the other people other people who don't have. Platforms they. Get the crap kicked out of them and, they have nothing they have no recourse to defend themselves raise cases, that's why Fox News and the conservative movement has been. What, Donald Trump is the answer for Justice what listen we celebrated this week Russia's thirtieth anniversary in. Syndication and as I said on radio and TV I can't imagine what the. Country would be like without, thirty years, of rush. As. Almost like an. A. Waste this for the people that, are looking, for truth for a different take on the news for conservative. Thought. Principles and ideas so but I hear what you're saying? Look I I don't think they are in touch with? Themselves at all I think. They think they're superior to us and that we're a bunch of smelly WalMart, people that cling to our God gun bibles rely Religion and that we're irredeemably deplorable I think that's they've revealed it but anyway good call. Appreciate. It. Listen if you wanna look feel smell your best then joined all of us here on the.

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"News time five forty three about one hundred and forty thousand customers in the tri state area remain without power this afternoon after yesterday's violent weather cut a swath of destruction ripping up trees knocking down polls piercing people with n places with hale and governor cuomo not happy about these numbers longer accept from the utility companies the excuse well this is worse than anything we've seen i've heard that ten times every situation is worse than we've ever seen the national weather service confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in putnam county the storms killed two people in new york too in connecticut and yesterday's severe conditions produced what is known as media soon nami off the coast of new jersey accuweather is alex us now ski explained phenomena is a disturbance in the ocean or base surface water that's caused by abacha thunderstorms thunderstorms create a quick pressure chains and rush of wind and that's what disturbs the surface of the water giant wave came ashore we would've told you about that and no damage was reported but fluctuation in water levels was recorded wins news time five forty four always over promise advice you'd like to get from someone who owns a ram truck because the all new twenty nine thousand nine ram fifteen hundred not only capable of always living up to expectations but exceeding them for instance when your buddy forgets to mention that he's bringing his atv face quarter would and his.

hale putnam county new york connecticut accuweather governor cuomo abacha
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"That decision number two in this 10 minutes i've abacha's number three kellyanne conway also a member of the trump administration actually broke the law as she is now officially accused of breaking of the hatch rule the hatch act which is a a rule that says a law sh action called a role to law that says you cannot try to have sway over a political race from another political seat so if you are in office in washington you can not in the job that you're paid to do you know try to sway a different election so in other words the president can't sit at his desk in the oval office and save vote for roy more and kellyanne conway whose job it is to go on television and represent the president that is her paid job the white house pays her do it went on television and essentially stumped for roy morris did it twice to interviews one on fox one on cnn i looked everywhere for the fox interview couldn't find it but here's the cnn peace when the president endorse with their strange this change shut up in the polls a tremendously by double digits when the president endorse worry more when he started to talk about deng jones at the opponent here with so don't wanna talk about that the president does avoiding war took a lead in the polls again why is that because the president himself came out and said he hasn't won a liberal in the senate he doesn't want a liberal democrat in the senate he wants a reliable though for taxes for life so that was only part of the interview as she went on to talk about all the things that are wrong with dow jones who ultimately won the election she did not say vote for roy more but she certainly came very close and there was an entire committee who looked at this and made the decision that she did infact violate the hatch act here's the problem with the hijacked it's kind of like that i don't know if you remember that story about that racist pig guy tommy hunter up in gwinnett county who basically was evaluated by the ethics board there and given the worst punishment they could give him which was essentially goes it in the corner for five minutes like they they said you did everything wrong but then we have no power to punish.

washington president roy morris deng jones senate gwinnett county abacha kellyanne conway fox cnn five minutes 10 minutes
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"Yeah i did it did it for you i agree commenters out today a should tell the games let's get started bacon man and adventure our windows bravo team on psvr dj max respect on playstation 4 tj maxx franchise favorite amman uh fear effect said on ps4 xbox one windows and switch final fantasy fifteen royal addition the game that will never stop coming out on our position for xbox one and finally windows because he had a lot of catching up steve to get that titled from skyring mckay true very true but something tells me they're going to keep try we're going to gun for a frantic six on playstation 4 which i don't know what that is but i'm hoping it's just a story of friend mirabella's antics in his daytoday life is strange before the storm on playstation 4 and xbox one the retail addition disc whatever midnight deluxe done with that is but sounds dope on opposition foreign vita north on playstation 4 xbox one switch and vida randy on playstation vr scribble that showdown on ps4 xbox one and switch super seducer on playstation 4 and pc this is gave that obviously us listen to my i need to look this up is what the what could that be at is somehow croupiers at abacha that seized the biggest pile of garbage i think i've ever seen it video game there is some of this a really bad games out there clearly the st marketplace hus has some trash the eia wes in google place stores have a lot of trash even nintendo switch ps4 xbox one have have have trash and their marketplace's now but this is like the thing that really bothers me the most about this game is that they won't stop email any press releases about it after i specifically said i don't want to play your game i'm not going to talk about your game dear announ fucking talking about their game the offense it's it's weird because i i just don't understand the tone news of it works like this there was a time and place where this game who've come out and then acceptable the didn't mean it was rights but they're like when you've got to the bmx xxx era right and things like that where it's just like you know what anything fucking where is this kind of.

Steve Mirabella Abacha Skyring Mckay Playstation Nintendo BMX
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"Have to be smart to be a democrat if respond to what to host the latenight talk show host if if you say if you keep going deep after republicans and and trump voters and and and and you know the the the the republicans this country it's that stature job at central java and so i i imagine abc is cutting back on that and a abacha dollars to don it's it's somebody had a had a talk with joy bay heart and said look when you say if you talk to jesus or jesus talks to you it's crazy eighty percent of the people in this country disagree with you or at least may lives say sixty seventy percent of the people in this country are let suits do mandela's do it on channel nine what's going on here on channel nine victory boulevard very close to in they've got delays the westbound lanes victory shut down while they're working with that bike rider we did see him bove an earlier agua helping is ripe but allee city fire here on c ease it could be taken into the hospital shortly lapd west valley traffic's definitely going to be doing the report on this live in sky nine over ban eyes of stupid delft back to you to the studio we got a stool alert on tv it's like a sigler but it's still alert and my my wife came up with that none of us ziglar when there's a highspeed chase or something like that it's still alert and set of sig stu i think it works agaybi i think cbs and channel nine should run with that what you soon we gotta stool alert it's it's a what stu alert institute of hair and thirdly as a break we're live on kfi was going on a judge was thrown out of federal civil rights lawsuit filed against palos verdes the states in a surf war 2 outta town surfers that claimed they were harassed by locals have blue not obey but the judge ruled the surfers didn't have enough evidence the palace verdes was complicit in discrimination one of president trump's most prominent tech world supporters is ditching the bay area billionaire pay pal cofounder peter thiel says he's moving his home his company and foundation to la he's also considering stepping down from facebook's board thiel recently called silicon valley a oneparty state that lacks diversity of thoughts will check weather and.

abc delft cbs kfi trump peter thiel facebook abacha joy bay mandela bove palos verdes president sixty seventy percent eighty percent
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"Well let me ask you more about your mother has now twice now you've mentioned how when she was in china what you could see in the in the films in in her writing how happy she was now china and brazil are two completely different countries so what was it about china in about the cultural revolution that spoke to your mother and gave her descent the purpose the happiness the engagement the being at one with the world that you've mentioned now is very good question because nothing could be more different and my mother than china my mother was born in in in the in in the state in brazil miniaturise which is very conservative she was a very catholic person she was not on the progressive side of the world and yet she went there and she found people who were the opposite of of what she was an instead of being horrified by what she saw she is she was she was staking abacha was she was moved she was moved at all think with the political process she was move with the beauty of the country she was move by the aesthetics of chinese art and chinese sensibility and and so therefore it's not really political in the sense of my mother but it but but it has to do with passion and falling and being in an passion and the and the fashion and basically that's it so what happens thicket passion any fashion it could be political it could be remand ticket could be a roddick could be aesthetic a it comes to an end what happens after that and and so then that that is yet that that is the senior ed yet that takes you from china to check yeah vodka gary subtle bitter because it's not directly political although by graphically there was a link between because we warring person 68 and politically there is a there was a connection between china the cultural revolution the maoists and the french maoist so it's it's not straight forward but i think the dynamic of knowing that at some point you had it and now you don't have and.

china abacha roddick brazil
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"Show has pretty places i haven't been over there if he went over there are other than saying it side that you've now entered the town where the atomic bomb was whatever it is there any kind of a museum waco recite experience their 30s the museum they have uh the museum of natural history over there if she betters the abacha atomic bomb so forth uh if you go the other way across a map the cherokee now they have the casinos and the indian reservation over there so uh any about as i understand it we're not driving back that way i originally thought because we came up from florida on this big loop but i had places i had to get to nashville and pidgin forge an with well at the where the paperclips a story in the film paperclips is about uh how to get through these places on and say i'm gonna do it for years have been promising people for years and i said well if we were going down on the amtrak train on the east coast and we're going to swing around the east coast florida go to sarasota florida and then go north and i thought oh he would do is drive up through north carolina and stop in asheville where the built more vanderbilt manchin morris and make a left turn because i was told it's only like ninety minutes or something from asheville older pigeon forge that would make sense until we took out the map and started looking at it and it's almost a straight run from sarasota florida the nashville than you make a right turn so.

florida north carolina asheville manchin morris sarasota nashville museum of natural abacha ninety minutes
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"What surprised you most abacha results in this research i think i was particularly surprised by how specific these innovation exposure patterns are that you know if you are grow up run someone in meant a an amplifiers you're likely to do exactly that but not something very closely related you know seeing the precision of these uh impacts was an you know i would have thought the mechanism would be something more general like you start to get interested in science and that leads you to pursue a career in science but it's actually much more like i see a person doing a specific thing and then i more likely to do exactly that thing which is a very different way to think about how all this works it's not just about improving schools or doing things that are at a broader level it's about giving people role models in showing them pathways in a very direct way not known usually way we think it it's funny because if you think about what this uh steady kind of implies a as obviously you have more than i it's really about what we don't have in this economy because of the realities you describe i think that's right i mean the the other way i look at it is often when we think about how to increase economic growth and improve welfare there's a lot of talk of trickledown economics rate that we're gonna give people incentives at the top and that's me going to create benefits for everyone i almost think of this is the opposite like trickle up economics innocence raden that makes any sense it's it's that you want it a harness this vast underutilised pool of talent that were not tapping into as effectively as we could i am now aji sort of imagine you're drafting a baseball team and for some random reason you decide to leave out seventy five percent of the people you could draft for your team ill you doubt obviously be crazy your could end up with uh uh less good baseball team than you otherwise would a in that in a sense that's what we're doing in the current american economy were playing with one fourth of the players be we really could is our since can i ask you a eb eb a methodology question here how did you how do you know ha ha ha what did you look at to make these.

abacha baseball seventy five percent
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"Were unsuccessful amtrak trains now stop it altman's new intermodal transportation center which opened in september st clair square mall in fairview heights as one of the shopping centers were illinois secretary of state police are watching closely for parking cheats secretary of state jesse white says if you don't have permission to park in spaces reserved for people with disabilities you best find someplace else targeting legally in these spaces beans a hefty fine any possible driver's license suspension the special patrols began friday and will last through december illinois conservation police issued more than 50 citations and warnings for illegal deerhunting this month the department of natural resources as a major focus of the november eight the ninth detail was on unlawful feeding of whitetailed dear in hunting in baited areas skies mainly clear overnight low of thirty three sunday mostly sunny sky of sixty two in monday mostly sunny breezy and warmer high near 70 i'm brad choked mild we got a full tank of gas half abacha cigarettes jobs were wearing here on route these welco to johnny rabbits route sixty six sponsored by new way everything for the contractor now johnny rabbit and route sixty six on kmox well.

st clair square mall fairview heights jesse white johnny rabbit altman illinois secretary of state brad
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"System you're not allowed say it because the welfare state is the is the end and be all the progress yes of movement but that's not even i focus my focus is the real threat to your future is a government that doesn't care about what is have me what does that mean a government that doesn't care abacha a government that is not spending enough borrowing enough redistributing enough what does that mean a government that is an centralized it enough dozen violate the constitution enough isn't socialistic enough what does it mean a government caring for you what does that mean does the government care for us when we have open borders does the government care for us when it a vis rates the military does it government care for us when at amiss eviscerates local law enforcement this government care for us when it runs up over two hundred trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities and twenty trillion dollars in fiscal operating debt does the government care for us when it puts certain business has out of business because of climate change or whatever the fat is the government care about us when it doesn't look at us all of us as individuals in a colorblind society but supports the balkanisation of this society what does she talking about what she's trying to say is either you embrace the radicalism of the radical progressives or you don't care about people the reason i do not embrace it and you don't ladies and gentleman is because we do care about people because we do care about people and along these lines our friends at news busters a nbc's today show this morning the secret the happiness is socialism cynthia mcfadden and others cut seventeen go years denmark has ranked is one of the happiest places it's not a coincidence that people are happy here at no job is less than any other stop why are they they're why are they in denmark because denmark is socialist but why are they in denmark why they insee california a new york our illinois where the progressive experiment is gone so so beautifully well why are they in denmark what is denmark have to do the with the united states we have almost no fence we've almost nothing in common with denmark so this is.

local law enforcement climate change nbc denmark york illinois united states abacha cynthia mcfadden california two hundred trillion dollars twenty trillion dollars
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"That is a guess now from the great ben lyons michel thompson's here what's up we're all hanging out good to see you boys oh it's light what's happened in players what's happening players players now the a's back died warmups fact bensaid vince twitter tv shows starts of again this week klay thompson said abacha sneakers is good now people may wonder why would you listened to mason i what value does that give you it's to idiots playing grab asked every day while that's all true except except ben if you listen to this show this was yesterday yesterday at this exact time this is what was said on this show by yours truly this game tonight yes goes major high scoring like tend to nine okay because it's a do or die game these managers hands will be force wrecked they'll have to reinsurance are in for a couple of inning stasi will have to have to earn sure and in the cubs who are already pitching hendricks and have already burned erie jake arrieta and john leicester and john lewis yar who would start game one greg if tonight was only one pitcher from jose concern then they get a burn container after burnt concen then whoever wins the game yup flies fleiss los angeles with each of their top three pitchers burn rare in the case of the cubs their drop four holes exactly you i missed it by one run i said it was 10 we'd be teddy nine was ninety eight.

ben lyons klay thompson cubs hendricks jake arrieta john leicester john lewis los angeles michel thompson abacha mason erie jose
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"The reply came from above steve hartmann on the road in park kills missouri in wbz news time is five forty two and that means it's time to check sports shortly rues run in the age ticket com sports studio good morning joan morning aren't the red sox and raised it began their game last night down in tampa about seven o'clock and finished about five hours ago 15 innings over six hours red sox prevail thirteen six the final scoring seven runs on five hits and two errors in the fifteenth this one should have ended in the ninth rays were up five two to the sox tied it with three santa bogart's base it's where the game at five socks sox started chris sale just five and twothirds innings allowed four runs two home runs but has also affected they look at the location of abacha's the sale parker snuck refitters on an office door the first part of socks pitchers nine in all the win two brandon workman yankees beat baltimore eight to two so the red sox still three up in the east kansas city four cleveland three the indians twenty two game win streak ends bruins practice each of the next two days they open their exhibitions schedule monday in quebec city against canadiens patriots headed new orleans today they'll face the saints in the superdome tomorrow dont'a hightower danny m and dollah matthew slater vincent valentine all ruled out charlie birger on wbz's back to school backup southbound and back on the road back into this storms going to bring attorney backed up there it's amazing wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time five forty three its traffic and weather together we begin with the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic.

wbz vincent valentine danny m bruins kansas baltimore santa bogart missouri attorney steve hartmann charlie birger new orleans quebec city cleveland yankees abacha sox tampa five hours six hours two days
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"The door force base for points parts are known i don't know what that means it means having at all i like especially left artery on if he thinks we are clogging abacha the back sharply to north korea or or or china is that we were talking what are we talking about kauai know china over the oic talking through back channels to either rally we have we have fraud channels to talk with the chinese i don't know about the north korean so what do you think i would well you know country they that and they could bear tillerson was not opposed to that and trump i don't know trump may even go through the frencharab so we number he said he would talk face to face with kim jong lennick dotted with do any good and you know that i don't know but it's sort of high highly risky gave because i don't really think they're going to get rid of them if our weapon as for the chinese we've been talking trump's been talking publicly that disappointed he thought the added agreement with the chinese leader to do something to pressure north korea but the chinese youth the reasons i mentioned or the refugees had not alter the fact that they're afraid north career will implode and now dis right you have to land on their border those to thank the chinese degrade weary of pressuring north korea to march the chinese are very uneasy that the north koreans because they have to deal with a nuclear power right on their border yeah but i mean that they they could lay could shut this down it it it in a mud maybe three weeks they they they are the only reason the north korea genre korean regime exists at this notion about china is afraid of millions of refugees coming across the yalu river really did the people's liberation army disappear are you kidding me you couldn't sneaker a tadpole across the river of the chinese wanted to stop it well i don't think that trying or is that they wanted yeah i think that all it is a they will yet goggles sam's chain but yet all right anyway the chinese want the us alliance on orders the main reason and so i think you're only going to go limited uh help from a chinese i now try about trump is going to try to.

north korea china trump nuclear power yalu river us abacha fraud north korean kim jong three weeks
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"Yeah i remember uh there was abacha added in japan and i think and in this who's in november no i i don't know what was going on but i think there was a may is seen by bill moving they were asking if by contract was up news new japan with um with tina because they were little pissed that i want worked for um just so the company and in japan like no no no he's still works deny so can't really talk right now but he doesn't work from just so you know because he saw that uh i was working for the japanese company got enough of it so we're waiting for that of the uh so that we could you know talk with them you know about coming over new japan and took about four months to to get everything go in um in in then turned out to it was very exciting these these four months i that i had with you know really bonner and doing the indies in any was cut out editing realize i was that big of a drawl to the independence and i didn't know anything at all it's like a been this tina bubble for so long i didn't realize what was out there listening at the say would that was it was going to say that um no unite at a couple couple conversations to when you're when you're finished up with with tna and um i remember having a convert the specifically about you know where you're kinda going to go to and we were going to try to do and and the thing that i was appreciate respect respected was that you knew you're worse and i think sometimes.

abacha japan tina bonner tna four months