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SoCal is Burning

"Award winning chefs love fresh locally sourced products, steaks, chops, ribs chicken delivered right to your door liberty delight farms, dot com scheduled your delivery today fresh meat rees right. John and Ken show. John Kobylt Ken. Chiampou KFI. Am Six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Welcome on everybody for back another weekend for this This is wind. the biggest story in southern California right now for fires. The one that broke out this morning in orange. County. They are calling it. The San Diego fire because it broke out in the San Diego Canyon area of East Orange County was just before seven. Am this morning it's now grown to four thousand acres. And of course, with the high winds we're seeing. It's made it difficult to do anything about trying to fight it with. Air Support Orange County register is calling it the Silverado fire under Silverado fire but broke out in the Santiago Canyon area. That's right. Sorry. Silverado fire. So I don't know why it's called silver. About the Orange County fire. Except Orange County is pretty big that doesn't give me angle much help, but it's near Irvine survey fire. Because the evacuation zones what I'll call it yeah and a lot of them are affecting people in the area. Sixty. Thousand ft have been told to get. Out. Yes and it looks very bad there. Something called the Orchard Hills, community? North of Urban Boulevard from Bake Parkway to Jamboree Road and yes the evacuation affects roughly sixty thousand people. They had known this wind that was coming in I was just looking. At the where you sit right now roughly. Yes the humidity is four percent. I tell. You can tell us dry. No sinuses really bother me a lot on the humidity's dry. The only we don't have is a lot of heat. Now but actually cool heat is the least important element when it comes to these fires, which you the the wind and the lack of humidity would cause. It causes the fires to really. Get Large. Because the humidity dries out the vegetation even further and the wind drives it farther. Right he is kind of overrated in the in the grand mix things. Yeah. So it's also affected the to forty one toll road. which they had to close from Santiago Canyon Road to the one thirty three. Toll, so That's affecting people who are trying to come up ninety one and get to the to forty one. That's going to be closed for a while there's another fire that broke out in the corona area, and this is much more recent just in the last. Looks like our so. And because John it's burning in the area of Green River road near the Green River Golf course. What do you think they call it the corona fire. The green fire, the green fire remember the origins civic origin that would be something to see though green fire. I don't know. That'd be really. They have that on Jupiter they have green fire. So they're concerned about people in some your Belinda neighborhoods. If the fire progresses that way, they're apparently have been some. Evacuation orders issued for your Belinda neighborhoods north of the ninety one freeway east of Gypsum Canyon including Bryant Ranch Elementary School. So. Here we go. Yeah. The winds were gusting up to forty five miles an hour. Down in. Readings approaching ninety in certain places the wind was knocking down trees. So residents were running out to cut them up to get them out of the way of escape routes in case they got evacuation. Evacuation orders. That you might have to flee the home drive down the road and run into a down tree. So people on their own are are cutting up the trees. Those who have chainsaws? The silverado fire is got the old zero containment on it. That would be expected. And that kind of wind forty, five mile an hour wind that would be impossible to contain. Do much to fight it from the air with the water drops in the retardant drops you could imagine that that's not going to. Change much until they can all in dies down a bit which not really supposed to be till tomorrow I think. So Cal Edison said they may have to shut off power to one hundred and seventeen thousand people in six southern California counties because of the wind and the fire danger, and of course, you know the question people always have out of this fire star. We don't know that yet I mean clearly the most suspicious element or power lines, but we do not know that the with wind and I was. Explaining to that someone this morning that that's why they turn power off. If the wind brings the lines down could start a fire. That's why they've been shutting off. I think PG and E. E. shut off power to a number of people up in northern California in advance of this wind warning I I was up my park, the other day and city worker was out with one of those Edging tools. Battery operated right and so he was cutting the the edge long sidewalks of the of the grass and whatever brushes there, and he kept hitting the sidewalk and shooting sparks everywhere. Nice that I want to go hey, hey, fire season radio in there because it was a shower of sparks going all over the place as he was walking is very sloppy. As a city worker so You're not in a really. Forested area though but still. You. See the sparks going off. Wow, stop. That's the problem a little more careful there. We found this out through so many fires over the years that the spark and get blown easily in any which direction by a good wind gust and it just picks up the right vegetation and whoosh yeah. Never anything goes any kind of metal hitting cement at high speed. A lot like the blades of of of of an edgier. What do they call those? Weren't exactly we'd Wacker's but it's it's you know I know you're talking. Aiding. Metal, blade. Hung up against the curb and. Eat Yeah. I know everybody's obsessed with having a yard and need everything was shocked city care Davin need grass line. Yeah. What does it matter? They got vagrants lying around poop and everywhere. They care about a neat grass line. A little surprising. The the defecation on the sidewalk. They don't worry about the get edge line. Just right. I was just thinking the other day. It really hasn't been. That much in terms of fire for Orange County in a while I mean they had a couple of fires in the last few years but compared to what happened up in the San Fernando Valley. Yes. The last couple of years in very hard hit. They're very hard hit and I'm seeing that so cal Edison has. A turned out the lights in a number of neighborhoods some Encina valley someone who Rupa Valley some in Grand Terrace. And I don't know what they don't know what they basis on they look at the forecast for the local wind gusts I guess they figure out which areas they must have a big map with their power lines. At repeats. Yeah. I mean at a certain level of wind. They know there's a risk that these lines are GONNA go down because they haven't been maintained in a hundred years I. Don't know when the San Fernando Valley was settled like when was it? Your? Did they install electrical lines for all the developments that was the last year southern California's. Southern. California Edison paid any attention the infrastructure there. What what whatever the first year was that they settled I guess it's a guessing game I. mean this is one of the things I just read before we came on the air up in northern California I mentioned PG turned off power and they talked to one of the quote fire expert guys at some college said Oh. They undoubtedly saved a lot of fires from breaking out last night by doing that. We know we don't know you can't. No you can't go down that road and no I mean. There's no fire you don't know whether or not. That's what made the difference. Odds are you I think they probably have a formula where they know how many fires are GonNa. Start. If you have Senate and a wind event with fifty mile, an hour winds is probably an average number of fires that start every year. When you are every time, you have that that particular event and the most common sense way to look at it. Is If. You've got a power line that went down, but you had turned off the power to the line. You'll probably going hoof that could have been bad. That was alive. Why is strong winds everywhere in the country and don't shut power off everywhere in the country they do it here because our infrastructure is garbage, it hasn't been maintained in many decades. Up to one hundred years. Seventy that's why they have. They have strong winds everywhere else to you don't do this everywhere else because in other states, they the energy companies maintain their infrastructure. the energy companies have bribed everybody out their rear ends. So, they don't have to do the work. Do you think the topography they'll plays a part because while the canyons and mountains and forested areas like you heard those bad fires in Colorado this past week, and if you heard about those and and up in Washington and Oregon that we talked about previously that that some of the reason why these? More Dana goes goes back to what I always say is that there's areas people should be living in we should have power lines installed there there shouldn't be housing developments there shouldn't be anything because this happens constantly and always will happen and. Eventually, the insurance companies will make it impossible to live in some of these places. You'll get all your updates through KFI news. We probably talk to Ben Carson on what's going on in Orange County with that fire. The SILVERADO fire more coming out make sure the television excuse me make sure you have the record player on tonight I know had the best words people like Margaret Fans. People like the former chairman and leader of the Party in Germany based on the core principles of fairness. And reciprocity what that turn that that that that that that certain. Wand in the Sun Mike Bolton as you know is in Russia, and now an update from the presidential race. Is John and Ken John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. All, right. Well, of course, one of the big stories over the weekend from this arena was that early voting began in California. In fact in Los Angeles County. There are one hundred eighteen votes centers that you can visit their open every day including weekends through Election Day from ten am to seven PM. And the story is like a lot of this is a lot of people lined up very early when they first opened but it was the middle of the end of the day it was kind of dinner. But I read in Pasadena. People were standing in line for three hours. Yes I don't understand this. I need human behavior specialist explain this to me. A. Anxious about what? They WANNA vote because. Because they don't want to mail in their ballot, they don't trust that. So they wanNA vote in person. Election Day, it could be ugly three, appleton three hours is ugly and then when people decide to go, they decide to go early because they want to beat the crowd but that actually could be the opposite. That's really funny. People always think the only one who had the beat the crowd idea am going to get there early. On and oil is going to beat be there I'm the only one who thought of this you'll say I'll be I'll be there an hour before everybody. Know people are kettle they all think and do exactly the same thing at the same time. The bunch of cows standing line Pasadena Bray hours a three hour line kaos. Nationwide. OFFIC, their unique. The people that voted already already exceeds the two thousand, sixteen total. But I always had a caution to that because this being the pandemic year I think changed a lot of things. Well of course, a lot of people mailing in their vote and a lot of people not wanting be standing in line on election day you may see election day that the lines aren't so out the door. Obviously. There's a limited number of people who are GonNa vote this late think the turnout's GonNa approach an all time record. Guna Lot. It yet maybe does by. But I'm saying it's not like they're going to have four, hundred, million people voting. It's just people. These are the people who made up their minds a long time ago and they vote for the same party every year no matter what you know about eighty to ninety percent of the public votes for the same party every year. So if you're know you're voting for your party that you have all your life, then it makes it obvious that you're GonNa mail in earlier stand in line early because there's nothing the other side can do that's going to change your vote and there's nothing your guy can do to make you give up on him. I mean, it's so silly. There's there's just a tiny little sliver in the middle that can go anywhere. The. Vote Total Twenty sixteen was about one hundred and twenty, seven million votes between Hillary. and. Trump I didn't count the third party candidates they were kinda scattered but they think this could exceed one hundred and forty million people voting. More significant uptick than a million but it doesn't. It doesn't really matter matters who has the most votes. Whether it's eighty million people hundred and forty million that it indicates that people want something. That something is bringing them out even more than ten years ago if that if this turns out to be the case is an anti-trump approach, is both. It's both you just don't know the exact proportions, right? Right. But he he has every poll in every media report except for certain media outlets is telling us it's to get trump out. It would be a stunner if he's not beaten. But also I I wouldn't be stunned by it. Well after four years ago probably not no I feel it stronger this year that I did for years ago but that's probably just because it's been four years of trump. And all the people that cover this heavily. Enough and our Rudy if you didn't watch all the media you watch, there'd be no way to tell. But you know if you watch the more, you watch media the more you'll think that you're gonNA die of the virus and the more you think that trump is gonNA. Lose in a landslide because that's those are the two messages that have been being pumped out all year so Of course she'd feel that that's the only inputs you have. But what if you didn't have those inputs? Would you would you? Would you think you're you're going to die the virus I wouldn't I hardly know anybody who caught it let alone died from it. I have no nobody who died for Android just a handful of people mostly on the periphery my life who I heard had it. And so if I went by my my experience, it's like what? What's the big deal now turn on CNN it's like Oh we're all GonNa die. And the same thing I don't know anybody who voted for trump for years ago. He's going to vote for him again and I don't know anybody who hated him for years ago but still hate him. And everything you've just described is anecdotal and in your bubble. So Greg with that bright. But what I'm saying you can't survey the world by political I. Know Now you trump my heard and I know. So it's as just as distortive as getting all your cues from Cable News is Michael I. Agree that's the other bubble. Okay. Saying how this is going to go. Everybody's got bubbles. You Know I. My bubble I. Prefer not to look at the world. You know the fifty people I talked to but what do you go by? There's to go by well I used to go by the nationwide polls which are supposed to be real. Mathematical sampling across a diversity of people. But I don't even know if that's true anymore. Did you hear what the poster that Frank Lund said. No he said if Biden doesn't win this election and fairly decisively, we're out of business of should be. Everything we have is indicating a Biden win, and if that doesn't happen, people are never going to trust us again. After what happened for you but I don't think this time they'll really by I don't know anybody who really believes in the polls. Go with Idaho no party well, no, no no. No. I. Talked to a lot of people what I'm still not in it's nothing. Should I would I talk to your bubble and your small? Show what should I talk? I talk about is what I know I can talk about is what I experienced in life. I'm going to talk about what goes on in your life. I. Don't know what goes on in your life probably very little but I tell you but it's not representative of any. It's representative of something. Okay. With Seattle West side friends. More than well the Afrim reliant. Trump supporter no-no. No actually opposite sitting it's no it actually the opposite. I've always say right there secret trump's supporters. Oh no no no not that some of the DADS are yes. Some of the men are and they're they're not secret to me but their secret to their wives that is really fascinating little subculture phenomenon. Vote for Biden but they're gonNA vote go in and vote for trump yes. Isn't That happened four years ago to yes. Because there's too much social pressure. Women generally are more impassioned against trump than men. I think most men kind of get trump because he's a guy and he behaves like a lot of guys do and women aren't looking. Women don't know that guys act like trump when they're not looking. So the women really hate that behavior really much more bothered by the personality toxic masculinity yes. Yes. Trump exudes toxic masculine does zanuck. That's how he connects with men because some people like that. No longer. That's the thing off guys. All guys have some percentage of that in the off. And then then you have women who I don't I don't know what bubble they live in, but they pretend their husband or their boyfriend isn't like that. And every all the guys try to convince their wife. Oh. No, I'm not like that. We have some audio to play from the presidential race as a lot of it is Joe Biden. There's an explanation now he did not slip and say he was running against George. Bush there is an explanation will play the clip and talk about it next. John and Ken. Show John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou Kfi am six, forty five everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Of course, fires a big deal today with the strong winds fire. This morning in eastern orange, county will be talking to Corporate Carson. After three o'clock about the latest on it and the evacuations of fire out in the corona area that is threatening Yorba. Linda lister reports a fire in the area Fullerton. Also going on it looks like the winds of the worst in that part of southern California out of county places, and then out towards corona being impacted by the winds and these fire starting the causes of which we do not know. So but we'll be talking to after three o'clock for the latest on that situation in Orange County we'll take these in order. Over the weekend of course, there was plenty of. For President even Joe Biden did one of his safe rallies he left the basement of Delaware made his way to Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia. And he did like a drive in movie theater, rally. Would you come in your car and you park and? I. Guess You honk when you like what hear Anyway, it's really stupid looking this is in. Bucks County Pennsylvania. County Community College and. That there's nothing funnier than some of the public. Crap they're doing to try to show that they're very sensitive to the virus. It's like did he said that because he was asked how come we not have big rallies where's your enthusiasm said we're not going to be a super spreader no trump people. That's the cover story regardless of how the election plays out. Does not have a passionate following that's going to go hear him. So I totally agree he has a huge enthusiasm. Okay. So what they had to, I'm fascinated and what's happened. So when you're running a campaign, it's like, what are you? What do you do? Right? 'cause trump could fill any stadium. So what what do you do? You have a guy with a dud. Personality and he's losing his mind that he may win anyway but you gotTa show something right? You got to create some excitement. It's like, okay. What kind of like fake event can we have a where I felt a parking lot with cars and that'll kind of cool because it'll be different and and then what's the excuses why we didn't get a bigger crowd? The virus, and in fact, we're limiting the crowds so that a widow put anybody at risk risks the big cover story in the media. Gosh yes yes. He's being very responsible yes. Because the virus yes. Yes pandemic but the truth is he's got no following. He's he's the accidental nominee who may become the accidental president. But what if he has that silent majority that is really afraid of the virus and they're not gonNA come to his rallies even though they're gonNa vote for him because they don't want to be in that situation. A bomb Pakistan whereas you would expect trump to have the opposite kind of Pino Louis with the toxic masculinity I'm stronger than anything and I'm going no because Obama would pack a stadium even pandemic you think he would absolutely but Obama wouldn't do it either. I. Like. I think like Biden, Obama would do this if. If. Obama needed to do it he would. If he if he wanted to create a lot of excitement in a tight race. Yeah, and then you know what they would do they they they have. They limit it in some way. Right says sort of pretend. They're spacing that have masks they dowse everyone with insecticide they do something, but they'd have it because he draw. I. Don't think INSECTICIDE IS GONNA be covert nineteen. That's twice you brought that up on the show insecticide is not gonNA kill Covid nineteen does I i. don't think so. You need something that kills viruses and that. because. You sprayed somebody with insecticide they're not gonNA DIA Covid Nineteen? You know what? Because it sounds like trump now at a news conference, want to try something. Because they'll die, it's a Russian vaccine, put some insecticide all of yourself and walk into a nineteen ward because they'll die the insecticide. That's why baby. So. Apparently. What happened at this rally is that trump supporters showed up in a car caravan outside the rally they were yelling on a megaphone Biden. Here's part what Biden said, we can do something about this. We better. Get it done. A Better, get it done. And by the way. We don't do things like chumps out there the microphone doing trump guys. You Go. Bothered me because trump guys with their microphones those chumps. Jumps those jumps. He's easily rattled. I is I just trump had had a chance at these two debates to to just throw in the dig that got him. that. The only the only thing he came out with his eyes. Yeah. Why don't you shut up man? Let's play the woman made news more recently. A nother event. Where Biden was speaking, this is called the I will vote concert a virtual campaign event child will vote concert. Now, this was not an in person thing it was. Biden on screen and you match sitting through something like that. Should. You'll the high profile names included were John Legend Dave. Matthews. Pink share and there's one more will mention after we listen to this clip of Biden. This is the most consequential not because I'm running because who I'm running against this most consequential election. And in a long long long time and the character, the country in my views literally on the ballot. Kind of country we're going to be for years of Georgia Georgia I. He GonNa Find Ourselves in a position where if trump gets elected We're GONNA. Be We're going to be in a different world. Okay. So the line was four more years of Georgia Georgia and everyone said, wow, he thinks he's running against Bush. The official can't pay an explanation is. One of the other hosts didn't mention for this I will vote concert with George Lopez. And he was kind of directing his comment to George Lopez. On. That's that's not even a good one. No that's. Referring George Lopez played again. Okay lay it again. Sam I can't they play the second time. Everything has to go bash concert not because I'm running because who I'm running against this most consequential election in in a long long time in the character of the country in my views literally on the ballot kind of country, we're going to be four more years of Georgia. Georgia. GonNa find ourselves. where he wasn't cut. Four years of. He wasn't gonNA say four more years of George Lopez wise I know he was reaching for trump's name and. He can't get trump's name he can't remember like everywhere. Yeah he's being tested by. Weekend between these little events he dan and he was on sixty minutes he's going to be napping for three days. John and Ken show John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. But a check on the big fire in Orange County that broke out this morning Irvine will come up after the news at three o'clock with Corbin Carson. Also, there's been a new development in the mayor, Garcetti and his. Sex harassing. Top. Friend. Rick Jacobs is big political consultant. There's good story on how Garcetti new for years, what Jacobs was up to and. Worried that it was gonNA come back to haunt him. That's the word in this latest story s which you you act think which true I mean. That's the way it would work the real world. Well here's a story that shades of El Chapo. Remember El Chapo is being held in a New York City jail. And family members were complaining and his attorney was complaining that he was dying in there because of the treatment in terrible conditions, guests who else is making the same noise d'alene Maxwell. Jeffrey Epstein's. Gal Pal and Madame. Who provided them with underage girl accusations young flesh. She's in prison or jail in Brooklyn New York and her friends are trying to get her out because apparently her health is at risk. They claim that she has lost twenty five pounds in the four months he's been behind bars. Because the people there won't give her the Vegan diet she follows. I. One day she went twenty hours without food. Twenty hours now if you were in jail. which will never happen. But yeah, go ahead. We don't want to get into that. We don't If if you went to jail. And they wouldn't serve Vegan. How long would you be protesting here? Would you lose? Of course you lost twenty five pounds you cease to exist. That's true. You, you'd be. You'd have to eat me. It depends on how long I'm expected to be in jail life sentence. Life sentence. That's what did she do? Get a terrible thing they finally found out. Okay. Then I'll just eat the sides. I'll just eat the salad and maybe the French fries you're not gonNA, in the Baloney Loaf No. Oh. No eggs no. Remember the loaf that they served at Arizona. To the inmates Sheriff Joe. arpaio. We saw the low facade. Ask Jail and. Riverside County or San Bernardino County we had like a little tour of the shoulders the loaf. All the leftovers they stick them together and bank it in the oven. It's a mishmash of disgusting. It says here, and this is her friend somebody by the name of Brian Basham. He's telling federal authorities have got to bail her out. She's GonNa be. Tried probably next summer. For Sex trafficking show last then she's lost twenty five pounds and four months. Well, so we'll let her wear a Bra. Because she's considered a suicide risk. That then shouldn't traffic underage girls. That's the way life goes she's in a nine by seven cell with absolutely no human contact. She comes clean about the epsteins perversions and ends over all the photos and videos that maybe she'll get out sooner it's up to her she wants to die in prison his starvation at Sir that's her choice. And we also learned today from the Vegan Desk I. Guess I don't know is that what this is? that. Maybe John One of the reasons that Disney's Baba. Is. Not Standing Up to Gavin newsom over Disneyland reopening is that he's just recently selected aboard position with a Vegan start up at. Berkeley. So he's gotten week it's called perfect day and they want to produce animal free flora made dairy proteins. So is gone Vegan and he doesn't have the strength now to fight for put up thinking now that's Baloney yet. No, you lose energy you get LAUDI would be okay. You protein have plenty of energy. You get you get listless lazy no he he's. He's gotten smart and he's realized that there are plenty of other options besides eating animals look he's a smart guy isn't he a lot of money? The We've been saying that somebody needs to. Take on a new symbols is drives frustrations. He's now gone. Vegan and he's lost his dry. It doesn't say he's a Vegan but I don't know. Let's just thinks it's a great business opportunity I'm sure it is. He's this is the first time he's been on board since he stepped down from apple your plants, Yum yum. Please give me a bowl of weeds. And some wildflowers? You don't know what you're missing. I'm seriously telling you I look forward to all of my meals every day. They're still selling to hard. I'm not even trying to sell it I just enjoy your very defensive I'm not even being defensive. On merits fine don't talk to me. You're always so militant, right you never hear people eat normal food act like this. You don't talk about what Burger you had the other night at some restaurant you even. Know I do. Studio there you've you've mentioned that. You. Never brought that up with me. No, it's it's. TATER. Actually. told me he hates eating because it takes time and it's annoying and I. I hate the whole thing that's why sit certain desk in the office. Down and choking himself this was quick as I can over and four seconds. That's right. It's just a sad intrusion into my life. Then you have to eliminate. You can't take ten minutes to just enjoy a meal without doing what you're doing some pleasant thirty seconds. Max Hits Right. John and Ken Show John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou. Kfi Am six, forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP well, it's a win day. It is pretty high winds a lot of areas of southern California causing fires. It's blowing really hard here in Burbank one out there fixing people in Yorba Linda is just watching the TV new story. With a couple of guys with shovels on a little hillside outside of housing development, and they're trying to douse these little flames by burying it with sand shovels and they're digging and they're. Putting the sand over the little embers to make sure that doesn't flare up the big fire is the one that broke out this morning in east orange. County affecting a lot of people in the area of Irvine this fire broke out in the area of Santee Ago Canyon and Silverado. Canyon roads just before seven am it is now grown to over four thousand acres the. Sad new development just in the last hours a couple of hand crew firefighters have suffered serious burns. Going to bring on Corbin Carson from KFI news with more detail on this story and the fire itself had been watching TV video the fire down there and the Windsor credibly strong smoke is blowing sideways. Yeah. It's it's just amazing. All I mean all throughout Orange County as I'm driving around following this story, you're seeing you know campaign signs down I stopped by a restaurant, their whole. Outdoor. Seating area had been almost blown onto imperial and so yet customer struggling to grab that off. You know some American flags down on people's houses and stuff like that. The wind is just unbelievable right now. But then we just got the news. As you mentioned here in the last hour I'm at the OC, a global medical center in Tustin, we heard from OC fire authority chief Brian. Brian Fantasy he said it was with a heavy heart that he was. He was talking about two of these firefighters that are on hand crews. These are the guys that are like the hot shots that are out there cutting the line sling in the tools he said to get to clear the line and get the brush out of the way and create some kind of barrier around this fire, and then here he is just breaking down exactly what happened to these firefighters this afternoon at approximately twelve fifteen today. I got a report of to say hand crew firefighters. These are the firefighters like hotshot crews, swing tools, and and are using the most critical part of the fires they were critically injured on the Silverado fire. One of them, a twenty, six year old and one of them a thirty one year old. One has sixty five percent burn. So second and third degree. The second has fifty percent. Both second and third degree burns and he goes on to say you know currently there at here at this medical center, their families are here but he says, this is really a tough time for firefighters having to deal with this while still fighting fires that keep sparkin up around Orange County. Do, we know if the flames blue into their bodies, we have no idea exactly how this happened. Not Right now what we've been hearing, you know obviously, they don't want it. This is a couple hours ago that this happened. So they have not released any actual details as to what happened to him, but we have been asking a lot is about. Those aircrews, these are these are fighters that are dependent on these aircrews and here fantasy continuous to talk about just how difficult it is fighting the fire at this moment with just hand crews and and and the the aircrews being shut down by these these these gusting winds anytime. You Windsor that bad where you can't fly certainly that has an impact. Largely the firefighters in the air dropping retardant dropping water they're slowing that fire for the ground crews to do the things they need to do. Both hand crews and the bulldozers and the the firefighters on the ended those those hose lines. So air attacks very important but it still firefighters on the ground that they put that far out in another thing you know that that was really disgusted. This press conference finished the went on said he was going back to talk to the fan family. So we got to talk to OC captain Gonzales fire. Thirty. Captain Gonzales as he talked about, just the conditions out here. You know obviously, we haven't had a lot of rain the the the humidity is in single digits we've been talking and everyone can look their windows and see this win but he was talking also about the terrain that the firefighters are dealing with right now the terrain definitely, you got a lot of up and down hills if you will flat areas we. Have a lot of dry brush but the concern is that it bumps up against to the home. That's what we're concerned about. That's where we're trying to keep our our defense to protect it from going into homes. The brush itself is dry. Some sprouts is very thick. We have a lot of grass in the wind definitely has dried it out and between the winds dry out of the brush the hilly terrain. I it's a battle where you know we definitely the helicopters of the planes above. But like I said before the ground crews are doing a great job in from understanding, we've done a great job protecting structures so far we haven't heard of any structure, any homes that have been burned as of yet, but again, this this fire just erupting early this morning around six, six, forty, this morning and the Santiago Canyon and. Silverado Canyon roads and exploding within an hour just just just from there all the way up to four thousand acres with no containment as we've heard of yet in this apparently affecting people in this Orchard Hills neighborhood. That's most of the evacuations are right yes. Sixty thousand people so far have been evacuated. We have also heard according to the city of Irvine says that there are evacuation centers that are established a university. Community Center Quayle He'll community center turtle rock community. Center. But Yeah. So far these neighborhoods There are mandatory evacuations. North Northwood High School Portola Springs Eastwood's Stonegate Loma. Ridge Canyon View Santiago Hills and they're saying if you're in these areas near these areas, just be ready to go have your stuff that we've always heard. You know you're you're to go pack the your your medical papers that you might need any. Medications that sort of things be ready to go in case this thing shifts because these winds are so strong at any minute and these embers are being carried so far that this thing can pick up and just ignite in any of these terrains in a matter of seconds. Do we know if this is another area that hasn't burned in many years that they actually said anything like that yet because that's been the Common situation, with these really big fires lately that I have not heard of yet I. If this is it this is one of those I know that there are a lot of areas that have not burned in that in these canyons in the surrounding areas. But right now we haven't really heard anything or at least I haven't heard anything as far as to win the last time these particular areas I've burned. All right. Thank you very much, Jeff. Freeman Corp. awesome. That's in the fire region eighty, four, mile an hour gusts. And Santiago Canyon head up to fifty eight mile an hour gusts. Is a tremendous wins. And I wouldn't be surprised if these firefighters who were working hand crews. May Be the ghost just. Brought flames that kind of overwhelmed them that's why they were so badly burnt her hoping for the best there as you heard corporate, say to firefighters to the Orange County Fire Authority one, twenty, six years old the other thirty one did suffer serious burns a couple of hours ago battling this fire down in the area survey. So for our listeners who don't know, that's what we're talking about an Orange County this is close to Irvine. This neighborhood we talked about his that they're trying to protect is Irvine. Raleigh. The evacuations have occurred Orchard Hills neighborhood homes north of Irvine, Boulevard from Bake Parkway to Jamboree road is what they're trying to protect, and again it's not the only fire. I mentioned that some a it started out in corona and the eastern edge of your Belinda is threatened by this one, which is grown to a few hundred acres. It they changed the name a couple of hours ago they called it the green fire. Now it's the Blue Ridge fire. Oh that was the Green Fire Yeah I saw the Blue Ridge fire on TV and I was trying to figure out. Says right here. It was initially named the green fire unchanged to the blue. Ridge fire from Green Blue Ridge drive in Yorba Linda I say or or you can call it the Yorba Linda. I think we have Irvine fire in the Urban Linda fire right now since that gives a great majority of our listeners, the idea. People who live in those towns might want to know that I don't think there's anyone who lives in blue, Ridge? Johnny Ken. Show John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio. APP. Night, stay tuned to Kfi for more the fires and the effect on traffic particularly Irvine area in Orange County the eastern part. Of Orange County. We have a fire burning there that started this morning and. This afternoon, the two firefighters from the Orange County fire authority had been critically injured with serious burns. Crews battling that blaze. They don't know anything else but that right now but they are being treated for serious burns last week one of our big stories concerned. Mayor Yoga Pants Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles. Apparently has a top adviser by the name of Rick Jacobs. who was a city of L. A. Employee until a couple of years ago when he moved over to run the mayor's Fund One of these nonprofit foundations. Were donations are funneled to the mayor for supposed charitable causes for favors It's it's it's it's the bribe fund. At Jacobs step down from that role to because he now has several accusers who say he is a sex harasser. One of them is your Charlene who was on our show last week. He came out Monday night announcing that Jacobs had forcibly kissed tim on a number of occasions a few years back and then he said he spoke to other city hall staffers who said that Jacobs would also do similar things like groping them. The. Times confirmed that by also talking to those city staffers who want to remain anonymous and this matters because it all started with an lapd officer who filed a complaint against the city it's a civil lawsuit about being passed by Rick Jacobs for years when he was on the bodyguard detail, the security detail for Garcetti and Jacobs to travel with them and take apparently did there's a number of these things to him to their several fascinating things in this story that you shar a leap put together. One of them is that the reason rick. Jacobs isn't working directly for Garcetti anymore is because he was so abusive during his time as a city hall employees, e they they. They had to push out of that orbit and put him in charge of the nonprofits slush fund. Because he was so abrasive. Yeah. Abrasive. Suppose was very tough to women. He was bullying to women, and of course we know what he did to certain men. Yeah. It says allegations because the new the new theme here from your showroom Lee. Garcetti new four as far back as two thousand, eighteen he claims Garcetti was talking to an advisor about Jacob's Garcetti told the adviser I can't believe Rick worked at city off three years and we didn't get sued. That's the quote from this adviser. But. That's the quote from Garcetti to the adviser Yes. Yeah. And the guy's information he gave to Ali is the guy was stunned that Garcetti was willing to admit out loud. What everybody's been talking about behind closed doors. The Jacobs regular engaged the sexual harassment and assault displayed abusive behavior towards colleagues and underlings, and it questionable ethics and the nobody understood why Garcetti and his wife and his wife is one of the unseen unknown powers. I've heard this from a number of people that amy wake the wife is a piece of work. And she is particularly harsh in dealing with people and Garcetti just goes along his affable friendly empty self and let's And and there's Rick Jacobs character do all the dirty work and beating people up. Here, in fact, that's one of the quotes in the story that Garcetti prefers it this way he lets those to do his dirty work by bullying people and harassing people to get what he wants done. Supposedly, that's Garcetti wants to be this nice guy and cheery persona but these to his wife and Jacobs are the tough guys and Jacobs reserves, most of his anger to toward women. Often for women who disagree with him or challenge him ten women who were for Garcetti. told me that Jacobs frequently bullied them, threaten them, harass them and sent inappropriate text messages and emails I remember he's Gay. But beats up on the women harder than the men men who wants to kiss. The quotes I was looking for Garcetti didn't ignore rix behavior because he was loyal to rick. He ignored rix behavior because he enjoyed the to get someone to people and he didn't have to do it. A source who worked for Garcetti and a political capacity frame the mayor's approach to management like this. Quote I'm going to be the person who smiles on the nicest person. You'll ever meet I surround myself with people like Rick and amy to harass the bleep out of you. That's right. 'cause Garcetti is not the nicest person. You'll ever meet. All right that is a facade, a very carefully constructed iron facade. That Heidi's he loves doing his little fireside chats those. News conferences. He was doing where he tilt his head and talks about his love for angelenos eight, but he is a complete fake and now things are starting to crack Angelenos and we see what's going on. He's a nasty. Guy. But. He knows that nasty isn't GonNa, play well for his political career. So he hires this beast Rick Jacobs. To do some really abusive stuff. He knows Jacobs is doing it. And he's known for years he doesn't care. All. These silly employees of of Garcetti who are all there speaking anonymously because they don't WanNa hurt Garcetti's career he doesn't care about this crowd. He Hires Guy specifically to abuse. All his employees. But, but but the abused employees oh I just love Eric. So Nice. So. Nice. He's so sweet and friendly not. It just outsourced all his anger and venom. We'll talk about this when we come back but the key thing here is at Garcetti new Jacobsz doing newest for years walk around because after the me too movement. The also GonNa Times asked him twenty eighteen do you have any of this going on? It was like well, we'll read the quote when we come back. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. So being debated this afternoon by the political pundits. His Mike Pence and essential worker. The vice president of the United States Anybody WanNa way you. Not, ascension though. Oh then been, he should be off the campaign trail because number of his staff members of tested positive for covert he needs to quarantine who is showing up to a Mike Pence rally. I mean that that's that's that's even a little duller than but there's a bigger angle to this. He's supposed to preside over the Senate vote tonight confirming amy. Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court boys essential for that. So you did come around but that's the only thing. Vice President does constitutionally it's the only Rowley as I knew I'd say the vice president's not essential but yeah, generally is not essential and then there's maybe five minutes. Once every few years if Congress is close and he has to break a tie in case, it would be fifty fifty. And he would be the fifty first vote but it looks like the votes going to be about. Forty eight Alaska's senator who they were worried about that Murkowski woman said, she'd vote for Indie Coney Barrett. So it's a done deal. It's just a matter of them doing it. It's supposed to happen later today. At all this hysteria over the last few weeks as been entirely for theater, they always had enough and there was nothing the Democrats could ever do about it. It's just silliness. There was always the wavering like the Mitt Romney's Murkowski's that woman from Maine Susan. Collins I mean if three or four from fell off. Now in the end, you know it's your party's nominee. Everybody agreed that as Republicans this woman's fine. Want. Though if you're a Republican senator, you WANNA leave it to the other party next January to start nominating somebody who might be far out there. Your purpose is one of the reasons you run as to have some say in how the Supreme Court rules that's your purpose just because the timing of the politics don't line up perfectly that is still one of the overriding reasons as to why you got into power there's nothing greater than control of the supreme. Court. That is that is the ball game they're. Like Mitt Romney who because I'm? I built my reputation has anti-trump. What am I this trump nomination that that the other party you saying be happening right before the election by. Vote for what happens in the end what happens in the end up nearly all of these except he did vote for him, he did vote for impeachment didn't he romney? On one of the. Biggest, because it was symbolic because it didn't matter if he was the vote that would convicted trump, he wouldn't have done it. It's just fake symbolic. Virtue signaling moves. So we're talking about mayor, Yoga Pants, and the speaking of adviser. Rick Jacobs situation. The El Segundo Time said when the metoo movement swept the country in the wake of sexual abuse allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, that was the end of twenty seventeen. It wasn't long before city hall in La Face Questions about it. Mayor Eric Garcetti indicated he didn't know of any incidents When asked and twenty eighteen by the window times if his office had dealt with harassment allegations quote I don't think any office has ever immune I. Mean I think jokes are told things happen people are survivors. That's an odd. Survivors it's like. I'm the FI, these these social justice warrior weenies. You know your survivor if you were shot at. World. War Two and I would for someone who survived cancer. But now everybody's a survivor of something in gives them so much nobility it puts them in the role of being victim. I never understand why being victim is so intoxicating for people I mean, I would never want to talk about me being a victim of something. That is so weak and silly. I'm a survivor I'm a victim Oh God. Yes. All Say Real men wear face masks. This backs journalist just Shara. Lease claimed because according to this times report. Back in two thousand, eighteen a month earlier that police officer Matthew Garza I find his sexual harassment allegations in. More, detail in the three page complaint to state authorities. Aimed at preserving his right to sue that complaint which was reviewed by the Times. This week states at Garcetti spoke with First Lady. Amy Wake Island about Jacob's behavior. So that means that if that's true, then our city was aware at least back in two thousand, eighteen that there were people with problems with Rick Jacobs. Again this is all true. I mean, he's got they got ten women complaining about the way Jacobs mistreating people. That they the all true. Garcetti and his wife just want power badly. And they WANNA need this guy he their key ticket. Because, he calls up at abuses, people and berates the bullies them until they do. It gets the work Garcetti wants to do. There's there's a story here one source described a situation where a major Los Angeles based company wanted to beating, with Garcetti, twenty minutes after the meeting was scheduled. Jacobs called the company up asking to donate to the mayor's fund. The person on the receiving? It was uncomfortable because it looked like you know a shady deal. And he got the meeting, but the company never made the donation the mayor's find according to. Ali. Has Been a source of great concern among some Garcetti allies. The fund donates money worthwhile courses, but they were worried about how the Fund was run under Jacobs leadership and guess who is on the board here it Kathleen Brown. She's more Brown yes. Kathleen. She's the board chairman and she has served as a rubber stamp Kathleen. Brown is one of the worst candidates for governor in History Jerry. Brown's sister who was also on the Board of Energy when that company turn their back on all the people suffering from the least. So Canyon Methane Lake now. All right. So she shows up because the Brown family is another one the Garcetti families the same thing they're hard core power hungry beasts. and. They all have the nears of being Mister Nice Guy and Ms Nice girl and they got it really cute sense of humor but they are ruthless power hungry animals. So, for people who've listened to our show and what johnny just don't like politicians well, that's the rundown because you can't be a successful politician without being like this you can't be yes. You have to be a rufus whole surrounded by other ruthless ails. It is hard to get elected when you're ruthless a-hole trump is the exception but everybody else has to have the. Veneer of Nice sky and Garcetti has polished his rock-hard but he has a bunch halls around him to shake down money at a companies and and other wealthy timid eight people to ask people to get people to toe his line. Yeah and so he could he could run his slush fund and reward is friends, which is you know look we're all the homeless money went. Coming up after four o'clock, we've an opportunity to talk to the district attorney of Fresno county she and other officials up. There made the news because they held a news conference last week ripping governor gruesome over letting all the prisoners out there has been a big spike in crime as you know in many places including, Fresno? County. Gang crime particular will talk to her after the news at four o'clock. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou. KFI. Am Six forty. Live. Everywhere. On the iheartradio APP. Hey, the Fresno County district attorney her name is Lisa Smith camp is coming on after four o'clock. She and other Fresno County law enforcement officials held a news conference last week to call Callao. Gavin. NEWSOM. Over, the prisoner releases to covid nineteen, they believe it's adding to their big problem with a spike in crime. And it's not because the virus is because the progressive. Ideology is to release all prisoners, but they need excuses for it that the public will swallow. So they're using using the the viruses, the fake reason. The real reason is they don't want anybody in prison. We've been talking about mayor. Yoga Pants and the problem he has with his top adviser. Rick Jacobs who apparently he sees as a major factor in his path to climb up the horrendous political ladder. Of course, that's stupid. Presidential bid but he may have something else. Yeah. He was term runs he was orchestrating that. Sure. He's orchestrating Garcetti's presidential nonsense. Here's what he should be paying attention to, and we go through this story you'll see why the estimates have come out. That the city of Los Angeles but. is now in a six, hundred, million dollar hole that's the latest deficit projection into give you an idea. That represents nine percent. Of the twenty, twenty, twenty, twenty, one budget. That's that's significant. I. Mean. Obviously they spend a lot of money now they knew this and by the way if you completely locked down the city and the economy and as we saw months ago, chasing after people that run smoke shops because they stayed open and their non essential if you really push this policy of locking down the economy, what do you expect that you're going to have really bad revenue numbers that's why no wonder I told you John. Last, week or the week before they had to go back to the parking restrictions because they need their bleeding, they need that money while they're there to you know they're they're too stupid. Yup you open up the state, you open up the county and the city, and then the money comes back. That's what she do. What they're hoping is that if the Democrats get sweep in Washington, then they get a big bailout check. From the Democrats and and that that may happen that may happen. That is exactly what is one of the big sticking points in DC the Democrats want huge huge bailouts governments around the country and the Democrat and the Republicans are holding off. They don't want that no because what they possibly mismanaged the state in the city for many many years, and now again, they're using the virus as an excuse to say, Oh, my God look what happened. Well, it's Oh my God you you screw it yourself by all these massive. Closings you're you're claiming a health emergency now that doesn't exist were forty third in the country in the case rate. So there is no health emergency going on. At, all hospitals are not overloaded anywhere, not one hospital in the state. Hospitals are are empty. So this is a fake crisis and You know what's going to happen if Biden wins things are suddenly going to open up the day after election day they want they wanted to make this. Virus, to make the virus suffering worse so people would be even more angry at trump and they would get even more of a democratic vote out here in. California to vote in all their crazy congressman and all their crazy propositions, and then you'll see like Barbara for tipped off day after the election day schools are gonNA open suddenly other businesses are going to open. We're going to start moving up in the tears they're going to relax the racial equity count and We'll have Democrats in Congress and they'll write a big check to bail everybody out. You know this is the way they think this is what they do for a living. So they were talking a couple of months ago, and of course, we always hear this a potential layoffs scenario. But they got out of that by really who runs the city the public employee unions. So instead what they're going to try to do, and they did this before under Tony Villar is asked people to retire early. To basically take a buyout go away so they could eliminate their position and not filat. That's how they can save some money. Then, the other thing they're talking about, and of course, you know where this comes from cutting the police budget. Well. Yeah. Again, do that because that's their ideology and they're using the virus in the shortfall. As an excuse they have another option but murder and everything six percent and shootings are up twenty three percent that's the response. Yeah Police Union they only care if somebody dies at the hands of police officer if they die from other bad guys in the neighborhood they don't care. They really don't they don't. Garcetti never wakes up in the morning worrying about crime victims. Spat yeah especially. you know guys in bad neighborhoods who belong to gangs isn't care if they live or die spins no time worrying about it he fakes it he pretends to, but it doesn't actually. Otherwise, he'd have even more police all over these neighborhoods you wouldn't be calling the police killers. When we come back, we'll be talking to the district. Attorney. Of Fresno County see another local law enforcement officials held a news conference the other day to call out. Gavin newsom for using covid nineteen as an excuse to empty the prisons next. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio. APP for the big story in southern California as the wind and the wind of course has brought some fires. The biggest of which is over four thousand acres burning in the area of Irvine in Orange County Santiago Canyon? This is called the Silverado. Fire. The bad news we got a couple of hours ago is that two firefighters had been critically burnt? They were hand crews working the ground there. To try to help with the fire effort and they were critically burned and taken to the hospital. So that's a story we're monitoring. We'll get more. Next hour from Corbin Carson is on top of that fire coverage. The other one is now been named the Blue Ridge fire. It's out near your Belinda. Affecting was in corona, but it's blowing towards your Belinda Holmes there that is burned a couple of acres. It's not as large as the one in Orange County, but it's still one that's close enough to homes. that. They're keeping an eye on I. Just saw some aerial coverage where they had the knock down. Some flames that were burning like on top of a house. So you'll get all the updates with Kfi News, KFI fire in the sky, and we'll be talking Corbin. Next hour and more detail. Gavin Newsom, and the idiots in the legislature of course, have thrown the prisons a wide open to let out inmates including Vincent inmates because. That's WHO's in they know they might get. They might get the virus. Yeah. State prison. We learned this years ago. The dangerous guys lot of have. Maybe they're less conviction wasn't the worst ever but they have a lot of them have long criminal backgrounds. For example, in Fresno County there have been twice as many shootings in Fresno this series last year because so many bad guys have been led out. And there were five people killed just in the past weekend. So we're GONNA talk with Lisa Smittcamp Fresno, county district attorney because she's publicly asking Gavin newsom and the California government to stop this. Be Zero bail is another issue. Let's. Get Lisa Lisa how are you? I'm doing well, thank you how are you? GonNa we're good but what's going on in Fresno County? Well in Fresno County, we've seen a just a a tremendous increase in the number of shootings and murders their out of control, the gangs or out of control because we have no room in our in our jail because of the fact that all jails have to have more space now for Korn team quarantine space, and the California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation is refusing to accept any of our inmates. We have five hundred people who have lawfully been sentenced to California state prisons who are sitting there because the prison system will not accept them. So when you couple that with zero dollars bail and people coming in and out for all these these crimes that they're that they're committing. It's just havoc in our streets. They're not accepting these. Prisoners in your jail because of the virus rules. Correct at one point governor. NEWSOM. Shut down the prison to fifty six of the fifty eight counties and he has slowly started to accept a small number from from individual counties but he is not accepting any from Fresno or so. Prisoners, catch the virus but the domino effect is you have more bad guys on the streets and the and they're killing people. Absolutely jails are like hotels. If people don't check out no one, no one knew can check in. So you have sentenced prisoners who have already been tried and convicted or pled guilty to crimes that are stuck in local jails, and the prisons are not open for them, and that is causing a backlog which in turn than jams up the local jails, which then in turn returns, just more criminals to the street and when you return young active gang members to the street even after you arrest them and you bring them to jail book them, and then they are immediately released because of overcrowding. It empowers them, it encourages them and they go right back out to to repeat the same type of behavior, and if anybody knows anything about gangs retaliation is is a big deal for them. So when you take a hot gang member, who's just committed a gun crime or been caught with a gun or is in the process of of of doing you know robberies with guns and they and they get in and they get out, you know there's just there's just more money havoc that's coming because it empowers. What kind of crimes are they committing where they're getting out right away like how how serious? Well it you know it depends joe classifications are an extremely. Complicated situation. So depending on the geographic location you know of the county in Fresno, we have a very diverse community. So we have all kinds of games. We Have White Gang Slacking Hispanic gangs, Asian, gangs, and when are housed inside the jail they have to be classified because if they don't have conflict when you take that when you take those classification specifications in addition to the to the additional space, they need for Co bid and then you couple it with the fact that the State Department of Corrections, the prisons are not accepting prisoners you. Just have a recipe for disaster that flows out onto the street and innocent people are being shot because the gang see this as a free for all. So my message to the governor is simply just opened up the prisons and do your job like everyone else is doing well, local jails haven't been able to close down the court been closed down the DA's office has haven't closed down the public defenders haven't closed down. So why should the state prisons get to shut down? I think the virus is just a cover for their new progressive ideology. Of course it is and it's it's extremely convenient. You Know Governor Brown started before he left saying that he wanted to undo everything he had done in the nineties and his political views had changed and he wanted to make up for all of his wrong. which created a tremendous amount of public safety in the nineties and now Gavin Gavin newsom is taken over that same ideology and he has already indicated that he is closing the State Prison Tracy in September twenty, twenty one because of the quote unquote declining prison numbers but the bottom line is they are releasing people for Covid. As elder parole and youthful offender parole and every other clemency way that they can wait wait he's throwing the prisoners out and then saying I guess we don't need this prison 'cause we don't have that many anymore. Exactly all right does he and? This you care about all. The people that getting killed or are they mostly members and nobody cares about them? I. Wish I knew, and you know here's the thing you know it doesn't matter who's getting killed because a lot of the young gang members that do get killed our young people who've lost their way, and if you listen to the criminal justice reformers, they want to have rehabilitation for these young people and if they are willing to sacrifice their lives and not give them an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves then they are they are more guilty than the people they're accusing of not caring about these people in the beginning and the other thing is it's not just. Gang members we've had we've had the last three or four murders of the last ten have been committed by fifteen year olds and sixteen year olds in our in our community. We the last three of nine murder victims have been women of Color Young Women One sixteen, one, eighteen, one, twenty, seven years old. These are people who are caught in the crossfire of gang rivalries and and rampant gang and gun activities. UNLV activists from the groups who were upset about the COP shootings. Do they ever show up upset about these deaths? No absolutely not and you know. What we find, and if you look at the FBI statistics most you know black men are killed by other black men most Hispanic men are they other Hispanic men most white men are killed by other white men and a lot of this is infighting within the gangs competition for turf competition drug and gun sales competition over over human trafficking areas and pimping and prostituting. So you know these are the types of conflicts that these people have and and then the and then the other the other people that are caught in the crossfire oftentimes innocent victims you may. Be You know associated with people that are on the outside are attending the wrong party or at the wrong gas station or at the wrong laundromat at the at the wrong time where they get caught in the crossfire. So if the state prison system doesn't start to take prisoners from local jails, we're just gonNA continue to see this bloodshed on the on the streets and and the releasing of of prisoners from prop fifty seven and elder parole and youthful offender parole is something that silently going on and most average citizens don't have any idea that it's happening. Did. You get any response from the governor's Office about your news conference last week? So I I am sad to say that. God. Not called me I don't know if Fresno's insignificant him or not. But this this story has gone international. It's been in the in the news and the UK it's been on. Fox News this is the Second Radio Interview I've done for southern California today. So so a lot of people are talking about it, but I don't I don't haven't had any response from the governor, I. I don't need a response from him I just like for him to do his job and the prisons to open up so that we can continue to have some sort of law and order in this in this state imagined you do support prop twenty. I do wholeheartedly. Yes. That'll do some help. Well, thank you very much. We appreciate you coming on our show. Yes and I also support Jackie Lacey For da she's she's a she's a great She's she's a very progressive da she has great programming she's she's innovative and she's experienced and I really hope for Los Angeles that your that you're citizens vote for her and get her innkeeper an office. Johnny. Dead Show John Kobylt. Ken Chiampou. Kfi Am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio. APP. See a headline that a man in Boston has been charged with burning one of those ballots drop boxes so It wasn't just to southern California thing. Good Lord. we're keeping an eye on those fires stay with Kfi News Kfi in the sky affecting the area around nine also out in your Belinda. Couple of fire is the two biggest ones burning right now and we'll have corporate carson after. Five o'clock and two firefighters were critically burned in that plays that's going on your your near. Irvine so we'll get more details on that as well. Kevin Kiley is an assembly member from northern California Republican. He has challenged Gavin newsom 's executive powers, and we're waiting for a court decision from judge on the latest round there they were actually challenging Gavin newsom sending out all the mail in ballots that he couldn't do that without the legislature's involvement. He tweeted out today is pretty good one California in the covert era third worst unemployment in the country fifth worst excess deaths west of the Mississippi biggest backlog of unpaid jobless claims. One of seven states with school closure order, and now the last state to get a vaccine it didn't have to be this way. You see there's the untold stuff about this governor and the way he runs his stadium we were just talking to Lisa smittcamp. Who's the district attorney of Fresno County and boy she laid it out clear that when the agenda is, we don't want anybody in jails and prisons, but we can control the prison. So let's use covid nineteen is a cover to start sending inmates. Atta here it affects the local police forces because they don't have room in the local jails for people that the state and our everyone's so blinded by obedience to the party that newsome represents. That all that stuff it was in Kylie's tweet. Who who, who is, who would say? Wow, that's a good thing. Every single one of those things he listed. It's really really really bad. By the way what he did mention his we're only forty third in the country in cases per one hundred, thousand people were forty third. The, there's no medical emergency here at all. So everything should be opening up. We shouldn't be suffering. All the situations he listed. On that list and they have to figure out a way to manage the prisons without releasing everybody you can do it I don't understand the they claim there what are they saving lives in those prisons I mean a lot of those people are young. So they weren't GonNa die from the virus. Was a couple of outbreaks, but you're right there were that many ask a few deaths but then these these guys are released and they're killing people by the dozens. Overall. You're not saving lives. You'd say realized by keeping them in prison letting them out leads to more killings right. But also realize the domino effect. You see if the state won't take the inmates from the county jails these are the really bad guys. Because if you go to state prison, you're a bad guy they have to hold onto them, which means they don't have room for the daily day to day guy get arrested. So they have to kick. It's that flash INCARCERATION CRAMP THAT WE LEARNED ABOUT IT May. Be Oh. Well, it's a lower level offence, but this is still people that deserve jail right there on the streets and she said the gang's know that this is going on right and that's why they don't shoplifters in jail anymore, which is why Walmart is just closed one of its stores in San, Francisco because of excess shoplifting Walgreen walgreen rather walk raised. Yeah. Yes. He could rip off the Walgreens ultimately, what you get is an important store in a neighborhood. Where a lot of elder revenue elderly people go to get their prescriptions. Now they're out of luck. The store closes. Because in San Francisco they don't enforce the law anymore why because they changed the law and shoplifting wasn't really crime and anyway there was nowhere to put them in jail. Because of because they pushed the prisoners to the local. Jess. There's this whole domino effect in the end and you can draw a straight line between letting prisoners out. And people in that neighborhood. Now don't have a drugstore. This is how crime rises and and this is how neighborhoods in cities get destroyed. And then people start to move out. And everybody wonders why and all along the way there's all kinds of warning signs, endless discussion about all this in the end though you will see the day after. Election Day. That they'll none of the voting patterns of California will have changed. Generally all the same people who've been reelected and you'll have the same balance of power. Isn't it fascinating? Agree that the place is going to hell and it's going to hell because of specific. Decisions specific ideology that's in power right now and everyone says, well, that's bad. That's wrong. That's terrible and then on the whole everyone votes for more of it. On the iheartradio APP. Very good. The pause I thought you were reaching I've forgotten now I forgot. I forgot where it was joey. Okay. burs the Biden. Got Bored of play Biden next hour. Sixty minutes appearance was asked about Hunter Biden. Here that went of course, it was a softball. Oh. Yeah. I think who interviewed interviewed him Norah O'Donnell. Did she actually Rub oils on him during the interview? That's what I heard. He was also asked about his mental capacity issues with what's HE GONNA say I I'm fine man. Why don't you get his doctor on on? Record. Dan So we look at his medical records. What do you think he's GonNa say what's HE GONNA say How beat that George? Bush he's not gonNA say I don't know where I am time come. Sometimes, I forget my own name. The other morning I walked out without pants. The media jumped on affect the Kamala Harris didn't where she was the other day. They both losing. He asked her ADA WE IN CLEVELAND ARE WE I've heard that can happen though when you're when you travel. Bans always say yeah like when they go out and they say Hello Cleveland sometimes there were singer picks the wrong city. They all look the same. It's just a hotel rooms. Yeah. We'll get to the presidential race desk. We'll get an update on these fires particularly the ones in orange, county? Corporate Carson's following the one called the Silverado fire affecting people in Irvine with sixty thousand evacuations. Get the latest on that we're hopefully the winds although there could be around tomorrow may not be as bad tonight, and that'll give them a chance to maybe some more air support. To fight the fires there because the winds make that. Really difficult I know you wanted to hear. John. On the subject of covid nineteen. The latest predictions from it's been a while the University of Washington. School of Medicine I thought they closed that. They. Would you read that? Well after all those the health metrics after they all their bad predictions they got really embarrassed and they closed no Christopher Murray still around director of the Institute for Health, metrics and now. Try to wrap your brain around this 'cause you can't. This is like listening to an astrologer. How. Many people have we'll just take the word the number at its face, how many Americans have died since covid. This whole thing began to many months ago six months ago. Two hundred, thousand something. Like two, twenty, three, twenty. They're predicting that in the. Like. Five months, we'll be at five hundred eleven, thousand deaths. Now, how could they do that? They can't. They can't everyone knows that's dropping off from their huge peaks back in March April and May. Buffeted by New York and a lot of east coast hates here at the Nursing Home Games. Here's another thing. I don't understand what it really turns out to be. Let me just get this in is a commercial for masks. Because they keep saying in this article. Well, if ninety five percent of the population whereas mask and public, we could save one, hundred, thirty, thousand lives if eighty five percent where masks, then we could save ninety, six, thousand deaths. something. Most of the people dying are elderly people so Few. were. Not Unless you go coughing in the face of the elderly and back then there was barely nothing going on we had look. That was the big fire what we're having now or smoldering remains. Yes. There are more cases but that's only because it's younger people interacting and they don't care that sick. They're not GONNA die. Now I think this is one of the worst predictions they've come out with. They're all bad. They're all bad. They were originally said it was going to be over two million right that was. That was that guy in England right? But these guys had a real real real bad. You know what there's was pretty high to wait unlike hundreds of thousands you know what's funny is. Then, for a while they were predicting things were GonNa get better and I started tracking them day by day right? And back in like April may April I think I started looking and they said by mid August the deaths we're gonNA stop it was going to be zero that we were gonNA hit sixty thousand. Late Choon and then there'd be a trickle deaths and there'd be sixty thousand plus you know few pennies by August and then it would stop dead. And I watched. That are completely wrong. So not only they were wrong when they predicted an apocalyptic number of deaths when they thought the curve broken and we were headed straight downhill they were completely wrong then and when they blew that. I stopped looking at all their charts and I stopped reading. Any stories were were that university was mentioned because they don't know what they're doing. and. There's something about human nature. The constantly demands a prediction and then believes it no matter how many times it's wrong. And I don't know I. You know it's a flaw human nature like it's a flaw that we keep voting for the same idiots who have destroyed. California. We're GONNA do that in a week we're doing it right now they seem to be concerned because his the hodge podge going on in the United States some states are fully open, not much masking other states like. Has It, occurred to anybody. This is not something you can predict. Is it possible that there is no way to predict these things. And I I don't know why why why do we think there is a way to predict it. Everybody's been wrong to better control the idea that you can even every time somebody has a good month they declare victory. Now I heard today they're shutting down Italy for example, parts of Italy. There's a big spike. And everybody who's taking a victory lap saying Europe figured it out. You're up did much better than America well, no, they're not anymore. England's had bad spike Spain as a bad spike to there's lots of bad spikes because you can't control this virus, the virus has to live. So it has to keep jumping and has to keep mutating it in order to jump jump to the next in the next. And until we get Matt Herd Immunity or vaccine. Everybody's GonNa. Get it. In the end can run, but you can't hide, and until we get if if we don't get vaccine eventually, we're all GonNa get it until you hit heard immunity whatever percentage that is, and then it'll die out and nobody wants to grasp that there is no government control trump can't do it by and you notice both candidates really don't have any idea how to control it. No Triton hasn't laid out. A plan by just keeps talking about masks and that's all we're. We're we also were okay. Joe Thanks can't do. You can't have ain't that will mask mandate and trump says, hey, you know we're getting there. It's just around the corner we're getting there. Because they. They can do this nothing Italian. That's the second time. This year I had to dump myself. What do we wait I? Don't we don't have to wait. We're we're back live now I. gotTa take a break. Anyway you go. Calm Dowd. Well there's nothing we can do. We're bleeped. There you go. Self bleep. Only half of the came out, any quite gets to just just a TAD radio APP. We will get an update. What's going on in Orange County the area of Irvine with fire that started. About seven am this morning is burned over four thousand acres and threatens homes with major evacuations? There And then another fire, it's actually been several but the other big one is out near Yorba Linda. We'll also update you on that coming up in the news at five o'clock and. The first fire the one in Orange County has resulted in two firefighters have been severely burned. So we'll give you details on that. Coming up this story came down late Friday chance to mention it, but prosecutors have decided. To retry Scott Peterson. The. Judge is considering throwing out his conviction for murdering his pregnant wife. Lacy Peterson. Because of juror misconduct during a two, thousand and five. The Stanislaus County Assistant District Attorney David Harris announced that they will try the penalty phase of the case the California State Supreme Court threw out the death sentence, not the conviction. But the death sentence, and the reason was there was a juror in the trial who did not disclose the fact that she apparently had taken out a restraining order. And she apparently was concerned about an unborn child. So, she took out a restraining order against a former boyfriend and since she didn't disclose this is you know. Especially after this many years that he's been in prison, you get these appeals lawyers will go through everything with a fine tooth comb and try to figure out some chance that they might have to appeal. Listened quota restraining order in two thousand against her boyfriend's ex girlfriend I should. The jurors said and seeking new order she feared for her unborn child. Right, and that that was to throw out the conviction. Yes that deals with the conviction. Yes, and then the death sentences up was thrown out because. Some jurors were dismissed from the jury pool after saying, they personally disagreed with the death penalty, but would be willing to follow the law and impose. And I guess. The defense obviously, I'm sorry. The prosecution wanted anybody who disagreed with the death bound to be thrown off the judge agreed and he's not supposed to do that. Although I think you should do that. Nobody knows nobody should be on the jury if you disagree with the death penalty. Believe, that even if they say, Oh, it'll fall a lot that these people why especially nowadays man seem worse is people are so committed to their progressive causes. The California State Supreme Court said, there was considerable. Incriminating circumstantial evidence against Peterson again, no witnesses to this but he researched ocean currents bought a boat without telling anyone could explain what type of fisheries catch sold his wife's car considered selling their house turn the baby nursery into a storage room before their bodies were found. I mean it was overwhelming. Yeah. He was pretty stupid and pretty poured covering up his tracks Abe. He's it was as overwhelming as OJ's murder. Yes separately made a much. Much better choice I. Moore eventually they found her body that took take a year or so or something took a while wilder body washed up. John and Ken show. John. Kobylt and Ken Chiampou Kfi am exporting live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Well of course, story today is been the wind and eventually what came with the wind event some fires. The biggest of which is over four thousand acres burned in. Orange. County. They call it these Silverado fire it's in eastern Orange County and the area affected the most or some neighborhoods. In Irvine. They have had difficulty because of the winds using air support to help contain this fire. Burning out near Yorba Linda. But the tough news we got a couple of hours ago with regards to the Orange County fire near Irvine is at a COUPLA, firefighters were severely burned covering this for Kfi news is Corbin Carson with the latest on what's going on in Orange County forbidden from the looks on television the wind is still blowing very strongly. Yeah it picks up an in. It drops off I'm still over here at the O C Global Medical Center where those firefighters were were were abroad. But yes, as you mentioned all throughout the day, we have seen these really strong winds is knocking stuff all over the streets kicking down a flagpoles and you know campaign signs you name it it's just it's mates from for some really tough conditions in and as we've just heard that the Fire that started in Santiago Canyon. This morning is now to seventy, two hundred acres, and then the fire that I'm about to be headed to. Now that over near your Yorba Linda has grown to over a thousand acres. We're hearing that there's a possibly one structure burned. So I'm going to check that out right now, and we just recently also heard all the new evacuations for the area we got that update from division chief Shane sure would. Mandatory evacuation orders here in the city of Irvine, their impacting approximately ninety thousand, eight hundred residents. So all residents north of Irvine Boulevard from Jamboree to Bake Parkway. As well as from Irvine, boulevard south to Bianca, road from Jeffrey Road East to patrol high high school all under mandatory evacuations. Also the communities in the city of lake forest, Baker ranch and Foothill ranch are also under mandatory evacuations. So as you just heard ninety thousand people more than ninety, nine, thousand people affected by these new orders. So a lot of people being asked to move those people around those areas that are not specifically affected they are being told stay ready in case. The wind shifts or they are told some at some point to move and that people can check with their local areas too as to where to get the latest updates and make sure that they're ready to go if needed. But earlier as you also mentioned, we had a couple of firefighters this afternoon that were out there they were they were on the hand crews and one was twenty, six years old one was thirty one years old the the the hankers part of their. Clearing the line and making sure they're trying to get some kind of containment on these fires as they're moving as fast as they can, and unfortunately we heard from OC fire authority Brian Fantasy that two of them were severely burned. This afternoon here is him making bringing this tough news to US earlier one of the hardest things? Any fire chief can do is is to report. Out on one. One of the firefighter family members have been injured or. Or worse. This is. A tough for me. Tougher all my firefighters. And certainly for the families of my two injured firefighters. One of them, a twenty, six year old and one of them at thirty one year old. One has sixty five percent burns both second and third degree. The second has fifty percent. Both second and third degree burns, and so what we're hearing is currently the families are here with them at the OC global, medical center that both have been intimated and aren't able to speak and they are in critical condition. But again, as you guys in, we were talking about a couple of hours ago just these winds that have been going through this area. I. Was Talking to a meteorologist about what to expect earlier on this and he told me that Sandiego. Canyon is his right in this wind corridor of OC. In that, you know this morning he had seen and we've already heard gust close to one hundred miles per hour in different areas. He says, these wins did a complete one eighty from onshore to offshore all part of this massive system bringing snow from Canada to Mexico this week. So we're really expecting these winds where everyone's keeping an eye out and being ready to go of necessary. The smoke is incredibly thick and. What little sky you can see a deep orange it's. It's it's just been incredible. It's also hard to breathe out here. We've seen some some breathing advisories and the air quality advisories out here you can at times you can see the little flakes of dust that come come with these fires at a nearby. But yeah, you can see this big thick plume of smoke especially as the sun is going down starting to make this orange area. You can see it from miles away. Corbin. Thank you very much of that report. Thanks a lot guys. All right now, a couple of hours ago, and we spoke to the official total was four thousand acres in that area near Irvine. Now at seventy, two, hundred acres. So just that much change in a couple of hours. Thanks to these strong wind gusts pushing these flames around in that area. Again a lot of people evacuated. They're saying that this particular area of Irvine. Two hundred, eighty, thousand residents, and they have evacuated a couple of neighborhoods. Upwards. Of Sixty thousand people being told not to return to their homes because of the danger that the fire could spread and burn their homes, they're doing their best to try to keep it from doing that. Other you can't much in the way of an air attack with these kind of wins. That's. Obviously going to be especially difficult once it gets dark. So if the wind stay at this level. The fire could get much much larger tonight. Hey, guys, I do have some breaking news real quick. The US Senate has confirmed judge Amy Conybeare it for seat on the US Supreme Court so she is going to be sworn in tonight I. Clarence Thomas. There you go. All right. So that dramas over with thick draw. I don't think anybody's going to vote on that issue. Anyway. The other fire that we've been looking at this afternoon broke out a little while. Later it was around one o'clock is the one out near Yorba Linda. This one is now well over a thousand acres you heard Corbin mentioned and it's threatening homes there. This broke out place called Green River road near the Green River Golf Course and the ninety one freeway near Chino Hills State Park as far as we know the damage to homes so far from these fires is minimal. But. It's still a very dangerous situation they're hoping and expecting that the winds will subside I. Think the wind warning the red flag is supposed to be out there until tomorrow. But I think I heard in a couple of weather forecast. We've seen the worst of it earned a couple of the anchors saying this morning when they're looking at this fire near Irvine that. Well, if you see white smoke, that's a good sign. But if you see really dark thick dark smoke that means a lot burden down there and it's a bad side, it's mostly thick darks both this afternoon, it means a lot to burn a lot of fuel in the fire. So that's not a good sign. All right as you just heard the breaking news from Debra, mark the drama with the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barad is over it's no longer nomination. No, that's been confirmed I. Heard this morning. Oh, we're GONNA keep fighting. We're going to keep fighting. Okay. Yeah. Their last attempt was because Mike Pence should be quarantining staff corona virus should not preside over the vote at good one I. Heard that one this morning. Okay. Needs to stay indoors and away from the Senate Chamber such exhausting stupid theater. Johnny Ken Show John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou Kfi. Am Six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Keep up with the fire coverage on Kfi. We have reporters and I am the KFI in the sky. The fire is burning serving in Yorba Linda or the big concerns today with the wind event looking at an air quality map Irvine area hazardous. And Los Angeles Ca Los? Angeles. City area mostly, very unhealthy. Designations on the map. I see so I I read that some of the ash is blowing from the Bob cat fire. Up, in the Angeles National Forest, because the winds are going in a northeast to southwest or North to south. And that fires still burning. Even. Though it's under control and September sometime, I know well, this is from September. Finally blowing in here. You know what the people love the fall and so do I. But when you're in southern California, it brings the Santa Ana winds and this mess that we're seeing I mean what's weird about this is that you don't have the hot weather I remember October's past we'd have the hot weather, the low humidity and the winds, which was the triple whammy that we just have the winds and we had the low humidity but she was chilly this morning where I live, it was only fifty to fifty. Chilly at seven am yeah it's probably practically mid-winter. I put my fireplace on last night. I was so cold. I can now wood-burning I. Hope Now it's not all right lady. Had to climate change and I have no power by the way either at my house just in general, you have no power to. Shut you off to the ways I think we have some downed power lines in the neighborhood. It's been out for hours. It's not going to be restored until tonight. Cook your Vegan food for bringing in tonight vegan curry we. Live in a modern society anymore doing. Nothing works you must like Indian food because there's a lot of I do I do I, get my sog. Dolly Yellow. I know it's Dolls. Good. It actually is. Yeah. CHICKPEA curry Zog. Dawson's Creek. Violence it's lentils and spinach. That's great. Yeah well, with Indians do well but somewhat sauce and heavy sauce on it covers up all the flavor. I'm getting Taifu tonight I'm getting a Vegan car stop. All right. Well, it's so good vegetables in coconut milk listening interested in this, you never know the monkey one person. We're looking for more than one year. Let's check it on old Joe Biden. We'll replay the top clip of the day. We'll start with number three here in which he was doing one of these online virtual get out the vote things with a number of celebrity co hosts, and well, he talked about his current presidential race and it got a little confusing here. This is the most consequential not because I'm running because who I'm running against this most consequential election. In a long long time and the character of the country in my view is literally on the ballot kind of country we're going to be four more years of Georgia. Georgia. GonNa find ourselves in a position where. Trump gets elected we're going to be we're going to be in a different world. George joy more of joys. I. realized. But he said the single name again, it's Bush. He forgot the word Bush. Georgia. Going to find ourselves in position where George AA. Now. In this next clip, this also made some headlines this. Weekend I, guess he decided with a week left. He had to do a little more campaigning than hiding in the basement with a mask on now you know. Here comes another one listen carefully to clip number four. We're in a situation where we put together and you guys did did it for our administered the President Obama's administration. Before this, we've put together I think the most. Extensive and inclusive. Voter fraud. Organization, in the history of American politics. which on its face sounds like they. Put together an organization to cheat to win to win the race and an inclusive one too. We very much of all colors necessities joining our photo did say the most inclusive voter fraud organization in the history American politics eight one he meant apparantly, as the Democrats have put together an organization that's devoted itself to protecting. Election Integrity. I see why didn't he say that? It's called the election protection. program. And includes former Attorney General Eric holder at hundreds of other lawyers to prepare for a legal battle in the event of a contested election. But instead he referred to it as a voter fraud program. But everybody just play along. Let's pretend he's not losing his mind. Well, on that topic, let's play this clip from sixty minutes with his interviewer. Nuoro doddle eventually gets around to his mental capacity clips six. If, elected you would be the only president in American history but I'm a good shape. Seventy eight years old eighty, two after four years. Donald Trump says you have dementia and it's getting worse. Hey the same guy thought that the nine eleven attack was a seven eleven attack. He's talking about dementia. All I can say the American people is watch me. You see what I've done. See what I'm GonNa do look at me compare our physical mental acuity I'm happy data comparison. Your Age makes the choice of your vice president all the more important. Why do you think Senator Harris would be ready to step in and become commander in chief if something were to happen to voter values number two she as smart as the devil number three, she has a backbone like a ramrod number four she is really principle. Number five she is has had significant experience in the largest state in the union running the Justice Department's only second in size to the United States Justice Department. Well, you talk about generic answers. Sparta's Florida's Devil Yeah She's Ramrod backbone of a pack. Ramrod. Wow. That's really term from the nineteen forties that's really detailed and insightful and and is just a a lot of the intelligent information to get out of that just a bunch of slogans that's smart as the devil. Backbone. Ramrod. Okay. He has these bursts those little loud energy moments right I. Mean you couldn't possibly get more superficial than that. She's just a puppet and a very saddle puppet. But he may win. Johnny Ken Show John. Kobylt. Ken Chiampou Kfi. Am Six forty live everywhere. On the iheartradio APP. Yes. Of course, day with KFI news to keep up with the coverage on the fires affecting people in Orange County around. Your Belinda and other fire broke out the afternoon, which is affecting residents there as well. So, we'll have all the updates along with Kfi in the sky to keep you posted on the traffic implications. Two is closed some toll roads. In Orange County to somebody sent me a video. Off The one, thirty, three toll road there in orange, county, and that was. Unbelievable I don't even have got to where they got to take the video, but he could see the fires burning along the edge. Of that, free yeah. I saw TV yeah. Footage on Channel Four where the where the fire was right on the edge of a two lane road burning all the brush right along the side. So it's It's really bad there right now, and the winds are very powerful. All right. So the voter guide has been up on the website for the better part of a month. Now kfi am six forty dot com. Keyword John in Kansas use the link to find your it'll sit there at least until Tuesday. No Way Count Votes in California. Let people lined up all night. Remember they can take. They can take ballots that are postmarked. On November third. Up to seventeen days later for some reason, your ballot took seventeen days to make it. To to the county voting center, it's Snell will be in the official records or so they say they probably lie. So. If you drop it in the box, though on November thirty probably will get postmarked andover third have been not do that I guess. You drop it you mean in their voting box no in the mailbox, the mailbox. Glad I don't know. But you know your your vote your one vote doesn't matter anyway. So let's let's stop. We give. Our recommendations on all twelve statewide ballot propositions a couple of come up from the latest polling by UC, Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies. And for the most part, it's not good news on prop fifteen and that's one of the big ones on the ballot. Referred to as split role, it's a dagger into Nineteen seventy-eight prop thirteen, which is going to reassess higher value commercial and industrial property. It's going to dramatically raise property taxes on commercial properties. It's going to be a huge boost and it's a terrible thing because consumers are going to pay for all this. Yeah it's at forty, nine percent. But that was the same polling number they found in September. That's the Yes vote the no vote is moved up to forty two percent. That's usually if you WANNA salad to pass you need to be. A bit past fifty percent in these polls leading up to election day if you really WANNA stand the chance and and the reason is. Most people really don't know or understand what's in proposition. The people who are pulled the proposition is read to them over the phone or sometimes it summarized to make it simpler and then when you summarize it, your language is really important. I saw another story the other day about how changing a few words in a poll question he get an entirely different response. which is one of the reasons I'm skeptical about polls because the questioning you could really screw with and to the untrained eye it looks like a reasonable, WASHINGTON? No, it's not. It's loaded and you don't even notice that it's loaded. but but but most people reflexively vote no when they can't understand something or they're skeptical event I would guess that when you're asking these questions, you're just reading it as it's written on the ballot. I don't think you should rephrase it or anything I realize that the ballots. By the Attorney General and the Secretary of state are often pretty bad. Well. That's how it's going to appear when you go to vote I've I saw. I saw Paul recently where they rephrased it in order to explain what it really does but that's deceptive because they might explain it. They're way exactly. Yeah. But to explain it as is it's hard. To actually read it as is. I mean imagine proposition fifteen. You could rephrase it and say, well, you know the schools have no money and they had this idea just to grab a little more money from those greedy commercial property owners. You know the people that own all those big business buildings and they're so wealthy wouldn't you vote? Yes. Well Yeah. And and that's the pitch and the campaign ads it won't affect you know no. No, it's just on the greedy fat cat executives. Eighty distorted way to ask about probably that's the thing it's it's everything is lies. Was Xavier Sarah the Attorney General who writes the title and summary? Intentionally. Rights really distorted titles in summaries in order to goose. Wing actively, it is something about standing that that that's why you have to. You have to use our voter guide because we know how the game is played. exurbs Sarah. Should be in jail for the right way. He writes ballot measure Z really should be in jail. Now horribly distorts their meaning and then the then the TV commercials that you're inundated with our lies on all ants. I I don't believe the TV commercials that for the prop for the proposition. Agree with I could see that they're distorting and exaggerating lying trying to manipulate. You don't believe this poll prop sixteen is really in trouble. That's the one that's going to bring back quotas and affirmative action and government hiring. It only has thirty eight percent support. That would seem to be. That you're not gonNA make up that difference four, nine percent. No but that's just people don't want that nobody wanted to sing with the rent control proposition twenty, one, only thirty, seven percent support. Yeah. So that's good. We're no one, all three of them. These are a lot of like left wing dream ideas that don't have majority support. Often not even in there in the Democratic Party they don't. The. One that's running very close is the one where I think the most money's being spent or close to it. Proposition twenty, two, the rideshare one. Forty, six percent in favor forty, two against that could go either way about prop twenty. They have one for that. They do not say this particular survey that rolls back some of prop forty, seven and fifty seven. That's let everybody out of jail in prison. Right, that's no. Apparently UC Berkeley only asked about propositions fifteen, sixteen, twenty, one and twenty two I guess they thought that's where a lot of attention and money is going. Yeah but twenty has a lot to do with our quality of life. Yeah. Twenties really playing under the radar I have no idea I mean I'm seeing mostly no commercials. Unfortunately, we're a yes on prop twenty, which is going to do something about are terrible prisoner release policies and are. Trying to clean up that prop forty seven with shoplifting situation but I don't know how that one's GonNa I don't even know half its polling well or not. But it's got a lot of because they're two commercials were all about. It's just about filling up the prisons and spending money on prisons and prison guards. At the Prison Guard Union. What a we? What a weird. Time, we're in that people are against prisons. Prisoners then come out and they start killing people and they start stealing south assaulting people I. Really Strange. It's not all people. It's the criminal justice reform. Woke people who are trying to sell this to the greater population I know and they're lying just go by our guide. Okay. We don't why we actually read this stuff and we talked to everybody involved and our answers on the voter guide that that's real world answers. Every one of those recommendation makes the world a little bit better. John and Ken. Show John Kobylt. Ken Chiampou Kfi am six, forty five everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Fire still a big story state with campaign news. All. The latest details come your way about the fires burning Irvine. Your Belinda those are the two biggest ones over. Sparked by the big winslet hit. US. Overnight into this morning are expected to be around probably through tomorrow. But Maybe If. We're lucky not quite as strong. To firefighters with the Orange County fire authority, they're called hand crews. They were working the fire near Irvine and they were badly burnt although I saw one of them being loaded into an ambulance. I mean he was a conscious looking up at the burns must have been a lower potter this. Body, but the very serious situation there. So you'll get all the latest from Kfi News on the fires and. Over eighty conybeare it is going to be on the US Supreme. Court does she take her seat immediately that how it works like she'll step right in there with the latest case? Yes. Yes because they've got, they've got a huge case coming up in just a few days within what if there's a Bush Gore repeat of twenty years ago she'll be there for trump yes. Now. The reason he was rushing things in case. You know I have no prediction on that end either. I keep Breeden. Polling with says, some of these could be so close that they could go on for weeks counting the votes I see him having a fit over that I read A. A. Transcript of a conversation that three pollsters had on Pennsylvania radio station and they're all polling Pennsylvania right. and. Two of them said, absolutely Biden's going to win it. You're dreaming if you think anything else is going to happen and one guy was adamant, he said you guys don't know what you're talking about. The the. People in the polling industry had no idea what's going on and. He's got a different method. There's there's like three or four polling units that. Claim that race is dead heat. Edging, slightly towards trump and they're adamant about two. And they say these guys are just completely out of their minds. Well, you know how the the far I don't WanNa call them. Right wing. The proud boys What's the Cuban on their conspiracy theories? No Sex ringin. And But that played perfectly into it. The whole Jeffrey Epstein story because you know, Bill Clinton's on the outer edges of that story and that plays into their beliefs that. People who are running this country are also operating a. An underground child sex ring. So I know that's that's the thing. That's what makes it so appealing to people be. They jumped on top of that with the Hunter Biden story because Hunter Biden was exchanging messages with an underage girl who may or may not be a relative of. Is that right? Yes I had seen a Seattle to say. That nothing. SEATTLE. No anymore. Now the left wing has been floating a conspiracy theory that Malania trump that's not her that's a body double you're seeing. I saw that today, but that's that's preposterously stupid. The HASHTAG is fake Malania. You people are making stuff up to see what sticks to see what gets around. Yeah, you know and if it's weird enough funny enough than people pass it along just because it's you know it's a it's a laugh and then some people see it and go oh, that ends real to me. Yeah. No people are really stupid. I mean they're really preposterously stupid I've been reading a lot about the Cunanan people and it really is fascinating. There's a there's a guy who wrote was interviewed. He was actually from Australia and he got lost into Q. and on for two years and he finally came out of it. He realized now that predictions were coming through and he's really embarrassed but he wanted to tell a story that maybe could. Help. Families understand what's going on and maybe some people would read it realize that this is this is like like a mental illness. Yeah and and I think it helps people who are on the outer edges mentally deal with things. Yeah. It explains it were simple explanations, right? Yeah. But it gets very addictive and whoever is scripting this. Comes up with the new threads. You'll like it. It's it's it's really addicting. It's it's Kinda like the way they write soap operas. If you ever wondered how people who watch soap operas for many years over and over and over again role, he's wild stories and interlocking threads. That's what this guy's doing. Time for the Conway Guy Hey. Now, I'm at your favorite place. Can I met Morongo casino resort and SPA how about that? Look at that? Your Ding Dong. We've got all the winners here for the big birthday. We've got about only ten people this year because it cove it as opposed to seven, hundred and fifty this like we did last this is your birthday pets, right? Yeah. A little late but better late never. And we also doctor Rakish Sherry coming on with US he'll be on with US also talked to Rob Newton about the fire in Irvine and orange. County and then we also have the lead Bass player for yes. WHO's a good friend of mine and he'll chat with us about the music business and when it's going to get back on its feet when it you know everything's going to get back to normal but John and Ken you got to see this. I've been stopped by three people at this casino since I was here yesterday and all three of them said, do you are a worse compared to John? You're. They said that they're they're the ones the only ones telling the truth and you've got to jump on board you a whole. That's real rough. Rude you gotta you gotTa step it up. I guess. So man I'm really Behind the Times. A. Bad Focus Group. Yeah. But a lot of John and Ken fans tell them we said Hi. Yeah. Delayed, Morongo can't. Wait. Birthday Buddy thank you. Man going with you. You integrate has the news Kamli am six, forty. It's election season at this it's kind of what we do. I advocate S T hd two Los Angeles. Orange County. Everywhere on the car radio APP. Liberty delayed farms local award winning meets raised right in your backyard steaks, chops, ribs, chicken liberty delight farms, Dot Com schedule, your delivery today fresh meats raised, right

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