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Breaking The Biggest Fitness Stigmas

Food for Thought

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Breaking The Biggest Fitness Stigmas

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A healthy lifestyle I'm ran elaborate registered nutritionist, bestselling author of Renar. She's simply to eat well and found every Trish in London's leading private nutrition clinic in each exit I'm so lucky to be joined by special guests, all of whom can be considered authoritative voices in health so that together we can learn fact from fiction and empower the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves with trusted expert advice. That remains such huge stigma surrounding women. He do certain types of fitness. The belief that the likes of strength training will quickly transform you into an incredibly masculine version of yourself holds back so many from achieving that personal bests and. Age of Instagram, Wa walkouts are released everyday. It can be all too easy to get sidetracked with ideas. That may not actually be right for you. This week's food for thought sees personal trainer Listen Mountain undying, keep you grounded with the simple truths and science behind exercise had Lissi High Elo Isn't this strange during these lovely remote podcasts recordings at the moment. I feel like I'm very tech savvy right now. I've got this headset on and I'm ready to go. I I I mean I think in terms of being on the Internet. Probably never been on. Let's stop with social media so much before in my life i. like everybody suddenly logging onto social media as a place to go at a time of while crisis ready. I my screen time at the moment is disgusting. But even my parents I it that Guy Video Kohl's in his while I feel like I'm spending all my time on my screen, but that's the way it is right now. It is it's it's an interesting one. It kind of fits in with our conversation today nine stem and I read a tweet last week, and that said if you don't come out of lockdown, stronger and fitter. Than ever before you never lacked time. He kind of lacked discipline now. I think. There is a big issue with this quite and. When I read this I thought. ooh, this is something we need to discuss. The puck caused AC because it kind of suggests that fitness has nothing to do. Without Mental Health and surely this is a big misconception together. Yeah, I kind of spent a lot of time. Battling this thought process for for my community I think. The I the the concept that INA pandemic, an actual endemic. We all supposed to blow up. You don't get training. Eating set way living. The lifestyle is just so it's so ridiculous. You know I I think we're isolation and a human basic need of connection in human been removed from us, so to expect whispers to thrive in kind of. Fitness nutrition health level without one of our fundamental basic human needs. Being fulfilled is just so wild. I couldn't agree more. It's it's very strange. And of course everybody deals with stressful times. unique situations uniquely of course when it comes to fitness, and in my world of nutrition, everyone has a special relationship with those two areas of their lives, anyway and like you, said they all fundamental areas, and some people turn t food. They ten against it, but equally that may be too much focus on it in the first place because people feel like what else should they be focusing on? Yeah hundred percent I think. I mean for me passing the work I. Do you know this Ray with a lot of the stuff I talk with nutrition and training is I, would love to actually move to a place while we don't think about it so much, and it's less mental energy, but more just habit based that for it to become a habit. It needs to be enjoyable on work within your lifestyle seamlessly so. Yet it does feel like right now. There is this pressure to be thin Covington habits, and we think the way when news agin having to adapt and I think it's a shame that is taking up so much mental energy and if The space right now, because not much else to think about. But it does feel there's this pressure to. Right. Let's change this and glow upset and it's. The me personally I am trying to make the conversation away from spending Olah time thinking about. Trying to maintain fitness. We'll try to make these crazy improvements when we all ran in look down. Of course, because whilst the pros and cons. We're not saying anybody out there. It's not good to exercise. It is and if this is a chance that you've never had before to dedicate some time, go frigate Wigan on the fact that actually perhaps the underlying message of this for a lot of people listening or a lot of media messages will be to do with weight loss, because fitness weight seem very intertwined always and exercise doesn't always week. Kuwait loss does at least. No so I think fastest belief that. If you're exercising. You're trying to lose weight. I remember when I stopped training. I had people say Oh, why are you going to the gym? You don't need to lose weight. And I think is that common conception that if you are going to Jim, excising you ought to be trying to lose weight which I is not true in should not be the case, but also. You know you can excise. weight-loss may not be the goal and it, and it may not be the outcome regardless of whether you're trying to not so. Yet we need to separate. Exercise weight loss as being inherently linked. Completely. basically conversation occupies surrounding the language. We use surrounding the fitness industry in the first place. Also societal history with it, because like you said, it's always been one of those things people will say based on just looking at you and a parent's the therefore You don't. And I suppose the volume of exercise required is probably more more important if you think incorporating things into a routine rather than thinking. While I'm GonNa Start this eight week plan and then I'm going to be happier. It myself It's the amount due in the type tonight. You said enjoyment a prepared time. That's more important guests so I i. always say to people you know if think about the things in life that you dislike and it doesn't have to be fitness training. Whatever that is if I told he eight right? You need to do that thing four times a week five times a week. You don't go to David. How can you be motivated to? To do stuff, you literally, Hey. A, which is why, although a lot? The work ideas around Jim based stuff at the moment is officer very home orientated? I am someone who likes to German. My goal is to encourage more women to get in the wait, but if that's not for you. Don't do it. You know do something else. So many ways to exercise doesn't involve. A Volvo, so you have to enjoy group of the wise, it's like. Cop made facial will not suddenly appear. If you actively disliked what you're trying to do, not exactly I think I'm yet. The big misconception of courses that you do have to go to the gym or you have to run. In order to ban categories. Such was a lot of languages to the moment with connery deficits, being a big thing and of Cool Start and exercise are a huge on the that the very interesting when it comes to those people that actually do want to lose weight. What is the general message that you would give them? I I. Mean I think this this two ways for this for me? I think the the message in. Our social media is not wait focus at all like I actively move away from that, but if someone came to me and said I, want to lose, weight will exercise. Should I do typically the? They'll have in. Their mind. Is that they need to do? I will stop running. And the thing is when people law wanting to lose weight. Is Not just that. They want to lose weight. They won't. They have a certain looking at night, and that's what I would call time Don Antonio Wannabe. Multi did not again. I don't really use this language in my own work. It stopped Little bit of Muscle Lena Body. That's what they have in mind and. Running in itself, of course, it uses energy. Is Not efficient for building muscle. So that's why weightlifting. If someone came to me and said they want to lease white. I'll pick any exercise what I do I would. I would say always weightlifting, because it builds muscle, but also helps you get leaner. It uses energy, which is why it does Miss White House. That results. So I always say weightlifting, but. If you enjoy you know you have to enjoy it. See this is the thing because I think weights have been so unfairly branded. As being stereotypically just for men and I know the. Are If the gyms was delight from right now. I would have the courage to go into the white section, and even though I i. myself have done a level three P. T. I still I still get that feeling when I walk into that area that I still don't quite belong there and I. It was probably something that's maybe just to of my lack of confidence still, but at, but there's a lot of messaging that it is still a male dominated area. It is and the reason why it's because reality, it isn't just a messing physically is a male dominated area, and as much as you know, the most faces online for women to watch content made by women in the gym and follow female fitness influences when you go into the average Jim within the UK and. Other what have the date? Obsolete. Extend this out to almost every country as well is predominantly male orientated dominated, so it's not only that you feel nervous when you don't always know what to do, you feel unsupported. Many women have very negative experiences around men in the gym as well and the compensation up until recent. I'd say maybe the past five years. We've made a huge. You'd be made huge steps of making. An helping women realize weight training camp for them as well, but historically it's masculine thing which men do because it's picking up. Having things and women could possibly do A. Subway chain that narrative and I do believe we'll get that S-. Is Nerve wracking that that is why. That's one of the reasons why G might wet because I want women to feel more confident and I want them to feel more empowered getting in that, and you know putting the blame Khazanah, just getting workup done, but the might may means. Is it easy is hard? He had no. It's great to a well tonight that we've got people that you champion lacy because. This may be at appropriate example, but I was having one of those kind of of ABS. Go to newborn baby baby at the moment. I've I'm having sofa days and we were watching while I say I was a hut Kinney on the. My Melissa had did not know he was fast asleep. But that's a classic example of the way that I grew up with Disney films, and the male types of body times at how images of Hercules, lifting heavy objects You're looking at me. You? Don't get the women. portrayed a strong in way. The heroin never was. And it's almost something that's really ingrained in us because I. Actually if we don't get women, doing white bearing excises, it doesn't just have to be lifting away, does it? It can be using their own body weight. That's going to support the posture. Will the health is they h? Exactly that that's a really important point while muscle mass impulsive the week as well. We need it to move to do anything to get a pulse. Decide to to move up. He so it's. Owner obviously that deteriorates fall quicker, so we need to make sure that we all taken steps to maintain the general health I'm not saying we all need to get in the gym. buildings much of possible. We need to be in that. Just maintaining baseline healthy amount is encouraged But you'll you'll comments about. Women being depicted as this week. weakling that needs to be saved is it is? It has fit everywhere. You know I definitely didn't feel like should have been in the gym when I fest, All said I felt that I should be on the buddy cross trainer which I did. Do you know a- Gable to that? We have been shown. It's from a very young age. Undone, that's why I think perhaps also enrolled in society, so if we go back to the subject of Muscle, mass and weight, so this applies see two men and women. Why is it such an important element? What exactly does muscle mass have to do with your with the energy that you burn every single day? So if we have more muscle, we do require more energy. people people have this misconception know that. Having more muscle burns significantly more calories so more energy. But it's not a huge amount, and I think there is this kind of line of thinking within the fitness industry of we. If you build more muscle, you the mall calories, you can eat more and all this stuff and whilst is true. To a degree, it's nowhere near as much as people think. Can the difference between how many calories you? Would, he, ten state with lessons must versus more muscle mass. It's like the difference is very small when she packed up and I don't like that whole. Because the seats not as is always inflation. People say, but I also don't like the narrative of that general, because it kind of makes it sound like come on, guys. Let's bill muscle so we can eat more. Don't really like that narrative around ending a building in order to eat more food because we need to survive. Obviously, so it does doesn't sit well with me in general anyway. I couldn't agree more I. think in fact, it sets everybody up for the Roman artillery like you said they suddenly see building muscle as just a tool to on food, which we know isn't good, intensive creating a healthy relationship with food, and whilst it might be true that you're basil, Metropolit- rate might increase the basic amount of energy. You need every day when you've got muscle. It doesn't necessarily mean that justifies again. If people are looking at losing weight, and this is something that we see a lot in return, she clinic looking at weight management because is your goal. But. It doesn't mean you can't just eat what you want to make those calories. It's the qualitative quantity of the Diet. And I mean at the Bible. Where at home, anyway, so let let's bring the conversation about to home workouts. Would you say, is he? They can be as effective as going to the gym. We'll doing a class. I think it depends. It depends on the goal so I mean if it will, goal is to have sweat on. You know maybe day than he can. Opposite think the reason why people will say hi. Walkouts onto the effective as coutts is primarily. With the with the assumption that building muscle, mass, and getting significantly stronger is the goal and I. Do you know when you're at home? If you have limited equipment may be a couple of dumbbells, it is much Hodeida to create progressively, which is what we need to build that muscle mass, and and make progress with strength needs to be progressively overloading the muscles with new stimulus on increasing as we go, so if you only have one set of dumbbells and a castle. Is Much harder to make that. Progress is no impossible to make at home. You can make things harder by adding an extra band or If you're doing body weight stuff he can like you said use your body as the resistance to make things harder just by playing around with positioning a an also tempo and seven things down, and doing some tricks, and and what not fit it is just by proxy, if you not having a huge with or different weights. barbells and dumbbells to us from is just it's harder, and it's slower. by I would say if someone is looking to really build strengthen strengthen. That was a really important goal for them. If they candidates accessible for them, I would recommend sunny to Jim. but if someone is just wanting to, if the goal is to have a good wotton, get sweaty. Get those dolphins going than off and you know. I think I. Before as a passenger train, and my destiny east cuts him. My notes of been like. Oh. Hi workouts will pulling. At I think with now. I'm a coach. I see it is people don't know everyone's goal is to build legs muscle and you know, get super super strong. Some people just WANNA. Do of exercise in between? Regular. You're at now, a mother and not. Have? That luxury of time to go to gym thrown out, so it sat more holistic approach the I have now. Yeah I think that's a pretty fat point to make. And I can completely relate to yeah now being a mom as well to anyone this thing, of course that has the family of commitment. You don't have access to a gym. Staying fit and healthy is important for your mental health is is important to give you that little bit of a mental boost. Especially when time to tricky, sometimes, just getting out for wall can, it's good for your heart as well to exercise. The heart is a muscle a Rolin even to keep blood flow going around the bodies. Our brain needs to be oxygenated. Every part of your body requires that, and if we're not moving in with stagnant, you're not going to be really helping you anyway, but as you said if the goal is to both muscle, you just need to get more Sabi because it is tricky, but as so much online at the which is great, and I think in sport anyway, men and women. Women often I did that I pigeonholed into certain types of sports. They should be doing men seen more an wrongly thought she because women's football amazing, but men play more football. Women probably thought of doing more dance based types of workouts, and actually that's not quite around if we bring it back to the highway counts as well, and I was using in the third trimester before upset had the baby I was using candles weights 'cause I couldn't find anything else now. That was an effective way. You can find things Connie. But there's no reason why men and women should be so divided. Yet so I think I think this this two things, so I think. Old All genders should be encouraged to take part in whatever exercise they wanna Jay this. There's no reason as to why we should. The reason why we all divided is initially because of the Patriarchy in. Stereotypes to get on a men and women, but I think former. Oversee, the female menstrual cycle does a role. An an impossible when it does come to women and exercise in Typically Strength Training There's a lowest loads of research I wouldn't want to put any of the research that has been done by China articulated hair myself that it does definitely pay impose brawl on certain meats of our cycle. We're gonNA feel stronger and other weeks. We need to maybe tape it back training so working around the menstrual cycle is. An important consideration for women and I'm currently looking into myself as well so there is that, but that doesn't mean that means. Women shouldn't strength trae coal, stay should. Women should take part in any type of that size I want to do when. We, can I. WE built differently met. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't train the same way you. Can So yeah. It, the reason why we don't know because generally women feel like certain tight sense is a not for them. You know we got. When my mum was young girl, she thought any kind of Jim Trading having used Obam pound weight. You know going into a big hole doing these dances old James Thunder style on it's. It's been around for kids so. It's I'm glad it's changing though I two. Hundred Yeah it is changing I. Think can equally men also probably feeling the same in the yoga. If they want to go and do some yoga, it's getting better, but Yoga Star typic- perhaps is also seen as something any females day. Hundred Percent Entrepreneur. It does what both ways and. I D feel like because of social media. We all seeing more bodies of agendas, partaking in different types of excise, which is a blessing, but it just needs to trump's the from just looking final Bela Oh, cool dot up dot! Is Shooting this which is inspirational for me, but it needs. We need to make sure that transfers into real life, and actually encouraging people to act upon what excites them a motivates as well of course 'cause I think confident. Of it comes down to confidence I mean. I feel I'm in a very. A very privileged situation in the body time in that it's quite well leant towards different types of exercises, but for some people out there you will have different body sizes, shapes, genetics, lifestyles, and there are so many different options is just finding them in in getting things that are accessible accessible to you because I feel that having the online world now being louder than we've ever had it before because that's how communicating. The positive side is that we all seem more people like like you said before different shapes and sizes and backgrounds. Taking themselves off to do workout, and do you think that's here to stay now? I hope so I. Hope so and I. think that is a huge raising but you'll, you'll point on. Being Buddy lends itself well stiffen at sizes. That's a huge I. WanNa focus more on because there are certain exercises you know mounting climate, perhaps which some people in doesn't physically feel right things get in the way that body is is that people get set positions because of rebel day, and it feels so wrong to just assume that everyone can get into every position without offering. Alternative sel whatever that Sashi sending I'm wanting to work on within the next year of mole considerations like that so. I love that you mentioned that cause I is such an important point. I think it's been brought to light to law and I. Neither I'm rethinking everything that we all are in the middle of a pandemic, firstly with the Christ to the moment at the time of recording. This episode is quite a monumental time in history, I think because people are marching today as we recall the episode to support obviously the black community and their voices to be heard to do what we can I think times a really really changing I'm really hoping. That that will translate even down into the fitness industry and just encouraging people that it should be something I, said it's integrating. Because how many times a week in reality new should people be aiming to get a kind of workout in? I because of my stance on the much connor coach that will say I want you guys to decide I want you guys to evaluate it. I think again before if I was to. Give blanket piece of advice. I would say in my opinion the beginning. Twice a week would be great if he can increase it to three times a week fantastic. Score five times a week if you all more advanced. You simply enjoy it and you are able to. That's also fine. But I think. I would much won't people I think when people before they do maybe my prior grabble. By a KNOB sky. They feel like they have to be training every day. Alicia trading sticks tons of week will mess day, and it's really hard to try and communicate to some Hey, actually. Did you know that you need One? That's an important part of the plan. So it is about managing expectations and I always say, let's stop and build if we can, and you are in control, your the one that's managing not may say. Yoga trade. This may time, so be I want to be fluid and some weeks you might train. Wants to week some weeks. Trying not tool so makes you might try and five times a week. It can be fluid as well but I, always like I like to encourage baseline habits, so you know. Having a loose goal in mind. For example training three. That's three times a week. other people might be different go, but having that baseline and allowing it speaks lit. Yet completely, because it's the unrealistic goals set people up full I. Hate this word, and I know that we all feel like some sometimes, but for failure because psychologically. If you tell yourself, you have this rigid thing, a very small percentage of the population will thrive of fat type of approach because some people do, you will tell them that you have to do x many sessions a week, and they will do it, but that was probably a larger percentage of people that will find themselves. In a position outs, not physically possible. Oh, mentally possible like you said for females join us. doesn't fit. And a lot of people listening to his POKU will probably just won't. In one word will, how many times should Iraq how if if we talk about weight loss again because it's the most comedy disgusting to Lose Weight Does. It have to be a hit costs. Lucy like a high intensity. Want would be more likely to lose weight if I if I could spinning book boxing. I. Think this is such a good question because There was common The name of the guy did the study but he compatib- three hit classes, which may be something that with with a weightless goal may be inclined to do. We'll have to do and he combated with a one hour daily. Wet Day So, a day, and The will the daily walk the group that daily walks bend more energy calories throughout the week. Compared to the passing of the group that did three hit classes public On. The to definitely take away from that on if the goal list to lease way in an use energy than. Doing a daily walk, just something very, you know sneaking seamlessly fit in. Today's not only accessible, but it is more in line doing that day. Walk for that goal of you know. Getting into a calorie deficit is more in line with than doing the Canestri. High intensity hit classes per week. which won't you might see? It would be best, but actually stealing a daily walk could be the better option at also the more effective option. Shown in that not study. You know it. May I think? I would always champion. I will always championed weight lifting even if you'll go this way because. It builds muscle built strength, and it could be empowering I would always championed that however. With the weight loss goal is just to Gaul. Anyway you move your body and these energy consistently in a way. You enjoy is a good way for you. I I think walking seven to rated as a form of exercise, and you can poke test on. You can listen to already, but you can kind of self in. It's almost like. Mental. Mental I hate saying exercises. My therapist I think therapy is started. Pay Right so by beneath that it can really improve your mood and your. Mental health just having time no with you. Looking at walking I can vouch considering an old I've been able to do for the last. Maybe three or four months is walk, and I was someone that used to go to classes I was very lucky to bear but to. Guy Before my day clinic would star, but now especially as Among pice birth that so much to be set for the fat walking so keeps you fit is good few mental cartoon. You have two options award. It is a form of release, or it can be a form of multitasking, so I know a lot of people say oh, that's not good idea, but actually for me now with a baby, a newborn if I manage to make out the house, I've achieved something if I manage to. To get some fresh air that makes me feel great. I'm able to call a friend, but if we go back to excise, let's go supplements. That's what I wanted to ask you about, so we know that hit maybe not more effective than king do what's view, but you an odyssey have done a lot on this and I. Think a lot of people assume that if you are working out, you have to take supplements for it. Yeah, so I think the supplement industry has very questionable in general Does been established misinformation around at supplements because. To Mount what happens what has happened with social media? Is that stuff? Companies will often hire people that way in order to promote that products, and they pay the money on. These people promote them. We have this weird association the in order to look at that way that. Jim SESIC. You need to be taking these tablets. Richmond's news pails and not just not the case. nothing is more important than movement. The feature retail unrest that's. It takes focus away from those things, so that in general is problematic however. I would say A. Obviously. I'm a Dietitian nutritionist, but if someone comes to Maine says which supplements would you recommend? I would say if you want to. If you will struggling to get enough protein from your actual the food jury said approaching supplement can be handy, but by no means. Is it necessary? That's what it is I think people tend to think supplements. Aw, necessary, and you have to take them, but it is an individual thing in general. Eating about so boring when people hate, it is boring that eating a balanced diet. Eating, the fruit veggies getting that variation in anything. You know some protein everyday. Is the best option festival mace, and then anything else that you might be lacking. Okay, maybe to suffer the but. It can just come from Completely. Food doesn't need to be replaced by a pill or powder. A lot of the time I think it's almost pot the image overlook. I see them advertised again. In a such a type of way, you pick a stereotypically very fit looking whatever that is in standards of modern society, the moment individual and you have them posing with a protein, shake and oh. As some Rena concoction in a candle something and it's made to look like it will enhance your workout miraculously provide miracle goals, but a lot of the time and I ended up saying this to my clients like you said a protein powder. It's great in. There's nothing wrong about if it's a good type of pricing patterns convenient, but it's not going to suddenly enhance. Your performance will help you reach your goals alone. Exactly Yeah Anita. I've I've taken pricing for years. Not pricin have I will have a scoop day. But? It helps me and showing getting enough and and I will always Kinda chomping that bit feed I. It. It's no match. It's not magic. It's literally. Protein is literally just protein. It's supplementing with surprise to you. It's not this thing that is going to transform your Physi- kids not this magic supplemental concoction need to take. It's literally just a better price chain pricing in general. It's great full. You know building muscle, recove- muscle recovery as well. So it is just something that to facilitate if appropriate, but it's by no means you know necessary to supplement Not exactly we've discussed before one of my pet hades is the discussion around be say as Lebron's chain, no acids. I'M GONNA? Let you start on these because they're still everywhere. They still everywhere. I on the the by now, that would be a different approach with Judah supplement. This is yet so. This infuriates me as well and I. Remember I did a post on this maybe. Three years ago now when this is a time where it was even more prevalent than today. And it is. The reason why people take, it's because of influence a culture. It's because these athletes The sponsors get paid money to promote the supplements. WHO PEOPLE WHO may don't understand by companies who don't actually understand. Dale told to shoot content workout video. He's whilst drinking BCA's. Incorporating into their content, therefore crates the impression to Jen pop the. He needed to happy to look like person, and it's just not the case you know. I would say BCA's all only appropriate if potential Vegan I'm you all struggling against? Get enough from your Diet but again it's. Just Get get some sleep any enough pricing and you're fine. You don't need to have these as a it's redundant and I think. It is just borne out of this. This influence. Aesthetic essentially is influenced a lifestyle that we're watching on within the fitness industry of watching people joke that I t BCA's, but really we do. Most people don't need not applicable. Now yet exactly and I remember looking at a stat in what it Trish in textbooks unions long time ago, that a handful of peanuts gives you the same amount. Lebron's chamber acids that you got in a supplement drink anyway and most forms of pricing. If you're eating enough throughout the day, you're getting those. Require and then creating. It's something else that. Can talk about, but again that's just full professional athletes, so we've office discussion around diets next assize. I'm I. Mean would you say what would be your advice? Lacey, the best advice for creating a good balance. I think so with creating again. It's not something that I would recommend. My audience to take is just again. It's it's not really appropriate. I would save on. Creating a is one of the more research supplements, and if you all someone who takes trading very seriously potentially might want to. I. Don't know, but again for me. I I just think let's let's do the basics Lewis WanNa try and do the funky stuff. That really is not appropriate all you might not be ready for it without she taking time to do the basics, which all building. Vikings Training Habits leading full with your with your You're doing you know what he eating habits. Making sure that you know your building, a better relationship with food, and all those and sleeping enough you know so. I my Halston on things supplements including creating. Pricing more opens on an airplane. Recommending to degree is more valuable, but I. Just for me I think the supplements is just. Tends to be the big fancy shiny thing that we all want to jump to without schnee doing the basics I. Yeah, no, of course. I completely agree and the basics for most people I mean if you're looking at working out, and you're doing perhaps more than the average person, then you do need to really look at the making sure that you're not going to be deficient amount of pride. Tino cops and again on on the podcast food. For thought we do have individual episodes all about protein all about cops, so you know what you're doing, but it is important, isn't it pre and post workout these annual to make sure that someway won't catching at least abandoning them. Yes, so I mean drawing continuum from protein. I think there's this misconception again that you need to have a protein. Shake says he minutes after your workout. Feel workup to count. At again. That is just kind of old school. Bodybuilding bribes science a what intrigue. If you are against the assumption that the goal is to kind of build muscle. Obviously, everyone wants tune. That's fine, but it is recommended and said to have protein in holidays tomorrow, but let's for example, says twenty to twenty five grams in in batches throughout the day of maybe four times, and May I just saw take that as China have a pricing every meal if he can have a portion price, every meal dot three times a day, maybe a snack. For Training Purposes I. I for me, personally a have to have something in my tank before I guy being is a hot to have that meal beforehand. A has to have something to get me through the workout. Some people can train straight away in the morning and they feel fine on. They eat breakfast afterwards and I think it is all about. Working for you. But if you're going to be trading facet in the morning. Had Anything a tool. I would say. Make sure you have a big meal at night and make sure that's actually sometimes we tell ourselves by on this kind of pass and I can have a good workout without having a meal beforehand and I can train Eddie in the morning, but until we actually try having food before have in having that. Have put filling a tank. You could have a way to work out. You Know An. Exercise in general, requires energy, so if not ensuring that were fueling ourselves enough on with carbohydrates. You know certain Wilson for training. It's. We Con- if I feel like sometimes. We self sabotage because. We want to have these great workouts way feel strongly feel. Motivated, but if not as she fueling ourselves properly, how are we going to have the energy to get through that session so good in the weight we WanNa last united while Don, this is the CDC. This is the thing I love about your ethos, and while you're on, Hey, discussing this because I feel the still such a misconception doesn't matter how many times we SCIATICA around, which in of food in general on walking out as if people are proud, said what I've tried to. To restrict restrict whereas if you haven't tried to put the energy and energy comes from Cop hydrates, which is Glucose for MS, sugar, which provides a muscles with the energy it needs to perform and and your brain without that. How can you think clearly perform clearly, but equally it depends again I suppose on lifestyle the type of workout. How early are working? Because I've got to be honest? I'm seeing early mornings in my new life. The I never used to see so. I'm pretty much seeing all night long and I see the four am five am crew now. I hate him outside by window. And I guess it depends. On what time of day feel more comfortable digesting food, but people need to look at is definitely. Salsa fueled lockdown at people going online now. Anyway, facts assigned saying I mean. How do you know? How do people what county see what is going to be right for them? What exercise they should be doing. I think has tried era I think. Think for me. It is I. Mean I got into weightlifting because I had this boyfriend that yeading and I I was my almo. So coolly lifts way some. He would always drag me out. Eventually encouraged me to Kinda step off the cross train on getting that which you know. I'm grateful for him doing that because I really enjoyed it and eat I I if you're listening to this and you are you know that you've been struggling to motivate yourself to do that training? Even doing I would take this opportunity to stop and just think. Do I like what I'm doing. Doing is that I feel Taya's cut. I feel myself, Besson my sessions do I enjoy while I'm trying to do because if the answer is at think so then something has to change. You can't just expect to wake up one day and be like. Oh, I've suddenly changed and Sunday I enjoy this without she tweaking variables, so it's about assessment is about having conversations with yourself. Asking yourself do I like this if it's a no, why do I not like it? Is it because I feel? This and therefore needs coaching. An extra help she can do, or is it because I dislike this form of exercise, so it's having those conversations, but. I find following the whole variety of different people in swam is great to kind of figure out oh. That is interesting to me. You know I started doing. All dancing with. Seven inch boots gone wishes for me would have been like no way how embarrassing. HOW CRINGE! The I've been I've got friends who do it and I found seven power soak rates, my confidence and I love so it is just seeing what's out there. A hundred percent and you mentioned following a variety of people. If you all go into social media and to get, you'll source of inspiration of exercise useless from that then I would be very careful as well because, of course, everyone's promoting what works then. And how do people sift out a I didn't know a qualified pt or an unqualified one. Is there any way of knowing who's more credible lacking in the nutrition lease? It's very difficult people. That's why I just say. Look for a registered nutritionist Tim what do people do in the fitness world? It is very hard because what happens is that people will stop going to the gym post workouts and then off the back of that. I mean to happen to me. You know I built a profile in that. I became a pestle trainer I'd always had an interest in had what within a studio fit to five years prior, but at the same time I. I think what happens is people are interested in fitness, and then they become a PT. The don't actually have the skillset all they have. They have the qualifications. They don't have the knowledge to know how to really help. People via online platform is just. This is my workout. Watch me do my workout and you can copier if you won. So I would thinks council would be. What kind of content is the past following? Thirsty fussy check if they got PT sets occasion, they should be level three P. T.. So, if they're not then, I would say negative as well which is constructed, which is also fine, but I look for level three P. T. if he can. If they have that it may be on their website if not just deanne them and ask them. I've had people DMA's knowing my bio. I've had people ask me more than happy to say. Yes? I qualified this point with this education. Hey, go! I would say that so ask them if he can't see it. On also is when they are doing that. When posting content is to content about them, or is about the client offering advice, so they offering form tips all they offering corrections all day all day, just posting videos of them. Working out and saying try, this worker tries because that's the difference between someone, his coaching versus someone who's just sharing inspiration I think if you'll seriously by your training helping one a credible source. The content has to be client focused. It has to be it can be the royal counts who you might look at be the old intimating training now, and that's inspiration for you, but if you WANNA, learn I think it has to come from the coach. To that's what I was. I when he scrolled at feed fill. Is Out that to help you or do you feel like it's that, too? said that EGO. That's what I would say. A itself indulgent or is there? A meaning were pop is I think that's really really good advice, also just ask I think a lot of people are very scared to ask, but like you said if someone's qualified, they'll have no problem in replying and equally I think a good puzzling. Renault would encourage rest as just as much as. As working out so there's someone that's good bonnet now. We have lots of questions from our listeners. The first one. Felix is put you on the spot little bit. We've got from. Jena. Now genocide that she loves working out, but she thinks that it makes more hungry and she's putting on weight. Where is she going wrong? So when we're training, you know. Seizing calories as you'd say. So you, all can feel. More hungry. I would be if you'll go is weight loss, and that's something you really want to do I would maybe lip to the foods that you all consuming. Could they be a little bit more filling? In. Can you make a few tweaks and changes that that might make a difference in again I would just pass personally. I wouldn't cooperate woking as well I would get Zali. Wolfson incorporate that but please don't feel like. I think we also focused on our weights and the number on the scale, so another thing another layer to the is I. Percy would recommend stepping off that scale and just going by how you feel in your body. Maybe it's how it looks in the mirror fine. Maybe it's how you close that that's also fine. But how do you feeling your body because we sometimes? Especially you know if we all putting on a bit of muscle we may, we may not see changes in the scale tool, but we haven't thought built muscle in Las way as well so I'll weights not changing, but we all physically changing if that made sense, oh! You know. Disheartened by scale lakes, it changes all the time by many things affected as well. Couldn't agree more that the sky is definitely not the most accurate form of measurement thera tool and Emma has said does Yoga Count? This is interesting as a rest day because I'm really active on of the days. I think it depends on what yoga it doing this commonly this the draw to the different types of Yoga, but the common type Sir. Yoga. mission. Until I know I feel like Yin Yoga is the one that's a bit more Seora tive I might have that I'm so sorry by the did they won't buy. If it, some more restorative type of Yoga that's more folks on holding positions than I think to a degree. Sure that's lesson parts, and if he wanted arrest is fine. But, if it is a more activist. Vanessa. Ought to type of Yoga, then I would say dot I would say that is not really wrestling e, what very hard in his classes on May people tend to think. Yoga's just just telling and land on your back into. Know. Whatever is not the case it can be a hot wet. Yet if you if you must be active on your rest day because he preferred that, and that's what he wished to do, I would opt for over store to type of Yoga. Yoga can be tough. I couldn't agree more. Milly has said I drink may be two three times a week and I wonder how much this is affecting my sickness. I'm well it. Does you know I'm saying this from someone who does? Let's get you know you wasted every week. Lover I enjoy drinks. She and I like to have a big night and go out with my friends. Now. it. It can create the site that I think if we all doing it multiple times a week. It can effects who training you're not able to. feel a strong fields present. It can also change eating habits as well. Inkatha, make his. Won't eat more drawn will certain kinds of foods and again that's really not an issue but if your goal is to feel a little bit more, you know. To build full to feel strong to energize to fill focused it does impact it, so it may be a case. It's not to say you shouldn't drink coming. Like I say I drink and I enjoy drink, but in my opinion, it may be that. Try, and just have a few glasses while the Dan loads of just one or two each time if you must but. It, it kind of it does. Is it Kinda does affect your training and you? Go New as well than Nets Day is. Depressing her. It's not it's not. It's a depressant by default, so you will fill low mood as well. We're that's just a it is a depressant, and that's one of the key things to highlight that. May Give you an initial buzz that anyone needs to hold focused on alcohol. Because that says this is a very interesting. uncommonly discussed topic, the last question regards from Jelica. Own this is something. We hit song much in the rechristened clinic lacey and she said Iran. Mice days, but I'm starting to worry that I'm during a stop getting my period, but running is my thing I just can't stop. A case of this this may strikes. I would say first and foremost. I would please speak to your doctor because it's really important that we are not if we're overtraining, overdoing it at forty has a really good way of telling us. Hey, something going on here. I need you to pay attention to it and that it's obviously I'm not I'm not a doctor, and I'm not qualified hits capacities advice. However, it is a bit of A. It's a notice from your body to go unseat support. I would say talk with your doctor I also on top of that. Oath training is a real issue over exercising is a real president thing because we think a K.. If someone's saying running is good, mole running is even better and again buster. McCaffrey is so important. We're not. We're not machines. Leah. Real human bodies, and we need to push the also need to pull back and life and movement and exercise, and everything is about fishing and pudding, so for only pushing, not putting back. UP BODIES NOT GONNA. Keep shoving. It May to a degree you may be able to keep pushing. Keep going, but your body. Your body will stop you at some point and this is. May I think it sounds like your body's telling you. It's too much on I would definitely go seat support. When the COM-. Said I. Love The push analogy actually I'm, it's true in all walks of life and areas of our life. We need to be thinking about that and especially to add if you're not getting a period Janette does indicate that your body isn't in a healthy state to the moment. That's usually the first indicating factor that something's not quite right to need looking at yet. Do Garcia Dr and that does pup the questions that we've got time for, but we are now going to move on to one of my. Favorite Parts Lucy just detest you affect affection round. Are you ready a resume on Monday? If you could onset back both fiction to the following questions. You'll only lose weight if you hit the fat burning zone. False section sorry. Right in that. Home workouts can be as effective as in the gym. Yes no depends on the goal. It. That can be effected. Doug minuscule. Absa made in the kitchen. Fiction. Exercise can be metabolism. Yes in the sense. Yes, it can, however again it's not so not not in the same sensor. A lot of people think it will not degrade people think about, but yes, it can. Being so after workouts suggests you hit your capacity. Fiction Spot, weight loss workouts work. Fiction the fifty you are, the better you sleep. Fiction Caffeine can be very effective energy. Workout Fox. Sports drinks a more hydrating than water. Fiction. Everyone should do at least ten thousand steps a day fiction. What that go fiction round. Right. Denote. It was one of the hot ones I think even when we were writing our mental thinking. Oh I'd love to look up this Lumo. It's it's funny because sometimes. It heads Everything's so nuanced Disney. You just want to the seventy caveats to a lot of different things. Exactly. What about Doug Nettie wrap up this afternoon? See that will be finishing now with all few thought so. Mind today would be that having spoken with you. Today is very clear as we've just said. Lots of things very nuance to end I think the most important thing when it comes to. Fitness or exercise is that we see as kind of fun and. More. Realistic and I think for me recently of my to not to change in lifestyle. I really started to appreciate. My walks a lot more like we discussed them before. And sometimes you just gotTa deal what you can do to maintain your lifestyle, and that's okay. It's okay if You're periods of time change when you Kinda Nikon. Count and Without exercise to be honest, you might find yourself really losing sleight of your mental health as well as winning important to address that it gives you a bit of a boost. And Lucy if you could give our listeners a final food for thought to take a message from you, what would that be? I would say right now. It's not the time to be overly stressing out about your fitness goals. I'm what I mean by that. Is We all? Start we'll in a pandemic guys. You know it's crazy times and please stop putting pressure on yourself to do so. Many different lists extends to just life in general. so I would say. Take it easy. Be kind to yourself and try not to use nutrition at size as a means to stress yourself out further We have to be so good at having those little intent conversations with ourselves, but start giving. Away even if it has to be out loud, you know journaling. I would say. Stop having yourself around. How you feel about champion to do. That's a beautiful feed. Foley see. I agree more especially at the moment like you said. We're in a pandemic unusual times, and not in tunnel voice can be very overbearing. We do need to address it and learn to interact with it Lucy if people won't find out a little bit more about you wack him, we had them. So you can find me at Lucy, mountain on Instagram as well as. Nope, guides with an ASS tuned today. Please do say what stands full. Night they might think. Is! Basically it started out no. Comey Soi. Can we say Nubia an? Initial. Stall shot with no will S. H. it. And that it got. We condensed to into note, the S. and then closed the gap into. Nope, so that's the name of my company on fitness programs, and we call each other knobs as well so no K-, it's an OB. Delightful talking to you and wishing you all the very best in this crazy time. Thank you for coming on I thought Oh. Thank you for having made been wonderful. If you enjoyed this episode Yoga into absolutely love what's coming next week? So make sure you click subscribe to be the first to hair it and please do if you half the time. Leave a five star review. It does help this poor cost. Get out there. We want to be able to reach. More people help more people, and maybe even perhaps retire highs in the charts. For more information about my retracing clinic books, healthy recipes, events retreats onslaught much more, please visit rechristened dot com, and you can always follow me at rechristened on Instagram, twitter, facebook and Youtube.

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