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"guy swigging" Discussed on Get Up!

"Planet earth the nba chance celebrated in milwaukee with parade to the cream city. Now as tends to be the case in these events. There's someone always that you don't expect it steals the show and this time it was the guy swigging that champagne bottle he j. tucker like. Oh you gotta like so. You gotta beat the dog. And i'm like now. We got dogs like they. Just say like we got. We got dogs. They just don't know how to be dogs. Dogs crazy we got. Oh jimmy milwaukee we the walking we dog the new cinema out of milwaukee rc. It's time for you to explain your tweet now. This is interesting. Do you have to be top tier quarterback to win the super bowl in this era of the nfl our c. Please explain see like this. One is not the not the type you know ryan. This is more a ryan. Smith tweet dinner ryan clark to actually something that you had to think about and it was something that people would you know attribute to a very smart man. Sometimes i don't think people necessarily give me but they always give it to you. You know law degree all this stuff on your all kinds of shows so think about this right. You have tom brady recently. But you also have patrick mahomes but you also have nick foles and was tom. Brady truly an elite level quarterback at the time they won the super bowl. Was it more about the players around him defense. He did those three inception in the nfc championship. So it just got me to thinking because so many people hate tom brady now right. They say he's not the same that that he's fell that he was carried. But it's tom brady. It's the goat. He is elite level. The things that he brings along with what he does. Put you at an elite level. So do you need a petty mahomes to beat him. Do you need aaron rodgers to beat him. Can't baker mayfield a sitting. There is it russell. Wilson is it. Is it going to be a guy like josh. Our answering training camps. How many teams have a quarterback that they feel can win the championship. And i think that number may be five or six and so everybody else is plain to play. It's interesting and we started looking back at the previous super bowl champions and you make a good point. Is that the quarterback of things around him yet. Brady in twenty-one mahomes before that then brady nick foles the exception brady manning brady wilson and then all the way back in two thousand thirteen joe flacco. Nick is an elite quarterback needed to win the super bowl in this here. An elite mindset. Yes so when you when you talk about your more than just throwing the football. Most of these quarterbacks. I would say every single quarterback that has won a super bowl has that mindset that is infectious it carries on to the next person and they wanna win. They want to do what's best for the team and look tom. Brady was his teammate. He is the epitome of making the guys around him better and work harder and achieving the best that they can possibly be on the football field. Because it's the way you see him every single day. Come into the building you see him on the airplane going home from a win or a loss in his computer watching plays for the next game that you're a week away from everyone else's playing.

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