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OTH: Dont Let The Time Do YOU!

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OTH: Dont Let The Time Do YOU!

"Thanks for listening to ace on the. House on podcast. One on the latest episode of the Big Podcast with the team sets with likely first round draft. Pick Joe borough any disappointment without missing out on that big night that you were expecting. Yeah you know. There's definitely some disappointment right now. I'm planning on my couch with my parents and watching it on TV. I guess do you worry about the talk? Other trying to compare you to know. Does a great player dislike. I am and just go out really good players and draft. And we're all looking to make a name I at the next level and I guess we'll find out ten years down the road and those discussions throughout time about it but you know we can't control that. Be SURE TO CHECK IT OUT ON. Podcast one or whatever you get your podcasts support for ace on. The House comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans home. 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That's triple eight sixty four zegers. This is Corolla digital masted cop to help. Yeah get it on. Got To get it on. The church began mandate. Get it on and make it get it on. Get it on. Welcome to ace on the House. Man Across stromer wasn't air. Yes sir I mean the layers were. Yeah Yeah I just Went OVER SOME HOT TILE. Talk got some Large cast tile that. I'm looking to put down. So why don't you end up? What did you end up doing about your question where you wanted to go straight to a sub? Florida's you did you. Now I ended up. I ended up putting a quarter inch. Hardy backer I was able to actually find a four by eight foot. Quarter inch sheet of hardy. Backer lay down on top of the Incheon. A eight thirty floor or think it is although that screw the hell out of it and then you tape seems I have not taped the seems yet. But that's good what you do. I would just just run that. They sell the tape and just do five inch. Blade within sat just smear on just like frost cake is it is. It's a mesh tape. It's it's it's a Fiberglass type tape. Is it the same stuff they used on drywall? Basically you could. It's just to hold the thin set in place but there is. I think there is a hardy version of it. That's a little more beefy. But you could get away with and and it's a adhesive. Yes Sir and are we Are and also screw holes. I like is covering the screw holes. It's just like my mouth on drywall. Just do the same thing within set right now. We get now. What kind of thin set like mix your own acrylic? All of it is so good now that comes with pre pre measured aspects in it. So you just have to put water. And it's fine and I and the higher the price bag for the creamier and longer the setup time is so gives you way longer to work with it And the cheap stuff it. It dries quicker. And it doesn't have the elasticity feel. It's a different texture right and now we're getting into let's see Tape the seems to do the screw holes as well sure now this is big porcelain tile. It's approximately five foot long by. I don't know two and a half wide. What would you what? What kind of notch trowel would you use for that I would probably do the three quarter. V Notch Three quarter three quarter. Yeah they make like a v V notched trowel. That's a bigger. I don't know if it's it might be a little under three quarter. I can't remember exactly what it is but it's a it's a large. V Notched Trowel Large v Notch Trowel three-quarter v Notch trial host. Joe Squared one. Yeah and And make make that stuff. I don't get it too. Watery wants to retain those triangles. When you comb it out right same thin set that you used to tape the seams and put it down and Tamp it down with what do you do? You could probably just lay the long edge down and then drop it into the thin set bad and it'll be that's enough pressure to put don't butter up the tile but are up the the floor the floor the hurry back yeah. Exac- combet Komen and that that size right the thing. Put the long edge down and let it drop down. You know three inches and it'll be fine and just put your hands and move it a little bit and get it into position right little. Shimmy now way. I have a question for you with that. So so do you have a Who's cutting the tile and? Do you have a big enough platter on your tile saw to accommodate such a large piece. Yeah haven't got there yet. Haven't worked on yet. Haven't figured it out. Yeah I love the dewalt saw you liked the Dewalt wet salt tile size bad ass because it's got a really big expandable Trade move the tile on much larger pieces take yeah I will I will either. I have a good kyle saw but I yeah you're right. The tray is the tray is limited. Good news is have a guy named Sean. Who's pretty much world-class fabricator? And he just changes stuff. If you need to heal extend it widened charter. Yeah you can. You could make a little you could amend the exist like on an M. K. Saw It's got this little Sort of a weird little tray where you have to put the tile flattening button onto the tray. You could kind of fabricate a little extender for that. Particular problem is is that the long and hangs way over and you don't have any room on the left is because of the design of that saw which is why wall. There's more room to work underneath it. The there's something satisfying about a wet saw. Sure is the sound feels. Good feels cool. You know what if for it forces you to slow down when you cut tile. You can't just ZIP right. Regular Table Saw R. Chop. So you ask to be in the moment when they get you. Get your brain back to like lay out. And what the Hell you're doing in your in your process you can't just sorta half ass it and automatically do it and the other thing. I love is that you can't cut your hand off for the tiles. Yeah that's that's always nice as well all right. What are you working on? Well now I I was just telling the FELLAS that I've been offered to do a flipper house out in the community of CASS static. And and I was just wondering is it time to send the boys into you. Know in general population and be in a contained home. But then what about suppliers you go out? Is it okay to buy all the stuff with the mask and the gloves and the transport and do neighbors feel weird when you know? There's a a a remodel on a house going on right next door when everybody's sorta lockdown so the questions. What's your take on that right now? I have spoken to a person or two who is locked down with a remodel going on next door and they're not happy about it so because everybody seems to be ignoring you feel like they're ignoring and their breathing next to your kids playing in your yard. It's sort of like I don't know I have the. Yeah but on the other hand. What are these guys going to do these? Well these these guys would be contained in the house for the first now I mean. What are they going to do if they're not working? Oh what they're GONNA do is they're gonna you know that's the thing I call them just to say. Hey Are you guys in? It's like the beginning of those movies. Where you know the guy calls the guys to drive the Ray. What's the one with the race car drivers? They all steal cars and fast and furious. It's my it's my version of fast and furious but it's slow and Guatemala and that's A. They're not race car drivers. I think no way okay. I. I don't know all I know is VIN diesel. Lives his life a quarter mile at a time. Yes it's me being VIN diesel. And then the handsome guys. My Friend Renee. Who's like a five to Guatemala? And so it's not really the same right is do we have questions. So that people have sent in porcelain. Punisher Matt Yes. We do. Start things out with a video question like we do here. Please email us ace on the house at Adam. Corolla Dot com going east on the roof dot com. If you want to see the video aired from Michael in Austin Texas Eric let this league girl from the AC runoff too long. And I got this rusting overnight. House wife's getting on me to clean it off What's the best way to get that done? Thanks Siding and Foundation looks like he has a basement or at least raise foundation. I guess that clear stuff is is pretty good. The stuff that gets rid of calcium and that kind of stuff dry sodium phosphates wrong. Do you like putting it in the pressure. Washer and shooting the solution on it or you. Just do it with a scrub brush. I feel like that's such a small contained area that they could just do it with a With a scrub brush yet. It might be tougher to get off the foundation with the flat. Paint you alar. I'm calling it clear but yeah the L. R. Right. Yeah I feel like that. Could that could be done that way. I mean if one can't remove the stain one could kind of paint over it if one feathered it in but I don't know about the foundation that looked like it was masonry color but It Take A. I don't know brass brush. Maybe maybe not on the be careful with the brass brush on that citing if that's vinyl sided natural bristle right but see what it does. You can go a little tougher on the on the foundation part and also this. This is a great opportunity to to do one of those projects with a bucket and so and then call the lady out. Get your shirt off and then to have her. Think you've been out there for hours. That's only gonNA take you forty minutes and let her think you've been for hours and then watch the magic happen and maybe maybe although it's it's such a small area. I don't know that's why I got a buddy that that used to be er or is an er doctor and the husband was an aspiring quote unquote writer. And he never did anything but every day he'd come out at three. Oh five with a push broom right and that. He was book brushing off the driveway as she pulled in and then he did. One of those like forearm across the had a top of the head. Hi honey while Henry Sheet that I do do you let me. I want to ask you this. What do you have I will give you an example like I have guys who liked to work and then I have guys who don't like to work? Yeah and the guys don't there's little indicators that for the people that don't like to work give you an example the indicators for they don't like to work people is whenever they go on a run off food or could be drywall at some point. Whatever the internal clock is in your head of whether go to an walt lumber and get ten sheets a half inch drywall. Or go to subway and pick up. Some foot longs for everyone at some point. The clock in your head goes we're the fall. Is that guy and it is every single time they gonna run and then when they come back you go. Hey man what took so long and they go they man the Home Depot. Okay Glendale okay. The Glendale was totally out of half inch. Totally out of having I had to go to Burbank. Okay we've got to Burbank. That three. She Okay Okay. And then so the guy said go to the North Hollywood one and then you all you go you go fuck it bucket of cake. Get the drywall go. But the next time and every time you send them out on a run the clock in your head runs out. Yeah you like the fucking subway up the street. What's going on. You got five sandwiches. Wise it those guys don't like to work if you're asking yourself what is taking so long all the time and you're not unrealistic. No I mean of course no they go to the subway and they come back like I'll give you a half an hour but it somewhere about an hour and ten in you know what the fuck is gone going on right if you are one of those people. There's a situation with work. And that's that's a great audition example for guys. You're trying out on jobs. Have send them out to do that. See what happens. 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I'm always kind of perplexed by people who don't know what other people know about them right and I don't know it's Kinda like people that are late all the time there late all the time. I don't really think they think the people around them. No they're late all the time but they know best that they're late all the time so. I was watching Ozzie. The other day he. He's working for me because he's no one else employment era egging me for job. You know what I feel. Sorry for him. But I'm explained you'll be half to work. I can't I can't have you doing and you do. And you do have a soft spot in your heart for them. Why is that? Is it just the history? Well I've known for a long time and Ozzie's like A. He's a broken down guy because he doesn't he doesn't know how to work or he doesn't work. He just Kinda ripped everyone off and whatever and so. Everyone has pushed ozzy out of their life in like so and so now he's sixty year old guy who's been pushed out and he doesn't really have any money. He's got a broken truck like I don't. He doesn't get a lot of repeat business and everyone who he knows. His pushed him out because of his horrible work because he doesn't work because of the speed that he works but he won't he won't modify that and he won't internalize it right but you still bring him. Well you know I see your sweet guy and I don't think anybody would ever say that but you are well. I don't want luck. Here's the deal. He doesn't not work completely. He works like forty. Six percent of what person would work. So what you do hiring guy with a handicapped so you you give Ozzy twenty five bucks an hour kind of eat it a little bit. I. It's not like he doesn't do anything. It's just kind of eat it because because of speak and and also you know and also aesthetic in design and things like that are all off all all off and you can't communicate with them so when you're telling him hey here we go now here. We go you know. So what is he doing right now for? You like what? What kind of job would you let him? Do I had them paint and doing some modest tape and some little rough plumbing stuff and he just slow the so I was watching. I was studying him like why. So the thing about guys don't like to work. They go slow and they try to make more work. So there's a couple of tells there's go out on runs when they go out on runs you go. What THE FUCK. What's taking so long in a where are they? That's number one number two. You can disagree with any of these frequent trips to the truck. Like he's going out to the truck to get his blah blah. He's coming back like a lot of walking back and forth. Yeah so buttering. There's muttering that goes with that. I was watching Ozzie. The other day just watching him and I saw him role in an outdoor trash can into the shop like you just rolled it in then. He took a smaller trash can. That wasn't even full. Had about half full but it had a lot of drywall. Dust and stuff at the autumn on it and he turned it over inside of the bigger can with the wheels on it from outside and it made a big plume of Drywall. Dust inside my shop. Obviously and I hate dust and I hate it when guys like take a sheet of plywood and then drop it and it just goes boom. There's dust everywhere right so I said I said is he shut the LID. Come on man. Don't they'll make a big plume of dust. I got cars and stuff in there but I was watching him and what he had done is the trash can with the wheels on it was outside was out in the parking lot right. He was inside with his trash. Can that had a little bit of drywall. At the bottom of it or whatever he walked outside got the trash can he had to open a rolling door right and openness rolling door. He won outside. He got the trash can he? Wheeled the trash can in. He emptied his trash came into it. Then he wield the trash can back out again and I thought wait a minute. A person that liked to work would just walk out which is bringing the trash can to the parking lot empty. It so is is. If it's as if for your for your kitchen trash you took the outside barrel wielded into the kitchen emptied it and then walked out and so he had to go outside. Come back go outside and come back again. He did fifty percent more than he would've just walked outside. And I wouldn't got the fucking dust plume inside the place we could have just walked out. The trash can emptied walked it back in now. Looks like they're taking the time for the for the trip back and forth to kill time in the day you say well think out your mindset. What else what? That's a little window in your mind right. Yeah IF SOMEBODY SAYS EMPTY. The trash can ninety nine percent of us just dragged the trash can outside empty comeback with an empty trash can. If you set the trash can go get the can wheel it an empty and then wheel it out again and then walk back again. You've just gone back to two more times than you need to do. What so what's going on with your head. It's not a better way to do it. It's just a way to do it. You know what I think it is. It's a life of hourly payment right right right because it's exactly it's get through the day it's exactly right. You're getting paid by the hour and you have to kill those hours as best you can right exactly all right now. The question is why. Don't they know what we know? I well because it's a because you can't. You can't elevate yourself when you can't elevate yourself out of hourly employment you learn to to act but we we have hourly guys kick ass but those are the guys that will ultimately become something else from the job that you've hired them to do now sell the others are just hourly dudes they just but they just work those hours and he's just like working or because they think that it's going to lead to something better thing. How work physical work that. I don't think people fully understand. Psychologically Physical Work Right. If you fight it it'll kick your ass. Lean into it. It'll work for you like explain that. Let me let me hear what you mean. There's like because I've lived both of it. I've lived it. I used to show up cockeyed. What time is it What WE GOTTA Win Launch? When's lunch come on? Can we take a break at ten? What time is it? What time is it like just staring at the clock and kind of trying to half ass it you know. I wanted to do comedy. I WanNa do something else. I was like I want to do something else and the work would kind of kick my ass. It's like it's like any good con. We'll tell you you do the time. Don't let the time to use and and make a shank those yeah good shop so it is certain points. I thought to myself you know what I'm going to get a Lausanne about this. I would like to be doing something else that is true. I'd like to be doing something creative or interesting or or comedic. I am not my lot in life is I have to get up and go to work tomorrow at a job site and you know what I'm going to be good at it. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA roll up my cords when I'm done. I'M GONNA put. I'm going to put their half inch or five sixteen inch drill bit back into the drill index. When I'm done not just throwing a pile you know. I'M GONNA end up my tools a little. I'M GONNA take my belt and get my bags outfitted so I have all that. I need my chock box and my compass and everything and you know what I'm GonNa take a little pride and we'll do it right and when I started doing that I immediately enjoyed it more and I stop staring at the clock and the day just sort of went by faster because I kind of leaned into it versus I got. I don't WanNa be here. And then ultimately gives you more time to pursue the other stuff because it's all compartmentalized and it. It gives you a schedule. That's that's that provides abundance when something else needed to try. I think I think it would be. It's really no different than exercise. Which is like instead of dread dread dread dread dread just lean into it a little bit and do it right if in fact you're GONNA if you've made the conceit that I'm going to run on the treadmill for twenty minutes a day every day instead of just dreading it pushing it back and it just fuck it. I'll doing the morning. Get it over with and then from the perspective of of working for someone. It's so obvious that those guys are the ones that you're gonNA lean into when you need something done which then ultimately leads to promotion which ultimately leads to everyone being fulfilled. Its so obviously when it's so obvious when you see those guys now I I know that thing. That's weird is they never see it? They never I there either. Unaware that you're aware of it or or they don't care all right. We got another question. teaser question man. I'll hit Tommy John but Tease your your question. The way that that inside that that was just discussed if you were to give that to a kid who is a about ready to go into college you know or starts a new life if they would just pay attention to that. That's everything he asks then. Unbelievable it's so simple but it's everything well ever. Everyone kind of spends a lot of time. I mean everyone's guilty of it going. We don't want to be here. I don't WanNa do this here. I don't WanNa do this and the answer is you are there and you are doing it today. Do it or you are there. And you're not doing it. And that's what provides discomfort misery to get used to doing things. Well Matt. I'm sorry my signal keeps cutting out here so Teasing a question. We have email quite show. What if what if what if came back on and said God. The Home Depot line was long. I'm sorry guys. I didn't mention the IT'S A concrete repair question. That's wrecked is it. A. What are we getting bids emails. What are we gonNA get a little bit of everything? This was an email question. The guy's got like four different pictures. That'll put up for you guys all right first. Let me hit Tommy John The lounge wear. I mean look guys going to be trapped in your house am I right or am I. Right hopefully doesn't go on that long. Get some Tommy. John Get the lounge. Wear it's comfortable the underwear great. The undershirts are great. What surely where my Taco Bell Shirt the lounge? 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All right good job in concrete work all right so this is an email from Dustin Yemen to put up a series of four pictures here for you guys have a lower garage that has an outside wall which is walk that used to be that looks to be used as a chase way at one time for the ACC line set ernest venting an electrical. That was moved at a later. Date and someone passionate with a grey fiber glass fiber in fees time material which didn't adhere to the block wall. And we'll start dripping water. On a day of heavy rain I started removing the patchwork to see what was behind it. I also sealed the electrical penetration on the outside sealed. Any cracks on the pad shown. Extra one picture to is the inside. I will cut the PVC back before making the repair. What kind of concrete should I use to make that repair and second? I'd like to go what I could do to clean up the block look of the lower garage on the back side of my house. I have a lot of penetrations through the block for all the Brother Mechanical 's wondering what would look best pictures. Three and four is picture to where? What's the top of picture to a slab? That would be my guess. My expert opinion a desert. Yeah it appears to me. It appears to me that it is upside down the driveway that you can see in picture. Four okay yeah yeah okay well. I'm glad I'm not taking crazy pills because I this house wouldn't have a poor in place first floor or second floor so it would appear to be that pictures. Inverted Right Picture to otherwise. I don't know exactly what to make of it. So while Dustin we appreciate you organizing these forests but next time with flip the picks up the right way. Shall I guess? Okay so gary says yeah so I I believe it and it could be a slab that support it can be a it would never be in this house accord slab for floor re-used or or somehow we were transported to a parking garage with concrete. All right so let's see. What would one of her the block with? Well STUCCO. You know you know traveled on stucco would work I don't think there's any need to do a laugh on it I I would. I would investigate it like I would make I would ensure but one could travel on stucco one should definitely clean the shit out of blocks and one should Maybe even use some Brush Sean Adhesive Conference Clue on there but then just go ahead and trowel on a color. If one if one wanted you could pick a color you could. You could mix it up and you could trial it on and they comfortable with Hawk. I was GONNA say that's the transference from the Hawk to the wall. And then the smearing and the circular motion of the STUCCO is an art form. So yeah it's GonNa take you a minute to get the hang of it but man is when you watch guys who do this all the time do it. It's unbelievable the You know obviously this have to blue tape off the pipes and the penetrations and things like that and just kind of carefully go round it but Like like you're painting but you can definitely do that. It's I've done some STUCCO and stuccos of a weird thing. It's Kinda like surfing. It's like you can't do it and then at some point you can do it and I don't know why but you can do it. You know like the First Few tries it just pee. Heels off just falls off. It's like it's like it doesn't respect you or something and then at some point you just go bing Bing Bang and it's just it's just there. Yeah and I've done a lot of it I've done a lot of floating on vertical walls. Which is not that all that different like. It's because you've done a lot of floating. That explains your cannonball Dell's because that's what happens man that movement where you're just moving your arm in front of you and out apply now and everyone's always like God. You must lift Olympic all day. And I'm like now just Comes from don't stock? Stucco jobs in the eighties. Got My traps that man when I used to do. I used to sit in people's shower. Sorry not shower. Stalls bathrooms used to. What I'm doing earthquake here agree Hab. We had to put all these places back together. You know all of all all of these bathrooms in these tiny units and and like Korea town and I would just go into the person's tiny unit in sit in there at put a board across the bathtub. I'd sit on it and all I did was just float the wall. That was that that was the plumbing wall with the spigot and the handles everything. I've just float that that wall. And Kyle it and go to the next pastor. It's not an easy gig. Is it boy all day with the with the little redwoods screed sticks and getting that is in level and plumb at Man and then figuring that how figuring out how to make them more sticky? And it's once you get it you get like you said it is like surfing once you get you get it all of a sudden but man. It's the learning curve is steep in the beginning. All right so that's the STUCCO on the outside. What did he? What did he want to do? What was his other employees? What does he patched the interior holes in the center block where the old electrical conduit was running through? Yeah and he also wants to clean up to the the luck overall pictures three and four. There's lots of mechanical things. What's the easiest in best way without a lot of time invested? Well here's the deal Leo the cleaning up we already covered with STUCCO. I don't I if if something is penetrating the block any needs it for vent or on to it then. We'RE NOT GONNA clean that up because that it's necessary right. I mean I if it's necessary STUCCO. The Wall painted the same color STUCCO. Whatever it will cancel out if it's not a contrast in color just make it all the same put up a shrub or something But now on the inside I would. I know I might skim the inside too. I mean with Stucco with Stucco I would. I will say that if you're doing the inside scam and you and in your skimming over former holes you know what looks like Ab ass that the that the AB HVAC Guy was running his condenser line. Stew or something like that that will crack and that will show throw. You will have to tape that up. I mean maybe the forementioned mash tape over that strom thoughts about on calls or you knock it back with a with a with a chip like a chisel or Hammerstein's of a hammer just to get get at feathered out a little bit so that you're not just seeing a circle show up in two years if it's when you do stuck on you chip back Stucco and give it an angle so that a kind of flowers open at least you won't see the circle when it does start move on you but I agree I agree with stromer for you're GonNa Patch overhauls Busted up make it a little irregular. It's SORTA like when you're trying to match existing. Stucco if you just cut line with a carbide blade and then go right to that line with the new STUCCO. You'll just see a crack there for the rest of your life right. You HALF ACRE CHIP OF EXAM. Make it a regular so chip it back. Take some type pass mortar or something and fill fill it with the mortar. Then Skim over the whole thing with the STUCCO and because I saw a bunch of old color paint on that interior wall that would be a great opportunity to just pressure wash. The shit out of the interior wall met at dry thoroughly with the door. Open for a COUPLA days. Then think about your stucco over that it'll it'll it here way better all right you've got a guy coast. Of course I do and I wanted to ask this question of all new out there. In in pod. Land your own or do you rent your home while sure you do and I bet it can be hard work. What's easy though? Bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your home owners renters insurance along with your auto policy now. It's a good thing as well. Why because you already have so much to do around your home go to GEICO DOT com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit gyco. Ge CEO GEICO DOT com today. That'S GEIKO DOT COM. All right you can pre-order my book. I HAD TAMAZAWA DOT com. You can call them your emotional support animal and you can get the audio version as well. We're almost done with the audio version. The book is kick ass when you do those audio. Are you breaking it up and and reading phrases or do you go through whole pages or how? How does that work like if you make a mistake? When you get a sentence down you start. Sin Sits in the S- The engineering room. Yeah dos than is really good at engineering. These audiobooks I then read is best. I can without you know. Try trying not to screw up. I still screw up a lot because I'm not a good reader. Dawson listens carefully and then tells me when I screwed up or most of the time I know it sometimes he. He's a better reader than I am. So he'll tell me if I screw up a word rich pronounce something or give me some inflection. Read or something like this sometimes after. Kinda figure it out but I I could not do without Dawson. So I trust Dawson to listen and when we don't get it right go back and fix it and or then kind of cobble it together as we as we go you know like. I'm not GonNa just read a whole page flawlessly on three lines. I'll screw something up. I'll go back and fix it then I'll keep going then I'll screw something up. I'll go back and fix it. And then he'll get he'll he'll just edit it out and as a result the magic of Dawson your collaboration with your silky smooth stylings. I can't wait to hear this book. Yeah it's it's it's a really good book and got an edge to it. All right there's that and You can also check out our youtube page and see all my stand up there. You WanNa have a little laugh during the break YouTube dot com slash and Corolla stromer any plugs cooking. Chicken your cooking chicken this weekend so there look forward to your next time for Eric. Stromer same subscriber on Itunes or visit ace on the roof dot com. This is Corolla digital.

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Free Agent WR/TE Rankings, Impact of Coronavirus on NFL Calendar (Football 3/11)

Pick Six NFL Podcast

00:00 sec | 9 months ago

Free Agent WR/TE Rankings, Impact of Coronavirus on NFL Calendar (Football 3/11)

"What's up everybody? Welcome to the pick six PODCAST. Cbs Sports daily NFL. Podcast I will bridge. I am your host. It is Wednesday march eleventh. My goodness time flies by when you're having fun and we're going have fun on a male that podcast soon. So hurry up and get your five star reviews in if you want to Ask US ANYTHING ABOUT FREE agency. That's coming up next week. The timing for all this has changed. And we're GonNa talk about that today the NFL PA president some other news and notes around the League and then we'll rank free agent wide receivers here to do that with me. Great Friend of the Program Child Jones. Jj What's going on buddy a hello. I'm doing well how are you well? I'm doing excellent. I am curious. Do you think that not not to derail the show out of the gate sort of I do but not real it out of the gate well but like short like we're recording this at one o'clock on Tuesday and I spent from twelve to twelve thirty watching the governor of North Carolina? Roy Cooper give a press conference in which he declared a state of emergency in the state of North Carolina for the corona virus. There is basically a case of corona about a mile north of my house and a case of corona about a mile south of my house. I'm surrounded I should just run west to my parents and hide out on their their farm. We'd just sit in. The panic room had a farm. But this point I feel like I'm probably to see my dad even let me on because I'm too close to a an infected case. Do you think the corona is going to what do you think how do you think's GonNa impact the NFL offseason in terms of we have the The owners get together because in theory all the NFL owners are actually kind of in that group of people who could be affected by the disease. Like are they gonNA WANNA hang out with a bunch of media members? Right jokes aside like there. The what majority of owners or somewhere near the plurality certainly of an dead serious our our senior citizens absolutely and so get there obviously In in one of the groups that we continue to hear about are among the most vulnerable. I'll say this right now as of earlier this morning The the owners meeting is still on other have been no changes in fact the NFL. As recently in the past five or so days even changed the media hotel from one hotel to the other so like logistically. They are continuing to plan for this. Of course they're monitoring the situation there speaking to all of the health organizations that they should But it is still at the end of the month number one and so they have time And they do not have to lead the charge almost right. This is not the middle of September. Where hey we have to figure this out. That's the next thing that's really on the calendar where there is a group getting together and at the end of the month number one number two if this owners needing this owners meaning can absolutely be handled in a conference call on a secure line. It does not have to happen In real life and so because of that and because everyone involved here is rich and because they can just back out of this and it really ultimately will not change anything. They don't have to make this call in my opinion until like the week ups and so if it comes down. I think that the start date is March twenty nine which is on a Sunday like they don't have to make a call until Wednesday or Thursday leading up to that now. Would it screw over all of the media? That's going to go there with non-refundable flags at Yeah but win. Is anyone ever cared about right exactly? And it's like you know it's flights and it's not like it's coming out of the pockets of the individuals who are going down there for the most part plus one other factor this and like I'm not putting my science hat on here. I'm just throwing this out there because it is a question. Being asked of people in charge of stuff. Is it possible that warmer weather could prevent corona virus from spreading aggressively as in once again? Because typically what happens to the flu you know once you get into March April and May depending on where you live. Flu SEASON WRAPS UP. Maybe if they're in Florida it's you're not worried about it but I am a seventy year old seventy year old billionaire. I am not going to a big conference with a bunch of people from all over the country voluntarily in fact I know I'm like hey listen we'll do this on the video teleconference. I I might just fly jet around until the current virus has gone. Well I appreciate the warmer weather thing. But like you're only there for what seventy two hours and so like. I don't know if it's just GONNA die The virus is GonNa die because it's seventy two degrees or lawyer but then also yeah. These owners are also extremely proud right and there's a lot of pride involved here and so I can't imagine that someone would would miss out on this and then probably be like non scared of that virus. But y'all can go do that like I like they're gonNA force the NFL who let's not forget. Roger Goodell works for the owners and not the other way around and so they're all going to get together and let him know exactly what he needs to do. So I will not at all be surprised if this turns into just a teleconference But yeah they don't have to make that call another couple of weeks that's true and same thing with the draft not to Belabor the point but like if I was if let's say you're chase young right and You actually don't know where chase young is from. GonNa blindly assume that he lives in Alabama. He is Is From Maryland? Okay so you're chase young or a higher state. Wherever you live in Alabama. I thought he would tell top. Prospect defensive player probably Alabama anyway. He's from Maryland. Let's see your Song Jer. Chase young are you flying or your job either one. Are you getting on an airplane right now and flying right now but if you were doing it right now would you fly to Las Vegas to be part of the NFL draft well the NFL can't make these folks make this decision again? Once again skipped he was the first overall pick. We knew it Egypt the drafted for no other reason than I don't WanNa be ask questions and be up on that stage in my travel you you don't you don't have to get. The draft. Is a fantastic thing. Were you know I'm going to be there? We're going to be there. Cbs Sports CBS sports. Hq I hope that it goes off without a hitch and all this is taken care of but like people don't have to gather for the NFL draft. This again can all be handled with a select number of people in a room together. We do not need to bring thousands upon thousands of people now with a hits Vegas. Yes what would it take away from the experiences of Joe Borough or Chase Young? Who Want to do that? One hundred percent but again like this can have. This is not the same as like the. Nc Double A. Tournament being played without fans in an arena. Like you know that that is. What really sucks is that fans are going or potentially going to be stripped of that of that in as well as the players the point gains is completely different. But yet just these events It doesn't really matter yeah. I don't I'm not trying to make a scare out of it. I just think with the news that came out of North Carolina. They're ten cases now with the Ivy League canceling their tournament. And by the way Roy Cooper's he was like would you go to sporting he's he's like he's like I'm going like I'm not in the case of people who should be concerned but I think it it is just keep on our radar for the next month month and change. I mean it's not. It's not that it's a few weeks but it's not that long until the draft until I told the owners meetings okay but it's it's very short until free agency. It's going to start. Gosh it's Wednesday march eleventh. It starts in one week. Jj people allegedly. They don't move it again which they can't move it. There's no other to move it. It has to start well actually less depot. Sorry we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA hear it. Let's get the schedule. Let's get the timing of this put down. I think that is really so because of the. Nfl PA vote. The timing of the franchise tag deadline has been moved to Monday at four thirty PM. So that's Monday march sixteenth. Excuse me Yes and then on Wednesday at four PM. The new league year will begin to talking free agency. I just want people to know the specifics of that I we had this on H. Q. On Monday you mean P prescriber on there and I was trying to call Pete out. He's like they might move the tag deadline to Saturday. It's like Kim. If the deadline to Saturday it has to be a business day. Everyone coming the League for thirty years. You think you can hang on Saturday. The tag deadline will be now on Monday. Which is hugh so the vote is coming up is Saturday at midnight which CBA vote among players can because this is not a league office. This is not a league thing. This is not the leak has already said yes and so now. This is players. So when you say that about the franchise tag deadline that is not applied to vote among the players and all these players can simply just vote online. Most of them reportedly already had just and there was somebody. I think that players wanted Dan Graziano. Espn reported that the players wanted some players wanted to change their votes. And we're being told no you cannot change your vote. You've already voted. I mean that's sort of works absolutely how it short and I think. They were more inquiring about whether they could instead of. Hey I want to change my vote yet. Yeah I like the like the president's elected you go back and Change. Your vote okay. I mean like that's that's in the case of JC shredder. He was elected the NFL PA president. So sorry I'm kind of corona virus. State's got me all worked up. It's intense down here. Yeah meat if it were closing in on me like I am sandwich. I'd be a little concerned too. I'm coming out of Charlotte Buddy. Please please don't you aren't we? DoN'T HAVE ANY CASES DOWN HERE IN CHARLOTTE. We were well and all the ones here actually stem from a conference that took put a biogen conference. It took place in Massachusetts at believe in Boston to these specific. So let's put the fault where it should go. Yeah so maybe. We don't have the owners meetings in Boston. Maybe we don't do it at Gillette Stadium but yes so the sorry my worked up. My mother-in-law called in the middle of this emergency press conference and my wife was like. Oh My god God sees me freaking out and she was like she just had no idea. She's got other stuff in cool. We've got split there. That's great I was going to miss the corona so the franchise tag deadline the vote for the CBA will be eleven fifty nine pm on Saturday. March twelfth is that right. Yes it is. It is midnight Saturday midnight Saturday. At that point there will be roughly twenty four hours with which we can either realized that there's that there's no a march fourteenth excuse me that there's no CBA don and they're going to go back and rework it and we're just going to go into the new league year with the original rule set forth in the old CBA or the new CBA will be approved by the players and we will go forth with a new CBA and teams will have eight am so eight hours. Eight and a half hours to make decisions on how to franchise franchise tax players on Monday. If the CBA if the vote is no they will have a franchise tag and a transition tag if the vote is yes they will just have a franchise tag. I think I got that all right and then and then at four. Pm on Wednesday the new league year will open and in between that will be temporary. But this j this could set up to be the wildest forty-eight hours we've seen maybe since two thousand eleven just except maybe when they first institute the tampering period just because the tag you're GonNa have people legally tampering at the same time as teams are maneuvering to put tags in place which is very interesting for Thima because the tax. So here's the timeline. Is that it gets voted on Saturday. Midnight Theoretically Sunday adult at twelve o one eight. Am Right Saturday night Sunday morning. We should know yes or no and so then you have all of Sunday and then you have until the the second before noon on Monday to tag you're also nude. Is The tax deadline on Monday? Correct noon is The Hague deadline on Monday. Eleven fifty nine fifty nine tag deadline on Monday and then as soon as the clock strikes noon that you can no longer tag. Anyone and legal tampering begins and so you have one seconds less than a second between the tag deadline and illegal tampering window so there will be no actual also okay. There is over but you do have. What is that thirty six hours to make the decision on tagging yet? But it's still certainly affects your planning because even though the legal tampering I look. Here's here's the most concrete concrete example I would give. Is that even though the legal tampering period? Not Open until noon. I mean come on like you. Tell me like if the age of making a caller what they're going to do in their franchise tag they're going to be in discussions with like they are going to. There's going to be some sort of chatter with Tom Brady throughout the throughout the morning. Don't you agree well at a weekly I I would think if I'm the tides if I'm John Robinson and the rest of the titans brass. I am getting as much sleep as I can Saturday afternoon because I'm probably not going to be able to get a thirty minute nap in from midnight. Saturday through I mean probably next several days And because yes right now they have three guys that they would potentially like to apply to tax too and it is possible that they will only have one tag available to them and they will have thirty six hours to decide who that goes to and how that's going to work out for their math and calculus wile hoping to have some sort of back channel dialogue with a Tom Brady before the legal tampering window opens up at least have some idea of it because the last thing you want to do is be caught with their pants down like twenty twelve. When when Peyton manning did his free agency tour and so many teams. I've said this does blue in the face. But so many teams put their eggs into the PEYTON MANNING. Basket ears on a cardinals. Put their eggs into the paint. Many basket- they had instead. Kevin tons of guys got fired because of that because they missed. Yeah right mark. Sanchez got extended because the jets were earlier than they they ended up. Having to you can go back. In the the the effects of that one singular decision had wide ranging impacts for years to come. And that's absolutely going to happen with Tennessee Titans. I have reported at out at the combine. That like The Times. You'RE GONNA work to get won't term deal done with Ryan Tannehill quick and first of all I didn't make any sense on a common sense level but then number two by reporting had said that they're not gonna wait until as late as they can to apply to tag if they want to apply the tag because they are very legitimately into Tom. Brady's six yeah so look you a team like the colts may say you know what we WANNA be on. Peyton Peyton on on Tom Brady. But we actually Philip rivers here. We don't have to worry about burning bridge. We don't have to worry about losing out on somebody else you know or maybe bridgewater. Whoever it is And so in that sense. Teams are going to be working fast. Furious behind the scenes to try and gauge. What the sense for Tom. Brady and these other quarterbacks will be like if you're the chargers you've got a little wiggle room because you have tyrod Taylor on an under contract you know you can dig into the draft you know. There's secondary options out there but for a team like titans that doesn't know and won't know probably until midnight the until the until the clock strikes Sunday whether or not they have one or two tags. it's going to be a very hairy couple of hours and the single price in the Dallas cowboys. They have They will have you know from Sunday. Sunday midnight Sunday starts until Monday at noon. Eastern to decide if they want to apply the Franchise Tag Prescott or if they have multiple tags and they wanNA use one Amari Cooper etc etc. Which probably explains why. They've ramped up. There discusses with Dak Prescott and I would i. Would I would sense if that's assigned to Jj we could be headed towards the Yes. Vote well and so I think before your corona virus mind kind of went into multiple different directions. Well I think that we were going to talk about the JC treasurer vote at as the NFL PA president and how that could signal more than not that this is trending to a Yes vote. Jc shredder Has Come out is not publicly made a stance on this kind of public interest. But there's some rumors that he is a yes. Vote on this and that would be budgets buttressed. By the fact that Michael Thomas The giants representative who was backed by Russell Kun Richard Sherman some other very prominent no votes of the CPA that JC trotter gets this nomination and so While we have all kinds of felt that this is going to be a yes vote because of so many minimum salary guys and how that is the majority of the NFL etc etc. This kind of adds another element to that. That would make us believe okay. Yes and then also that the NFL has been playing bowl with in terms. Hey We'll let you extend your deadline because we ultimately think that this is going to be good for everyone quote unquote. Everything leads me a and a reasonable person which I am to believe that this is going to be a yes. Vote And so because of that. Yes the cowboys. And who are owned by Jerry Jones. Who is more plugged into the NFL dealings and doings than anyone else in the world He they very clearly believe I believe that they will only have one tag available to them. And it's very difficult for me to see how they're going to be able to pay DAK Prescott Amari Cooper certainly not Byron Jones Right. I mean I don't I don't know how they're going to do it. But the interesting thing is to see how these teams who have multiple tag options Tampa Bay buccaneers with Jamison and Checkpoint Barrett with the Dallas Cowboys with Tennessee. Titans I think those are really the three teams that have multiple tag options. How they are approaching us. Yeah Jesse trader as you pointed out like and I think the thing for me is so Russell. Kun has been very outspoken. Net New Carolina Panthers Left Tackle Russell recently traded for trae Turner in a very bizarre deal If you have any insight did that feel free to offer it up. No one else can figure out. What's what the Hell's going on with that You got it if you have so. This is a this was a move that was made by an organization. That clearly does not have alignment from top to bottom on if they are going to win. And Twenty twenty and beyond or not. This was also a move that was made by a general manager and Marty Herni who clearly values Left tackle over the guard who play. Who's play had declined over the past two years? No doubt at all about that. He went to five pro bowls but The trae Turner Twenty Nineteen not the trainer of twenty seventeen. And then finally. I do think that there was A I'm not entirely sure that rule was ever in love with trae Turner And this is clearly a move when you make a move like this. I think it does have to be signed off on by Head coach educate a seven year contract to that. You're getting the young pro bowl talent. This move that has to be signed off on by that rule and I don't think that you sign off on this if you're matt rule having Metro Turner maybe once or twice unless you feel a certain way about trade charter. So all of those reasons are what it doesn't necessarily have to make sense. You can disagree with that if you're a football fan especially if you're a panther fan and I understand but that's that's the reason that makes sense so anyway Russell. New Panther is one of the guys who was up for election for NFL PA president he has been an outspoken critic of the new. Cba He but he. I think he withdrew his name from the the from the running right. He withdrew his name for the running. And so Jason Cheddar elected to be the next president of the NFL. Pa following. Eric Winston. I think we would both agree. That Russell Kun withdrawing his name at JC. Winning is a potential sign. That this deal will get voted that the yes vote will come through because if it looked like the Novo was gonna come in like it doesn't make any sense for Russell Kun to be the NFL P. President in a year beginning with a new. Cba everyone's just put it yesterday that he was vehemently opposed right right like it wouldn't make any sense for him to carry on to try to win that election if he thought he was going to be like. You're not you're you're not. And he also had the hell Larry while suit against the PA saying that they were negotiating a bad faith and that came a day before course. He removed his name from consideration as you are as NFL PA president and then put the weight of his support behind Michael Thomas. And so that that he won kind of had what could be viewed as a last-ditch effort to to throw a wrench into this that that ultimately did not work out On Monday that he removed himself from President on Tuesday that the guy that he supported did not win on Tuesday. That guy who is at least at the very least they centrist. Probably A yes. Vote did get voted in by a majority of the player Reps. Would all of those things would indicate or I'm not going to say it indicates a Yes vote but it makes you more likely than not to. Yes yes I I think. The signs are leaning towards the. Yes votes if that happened. That's the schedule of free agency. Regardless of of yes or no vote is going to start March sixteenth. Right I keep getting my dates. Mr Bart Sixteenth at four PM and and the insanity will begin. It's an eighteenth is at the eighteenth it's the HCC March Eagle. Tampering is noon. On the sixteenth. Free Agency begins in earnest Wednesday four. Pm Eastern on the see. This is what happens when you record a podcast. The day before. And you're trying to do this like you're adding seven that doesn't make sense. It's like doing math in my head. So yes fourteenth. Cb Vote Sixteenth Franchise Tag Window at noon Eighteenth. Nfl Year begins at four PM and free agency is open and in between the teeth. We have legal tampering Marshall. Janda retiring eight pro bowls two time first team all pro five time second team. All pro hundred sixty six career starts. I have two questions for you. Jj One is Marshall Janda Hall of Famer into the Raven screwed right now number one gets. He's a hall of Famer first ballot. I probably not just because I see the glut of fantastic offensive lineman interior and Tangles it's probably all about timing for first ballot. He could if he can easily be a first ballot hall of Famer. If he's like the top you know what I mean like. If he's the top Gu like individual when these quarterbacks tire and who's sitting out there it does but then also it also like troy follow. It was the only obvious first ballot hall of Famer as a first timer this past year right and and it was all kind of viewed as okay. Let's get these other guys in. Let's take care of them and so I don't know of Marshall Janda again being an interior offensive lineman. If if there's really ever going to be the opportunity to to be I valid hall of Famer in this era of football with all the numbers that are that are going to be coming out So that's number one but he does his place in Canton. Hopefully he does not have to wait too long. And then as far as the Ravens are scrutinized according to my sources They all knew throughout the entire twenty nineteenth season that it was very very possible that this was Marchand. His last ride. So you have to assume that the Ravens led by Eric. Decosta with Ozzie. Newsome still in that front office that they clearly were planning some sort of contingency for what happened. Today I was further told recently By by source that That the Ravens knew for sure shortly after the Super Bowl so this was not news to them today. even though the news finally came out as as a long been expected but they at least have known for certain For a number of weeks several weeks and so yes the plans. The the wills have been emotion. What they're going to do. I'm not entirely sure about but they were not caught off guard by any means by this announcement Especially the hall of Fame Game August. Sixth will feature the steelers and the cowboys. What a match up of course. Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cower our colleague. We'll be going in is the former steelers coach over cowboys. Choi Palmolive who you mentioned. First ballot hall a favor. All-time great steelers player will be in that class. Can I mean? Can you imagine a better matchup for ratings and drawing people to Canton in August in this The Steel City Dallas CA. You know America's team matchup. I cannot. It's going to be a lot of fun from a if you're going to be in canton. I think that's gonNA be really fantastic. You're going to watch it. I'm very sorry I was I was there physically last year I could not have been more board in the press. Box and Really it's going to start that game. Probably with a cooper rush versus Mason Rudolph. Yes it is going to get worse from there. Yes DAK Prescott may not even have a contract at that point. You might not. He might be holding out. There could be dead tons of business. Yeah I don't think you're GONNA stay. I don't think you're gonNA see any Dak Prescott or any Ben Rothlisberger. The panthers brought back Kyle Allen on a one year deal. You think there's a chance that the Panthers Phillip Walker from the Houston roughnecks of the xfl. He played Played Temple Right. He played can play the temple hundred. Yes yeah I didn't watch a ton of xfl this past week. But the time. I did see him. He had one interception one of his first passes which was terribly underthrown. Should have been picked was dropped. I think Heathrow pick shortly thereafter I don't know what they're going to do with that position at this point with re-signing callen which I understand why it's honestly there's no reason not to And that doesn't mean that he's going to be on the roster come about September percents But now they have three quarterbacks under contract. I'm not sure you have to bring on a Phillip Walker a really anyone else at this moment Priority number one is seeing how and win Cam. Newton can get healthy and from there. Everything will flow according to Robert five hundred. Eighty five thousand dollar when you're contracts so not exactly again. They certainly not guaranteed a roster spot so the panthers decide to make a play in the draft or even get splashing free agency. And you look my theory. All along has been that they're going to roll a kyle and it will greer trade cam and just state the join up and be like Oh. We gave greer shot to see what he had. One more notable piece of news Christian Kirksey released by the browns but of a surprise. He missed a a bunch of time last year due to being on injured reserve. But he was. He's been a really good player for them. At various points of his career was on the browser last six years. Of course they have new new coaching staff new front office. So maybe not an entirely a huge surprise especially if they don't believe he's healthy and then they had a Mac Wilson come in as a two thousand nineteen draft pick any thoughts on Christian Kirksey not easy to get that extra cap space. Yeah you have the new the new staff in their easy to move on and go about your business. Wash your hands now. And the the Texans signed Kimmy Fair Bain. Huge News in kicker land. So that's all you gotTa make sure you cover that we're gonNA take a break and when we come back Jonathon and I will tell you who the top available free agent wide receivers are which would have. Hey Jay Green Amari cooper. Maybe we'll bring on John breach for an emergency fair Bain podcast as well. They college basketball fans brackets. Season is just around the corner and you can get started early with CBS. Sports conference bracket challenge presented by Hearse Register for your chance to win ten thousand dollars at CBS sports dot com slash conference that CBS dot com slash conference conference bracket challenge is the ultimate racket game before the madness begins and you can fill out up to three brackets for each of the top six confidence to increase your chances of winning the six conferences. Dr The ACC SEC victim biggies PAC twelve and the big twelve. You can register at any time between March first and March tenth the Grand Prize. Ten thousand dollars to register go to CBS SPORTS DOT com slash conference that CBS sports dot com slash conference. There is way too much in the world of Sports David. Sampson host of the Delhi podcast. Nothing personal with David Samson Monday through Friday I'll decode what's going on in the sports world whether it's a flare coach or even an owner. I'll tell you what they're really saying no filter. I spent eighteen years the president and Major League Baseball and I've got stories that you want to hear that you will hear. We'll talk sports business and entertainment so download and subscribe on Apple podcasts. Spotify and anywhere else. Podcasts are found. Remember it's just business. It's nothing personal free agency. Starting soon as we mentioned earlier in the show March eighteenth four. Pm teams can actually out signings the signings and the wide receiver classes fascinating Jj. Because I think mostly because it sort of matches up with the draft class. This is a loaded wide receiver draft class studs and studs and studs. Nobody that's like necessary. I I like I tend to think see lamb and Jerry. Judy can be. I don't want to call them like Julio Jones. Aj Green types. Because that I think does a disservice to really any young player coming to the League to to compare them too borderline hall. Julio definitely the hall of fame. Aj Borderline Hall of fame to compare them to that type of player. But there's a great group of guys who look like they can be viable starters in the NFL out of the gate however they will have to compete with teams who resigned teams will have to decide. Do they want to ask somebody like that or do they want to size like? Aj Green should he make free agency? let's go through your top five wide receivers. Who's at number five number? Five number five. I have Randall COBB. Yes sorry I remember number five. I Have Randall. Cobb. Randall COBB. Of course coming off that season with the cowboys really difficult to see how they're going to be able to pay him And so as I was going through this and I thought to myself well thought. Where could he ended up? In fact I didn't think that's about self depot. Ask me where he could end up. I would have to tell you on your and some wanted to tell you that. I'm looking at an Indianapolis Colts a team. That was really struggling to throw the ball down the field last year. Now lot of that adds do of course which cover said. I understand that but I've never really been impressed with the wide receiving group that the colts have of course. They thought that they were going to have a few more options That did not work out with Devon punches. Who dealt with injury for most of the season. So Randall COBB. He's GONNA turn thirty before next season. He's at nine. Nfl seasons he had a eight hundred plus yards last year. I like him. What the colts and whoever their quarterback could be yes so it's interesting the question is would you rather have a guy like rental car bounced back nicely. Who Fits with the perfect slot style of of the modern? Nfl You've got three wide receiver sets etc etc. You can win outside and in some cases might be too old that now he's going to be thirty before the season starts or would you rather dabble in the shod. Perrin and sweepstakes and I might be inclined to agree with you. I like the PERSAD. Payment freaks me out like what? You're really like this Guy Ozzie. Newsome couldn't get this guy right and you're telling me that now like Jameis. Winston fixed him. I don't know if I'm buying it entirely woods. I would run away from shop Perriman. eighty might be fantastic human being but in terms of on the field play. I think that it was a flash in the pan how he sort of came on there in November and December for the bucks Certainly James with the five thousand passing yards sort of inflated his six hundred forty five receiving yards Paran- I just had issues for most of his career and I'm not willing to take a few weeks from last season. He's turned the corner. I kind of tend to agree with you. I wouldn't be opposed to like a one year not too pricey deal with precise payment but I would not want to make some big splash on that guy Given what's out there. It is interesting to this class offers. A lot of slot options like Geronimo. Alison is their Nelson Aguilar. Philip door set You can uh Devin funchess. Maybe didn't make the cut for. Jj surprise there. He's more of a tight end. Not a slot guy But then also demarcus Robinson who was very effective in Kansas City system. I think there's a lot of speed slack is out there so if I were if I were General Manager would probably at the top of the market. Do their own thing. Because I don't want to overpay for top of the market I would then sign a slack. If I got a young quarterback here I would sign a guy for agency at a lower cost and then go out and get by number one in theory in the in the draft. So that's probably why those guys didn't make the top five and I would tend to agree with you. Who's your number four on this list number four Robbie Anderson Levin love and coming off that season with the New York jets My best fit for him is the New York jets Because Gosh they really if they lose him. I don't know what they're gonNA do at the receiver position. They absolutely have to upgrade even by keeping him. They need to upgrade to upgrade that offensive line as well but seven hundred seventy nine receiving yards last season. He'll be twenty seven this upcoming year if enough teams and and if the jets WANNA mess around with this Joe. Douglas wants to mess around with us. He has been In conversations with with Robbie Anderson's representation if some teens get involved here and this is taken care of at the very started illegal tampering window or before. The price could go up on Robbie Anderson because of his age because of his speed because of what he did last season and then you can start approaching. Fourteen fifteen million dollars per year. I think the jets absolutely have to knock this out early and if they mess this up in some way if they decide not to bring him back. I'm looking at a place that he could go to looking at the Philadelphia Eagles who obviously could always use a upgrade. Their I the interesting seeing there may be some overlap there but the eagles need help it wide receiver. But I hope probably Anderson's faculty jets. I kinda liked that idea and I do think. There's a little bit of like say the Shaw Jackson to his game. That's an insult to the Sean Jackson as fast as to Sean Jackson Robbie interesting could be more of a position. He's he's more of a like he's a bigger body type of guy but who also possesses that deep speed. That might be complementary for the other pieces that eagles have so. I don't hate that idea. If I don't know how Roseman takes a deep dive a free. Hd but he's got cast a bird so maybe it happens a May I ask your number three is and then I started to say Emmanuel Sanders is your third wideout. He is my third wide out. And it's really just because age. He's GONNA turn thirty three. Where do I have him? The obviously he's not going to be in San Francisco. I initially till depot the Carolina Panthers and I said the Carolina Panthers because I'm not entirely sure the panthers are convinced. Honesty Smith is not convinced that they have a number one wide receiver they have DJ more. They have Curtis Sam. You hope that. Dj More is going to be that but what they seem to be lacking. Is that fantastic veteran presence in there and after I spent a lot of time will in the month of January with the San Francisco. Forty niners covering their postseason games. What I learned from a depot Samuel from kindred born was just how much manual sanders mentor. Those guys those young group of players coming up and how they were able to really improve their game early in their career after the trade for manual. Sanderson San Francisco did so I look at a team like the Carolina Panthers and I say. Oh those young guys could really benefit from a guy like Emmanuel Sanders however Emmanuel Sanders is kind of like Andrei Dala in in that like he elite should and probably only wants to play for a championship. Contender right. He's been with. The broncos just went to another super bowl and so we're talking about contenders we're talking about teams that need wide receivers. The New England Patriots is. They are trying to retain Tom Brady. That would be fantastic. Get sound radio. Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick said. Hey We got you Emmanuel Sanders and we got you this two or three year contract to finally finish your career in New England. What you say Tommy. Now that's great call. I think if you're the Patriots and this was the delicate line that they have to sort of walk with Tom Brady is. Can you go out into the mark like once we get to that noon at noon? It it's eleven fifty. Nine fifty nine on Monday can the Patriots manage in the span of about Let's see twelve thirty six hours. Thirty brought to us as a forty eight hours. Fifty two hours is probably right in fifty two hours. Can they manage to tamper their way into landing? Somebody like Mandal Sanders. Somebody like Hunter Henry and successfully like a- convinced Tom Brady to return if that's what they ultimately want their plan to be and if it is. I think that could be you know like. That's that's certainly a blueprint to having Tom. Brady back in New England. But I think you're going to have to get guys. Just beef up the receiving core for him if you want him to come back in my opinion all right the last two guys in this list that they're going to be the same for everybody. You could flip them if you want to Depending on your opinion of home and away splits for one guy in age for the other guy number two guy. Aj greed number. One Guy. Maury Cooper I beast I mean these are the first of all. There's a chance either. Guide makes it the free agency or Cooper could get transitioned franchise tag the transition tag depending on the CBA depending on what happens attack. Prescott's contract AJ Green. It does sound like the bengals franchise tag him but he throws a fit and says he's going to refuse to play for him then. Maybe that doesn't happen. What led you to stack these guys in this particular way. Jj Yes so I have AJ green at number two. Only because of agent injury concerns that He has missed something. Like twenty four the past twenty five games that the bengals have played due to injury So that is my issue with him. Amari Cooper last. We saw him was not getting the ball thrown as much his way as should have certainly against the Philadelphia Eagles. I felt that he still has it. Obviously he's young much younger than Aj. Green who I believe is turning thirty two this year. Amari Cooper is currently twenty five. He will be twenty six before the start of the season so If a Jake Reed were healthy he would be my number one with a bullet. No doubt about it on about his health and then So in terms of fits right We believe that. Aj agrees with the bengals eight. We'll extend the franchise tag if they do not then. I think that we can reignite the does job want to go to Cincinnati rumors and so just for the sake of argument. I through the raiders in there as a landing spot for A. J. Green. But of course I'm not putting too much effort into A. J. Green out to one of the thirty one other teams. He's going to Cincinnati. As far as Mark Cooper. I had no idea how the San Francisco Forty niners would do it in terms of contract and money but I have cooper going to the forty niners if he does not end up with the cowboys but again. They're the cowboys to do. Everything they can. To Keep Amari Cooper traded a first round pick for. It made a lot of sense. Not Not immediately when they made the trade form right. And I'll raise my hand and I absolutely said Ou know at I read to the park is like your idiots for mark. Cuban I will actually and then I flipped the couch. The smart thing for Amari Cooper and I may I may have ripped everybody on both sides of this deal at one various point and I go back to ripping the cowboys did they let him walk after trading first-round pick for him. That's absolutely right. You traded a first rounder forum. You gotTa keep them in house. You knew you're going to have to pay him. At some point you try to kick. That can down the road. You're now at the end of the road. And here's the can so you're at the curve? Do something and again not to harp on this because I talked about it at length yesterday within the Super Friends Pod but like you could assign Dak last off season. And then he wouldn't have this problem with Cooper like Amari Cooper wasn't going to sign because he wanted to see free agency and he's all the time of the DACHSHUND I get it. He's a chill dude he he. He's been traded now on his rookie contract. He's not he's not trying to deal with that To me. The there's some red flags at the Mark Cooper including having away splits. He doesn't play well on the road. For whatever reason and the fact that two teams are going to actively let him go before the age of twenty six is a little concerning like if this were the deigning market and you were you were like this very attractive person is has already been they let it. They don't they're like yeah. But I mean one was was the raiders. And then the other. If this happens again I think we would all understand that the cowboys had some sort of cap issue where they just could not get creative enough As our colleague Poujade pointed out It's cash cap and so I'm not gonNA say they don't have the cash to do it. They do have kept issues that they clearly do not want to get creative enough to necessarily figure out I was also told back recently that back in September when they did offer Dak Prescott that deal that was reportedly an average of thirty three million dollars per year that it was sort of a take it or leave it. There was very little wiggle room. Involved at the structure of that deal was not very advantageous to a young quarterback. And so you know the cowboys. Multiple Times in my opinion and in the opinion of a lot of people have shot themselves in the foot. You cannot screw up the Francesc quarterback you've clearly got him. You got him on a on a cost control deal cheaper than than anyone else for three years. You'VE GOTTA Pay Yup. And by the way he didn't win Didn't want anything big and there's three years we had him for four years. We had them for tax case. I like the forty niners call. I think that's a sneaky landing spot for more you cooper when we when you look at what calcium a hands done with true like a one. Alpha wide receivers. They've put up monster numbers you saw with Julia. You've seen it elsewhere. If you're even in Washington so I dig that call my tight end rankings. Just by top three. I don't know help you break the tie here because I'm sort of twisted up in a knot between Jacob Hollister Blake Jar. When and Tyler effort those would be the two guys for the number three spot here Hollister has a flash some I would probably Hollister I just. Because I think that he's he's but Jarwan suitable some athleticism with the cowboys and that's great E- brought I know how that sound season with the cat with the colts. I'm not really into any of those guys in terms of in terms of paying up but I think you get a decent secondary option. You need to have good wide receivers if you're GONNA try to bring one of these guys in and lean on like you don't want to have to bring one of these guys in and lean on them as your top receiving option and what could win and go to the giants witnessed wouldn't wouldn't like he's going to catch like forty two passes for six yards before falling down. I like Hollister on at number three among those guys I would. I would agree with that too and then I'm I'm not opposed to Austin Hooper at number one but I would have been awesome hooper at number to think. He's a little a little less complete than Hunter Henry in terms of what he can do and to me. I if I'm signing a free agent who either played with the Los Angeles chargers or played with the Washington redskins. I'm not looking at it as those guys are injury prone. I'm looking at it as those guys have been working with medical staffs that apparently can't keep people healthy and if they come here they're gonNA play sixteen games and we're going to be in good shape Henry for me is the number one here. I like hooper a lot. These are really good receiving tight. End Necessarily think he's GonNa you're GONNA put him in line quite as much henry. I just think as it can be a red zone monster and just a prototypical modern tied-in but just has to play sixteen games. And I think maybe Henry more than hooper. You could make the focal point of the offense. I agree with that again. It's the same thing with. Aj Green at Amari Cooper sir. It's it's just yet you. I know that Austin Hooper or at least I believe that awesome. Hooper is going to be more available for me and my football team than under Henry and I hear everything that you're saying this is just it comes down to keep the philosophy for me This is a guy or excuse. Me Austin Hooper missed. Two Games in his rookie season missed three games last year. Sandwiched between there are two full sixteen game seasons and every year. He has gotten better Each year he has increased. is total yards. He's increased his receiving touchdowns. He's been a bigger factor. He's learned various different offences with what is what three different offensive coordinators at this point with the Atlanta Falcons. He has still a done a fantastic job throughout his own with having an amazing wide receiver core around him and still getting his William Jones with Calvin Ridley with Mohamed Sanu More than not over the last couple of years and so because of all of those things and especially because of the Health. Also hooper at number one who according to my sources they were. GonNa be about four teams in the mix for him Right now the Green Bay packers. I don't want to call them to leaders in the clubhouse but At certainly made a push for him and I would believe that the floor for Austin Hooper's contract which could be around a four year deal would probably be somewhere in between ten and eleven million dollars a year and then you just gotTa see once turns into an auction. How high that price can go interesting. I like to hear that. That's good for packers would be very good landing spot for him. I think when you look at Green Bay one of the things that they missed that secondary option for Aaron Rodgers behind Davante Adams Jimmy. Graham wasn't ever going to be when they signed signed him. We should have known that he's going to be like may retire. And Hooper would be really Nice v there because you could utilize him in the running game and then with the Matt Lefort Rollout System that comes from the Scott. Kyle Shanahan stuff you get Rogers bootleg and you get hooper flowing across the field. It makes a lot of sense opened things up for Davante Adams I dig that Hunter Andrea and I think the supply for Hooper too but I think people would be too expensive hunter. Henry makes so much sense. If he's not franchise tag for the New England Patriots earthy made up when earlier. And you're like a Mule Sanderson Hunter Henry at one. Hundred Hundred GonNA catch fourteen touchdowns next year like seven hundred. Eighty five receiving yards and have a breakout season to be really healthy and be Tom. Brady's best friend Blah Blah Blah Blah and chargers like did work for us so weird. How it doesn't happen like yeah. It's crazy I was just out having you. Guys chargers I that's it for this show unless you have another landing spot for Hunter Henry. No that's it what Anybody else that's going to be a tight end market by the way packers patriots. Yeah those are the two top dogs right Coming up live this week. We'll do more free agent rankings. We'll have offensive line chatter move. You're on scare for that. Defensive Line Chatter Secretary linebackers. Well moving right along as we get towards next week. Jj always fun to talk to you. Buddy hield college basketball fan. It's so scary to watch it on. Cbs sports because each week you can watch some of the top games available for free on CBS sports dot com or in the CBS sports mobile APP and this week. It's all about the conference tournaments the big ten for the best in the country all season. It could put a double digit number of teams in the two thousand twenty. Ncwa tournament if you WANNA watch those teams battle it out in the tournament this weekend you can do it on CBS. The semi finals starts Saturday at one. Pm Eastern in the championship game is Sunday at three thirty PM eastern again you can watch all three of those games this weekend on CBS sports dot com or in the CBS sports mobile APP. And don't forget it's forty and I don't mean to free trial free to buy some fancy quarterback it's completely free every body so come check out the big ten tournament semifinal and title game this weekend at CBS sports dot com or in the CBS sports mobile APP.

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Behind the Bar with Zims Behind the Bar with Meltdown

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. Www dot I'd tested troy dot com for information. Well Hey everybody coming to you live. But remote the for self-preservation purposes podcast at trade worst northville studio bias zoom. It's time for behind the bar produced by Zimbabwean. Podcasts break that he's Wednesday April eight twenty twenty and this is episode number. Three on one of your host Bruce Carroll. I'm with Jerry Olson say. Ito and our special guest today. Meltdown straight from the W. Rif studios. Yeah I just got home. My wife had to cook some dinner real fast on her. And Talk to you guys. So we'll cool. Well you know. It's the eighth day of isolation for me. I don't know about you guys but man my house is like being in Vegas. I'm losing money by the minute. Cocktails are acceptable. Originally any out and nobody knows what time it is. Everything so in any event Really WANNA SEE HIGH-DOLLAR PEOPLE. It's our social media post In Join US on facebook to watch and listen to the podcast as you know at least I hope you know. He put up a news in black a cocktail. We all the corn. Which I'm enjoying one right here. You see the Basil and the Lemon and their watching listening on that. Good stuff so We're GonNa talk to written to a meltdown on W. Raf. He's the radio show hosts from three seven PM. In fact I was thinking about your earlier meltdown. Because you play a song by. Acdc having trained music. You're enjoying a cocktail. I WANNA do a little thing Is Wrong tencent purposes us. You know we're in the hospitality restaurant business. These are the people that serve up. Zooms VIBE to for us and frankly because of this cogan night. Nineteen pandemic an executive order by Governor. All restaurants and bars have been ordered closed so we know that the people in the restaurant business are very resourceful so a lot of them are now providing contactless delivering carryout service. And this is keeping every one of our clients extremely busy as they. Frankly try to stay in business. So we'd like we'd like to give a little shout out and suggesting if you're seeking a respite from the peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches or the pizza that you're eating because you're stuck at home many are able and willing to serve you so to help. Support your favorite restaurant or venue. Check them out online. See if they're providing contactless delivery or carry out Our delivery We encourage you to check out the BEST OF DETROIT. Now Dot com where you'll find a lot of great restaurants offering a lot of their salary and tasty dishes so more than ever. I think be The owners the Shaft Book Service Bartenders. A really really need our support so Since all the restaurants and bars were closed in there too busy for a podcast we contacted. A friend has m's vodka and asked if he liked the special guests in Athar. I bribed them Thanh. He graciously accepted so arrive at my house. Where are they how come they're not here? Introduced you somebody. You're probably are are already familiar with listen to him every day between three and seven one one point one on your dial. He's the guy who's tagline is raised in Buffalo made in Detroit of award winning Radio Bronco Meltdown. Thank you. We're supposed to cheer now. I don't know what happens now. I'M GONNA have a. I'm going to have its year near you got so terry you're not gonNA call the other day and we're really curious about a lot of things revolving around you. W Rif your love of music love of hockey and more. So you know Terry. Why don't you You Know Syrup by asking milk goats and questions. You might be her doing that. This thing is going out right. So we're more than six feet away listening. Doubt meltdown victories. Review Today Love your back now. Love your story wanted two things. I want to hear about buffalo retire nicknames I I know melted. Where did they you know? I can only imagine you. You know being a Canadian kid growing up at two or three nicknames and probably my favorite one was the Turk- was the Turk. Now you're good evening. My favorite player was Turk Turk. Yeah I don't know do you know Bruce I'm thinking Turcott I'll give you guys. A little quote Turk. Turk you probably. He probably calmed a lot. Of is out. Listen I I just ain't I ain't myself your boys but you you're Derek Sanderson. Oh yeah sure the turf love that guy loved them. You know what? My father was a big Montreal. Canadian's Fan I couldn't stand Montreal. I Love Boston. Love number. Sixteen to Turkey was just yard going on so buffalo. Says you'll bear. Pro Is my guy so I wore number eleven my whole career. Yeah there you go absolutely so we all know where they were nicknames. Come it's really really end up And You know today call a lot of things you call the by the guy you call in. Rio Day so tell us a little bit down to buffalo to ask no. I did not because I moved out of Buffalo about twenty five years ago. Here's a Little Young Jersey Lucy number fourteen right now. Because when I played for the motor city mechanics I wanted to Lebanon. Some kid already had that number and so I said well I'M GONNA go down the French connection line and so I went to seven and they said well some guy named Chellios has that okay. Fourteen Tornado bears. So That's how come I wore fourteen for that games curved line. Good current well in In June of nineteen ninety five. I lost my job and I had to go somewhere and I say Sent out all sorts of tapes and resumes and and whatnot and I spent the whole summer. right on my Harley Davidson drinking beer playing softball and then I had a couple of job offers. Nothing really floated my boat. And then I got a call mid October and They said Hey I would like to come to Detroit and I'm like I'm not doing anything right now and I'm a big guy. Loved the big. Three and I think that'd be really cool because if you look at if people ask me all the time like when I'm back home up there like what's Detroit like I'm like. Detroit is just like buffalo but just twice the size. It's placid some. It's gradients grimy In and the people are really appreciate a good effort so I think that's I've been here for almost twenty five years now and it's You know it's really become home. Obviously I'm in my home. I got a couple of kids. Got House down when I first moved here. I didn't know if I was going to last. You know. Six Months Islands almost twenty five years. Absolutely so you're in the radio business. Everybody thinks you know Booth Ninety. Think runako business we sell. We Sell Five. Right guys planning your. Hr Any days. They're all making the league. Minimum Struggling Urine radio everybody. Here's your everyday. Everybody thinks that's cool. Tell tell us about what? Why don't you get into it? Yeah your thoughts and if you Orient Industry. Yeah I mean well. Here's the thing it's like so when I was kid growing up I always wanted to do something I don't know that would make you don't I always thought that I was going to be working a forty hour job in thousand square foot house. Just WanNa grow up in you know and then one day I was I was actually. I used to my senior year of high school. I used to clean the bar. I worked at before I went to school on Monday. And Tuesday morning side. Wake up at two or three in the morning I go clean the bar then go to school and one night. I was working now is literally thinking to myself. What am I going to do in my life because I was taking auto body and doing all this stuff and I heard this guy in radio and he was awful and at that moment. I said that's what I'm GonNa do because of that guy. This is gone alien. And that's Brian real name. And they they put on the air in the overnights. He was so bad. His father owned the radio station but he was so bad. They put him on in the overnights. All that's what I do what I started. Making connections with local radio guys and different things like that and one thing led to another and you guys will probably appreciate this but because of my hockey background. I really am. I'm I'm accountable. I'm responsible on you know it's it's it's my job to do this in. I gotTA pushing pushing pushing. I finally got in You know somebody Open door for me. I walked through and I was taken away from you so I worked in buffalo for six years before I came here in your recruit for sure. So I've been in Detroit since Eighty four. I met my wife after college. Aside bitter thirty five years never finds the transition that we've seen downtown out love the railings. When loser route is a little tough lately but You know like anything curt grit and I think you're right in the industry that you know Bruce talked about you know the restaurant bar retail industry. It's a tough industry. They live sometimes week to week. You know and a lot of competition always somebody trying to beat out there much like ocoee so tuition similarities in our business You get a lot of Yes you know. You're you're sitting on the radio listener. What you say it they want yearbook. What's going on and I think they trust you. It's like what Bruce told me when I got this business when you bartenders servers you trust these guys and gals yet they give you a bad Greek or bed meal. You probably never coming back so this all bins about craftsman in together I think is is we go through. You know what we're dealing with right now which is really tough globally. I think Detroit's can bounce back like it's never seen and we go outside to the last four hours forcing alliance the Pistons. The the Red Ranks. You know the By dumber though the governor state. Now trae so. There's a couple of things that you just brought up. So one of them is that They've been replaying the nineteen ninety-seven Stanley Cup finals on Fox Sports Detroit. I'll tell you what it is so much fun to go back in wash those teams play. I mean the C. Constantina players just like unbelievable thing you said about building trust and whatnot. I just happened to message back and forth with my friend. Zack from the ban avenged sevenfold. Yesterday just you know. Hey man how you doing? Whatever and Blah Blah Blah and he messaged me back and he made my Dane and these two lines he says. I'm glad that you're on the air people need you and it's like I didn't really think about it at the time but I thought about it. I put it in my blog today. And it's like look whether they need me or not. I don't know what it may be. A brings a little bit of normalcy to their life. Just to turn on the radio and hear my voice and you know and I try to keep things upbeat trust me. The news comes in sometimes. Perhaps in stopping you know and it's like it's not all great and You know right now is not the time at least for me. Someone who plays Metallica and stuff on the radio to be talking about The bad stuff would bring down. But it's like I try to keep it up you just as much as you can because you on some of these times are are kind of scary in an obviously. You know. We're all about the same age and it's like nothing like this has ever happened before so he can't be going negative on the air now. This is a lot like I mean when I look at this. It's like Nine eleven in. It's like when I was a kid when JFK was assassinated. I mean I remember those I will remember these events forever and this is one of those but this event is going to be last a lot longer than no is you know there was. I think there was forty seven days in March and now and now we're like into the eighteen day of April or something. It's like it just never ends. It seems like so not now without a doubt Turn around you. You know you have a question real time about us. What is Bruce? GonNa Pass me to talk. That's what I really want. My God I can't I do shop about. Terry's I was bummed out because that was the biggest one time and you're out there now. Is it hook up? We made that connection right there. But I'll give you a question for him so at the The the the liquor laws Michigan are really screwed up and for people out there. Listening at don't know this. There is a lot of bizarre. Liquor rules Talk about someone a weird liquor rules you guys have had to deal with starting your own business. We don't have four hours so so so first of all the rules on what you can't do our foreign beck and what you can't do are two paragraphs you know and the day it's a control business. It's a top business right now. We got into we stay the same assets that we use in your person I met I met at Planned a barely out for a couple nights off teams and you know it was I knew it was. It was gonNA work out just because I want in their room as you now now. Don't you WANNA live? You see the same characters. Now any of the stakes are and you get some new stories so here it is very something where and Bush Nyerere now our best friends in in business which we tell you all the time don't ever go into business with your friend know atlas who cares that's wonder rental spirits? That's why we deal. We do you know the the biggest thing I think I find. You know this is how controlled it really was you do now every bottle imported into the US. There's I think one and a half two cents goes to the candy really wouldn't think they've got the money. And so when you start looking at some dispel any offers on a couple distributors in Michigan. Why aren't they attack? And I know we started going down at a whole organ is just the way. The industry is very control. I will tell you that the federal government does a great job in terms of a naked difficult to get in because they really do check out. Check your background. They actually no more dominant than I remembered right out which was okay but I was gland that they did that to me. I look through this process. You might get in you. Don't be ready so it was cool but some of the stoutly see some of the things we experience. It's we can't save probably. It's in the block first night reading a book. After every time something happens I'll go. That's going in the bug on me. It's on the book but yet people realize how like crazy. Some of the rules are yet it. It is crazy and birds mistake the steak. You know Just in Michigan. Obviously we're gallery in New York. We're Reggie reaching all over the world night. Shift Yesen cases over the conference earlier this year. Now which is cool. Nice Somebody had drank our ought in In New York and said I WANNA get zooms. Pro Bowl may says a message. And now we're example Lincoln next thing we're in a business tax breaks so your net. It's really changed our business like tonight. We wouldn't have been doing this. You know ten years ago right when you think about zoom can't be right now behind a bunch of your narrow the dot com era only probably gonNA make as a result of a trend a tragedy robot. Tragedy other the lemon because we see people connecting with their families. That normally wouldn't be able to know my family three thousand miles away but I still computer. We can talk to each other. So it's pretty cool to see that Yeah no you're right because even with even with my parents you know. I have a podcast. You know it's an audio podcast. And I do interviews all all day long. So average usually about between eighty and ninety a year with rockstars who whatnot and I get comments from all over the world and then and then what's really cool is that people will pick up my interviews and used them as news last year. I broke news with You Know David Lee. Roth said on my podcasts. At van Halen was finished and by I think was four hours later that was on rolling stone. Dot Com my podcast. Nevil now at that. That would happen in. And it's like people can listen all over the world. I got a guy tweet. Say LISTEN TO ME IN TORONTO. Easily checks to show and stuff so. That's pretty cool as well so noticeable ago Malcolm now I mean I see you. They'll the mall I mean. Give me your your favorites. I guess version. Because they're either favorites on which ones you know. You say this Guy. This time your garden into wall the group that got me really into Into music was Ozzie. When I was a kid the first time I ever heard crazy train it was like you know I'd like that's it. Man never seventh grade in a kid said to me goes. You've got to check out this Guy Ozzie. And so I went home that night and I turned on the local rock station buffalo and I heard crazy train and that was There was no turn it back from there so that was really what started it. Then I mean just it goes down the list but I bet a chance talk you know. Hang out her interview. A lot of my heroes is probably not too many that I haven't i. I always wanted to meet and talk to Ronnie James Deal. Alice Cooper is and I've interviewed him at all of them so it's Really been very fortunate so very cool Like for example. I was listening to you today and you played some alison chains and some some ACDC etc. But if you had three albums that you can only play the rest of your life. What would those be and three albums? Well I mean you mentioned allison chains and I. I've got a record collection sitting here in front of you about four hundred records die I got back into albums like three years ago and Alison chains facelift rider. First one is probably one of my favorites on. I gotTa take a Beatles record with Nick sized love the Beatles so much discovered them when John Lennon was killed. Speaking of tragic moment that we all remember right and I guess I'd have to take one of Ozzy's first. Two records in a solo was revised diary amendment. That's just off the top of my head but Yeah that's a tough one. I remember that you You're you're going to ask me about that. I should have thought more about it. What manner so money just depends every day? You know if you're in a different mood feel something different so you know back on the locker now under Toyota Right. Why not you did the cons. And then the pro thing in they had they had a a group called the thing was called disturb. Work Down with the sickness. Yes that was the locker room. I have on my playlist day. I love it. You gotta thing you know after nine one nine eleven songs that we that we wouldn't play for low while on because of the sensitivity of it even though the songs had nothing to do it. But that's like one of those songs right now really. I don't know if I should play down with the sickness. I'm not your UPS would rate so so. Tell me what we hear a lot going to be. A recent lockable were raised by a goal. Bruce Airplane I'm still waking up because we're always playing the morning I don't know I don't I never really I never really did the music when I was a kid growing up. You know. We'd listen to Motley crue. Something on tour in on the bus rides to tournaments or whatnot. I'm not one of those Your buds in the ears. Kind of guys like Burr. I'll work out tomorrow. I'll throw a Judas priest record on or ghost or iron maiden or something like that. I'll just throw it on and just let it roll just crank it up I don't know it's funny because it's really bizarre to say but in the last couple years I listened to like supertramp steely. Dan is up in the morning or go play hockey going through my brain and you wouldn't really think those would be the best competitive song as far as hockey is concerned. But I don't know it is what it is and that's just you know. I feel in in the mornings too early. You know they're not Brittania. You League I didn't even know this guy was right but I listened to him on eight track tape her like nine months when we traveled with his son was called night votes because every time cameras. Columbia replay on a Friday night. We again the Ravenna. The bus and we travel through the night and out of Vancouver could refine the next day and I remember they they go. Who is this Guy Bar Seger? I'll never get that out of my mind. That seger you know. Impact on guys like me seventy years ago. What the Hell am I doing? What are some three in the morning Berna Vancouver but now like you probably? Union buffalo is Earth to Canada. We don't WanNA play the NHL. We all want to be professional hockey. I that was the deal grew mallets and we got up of the Bursa so yeah no doubt in grown up in Buffalo. You heard at different music. You know music is kind of regional. Of course we had to rush. And we had to. Kim Mitchell's tragically hip to to a certain degree. Not so much I was growing up through the ninety s and stuff like that when I was already on the Radio. And what have you but Yet in Seeger was one of them. Of course you know growing up. My aunt was a is a huge Bob. Seger Fan and he is one of the nicest guys. I've had the good fortune to and interact. With a few times Zimmer Badge one time cut my grass one day and I texted kit rocks about seven eight years ago. And I'm like hey do you want to do and I'm thinking about swinging by your place night out at the The woodshop there. You're at the lions game. Come by so I go out there. And who walks in Iraq and Seger and cracker in some guys reliance Schwartz and whatnot and Bob? Seger told me the story about how gym shorts had thrown him the game ball in the locker room and he told me like someone threw him like a grammy. He was sick. He's such a nice guy in a can't say a bad word about Bob. Seger Lynn in an area. There's a guy who is A A legend kicking a football. Run things you grab your bread. I guess Jim Schwartz said something online. So I'M GONNA I'M GONNA give this game ball to someone who's meant to lock this region or something. He threw it to him and I said it you catch it goes hell. Yeah I call. It occurred yeah right right there. No but that gets back to you something You know we mentioned earlier. You're kind of driving to Terry and Nana's that you know regardless of what business you're in people think. Oh like look at you melt and man you'd have to drive time slot and and they don't know that you pull the all nighters right. They didn't know that You clean a Bar Before he went to high school. And that's how you got into this business. Nobody hears about all those top stories. I Remember Bob. Seger is I grew in Livonia. Those by and Everybody loves biopsy but I remember when Norwood listen to him and he was trying to cut his teeth in fact there was he was part of the Bob Seger system. He all kinds of different names and nobody listened to. You know he and his east to smoke it. Okay well you know. I got out here when I came here to work for. W RIF is only two two am to five thirty. So I left my house in my family and my friends and move three hundred miles to work three and a half hours a day in the middle of the night at bumped up to midnight to five thirty three or four months after I got here because somebody left me. They jostled the shifts around so I did. I did overnights for a couple years and his seven at midnight I think for. I don't know eleven or twelve years. Or what have you in the night? I been doing afternoon drive now for You know the better part of an eleven years so work your way up. That's an art thing about Detroit. It's like I think that's why you know I did that. Debt maybe one reasons why you know people they appreciate where I came from excite did start at the at the overnight so we're twenty way up to the top. It's an afternoon drive so you know that's a pretty good ship to be on a W. Raf It's not the worst thing in the world that's for sure yeah and You filled some pretty big shoes to while there's no question about that and it's like I really wish he would have hand me the keys to the car but it was. It was one of those things where you know. His contract was in limbo in stop in general manager at the time. Didn't really WANNA play games like that. And so You know an Arthur Decided they they decided to part ways you know pretty much and I'm still arthur this day and he's still back in the area and stopping I love art and You know I saw I saw him last year. Too at a party and stuff is mere fact him Joe Coaster a party one night and sent me a picture and stuff which was kind of funny. I I can't say a bad thing of art. He was He was great. I worked with them directly with them for like a set labrador. Twelve years had come on every day after after he was done in Learn a lot from art and art obviously is alleged in these parts. So yeah yeah no question about it so when you put in the private some some celebrity hockey games jer Stories well like one play with the mechanics which was kind of crazy so I i. What happened was they. Were starting up this mechanics team and they asked me if I wanted to play a game. Replay a shift or whatever and this was like in September October. I'm like yeah. Sure Uplink and so I was actually playing with the NHL guys throughout that. You're six it was during the lockout near Lake. Al What do you WANNA play them? Like I looked at the scheduling at this game on Saturday. February fifth sounds interesting because the super bowl was the next like what a great weekend it play. Professional Hockey Goes Super Bowl parties. I mean talk about a great weekend and that was something I'll never forget. Hatcher was playing obviously in shallow smolinski or planning those guys three guys. I knew from playing with those guys on during the year and There's a lot of stories about that but kid rock did show up and I was sitting there at the end of the bench one day. And it's like this hallway behind us at Fraser and I hear meltdown. They turned around. And it's kid. Rock is like this the whole game. I hear this guy up. Index crowd just just chirp Celio Sahal time so we go to this party afterwards? Hatschi bar guys remember that far. I see a kid rock. And he goes he goes. Hey Dude did you hear me giving it to Celli us? All I heard he was. He was in the owner's box. He's yelling down into like a L. Let let the kids play and stuff like that you know and host of the Deep Glee Games. I've played in both of them. I got a picture in my walney scorn a gold one of those and that was really fun because I was. I really hadn't been in the city. Berry long and now Stanley Cups and everything and now is the Joe in front of you know. Eighteen thousand whatever. It was so awesome so receive coach. Okay. It's funny. You should bring that up go. I'm not sure. Say a lot more money than right. Now Gary was to coach. I saw what happened was I was playing with the Gel guys on a Wednesday or out of Monday. I'm sorry on a Monday. I heard one of the guys say hey is is going to be coming out on Wednesday night played with three times at your and of course it's already when Steve is Herman shows up league. You know pick up game anyways. I'm like oh it's so cool. So Tuesday at five thirty. I get called coach. Younger wants to come to practice tomorrow. I'm like Oh crap and I fear that'd be the last time I was going to play. It was you'll end up and so anyways I was nervous because I haven't been to a practice in twenty years and this practice was easy I was playing with the on. Shell they were flying around out there and Gary Younger. Kinda go so then. That was on a Wednesday by the next week. Jaren hatchard asked me he goes. How is the practice I go? Yeah it was okay. It was pretty good. You know it's fine. But then they sign up the next week. Steve Steve Shannon I think it was Danton Cole. Anyways all these cameras show up depresses there. And he's got escaped back and forth back and forth and again again and I'm like Oh my God I'm like I'm like older than you'll this guy and a team. I have Chellios. I've never felt like I was going to throw up on the ice until that day. What were your claim to fame of you remember. I do remember. Yeah report the bounty. Oh I was there. I heard I heard your taste by playing at Plymouth. Shani grew guy near Detroit top. Y'All I'm nervous and just a good hockey. Got US living down Florida. Now you still bother. He's coaching Just recently gone through a rural Horwitz. You back into trey. I him not that long ago and recognize them and then he introduced himself and all. Yeah that's right now. We talked to a couple of years including GRUZA good guy. Yeah for sure Rivera so you play with Cooley. I heard that given Hollywood a restaurant or out and I've never played anywhere outside of Detroit and Buffalo but yet none none of that stuff You know but I played with those games. You bring in guys from Hollywood to play with Dustin that and you know you know. Knock on a road. In front of mind. Wrestle was a Johnson unders. Espn sports play those games. And just a super guy and you'd be coming to town and get together and you know it's it's one of the things you wrote memory on those guys go back for them. All starts out stories on the boys and you know. I think this kind of keeps Bruce and I John is every day every week Rebecca stories about and I priced more time with my wife while you're talking about the locker room before like you know we don't really you'll bruce knows this and you know we're older guys in pickup leagues and whatnot and you know we don't really Jan music or not but man there is a lot of Of Ball busting going on. Of course you know let it go. I what what's the word Unpolitical politically correct uniquely a lot of lot of political directors. There's a lot of chirpin going on a lack reminders. That a lot too. I mean you better have a thick skin right right. Yeah it's it's you know at the end of the day it's all fun and you know the guys are good guys. You know. Even lyles wouldn't put out a simulated games recently and we haven't played in Louis. Yeah it's been fun hasn't been in. You know you bring up. Lyle and that's actually how you and I met is You know an outstanding group of hockey players and really really good guys. It's a verb. An ICE ARENA. Run by laufer allow fair and and how? I gotten not an easy skate to get invited to play in. Because I was able to get in. Because Ron Griffin is groping around Griffin. Who played for Wisconsin? Bandra Bob and of course you played against him to Terry right and then another mutual friend in hockey player Rob Brydon. Who of course you know? Bride's Mel Really Nice and he played a Western. He's a legend like Terry at Western. So how did you meet Lyle and get invited to the skate? You know I can't recall but I think I think my son was playing there and I was playing at Farmington hills. You you bring this up and I was trying to remember and I think I just know Jeff Bennett and I knew a couple of those guys up one time saying to me when my son was like seven or eight years old. I was watching him in. Lisle came up and said two guys. Don't shoot the same way. You could use the same stick on the I seventeen. He doesn't even cut his sticks when he gets up. You know he's he's about this much taller than I am. So but Yeah that's typical lyle. And not. Yeah I don't know I don't know where I I must own a geyer two or so I don't know what it's when I moved out here. It's like you know when you move. I'd been out here for seventeen years but when you move. You're trying to find skates that you can get into you. Know 'cause I was playing in Birmingham and from where I live now to go to Birmingham was quite a haul. Now's a good skating. Lotta guys and stuff. But it's like I it just kind of I was done with that you know. You're you're good. Guess these guys they said come out reported inkster our Friday night right at At ten o'clock I go. I why won't feel I got my cur- i- context. I was lucky. I played road on Buffalo. I played with about the same core of guys for six years when I was a kid and I wish I could have done that for my son. But it's just just circumstances and whatnot. Just though the way that the cookie crumbles. But it's like I'm still friends with a few of them still on facebook and that's really cool to see all these years later on. Some of them have grandkids and whatnot. I usually played hockey. It's a couple years ago and it's just just fun to go. See those guys. You never forget those guys and until I was about thirty five and I watched a DVD on my white body for me for my birthday. One time about this team and killed forty called the California Coast Nearly Garden. Fifteen sixteen year old kids and it kind of dawned on me right there that like I was saying earlier at Hockey's kind of made me who I am. It's made me responsible. It's made me passionate about what to do. It's a accountable in just have the drive to go out and get you know which did because I never spent a day in college. I just joked at the only day was ever in college was for driving school and I had too many speeding tickets as kids go to college. Do that burden net. It's like just forced my way in and not just celebrated my thirty th anniversary on the air in February of the my very first shift when I was a kid. So awesome awesome The story we have taken our own paths. You know Bruce Guy to my youngest daughter. That's close. We are a lot of people. Don't know that But he the one that had founded. I just connected with a guy so appointed junior seventeen years old. This guy wants. Twenty points is Last year you to Wisconsin Rights. You can look them up a great guy we just connected about a week ago you out. There was a there and eat friend me on facebook and then he said. Hey you're in the back of business I go. Yeah he goes. I drink stop by Texas. I let me tell you why it should be so awesome about seventeen so forty three years later. I have not talked to the Guy Ryan Vincent and also we connected with naked and customer Wisconsin. Because he's I. It's all ocoee in terms of our act together. It was a hockey story side and was like wow you know now. I'm sure you know all those guys that you really is a small small community at. Yeah you can't believe how many guys I talk to that. I either know someone who played with or you know I mean look. We all have a ton of hockey stories. I could talk to you all day about hockey stories. You know on off it's like To such a great sport and my son sometimes you know when he's when he's mad at me while you're making me play hockey I am. I GonNa Make You love to play. Hockey loves it. You know he really does like. I'm trying to use that sport to kind of mold him as well now. Look if you didn't WanNa play anyone do something else. Of course you would do something else but have you with my son Bruce. Yeah I was just GONNA mention. I didn't want to interrupt you but you did. Oh Wow permitted you to bring him out a few times and he's got some talent he's a he's just gotta come along mature a little bit and he'll be great our son. He's GONNA be seventeen next week but but you know what he's out there playing. He hasn't looked like he doesn't WanNa play so to me as just a punk ass kid trying to teach him stuff. I learned through the game and maybe one NATO snap with them and we'll you know we'll try to make a responsible citizen out of another one so knows again there's again California mouth I don't know the name but I see the post every once in a while. The guys like ninety three now. You still plan you still fine hockey. And his family says that's what keeps him going. Yeah he's ninety three or four he gets up there and he goes through every time you know. I celebrate her birthday. I haven't played the game. I probably fifty six years and you know Without any replacement parts yet I hope I replayed ninety something right but getting taught her really. Is You know what it's like It's like golfing or whatever it's like you know you get that one good shot yet. Good one good pass. You make a good play. It just keeps you coming back for more you know. And that's that's poised all scored against mark. I just can't wait to get back out there again. And it's funny. You should bring up mark because again all those guys out there. I mean we all Kinda give it to each other. But they're all great guys and I know that You know unfortunately you know. Mark Mark's been the victim of the meltdown of raw straps goal right. I mean he's like you read about but but you and him are pretty close. I mean you guys like Nascar or something going. She has broken watch NASCAR race on now. Not exactly I've invited into their out there before I'm trying to remember if I've taken them out there and I can call now to be quite honestly but I thing at Michigan speedway. I've done it for the last ten years. I'm trying to think I know I got a picture right. There you guys can see that. That's me and Jeff Burton from this thing that I host and Started about ten years ago and It's really cool. So what I do is go out there and I host this thing and I do it as a favor to the track in return they give me like four or five. I bring four or five people. Whatever they never said how many people I can bring take four or five people and they get us hot passes and I take them into sweets. I take him in a pit road and we could see the drivers. I mean one of my buddies stand next to Joe Gibbs during the national anthem and different things like that and so on. I've made friends with someone guys in a pit crews and you know it's funny because my friend in a pit crew. He was a minor league hockey player. One of my buddies his name is Shawn Pete and I googled him. One Time I put hockey came up at the he'd gotten suspended for eighteen games. That's what kind of guy he was anyways but I know it's just through the love of hockey. I met him now. He was a minor league enforcer and got sucked into this NASCAR thing. We've become friends and I can tell you many stories about that. But you have a mark that Golly I. It's funny because I always had this kind of weird relationship with the goalies I would say I'm shooter right Bruce. I mean that's no question right. No question in part of it's to me is like well. These guys want to face shots there in there right justify it. That's right I'm like hey I'm just trying to give you a good time. Okay if some of them go in will s not my fault so also feel free classic yet. I've always had weird relationship with with goalies like you said especially ones. I play with a lot. You know March is one of my friends. I sit next to him in and of course I'll bust his balls all day long that you know. Of course I text him five Sirens Anybody no just just mark. So yeah you know. It's all good to it's it's fun stuff. It's it's cool to see so I know that Obviously you've got a wife and you got kids So you must dine out in restaurants I mean. Do you have any favorite restaurants you that you liked that you you go to your family. I mean I'm just thinking of maybe one or provide any contactless a delivery or carry out or delivery or give any adverse to so. I was just Jackie when my friend Kristy? He owns south at the Southbound talent comeback in Baker's shirt while flying hotel quite a bit when it's open and then Carl's cabin I really like Carlos cabinet a lot places like that You know and Carl's cabinet is doing something. They've got their their their takeout every day between four and six okay and I've tried to get it and it sold out every day. So they at least they're they're doing something so the guy. It is great guy yet really nice. As a matter of fact I had a meeting in there with the Michigan speedway about a month ago before this whole thing started. I WanNa take me to the track because I like to take new people experience it because I've seen it. I've done it and I do. Kinda the same thing every time I go there but it's just fun to short people I got to interview Evanger Holyfield there one time and I'm serenade. He's missing his part of his ears. You know it's like the coolest thing kid rock spending my I got some pictures over here somewhere. Kid Rock is in there and You know different things like that. We've had a great time at the race track. Well Yeah So. Those are some of my favorite restaurants of course I haven't been there enough. But the derived north billion menzies scrape place. I went there not too long ago. So yeah and then our friends that own the post yes yeah. I don't know if I consider a restaurant. It's more of a bar. That has no question. It's money when people say Bruce. What's the difference between a restaurant? A bar thrown spoon primarily. And then we'll give you drinks but a bar serves drinks and then they'll serve you some food right. Yeah exactly and then microwave understanding. It's down the the bar down in Detroit. Propose the bad run neck area. We stand on wages. You know what I I can't Kisser your thank. You know. A couple of the guys want us here today. Jamie Flanagan. A bad flax US guys to join US required gas Detroit. You're actually great guys. They got us into this world In the educated us in Bras. Long Way you're also. They taught how to skate. Liberated play and they're just air through great night but they WanNa make sure that you net us guys. Genie Matt obviously meet down. And you guys were rationed there to is what they love to do. And Sir Jimmy Man jumping questions from out down or anything in heaven is up. Yeah actually I was keeping an eye on the chat room meltdown. How you doing excellent and We Pat Maley. Talking About Hockey People Pat Maley chimed in the chat room and just chirp in the way that he does. And a few other people bob and Steph from podcast Detroit and Mike Wenbi and Joey. Johnson they all said. Hey Loren Loren Donovan also chimed in the chat room and said hi so people pop in and saying hey impact mainly a bunch of stuff to say about. When you're talking about the crazy laws trainwreck. Feelings reporter use the money man. He's got some hockey guys. You know some professional managers about your absolute trainwreck. Teach eight hundred looks good. You always come through the White Pants. The white socks or black pants. You look very good. Regina met officers out industry would want to hear from out that. We're all out now but united chance to ask questions about Luther. Cocker actually tear. I just WANNA say The check in the mail for your kind words greatly appreciate that and I've actually had a separate watch party going on here. We've had folks check in a tie actually has a question. It had a question for Meltdown with all this stuff. Going on with the cove in nineteen and having to work remotely now. What has been some of the changes at the whiff that you're seeing and having to change the operator of the river there. Well it's funny. That is that I haven't worked remotely. I've been going into work every single day. So we go in a but there is like it is a ghost town in. There is not many people in there. I have to wipe down everything when I go now after I just do it. I wiped down. Everything obviously The sales department a lot of people aren't there right now. They're working from home and whatnot and And there for a little while for two weeks I think we are the only wing rip. Has its own wing in our building and we're the only a station that was actually live in the building out of our five stations. All it's obviously a strange time. It feels like every day going there. It's like Saturday or something with no. But he's hearing the lights off in the off and you notice there's nothing really going on and So yeah that's pretty much that's pretty much been a big change. Of course people walking studio or you know saying hi to everybody or whatnot and then another question that actually I have for you as you know. I didn't pick up the game of golf action so I was in my thirties. Run did you start you. Start playing hockey when I was Seven hookah. I started playing hockey because kid down. The street was playing hockey. And I'm like I can't do that. And so then my dad. I grow in Buffalo Legacy. He was just a you. Know a guy working in steel plans to off Trying to make ends meet and somehow he did it and sacrifice. Nah I got into playing and You know until he lost his job in nineteen thousand four like a lot of kids. Dad's did back down. And then I Kinda Paparazzi. Kinda play for another couple of years and it was like play hockey right drive and go get girl. So it's nice. As Bruce does that was too small for each alleyways but uh yeah right. Yeah maybe I don't know. I doubt that you're just a thirty years to to all you just didn't start at the right time. Right isn't enough to dream yet. Okay love it. I love it so I got something for you. Know there's something that we kind of plagiarized it from David. Thirty panel called rapid fire. Questions require a a one word answer so so if you're willing to play. I'll let y okay. Go ahead start starbucks or Tim. Hortons ally on the hockey guy. So it's gotta be Tim Hortons. I was hoping you'd say that Kuker Pepsi Pepsi for sure Mick Jagger Steven Tyler you know. I'm not a stone's Fan for the most part so I'd say Stevens out. Hey real fast stone funny story about Steven Tyler. Raymond Acting Manage. Which is the craziest thing about ten years ago? He's like yeah man. I'm getting ready to go to bed and actually know Stevens at my darn. Am I gay? Steven? What are you doing well? Who's Stephen is like Steven Tyler? Road Friends Online. I meet Steven Tyler. For the first time in one thousand nine hundred ninety four and it's just came up on my facebook for some reason there's at Songkhla living on the edge in this song. He says meltdown in the sky. And so when I meet Steven Tyler. I'm going to ask him. I'M GONNA go. Is it meltdown in the sky or meltdown and this guy and I think he is going to laugh? We're GONNA become fast friends. And he didn't have any fluid. I was talking so I have a picture. He's looking at me like confused so anyway go ahead. I'm sorry no no. It's all good so American or National Coney Island probably American Michigan or Michigan State of Michigan so hotdog or hamburger hamburger for sure bowers or see. Ccm Bauer dog or cat dog for sure winter summer on probably some I suppose Gretzky or Lemieux Radke for sure all right well as thirty says thanks for playing and you win nothing and Jamie. You've got that big microphone in front. You're gonNA say something so go ahead. Yeah no talking about your podcast. It's interesting with radio. I mean so. Many people listen in their cars and people aren't in their cars. Have you seen a bump in your podcast? People is that so. I did a podcast March eleventh with time key for who is the former singer for a Cinderella and stuff and And that was the last podcast I did until last week because right now artists are just not really doing interviews for the most part so I have enough context. Reichen get my Interviews like I can I can tech some people here and there which. I'm probably going to START DOING PRETTY SOON. But publicist will reach out to me or record people whatever. Nelson you know I just interviewed Gavin Roz Dale the other day who is married to Gwen Stafani in the front man for Bush and and I've never I never met her interviewed him for the first twenty five years of his career. I've done it three times in the last year and the guy such a great guy we almost had created a little bit of a camaraderie and So yet I can't answer it because like I said it's kind of been downtime as far as that's concerned that's that's a good question. It's a good observation because You would think that would that it would be up with people at home just Alexa. Whatever so it's a really really interesting time everywhere. Yeah Hey did they allow you to earn a spot? John Thursday night off late so Do you play any instruments. Are you musically inclined? Can you singer their other talents? That you have no not at all. Not even close never tried. I've got autographed guitars on my walls. That There. I'm sure out it soon. I have no clue how to do any of that stuff i. It amazes me when I'm talking to so my friends or something and say oh. Yeah that's an easy or something. I don't even know what that means like. How do you know I don't? I doubt just boggles my mind. Yeah nothing at all you told me a pseudo Agree play hockey. And the way I look at it. Roussy is at so I if I played guitar. I thought about this for about five minutes but ten years ago like man. If I play guitar I would want to play effortlessly like Ted nugent or some Eddie van. Halen whatever and then I thought man. I haven't played hockey for so long. I can't stick analyzed debt. Suk So yeah I'm out I'm done. I'M NOT GONNA try. That train. Came and left. That's right left longtime ago. Yeah good well listen. I had caused mad Jimmy to our to our timing meltdown. We really appreciate your being with us here today. first of all you know. I'd like to thank your your daughter and your wife her giving you this time. Because we're off warranty all over the world We're spending a lot of holy tired and just a lot of time with you. Know are significant others family ways. It's good and allow raise the can be trying but nonetheless you know it's just good for every bright and we've met some great guys here with Matt Jamie. We spent lots of them over the last four weeks. We've launched this. Podcast let people nearby the positive things going you know. It's like hockey down. If you lose two to one or to one you're right so you just go and play the game the next time and hopefully way and that's how we do things here and that's always done. Bruce will tell me all the time. It WON'T BE TACKY. You're calling me up. Sometimes you go ahead. You know you're going to get a call from a customer are. They're not happy nod and I happen to go when happen to go smile. Details sometimes need to break a few eggs to make an omelet birth. That's why we do what we do. Right at the only. We always have each other's backs and you know this too shall pass or get through everything we will get you a couple bottles announcer. You bring your your your shelf Hat to deliver that to renew the locker room. I appreciate it adds. That's fine no worries. Thank you very much. You have Bruce. The King of the metaphors right there with the Yeah no doubt you know. It's it is tough times in every day. Five ten on my show with doing this thing the positive things that are coming out of this in like you say it's like you know people are spending more time together when I ride my bike. I ride my street bike on my bicycle. I put like twenty or thirty miles on and I see more people at walked around than ever before. And I've done this for years. You know analysis like they're walking around not people are searching for ways to help out on You know people. Are you know doing doing a lot of different things nowadays and This time is is like nine. Eleven did in different things is definitely a change the country and apparently the world now. Hopefully we get back out on the ice here pretty soon and get back to a normal but what's normal returns. We'll see have to wait and see. I guess yeah. Yeah what what. What would be nice? As maybe I'll I'll I'll talk to commissioner fair seeming. Get Terry to make the road trip over. From Grosse Pointe Landscape in the morning and And I'll have him deliver the bottle personally great recruits. I did play a mistake. Westward but You know when you say you'll think for effect backcheck paycheck to so everybody float there. But I think this has been great You know I think were excited about moving. Forward and rewrote will do gorgeous. No doubt we could probably spend offline probably spend many hours fracking stories. Some of them changed a little bit but they still have the basic premise of a year and I like the older. I get more stories. I have right. My friend was Alice. Cooper's Guitar Player for ten years. And he said he goes he goes. Let me tell you something goes Alice. Cooper tells the same stories all the time and sometimes they change and I. I'll say the golf cart. They got news to golf every morning. He goes else that you'd change. I started low but he goes never let the facts get in the way of a good story so ruth you know who have to smell to deter. Oh yeah well you're right. I mean he would be great so it's a one of our good friends. Meltdown is Tracy the voice of the Carolina hurricanes all yet had just an absolute beauty right also word and I'm not sure if he's listening to my everybody's not Big Shot to Rape Guy Rape Story and And those are one out some very final couple. Cocktails are group's and Yeah there we go see that stripper. Nam gets my son with the tears. Well okay excellent yes. So there's a final over the years and very good friend but in your industry and You know obviously you can't wait to get back to work. You know the report so I didn't WanNa get the game going again and But like anything else it. Listen you know what what this too shall pass and wrong it through will look back on this year from now and say. What did we deal with our time? We did a lot of local stuff. So I'm really a chance to meet tonight is probably doesn't know. Remember Physically Nats Trainee Vegas? You're right and scheduled. Meghan happened but You know through Bruce and through manager. Jamie get today and Ever great time you know here stay safe. Stay healthy boys. Can we do that on the ice? Yeah thank you guys so much for the invite Matt Janey great to meet. You guys. I don't know what they call this side. Virtually or whatever so thanks for that and thank you guys so much time. Good luck with your was. Jim's all your successes in all your businesses at Jive Bruce and Terry have gone on and thank you so much down.

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Full Show (Raiders/Saints, Lakers/Nuggets, Cowboys/Seahawks, MJ's NASCAR team, Bucs)

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

00:00 sec | 2 months ago

Full Show (Raiders/Saints, Lakers/Nuggets, Cowboys/Seahawks, MJ's NASCAR team, Bucs)

"Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host. Jerry Taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode undisputed from start to finish they've got a busy slate so skip Shannon let's get to it Good Morning. Welcome to understated I. Can't bail US and Shannon Sharpe. Guy. Morning Good Morning. l. `bout Tampa Bay now tied with the saints to the Division. Now it's Aaron. Rodgers could just give me one more big game before he needs the wall Sunday night in new. Orleans. We could yeah but you know we gotta talk about the raiders. They might be a little better than we thought. That Mattis. Speaking of the raiders that it show us something last night. So let's break down. They open their new Las Vegas Stadium in a way that would have made Al Davis proud by just winning baby the silver and black meet New Orleans thirty, four, twenty, four and Monday night football last night and fan in control for most of the game behind their cars two, hundred, eighty, two passing yards and three CDs drew brees it did throw for three hundred, twelve yards. Most of it was underneath the Saints Offense clearly missed wideout Michael Thomas who did not play due to an ankle injury. So Shannon was last night more about the raiders. Rise or breezes decline we'll give the credit to the raiders given I. Think the rate of might be better than I realized I've been very critical of Jon Gruden, but it seems to me that he and Mike Mayock has put together a great football team. Great a great. They have the makings of a a very good to great football teams give you look the way they built their offense line is dominant. They can run the football with Josh Jackson Jalen resort and he just has to hold onto the football, but they can run the football. They got rogues to take the top off and that Walla kid he the problem. Saints had no answer for him. They try to linebacker they tried safety they tried corner. He was just too big to physical. They talked about I think about fifteen times he at twelve catches he they probably made the pro bowl last year he seemed to be on his way. He's trying to get his name that threshold you talk about. The Kid Kelsey now, are you talking about kill he wants to get his name mentioned when you talk about those two got hey, what about what about the raiders skipped he? He's very good Derek Carr I've never been the biggest fan of his, but I think Gruden is settling down. They put them in situations because when you can run the football, you can play action off it and didn't do help their calls with all those penalties. Mitchell's very uncharacteristic I who games they're getting penalties out the Yang Yang and I know Sean Payton is not happy with that but. If you look at the rate of skip, they were twelve of nineteen on third downs. They were tennis seventeen on third down to two and four down. That tells me if you can't get a team off the field on third down, you're going to get that also tells me there possessing the football thirty, six minutes time of possession for the raiders. twenty, four minutes the saints. And so for me, I look at it. Is the the thing seemed in control of this game and then drew through a horrible interception right before that the raiders kick a field goal skipping they when they came out of the half they stepped guest didn't look back. Yeah I mean you won't that little touchdown late at the end of the game and drew some mop-up yards. But when they needed him to make plays, he didn't make any place and the thing was he's doing. A lot of fishing around the age four point eight yard for skip that won't get it done and so for me, I don't want to talk with. We're talking about drew a little later but I wanNA give credit to the. Raiders Defensive? EPO. Paul Gunter called a great game. Guy Drew off his marks. They were hitting their they would they would try to take the saints heads off physical team fast teen is seems to me, Grundig? Built. make built this team. Yeah and the vision that they have they have speed and physical. So I, like what I'm saying the raiders give are undervalued. I did not see this coming. Okay. I'm going to address I the New Orleans saints more specifically through breeding. I am not going to write him off just yet. Right? And I'm going to remind everyone for each of the last three years. He has set records for completion percentage the first two years two, thousand, seventeen, and eighteen. He set the all time record breaking his second year, and then he had the third all time greatest completion percentage last year. So it's hard to argue with seventy four percent completion because it's impossibly great. Great. This year he's dropped all the way down to sixty four point seven percent. What am I seeing from him? Over the last couple. Of. Years. It just looks like he has to really guts up all the effort in his body to get any on his throat it's like. Almost, have to get a running start to get some mustard is just latest. Last night, he threw the ball out of bounds. Did you are hardy had to throw it through food out of the end zone? Every throw looks like it takes all he's got left boost to get something on the ball. He is so smart obviously he he can be so accurate that he's still going to be a factor and a force through the year. So I'm not saying they're dead in the water because they are not, but he was without Michael Thomas last night and Trae Kwan Smith is just okay and I think he was struggling a little bit with him but more to the point you love Jared Cook and so do I. He was really quiet last night I just had a couple of catch right? We both love Emmanuel Sanders and I don't know what's wrong with him but he just doesn't look like Emmanuel Sanders. Drew for whatever reason having gotten. Targets you got one catch last night and I can't even remember it because I just kept thinking where is e.? I thought this was his nice rise on. Monday night football because he has been in his career a big night big game player. Okay. So that's New Orleans, but you to your point I thought. There were times in the first quarter and even early in the second quarter I thought this is going to be thirty five to fourteen saying I did that's why I can't completely write them off now back to your point. They ran into a buzzsaw last night in what they're now calling the death star that New Stadium's off Vegas, which Ernestine I've driven passes it was being built. It looks like a desk star. It is spectacular. It was empty last night fitting the Vegas Yup. Vegas except there were no people they're right including Mark Davis the owner who said, well, if we can't have people, I'm not going to go. So he missed his first game since he was eight years old as Davis son obviously. So the point is. You got to see on the national stage a coming out party for John Gruden's Oakland Raden I'm a big GRUDEN fan mostly. They're always in my heart, they're going to be the right 'cause I've covered a my whole life. There's a part of me. That's a raiders fan because I loved and I knew him close with him. So they're the Oakland raiders to meet they just happen now to reside in laws. That's okay but I'm going to still call them the Oakland raiders because Raider nation is going to think of them as the opioids there's and yet I'm a Gruden fan because I also know him and I do believe in him I've told you he creates a force field. That is second only to the Jimmy Johnson force field that I covered early in Dallas in the early nineties when he created a dynasty that should have gone on one like five straight super bowl but we know what happened between Jimmy and Jerry. The point is Jon. GRUDEN is a front runner in the best of all I'm saying it completely positively he's a front runner give him some front to run with. You gotta give him something and all the sudden point Mike Mayock gave him a little something. So let's talk about Darren Waller, who took the game over night that was his coming out party on a national stage even though last. Year. He among tight ends, he had the second most catches in the second most yards to travis, Kelsey right and when Kelsey obviously when Kansas City made it to the Super Bowl and he couldn't go to the pro bowl during waller got named as the alternate to replace him and had a thumb injury. So he couldn't actually play the game. So he didn't get credit for being in the program. But that's how good he is. So what are we see from him window I, get to know him maybe you got to know him hard knocks before last season, right? Right. He was a great story because. He got busted by the League twice for Substance Abuse Don't know exactly what the details were, but he got a four game suspension. This is when he was in Baltimore and then he got a whole year suspension and he talked open heartedly on hard knocks about. I blew it I nearly ruined my whole career and God. Bless him on a knock on wood for him. I hope he's going to stay on. It can be a problem. The demons creep back every day at least expect it but the point is he's six six to fifty five. Coming out of college he was not a tight end. He was wideout at Georgia Tech. He's the Calvin Johnson Demaria's Thomas Mole. He was that big wide receiver wide receiver and guess who said I want that guy? Ozzie. Ozzie newsome still in obviously and power in Baltimore. In that point said, I'll take a sixth-round flyer on him because I see something when Ozzy sees something he is invariably correct about and he was correct about this kid until he had the drug issue. And then all of a sudden they had to keep you on the practice squad and Mike Mayock said. I'll claim him off your practice squad and all of a sudden wing into hard knocks. He's a brand new Oakland Raider. Right. So what do we see now? He in coming out of college he ran four, four six. Well. He only had to fortyish then so he's put on about fifteen a. Fast that's still book your four, four, hundred, two, hundred forty. That's book. Okay. So to me Jon Gruden keeps making the point I will take him over kill and I will take him over Kelsey. I don't blame him right I would as a pure pass catcher you helped me in the hall of fame at that position. This is pure pass catching. You talk about match up nightmare they tried everything they would bracket him they would. They would try their best D. on they. Ll animal edible. Advantage that the tied in has skip when you have the guy like kill you have a guy like so you have a kid a kid like waller now because of the size advantage you talking about six six versus what six foot tall or you're talking about. A linebacker. Yeah. You get linebackers to rush the quarterback or thought the runner. You don't get them to cover the tidy tidying or faith that's not their expertise in. So this is what these guys and when they get it going. That's why it's like. Wow. Is Such a Mitch mismatch when you have that guy, they tried everything and I'm like bright y'all better double him y'all might as well say look ladder you take a wide receiver. We're GONNA bracket him with linebacker in a safety because you trying to go one on one and that's not the answer for Hill. Derek Carr has such a wave linked with him. He's so dependent on Darren Waller that it doesn't matter what the coverage is saying he's just GonNa throw it right when because he thinks he can beat any kind of coverage and oftentimes last night sixteen targets twelve catches he did. And to my test, he is moving at a little different speed in quickness and overall speed right then Kelsey or kill can move at right I to me. It's hard to argue with what Travis kills. He's done on the big stage. Four three one thousand yard seasons. Okay in it's hard like I need to see a little more daring waller in big games in they're about to Allah bunch of. They're going to go to New England and pretty soon they got to go to Kansas City. But if we start skill because he did this on national stage and that's what sometimes guys have to have a breakout because a lot of times you play your game you don't really see you just look at the stat lined you like okay. Yeah he had this this but everybody watches Monday night football. So everybody's around the TV that's in the NFL like well, wait a minute. Man This kid legit he can play. So that was his you're right. This was his coming out party. He's about to be a household name like healthy light kill what is right in the middle of the conversation and Jon? GRUDEN says, it is astonishing what he has done because this is only his second season in this position. Yes you can relate afternoon it's hard to say I was split out wide now tied in and sometimes I'm in tight in the formation sometimes in the slot. The hardest thing to learn airport wide receiver transitioning to tidy skippers to learn how to learn to row rows in a confined area because you have to realize. You got all that space but now they bring you in tight to the line of scrimmage. You GotTa get past off. Defensive Lineman you got linebackers right there normally the safety. So that's that's the thing. But because he was a wide receiver, usually how will he gets into that breaks because that wire received now all of a sudden that takes over the key for him is that a blocking? because. Give you gotTa love sudden now you blocking three hundred pounds. DB You block it you block Dav linebackers now and I don't know about that. But I do know. Jon Gruden can call a football. Yeah. When he gets on a roll. He's over there throwing his fist he can. He can out clever you he did and he was moving down waller all over the place a lot of motion like one time he brought him all the way across the formation when he threw the touchdown pass to the fullback right in just wiped everybody everybody's low there right eighty, three three and he runs all the way across the formation all the way to the flag right and the pullback. Foot back into the hall right fullback slot recorded places. There's nobody home. Yeah Oh. That's pretty good. You know they're become bay run so much down. So. Now, we run the tied in. Okay. Here. Come to tie not drag the pullback fullback wide open four touchdown. Yeah. So they got two kids fairly late in the first round couple years back. They got Josh Jacobs who can run like a banshee man can just just attack you and looked like he had a leg issue by injury and he just came in and came back on and just kill help curate clock last night Rashard can get loose obviously. So you got pretty good one two punch at running back both run at both can't catch it. Okay and then Jonathan Abram I've told you before and you may not remember but I loved him coming out of Mississippi staple for the draft do he realize four to? He really can fly four safety and he has no regard for his own. Point of those guys who doesn't care, he will blow himself. You will blow you all at the same time. He blew himself up early last year in the opener and was at the opener for live four games. And that was it for his rookie year. So is he still a rookie or is he a veteran? He says he's still a rookie right but he doesn't play like a wrong and he brings such edge to the defense like you said, the offensive line sets the tone for the offense will he sets it for the defendant right? So you got to young players who who have they run with guts. They play with Gut with edge with passion that GRUDEN thrives on and my issue. With New Orleans last night became a defensive issue because to your point. First of all, they had, what was it ten penalties for him? Well, for what was one? Hundred, ten for one hundred, twenty, nine yard. That's that's so not unlike they had like eight nine last week. Yeah. Okay and then the key play the game after Rashard had lost the fumbling thought he might have lost the game drew brees could not capitalize and then it becomes a third and ten play at the. Saints. Twenty. And here comes we could see this jalen chart goes wide with it and help me out on third and ten. That's the pig. Okay which was a huge. Here we go. Here we go. Are they going to tackle him is anybody GonNa try to get him. That was some week effort on the part of this you. GotTa Submarine Free can't run himself on to play. He got he got to go alone seventy one you cannot do that. No. Your. All you deal with a whole bigger. Would you take do this right? Okay this looks like a give up plate. Now, this looks like a defense that has lost heart. that. Has Lost its stomach for hanging in this football game and that was like we we give up we're done I. Didn't think I would see that from a New Orleans saints. Defense because I don't see that usually that's not the Mo. Yeah I I thought got. LSD. Dominated last night because the raiders got whatever they want whenever they want they. What'd you say third and fourth down? The twelve, twelve of nineteen. Tennis that was first of all to have that many third down. Do you know how I mean because they only had had possession it right now the league averages about Levin seventeen third down seventeen. You love them to convert ten of those, and then they go to for two and fourth down. Yeah. You're probably GONNA lose the gay a they turn the ball over like the cowboys in that you have a role here played like the Falcons. Lose the game you allow team to get ten of seventeen, convert ten of seventeen. Now, you're probably going to lose the game and give the rate. Is I think they have something here I did not see this coming I. Definitely thought like Man Time Pass Jon Gruden by but I, guess too he dusted off watch what. It is back and play again but I think the biggest difference is is that he's getting solid play from Deir car. You can run on with some time that's the bottom line. This discussion out good is he? Never quite sure I'm not either he actually quietly had a very good year last year by Derek Karston. They went seven and nine. So they go foreign twelve GRUDEN's first year seven and nine last year, and he played it a pretty high level most of the year in the shadow. Right. But he really focused right now they're going to focus. He's going to Foxborough Cam versus Derek Carr. He's obviously a talented kid does he does he have this mentally tough enough to control his emotions in stay within the context of the offense not gruden is hard to play for man. But I think the biggest thing is that when we look at young quarterbacks, we look at Mahomes. Is Young car. We look at Lamar Jackson, we look at all these young quarterbacks and they're like, okay cards. Okay. But is that if he watson no Patrick Mahomes Lamar Jackson is he DAK Prescott now he's not so that that's the problem that he's up against. He's a young quarterback, but there are some quarterbacks this younger than he is so much better than else. Okay. So look at what happens on their schedule they go to New England Ker not easy. They got buffalo at home nine. At. Kansas City. Obvious. And they get a by then they get Tampa Bay and then they go to Cleveland. Well, it's a pretty rough sketch there. Five it without the first half of the harder they are at the back half. We don't have to go through all the Games but trust me bill really the last nine games. All of them are are winnable for Derek Carr and John Yes and then what we saw from that defense last night that they might be able to win eight of these last night and they. Might be able to get on a real roll. Yeah. They might be able to get to ten wins with that. Get them awhile. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So it feels like and again I root for Gruden you don't, but but it feels like, I'm going to root for him to get wild card because it seems within their grasp yet will skip he was my brother position. Now my brother swears by them. He loved John Gruener. Andy Reid. Was On that staff Maher Yuji. Obviously he's worth by John Grew. He loved you this. Of all the football people I've ever talked to had had like hallway conversations with about some wall. He is the most fun of anyone I've ever talked to. He can talk ball. Yes it he loves it. He does almost mostly loves his wife and kids you know like it's just his whole life is ball. It is in any that's why I root for him because he's basically a good guy who's really hard on his quarterbacks. But after the game last night, he was highly complimentary of Derek Carr, I think he's trying to mellow a little bit. Let me just take it a game at a time and just be nice to him. This just seemed three the third year car it just seems like, yeah, I'm happy but it's kind of like is like or the rain marriage I didn't. I didn't go through the I didn't pick you know. I that is you already I got. Oh but now I've gotta make. Peace. Sorry. In arranged marriage. To get the relationship no. Support for this podcast comes from Twi- Leo Right. Now businesses all over the world are trying to reinvent how they connect with the world whether you're delivering packages, treating patients or running global customer support. Center your customers need you to invent new ways to stay connected Twi-. Leo Is the platform that millions of developers trust to build seamless communications, experiences with phone calls, text messages, video calls, and more. It's time to build visit twitter dot com to learn more. That's T. W. I L. I. O.. DOT, com. Lakers and nuggets faceoff off three tonight with Lebron Company holding a comfortable two OH series lead Denver etiquettes to tie the series Sunday night. But Anthony Davis dramatic three pointer helped la steal away at the buzzer tonight would basically be elimination game for the Nuggets Says No team. In NBA, history has ever come back from through three Oh deficit with a playoff series. So Shannon, well, the Lakers go out three on nine. Yes. Expect Lakers to approach the game. If they were down to one, they know what the nuggets are capable love there desperate team and the thing is when you look at the nuggets, the, the Lakers got themselves in trouble just like the clippers just Like Utah in the series before is that when you turn into in the third quarter, if they turn you over now they become ultra-aggressive, they get to the free throw line because if you look at what they shot for shot thirty, three, thirteen in the fourth quarter. So now they turn you over, you don't get an opportunity to score the basketball they stopped the clock, they go to the free throw they try to the free throw line and you've got to be be able to weather that storm and the Lakers did a good job. Anthony. Davis did a good job of banning them out. They'll great decoy by Lebron US all abroad stand there everybody go right Yet D coy. That's what I get out in the designated decoy. Why go out my homeboy and I'll pull out the parking lot. Fully pull me over. They had a little bit too much of the people go. We say that decoy you gotta understand out at work. Playing it all alone I get that you didn't understand. The Decoy, but anyway, I expect the Lakers they understand we don't want to give this team life and the one thing because everybody say hold it got life not to one. They're right back in this thing Lebron. James He's not GonNa do anything out of the ordinary he's going to be Lebron James and whatever the game dictates he needs to do. That's what he's GonNa do we saw the first half? He saw at Lee Game Anthony. Did Not have it going. Lebron takes the game over in the first half they jump out to the leave. The second half ad takes over Lebron head twenty in the first half eighty, half twenty, two in the second half, and that's what the loved having a great one. Two point because one doesn't have you going the other can bring it home. That's something. The clippers really never got skin either Kowa had Kawai really never could have an off game 'cause Paul George never really could bring it through will Paul doors with? UC would happen the seemed like the clippers like, what are the basketball? What are we doing out here? They couldn't figure it out the getting timely shot Danny Green's starting to chip in and giving them eleven twelve year. They're K. P., chip it in here they're getting great production off the White, Dwight need to settle down because he got himself in a lot of that him trotting yoke to the foul. Line Skip I love your I think he's the best big I'm listening five. I would take him over all other fives including Joel embiid because I can counter him play and he's a better passer he scored. Vision. He maybe he's not the defeat obviously not the defenders Joel Embiid, but I would take him but he's no match for A. And I expect to have another. Game and I expect the Lakers go up three. Get some do own it so. Quick, question yes you can cross examine. Yes. You predicted before this series started Lakers in sick. So you're going to predict in after it goes to 3-o that the nuggets are going to win games four and five. Game. And then within job five, Oh, my estimation might estimates might have been a little off really. You were trying to make the path harder than it really is you're trying to give some credibility. On has to another champ actually give you know I didn't anticipate you know a heavy hill twenty, eight, hundred, two buzzer. A neither did on. Another quick note yes. I proceed into what I'm about to say and unleash. Do you realize that routinely the clippers against the nuggets were eight and a half point favorites just every night he'll game seven and they were only seven point favorites in routinely the the Lakers are only six or six and a half favored. So so again, the oddsmakers are actually saying the clippers were stronger than the odd to shut up, they need to shut up. They got Brooke they got bright roof method with nuggets just. Two weeks ago. And everybody all the clippers, the clippers in nuggets study cash and people bet on a steady cash and. So the oddsmakers paid more respect to the clippers, the Lakers duly noted yeah right. That's why I picked the clippers to to beat the Lakers and you oddsmaker our own. So here we go. Again, this feels all meant to be to me. It's like the Lakers are on this meant to be role in the wake of of late great Kobe Bryant of their fueled by Kobe's memory. This is their time to rise and shine and do this for Koby. and. It feels like they just keep getting every break they can get what they get now. They drew Portland in. Portland was thirty, five and thirty nine in the regular season and I'm saying this is a joke and it was a joke is should have been over in four, but it was over in five. Lebron blue the last seven minutes of the first game. Had it right in the palm of his aunt literally six point lead with seven minutes ago and couldn't. Get that home against that team the worst defensive team in the bubble or really then the rockets right on schedule after they win game won convincingly lose game to it's one all Daniel House bubble burst and he's gone for the bubble we all know why and it wrecked the psyche of the rockets and they basically just rolled over and quit we rolled. Betty over we roll them over. So here we go again with game two and Lebron James. Can't lose for winning. He even gets a break when when he goes into his Shell and he freezes and he hides on the last play it because it was called for Lebron, they called it in the huddle because you got to pay that. Till Lebron he's Brian James the only other time in his career happened to be that game in Chicago that playoff game when what's his name? The David Blatantly Departed David Has the audacity called the last play for high re, which is that makes sense to me Lebron. No Way. Give a damn. You give. It wasn't the fact that he said that he wanted to take the shot. He wanted to the take the ball out. He did correct they've missed me what you'll foolishness arrack Lebron got mad and I always tell you I love Lebron when he plays mad because it's not often and he just took the inbounds. Pass I can remember if Kyrie, throw it inbounds I doubt it probably came for somebody else but he just goes up and shoots wasn't a three but it was a long to from the corner so hard shot puzzle beater and he ripped it at the Buzzer and it saved their bacon because they were starting to get in trouble against Derrick rose and company and know-how Malo Right? Okay. So here we go. Again it's two point one seconds left. Denver almost got the rebound off a career show missed three, which was predictable and they couldn't quite come up with the basketball. So it's two point. One left Lakers inbounds Rhonda has put me in coach. Good. We'll let you throw it in and they call the play as they should have for Lebron James, and if we could see this one more time decoy, he just stand still be. That ain't a bad. Move. Call. Right now. Up What? So, let's put this in context Lebron, James in the fourth quarter was one for six. He was over three from three and he had created or committed to turnovers. So He's just saying I want no part of this play that. Yes he was. He just froze. Do Goats high on the last play Skill it's gold who heads. You and I both know this was the play design and you draw up like skip. Do you are you upset when I look at it like let's take the mouth into flame. I don't have to move the flame because the Malta's attracted to it. The Brandon have to move. He knew when we come to him and what would gartner today with. So what he did, he drew to Eddie got a wide open JOPPA SORTA bucket. So help me out mason plumbly ran straight to Lebron for what reason Lebron is not moving. It's only two point one sexy. There's not time for much to happen with. This is what I love about it. The NBA have sideline cameras, and before the play grant is telling Plumlee I, want you to come right here Conrad right here. Go look it up. He's He's thinking Delebarre to go do some money and employment right to where the grant had instructed him to come and guess what happened it worked. For I give you top of game called it. Happened it did a D. run to pick for Lebron he didn't. He did not. He said an I love Mason plumlee he's a short. He's a kid you. What are you doing? What are you? What's in your head? What's your thought process? He is running free across the top of the circle to the far wing maybe you should run with. This video because I'm GonNa show you what what Jeremy Grant instructed Mason plumbly to do. He instructed him to calm. I want you to come right here. Why would he instruct them to do because he thought liberal? Don't do something to do what you. To get the ball and put a jump in his is it do that? You would need somebody to come and pick for you and nobody was picking for you were standing still Lebron could body little damage grant here he got no bricks in back parking to tie up down with that storm comb e classic quote came from Rajon Rondo after the game I locked eyes with Lebron and he did not move exactly. What he was to do that's called. I freeze I hi, I want no part of it. You know it and I know the l look any got away with it. First of all eighty took them off the hill ad walking back. He's that was a great decoy by Lebron J. J. decent I did not hear a word about that. I'M GONNA HAVE People Chinese I'm helping is people sitting that you say, okay, I don't read any of. The show okay. Okay. We'll bring it to the show tomorrow eighty five but I'm also going to the show the cut up where they shipped what is saying Jeremy graded instructing plumbly to come there come there for what because Lebron James? Lebron James. I don't think Jeremy Grant is afraid. We, don't in that moment he will I don't blend that moment wasn't afraid of Leonard. mean. Your personal stay, you keep trying to compare Kuwa- to guy. Told you the poll King Oh Jeannie did you see that little crowded hair? He took a shot down do king. This is a what town. Do that they don't do that. So let's just get rid of the nuggets I. Wish they would just call the other. No I. I don't have anything to do except watch the late. But still why would i? Subject myself to this kind of torment because this'll be a twenty point laker winning. The nuggets just got shot in the heart. They got. They got a tremendous one two punch everybody knows what Jamal Murray is capable of doing. We saw that in the Games. Five, six and seven. We saw early in the series against Utah, we saw a forty point game seven. We thought against the best defensive team basketball with all those dogs and all those lockdown defender. So how are the Lakers GonNa win game three which leads said it was easy. What will help us get? The different hello clippers. Lakers there's all this all La's always go be Allegra town the Lakers win by tonight one you're making or maybe by half of no are McGee you to spray it. Only six. Okay. I don't want any part because the Lakers go one by twenty, I'm going to give you the spread the. Word you. Better get. You said it was going to be a sixty Lakers in six so. Nuggets got win one of these game, right? So does. I say that long if the Lakers win it can before it could be three I don't care as long as we win this thing hold that trophy I'm not told you at the beginning of the year when they got. To the parade. Now you know every time I told you are born to a parade I told you at twenty sixty I can't show for the first time of the. Fire Tokens tonight invite you in by the way switched your pick at the last second. While we were leap, we're going off. I said I'll give you a chance to amend your bic and you did. You jumped right off the bandwagon. Okay. So you probably jump off this. Odor Dodo to an all-time cakewalk I'll just. I'll summit up for you. It's like rock paper scissors. The Clippers were the rock that woulda busted up your scissors, Laker sizzle we dynamite but the. Nuggets were the paper that covered rock. That's what happens. This is what they, what they they told us when they got when we the hottest team in the bubble, the bubble MVP Daimler and the Portland Trailblazers. The Great. If Eight, hundred team in NBA history and your that for me, the Lakers dispatched him ou small bowl John Hard Russell Westbrook draining three Yada Yada Yada dispatch. Okay the clipper. ooh Clipper they don't WanNA feed the clippers. Liz, led the Clippers get past the nuggets, y'all up three one you over the your chair. I don't you to wolf of Wall Street Jordan battlefield. Looking over their fellow Briton who clipper Darrell Martha while everybody clip as a clear. Berkeley up, they will get what happened. Clippers. Lip was not go and family that. We like. y'All I-, Lakers by. The. Key Book it though winning this game what was that? One Point? You Watch that one to put? Are you making a case? I know up. We got the bad as one to Paul all those guys but you could save yoke emerge from trump's you got one punch and that's a deep. Also votto. So Lebron James Service and twenty, six, ten, and eight in the playoff. Care about eighty now goats high. Really You. Know I'm rights. Also. So win is twenty six. Eight chickenfeed he rolls out of bed and has those numbers worldwide. You got those numbers why Yoga you always got brought down the stretch. The guy have a better or worse fourth quarter. The Yoga had to laugh games that were bad for or would you have a quarter of the game seven? 'cause you're going home unfortunately those. Clippers yes. They are doing they're out of the bubble, but you know his cowboys did pull off a pretty impressive win last weekend, but it doesn't get easier for them this. Sunday. Russell Wilson and the SEAHAWKS are getting ready to host Dak Prescott and the cowboys in America's game of the week on Fox both teams are coming off dramatic wins but according to Fox Seattle is a five and a half. Point favorite adding another match up. So Shannon are you surprised the cowboys are that big of an underdog? I'm not improbably the fans were in the stadium. They'd probably be a touchdown skip and I think they gave it 'cause it's Kinda hard to evaluate just what we normally no you normally get three three and a half points for home field give or take it all depends on the home feel Kansas City Might get a little bit more. Seattle might get a little bit more someone else might get a little little list. Yeah. Considering on the crowd. But when you look at Seattle skip the Ross right now is the MVP the guy has nine touchdown passes will eleven incompletions. That's how good he's been playing Beth the level, which is at the cowboys volunteerism purposes really should be into and I think the oddsmakers are. Factors that and when you look at and the way he's played and you look at mid Cap, you look at lock and you look at more, they can run the football with cars and you always gotta worry about Russ skipped. What's so frustrating about Ross is that you do everything right you you play about as big. Oh, come on this. You know what they're going to come out and do but Russ. Can throw his grip way ingles scramble and get twenty five yard, and then he's slide out. Okay. He run. We'll get it and they stay no, he's slide and then you gotta go over the top of or he runs around and then do what he did. Find Lock it in the back of the endzone worth. Now, where he can make pinpoint throws like he did the more the cord of the end zone or he can go over your head to decay makeup. I love this. I get. You know what? I'm so confident in Seattle right now. I'm GONNA give us. I'm GonNa give you six points. Six will give you fix right now. Done. I'll take it your. Okay Yeah. My you rav go out play your. Thank you. Wrong. So I must admit I always tell you. I guess the spreads before I reveal the spirit. I thought this would be four ish somewhere in there and it was five and a half and it surprised me because there's no twelfth man I assume it's still going to be empty right? That's what I'm assuming also. Okay. So the Seahawks just lost Bruce Irvin who I thought was their their most dangerous pass rush. He Tours ACL, they just lost marquee player who was their number one Nicol corner they love. And he tore his I think it was his ACL. We've had a spate of these reality. Okay. So those are two key defensive players down gone. I spent last night trying to get happier. About that, all time great escape that that. GDP stolen victory that the cowboys took from the Falcons on. Sunday. Thanks to. The wildest onside kick recovery I've ever seen. And I kept saying okay. Step back from what happened in the second half really for the whole game. What happened? Dak. Prescott was extraordinary. fumbled early Zeke fumbled we got that they lost three fumbles in the first. Shell he did. But Dak.. Through a bad as well as he's ever thrown it before agree with it accuracy touch lost the he made every throw you can think of making. All in desperation because I was telling you, that's when he's a warrior. That's when he's at his best. So obviously, I would like to see that from the first instead of after it's almost over. Okay. So he goes thirty, four, forty, seven for four fifty and a touchdown didn't throw a pick which is. You're winging all of the last not like that. Don't throw one intersection. That's pretty good because usually he'll throw a couple when he's. skipped. As long as you don't get greedy enforcing anything, you'll be enacted a great job of not forcing. Oh. GIVE CD lamp eight yard I'll take him. For Six. Oh I, take the swing back your show you. You'll be my my received, not yet ten target nine catches for eight. What was eighty? I thought Zeke. Once again for the second straight week. Look like Twenty Sixteen Zeke to he did. He was running downhill best lane in the league and in its back he looks fitter he looks hungrier. So to speak, he looks like he really does want to eat and if there's a wall, they're going run through it. Okay, so I I love this Combo going to Seattle because I just watched Cam Newton throw for the third highest yardage passing yardage. He has in his whole career three, nine, seven, almost four, hundred yards passing right I watched him run for another. What was it forty seven yards because at the goal line, they couldn't stop him until the final play they came within a within one yard pulling off a huge set at Seattle right. Dallas usually. Plays well against Seattle they. They have a good sort of chemistry with them where they hang in with. A no they had a hard time in two thousand seventeen. But I remind you that playoff game is the first round playoff game after the thousand eighteen season, it was add jerry world. I thought it was the best Dak played in a big game from start to finish that the numbers aren't like huge but he was twenty to thirty three to twenty six and a touchdown one interception. But he ran at six times for twenty nine more yards. But they were big yards. You're talking about that little that that third hour run. In fourteen from the seventeen with the game, it hanging in the balance who goes qb draw. I. Think we might even have. Load. Up. He just. He almost scored he almost with John elway helicopter into the zone Kabul we run over and throw way that mayor seahawks. This is a big strong man who can move I'm not saying he's quite cam, but he's in the ballpark. We're this year for the first time Mike McCarthy's telling kill and more use his legs more. He scored three rushing touchdowns in the second half on Sunday against Atlanta and I'm saying I want to see more because he's Denver I'm knocking on wood for more durable has he not been Mr Stark you'll see more Russ Russ Ross's player that Played another level. So here we go. Again it's just like Matt. Ryan comes to. Jerry. World. It's got to win it forty, two, thirty A. They can hang forty on Seattle's defense. I just believed that because they have that kind of firepower CD lamb, my man is starting to get more and more comfortable with his role with what feels like to be playing pro football home and you have three thousand yard receivers and all the sudden excuse me the backup tied into starting to look like a starting tight end and Zeke's looking like twenty, sixteen Zeke I think they can explode and it sounds like. Tyron, Smith, the left tackle the all pro they said it looks good for him off his neck injury what Stinger what am I going to come back? So they had to undrafted young tackles a rookie and a first year player hang in there and do pretty well especially in the second half is pretty good I. Thought Dak had pretty good time to throw. So even if they have one of those kids still probably turned steel would move back to right tackle. Maybe, they can hold up to where this offense could score I. Don't know Thirty, eight, thirty, nine, forty if need be, and I think they could do it at Seattle I. Think the thing is that the thing that the cowboys didn't have to worry about Sunday that they have to worry about this Sunday is the ability to run the football they average one hundred and fifty plus yards a game running the full they do Atlanta didn't have no resemblance over running game for whatever reason todd was running the ball fairly well but they had such success throwing the ball got away from and I guess they got away from it and that's Dan Quayle that's on. The offensive coordinator to make sure girly still touches running game and still flowing correctly. So with that being fair disowned read for Seattle Russ ability, he's he's a magician with the football. Carson can run the football and then they play action off of that, De Skip. I think we both agree Seattle. New England secondary is better than Dallas, the secondary and Russ carved it up. Rough carved it up. I'll give you that. One corner is so In the in obviously. I'll give you that I will give you that and he did carve them carbon and he will carve up my secondary with no problem. I. Give you that if they want to run the ball, let's see if they can run it because remember they came to Jerry Words Twenty Eighteen playoff game, the leading rushing attack and all a pro football and my team. Held them to seventy two yards and I thought the situation when you have roth look, I understand that you the best running team in football but you have rusted if somebody's going to gear up, they're going to put eight nine guys in box, throw it, and now Russia's complete control. This is his offense this team they allow him to take ownership of this in. He says I'm the best quarterback I'm taking ownership I'm going I'm going to separate myself and thus far is two games. He looks like the best quarterback in football and I'm anxious to see what he can do to keep this going because these last couple of years he's always got enough to the great start. He had to one slip up it was a play Lamar and then Lamar came here to the rams and put a five just performance. Perfect. I'll be a passer rating and he didn't look back but Russell the cowboys. Turn, the ball over three times give us and they're not kicking field goals, digging touchdowns, and just won a game with they lost the turnover battle three to nothing and they won forty, two, three day thirty points. How can you do that? Impossible? It's impossible to recover that onside they did. So maybe something is happening in Dallas about. The put this in context. Think about how many things you have to do wrong in order to lose a game in which thirty, nine, you plus three and a turnover. How many things you gotTa do wrong. You don't turn it over one one time you get sacked only one time really in the other team fails on onto fake punts to fake poets and they go for it. Go, for it. Go to converged with five winter slammed Yup and blow. They miss it. Interesting bit maybe none of the above happen Sunday in and maybe it's going to be forty, two, thirty nine again but I'll be on the edge of my seat because my team is scores. would be real. Good Ross. I trust. Jane. Michael Jordan is getting into NASCAR. The Charlotte Hornets owner is pairing up with any Hamlin to start a new NASCAR team Bubba, Wallace will be the squad's first driver. Jordan is excited to team with the only black driver at the top level of NASCAR. Statement I see this as a chance to educate a new audience and open more opportunities for black people in. Racing. Shannon. What was your reaction when you first heard this news? Surprised But then you think about it and Michael Jordan he's Michael Jordan skip any as he mentioned is an opportunity for. Him To educate and maybe get more is into NASCAR skip. Being from rural south Georgia Nascar was big in the black community where I grew up at and I knew I knew all the drivers. So I grew up with bobby and Donnie Allison I remember when Kale Yarbrough and Bobby Allison got in a fight and seventy nine Daytona in Richard Petty won the race and so. Harry Gant Band David Pearson the Silver Fox so I watched it my brother and my sister we used to watch Talladega we used to watch Daytona. So I'm very familiar with so weird. Nobody to identify where he wrote Vero and I. Do I do. The Johnson brothers the word brothers I knew the own it. I knew the. Guy Old I new Rick Hendrick's in Jack Rows should although Joe Gibbs racing so I'm very familiar and so Michael, Jordan is looking at like well, hold on wait a minute. Danny hamlet is brand Jordan Napoli and they're very close. Very close in skill Michael Jordan is from Wilmington, which is on the Coast Charlotte is. Is. Actually. A lot of these drivers abased out. In Mooresville how do I know because I went to canal? A two Pomeranian and I drove home of Nascar and so I'm very familiar with how things operate and so it seems like a natural progression Charlotte just say. You know have a big raise their the NASCAR, Hall of fame of in Charlotte and so this is Michael Joins for North Carolina, heave born and break. So he knows and having him it's not just any just not just anybody this is. Jordan. Every arguably. Both nuys -able faith.' Named in all the world, all the world and so for him like you know what I'm. GonNa. Start a NASCAR team skipped now he he has a fishing team. He has had used to have a motorcycle team did and so you know when I sat back and I thought it was like man Michael Jordan, but then you like, okay, he says he wants to educate he wants to get more he walked people to open up, and this is very good look for Nascar because of what what they history was or what they're trying to get a get away from. Well, he said in his statement historically, NASCAR has struggled with diversity. That's a nice way to put it. Put it. For him, and to get Bubba Watson pick it will the natural that Michael Jordan is getting into Nascar how great is it? He was available available and I think he made himself available all. Right those give I I'm happy. I'm really I'm really happy and Michael Jordan skip over the last five six years now I'm sure there have been things that he's done. Michael has done in a behind the scenes, but Michael has been more out front. Yep with social issues with diversity issues with equality and so for me I'm happy. and. And for us every. NASCAR right here on Fox maybe you know get an opportunity covert is I get an opportunity to races up. Yeah a little commentary. Booth for a little bit you know. Unfortunately Michael Jordan's now an owner and he might knicks that because you have been so hard on him on this ship off. Say Lebron. James the go okay. Now that's why does okay. So you could watch can't participate. Alright. So when I heard this I was like. Match made in Nascar Heaven I couldn't make this up any better than this match made in Nascar have. because. Obviously. bubba Wallace for all the wrong reasons became a household name. He. became a nationally sympathetic figure because of the noose controversy and he handled it beautifully. and. Because of that, he's right on time. To have a new big brother in Michael. Jeffrey junior excuse me Jordan as are as the owner in. A little loophole here that they had to walk through, which is Denny. Hamlin's a part of the ownership, but he's still going to raise. Because he's not the majority owner correct. So that works and obviously Denny Hamlin so close to MJ that. Even represents Jordan brand shoot he he wears them winning race. Yes. Okay. Great. He's been a fixture at Charlotte Hornets Games, courtside almost like being there. Jack. Nicholson. And their golf buddies so it's it's a powerful connection with Denny Hamlin yes I. Think. It's going to be an even more powerful connection with Bubba Wallace. Yes. So what did I see? I watched a guy I know fairly well and Michael Jordan during the last dance episodes. What were they? Eight eight episodes? Ten was ten episodes five, two part series and ten, an eight ten hours. Okay. So what did I see in the man that I knew in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight during the last dance. I saw certain wistfulness in him. I saw. A little bit. Of Sadness in him I saw some regret. I might even since a little bit of guilt in that, he did not give back while he was a player for the longest time once he was an ex player. He's taken a lot of heat for that deservably. So brick some from you and you're you're right everybody everybody's right who has criticized for where are you? You're you're the most powerful voice and figure in all of sports. In where you when it comes to supporting your community. Well pretty much nowhere. He just stayed out of the fray until recently then he dedicated what was one hundred, million dollars from Jordan. Brand Okay Over a ten year period. And Day After day he does something else and then something else and something else, and this is another way for him to help. NASCAR by giving back. Right Nascar. To me, it could be a beautiful thing. It also could help Michael on another front. As you pointed out he, he owned an Ama superbike team for the longest time and nobody really knew much about it but he won one race in ten years with the super biking's. Not, great. And just to point out because I am objective about him greatest player ever in any sport. Greatest competitor ever, but when it comes to owning and operating managing a basketball team. Charlotte he has run for fourteen seasons now. They have three playoff appearances in fourteen seasons and everybody always says it's so easy to make the NBA playoffs. Re- times, and he's never won a playoff series the first two times twenty, ten in two, thousand, fourteen he got swept in the first round by the magic swept by the heat, and then they had one seven game or with the heat and twenty sixteen. So that brought his record they lost obviously that brings his playoff record in Charlotte as the overseer to three and twelve. Never has won a single playoff series well to me. It's shameful that the greatest player ever can't even be a decent gm like a like just an okay gm because he's the worship me that's the thing you have to understand is that when you get into things like this, that is just not you see Michael Jordan can get in the game he could take the game over when no gifts started racing he even though he joe Gibbs. You've got to put people in place and you get a lot of people. So he just didn't start winning are up as soon as he jack takes fat I got that and so that's what it's GonNa take. My point is this. This this land is so competitive in this is this kills his soul yes. He hasn't been able to take his home state. NBA Franchise to some sort of glory both vessels unrealistic expectation because he wants so much as a player you automatically think that transfers the owners you in everything that he and it feels like everything that you know he had the shoe me hair the guy that built the sneaker industry to what we know it is as today yeah okay eight. But skip. Now you have asking somebody else to drive you have to have other mechanic you have to have other guys got see that in order to you to have success is kind of like a basketball team. You got how to write coaches. You gotta get the right players you gotta get to right. Front. Office people in all of that while the whole nobody even knows. They know that owner Michael Jordan they do. Okay. So this is a new frontier. We're I think he's looking at his NBA track record is GM lash owner and saying man maybe I can do a little better over here because it serves several purposes obviously diversity purpose black ownership purpose give back to the black community help sport that I grew up loving because they said, his parents used to take him his brothers and sisters are. And also maybe get a fresh start right as an owner operator. With the hot, fairly young driver and Bubba in. Here we go. Yeah. You got a great crew chief A. Might. Be Able to track and now go get one meal maybe you don't. By. Call. Today Are you volunteer? No, don't don't know. I'll know like. Okay. Well I volunteered drive for but. That's a whole different backup skill. That's a whole different animal going one hundred miles an hour. It's one thing's going one eighty, two inches apart is something entirely different I don't know I could eat John C reilly in Talladega Nights, right? Yeah. You can be shake and bake. You can draft off. People realize alleged you've been to a NASCAR race and actually seen those cars how fast they're going and how close if you live in California imagine getting on the four five, go in two, hundred miles an hour and your defender. That's what they're doing. What real quick I want drove in a celebrity race and Miami Florida is is. I just got out of school right and I was winning by so much that I was lapping people and I couldn't figure out. Who is chasing I didn't know if I didn't know how far ahead I was and I was on the last lap and I tried to go underneath the guy, my left we'll cut the grass and. Can I lost so but I didn't know how far ahead they said you could of just coasted in. Free So. That's the thing I was winning. Don't know you're using your. Path is yeah you were I was wondering. Out because they were winning twice and now they're the one in two different occasions it which they do not want to be. The biggest lead Izumo his game and one of the only team with winning. Track. On the road course I'm Austin at Rome. On. Time Place I'll be. Core skill. Driving. Now. Never never don't. Maybe I actually have the skilled. Racing. On the road the other day. Fairly. Well, the bucks are feeling good after their first win of the season and newcomer. Joked about what it was like playing with the Goat Tom Brady not said I'm hard on Tom. He's hard on me. He expects a lot of me I expect a lot of bleep. He's a six time superbowl winner. So I expect a lot out of him just know that. So Shannon in your opinion delight. That had to say Nah because he Tombo have that type of relationship I don't think a guy just coming in. Off The street. Should think they could have that type of relationship to say you need to throw the ball better and I I just I don't if they had that type of relationships they had been together say ten. Okay maybe Gras in. Tom Or. Maybe Julian element before gotta just got there the things he can joke around talk to Tom like that and vice versa no I I've always felt that look at the receiver I have a lay. Let me stay in my lane quarterback. You have a lane stay in lane. Okay. I need to go hard or something like that. But to say that tell, tom he brought a better ball he could have done this. Guilt because I'm telling you you setting yourself up to have a major major problem I feel that's where this is headed to i. just. I. Board tons of really changed. Four guy to actually really got is one nothing. To say you know what I feel I can tell a six time superbowl champion. I'm not saying Tom Brady and above reproach. Not what I'm saying and if Tom is not playing, well, come on come on. Come on something. Give me a little bit more from you. Okay but. To step that they that Linda Pernet said, he could go to now. I'm out on that. One. Out. Of that was when I read these quotes the first time last night. I said. Joking. That's what he's not joking. I'm hard on. and. He's hard on me what No it doesn't work or not I. I am so trying to get on board with Leonard Fournette when our show I started in two thousand sixteen, the first day of the show I picked him to win the heisman trophy. Any, let me down because it's hard to deal with. Saint Nick's defense in for the second straight year he got shut down and shut out Mar Alabama. And that was the end of that deal. And then. I tried to like him in Jacksonville albeit under the Tom Coughlin regime and and he had his moments in one thousand, forty yards his first year. Then he was hurt much of the second year and then last year he had. Thousand Eleven hundred, fifty, two yards, not bad. Four point three per and I'm thinking that's pretty good and Jacksonville, didn't think it was good at all because they were tired of his attitude and they shopped him couldn't find a buyer and. They just cut him he. He was on the open market. What was he the fourth picking fourth around? Yeah bad. Taken interesting and he's just free. He's out there. Anybody can sign Leonard Fournette right? I. Was Ecstatic when the bucks jumped on it and said, yeah, we use. And I wasn't that ecstatic after the game at New Orleans because he cared five times for five total yards, he caught one ball for fourteen, which is pretty good because he can catch it obviously. Then, Sunday happened. And he wound up with one hundred and three yards on twelve carries. But the last carry was the Kerry because he just broke it loose for forty six yards and the game breaking touchdown way to go Leonard and then I guess he was feeling of real. I. Guess That's all I can figure out and because Tom Brady goes out of his way to buddy up to the fifty third guy. Yes any of the special teams kids he's he's. He wants to be their friend or maybe he wanted so much to be Leonard's friend, and by the way when winter scored Brady was all over they're hugging each other. So maybe he's open his door. So wide, right? Leonard thanks Tom. We're we're close. Yeah I can just tell there's levels. Are Remember. Steve Williams who the former caddy of Greg Greg, but he's probably most known for being the caddy Tiger Woods and he and Greg with the separate way than people. They asked him why he said Greg and I had gotten too close I had gotten too comfortable. Greg would hit a terrible shot and I will say, what were you thinking, Dum bonehead. Waterway to made it because normally scale if the key after. The Golfer. Here's a bad shot he like the candidate with their own clothes and you just have to bite you know you pick that club. You know you can say, no dental taking. An iron or nine not on whatever you say, no give me the Aclu you requested I gave it to you. He didn't talk him out of it, but for Liverpool Net, who just got there two and a half weeks ago talking about Oh yeah I'm hard on him. He's hard what? Bra If All my arm and honestly skates say skip in all of my years I have never ever heard of this ever. Tom Brady is in his twenty first NFL season at age forty, three Leonard is in his fourth at age twenty five right what what he's. Been in the League longer than you've been alive that is correct. Real close. Look normal high works if you're playing with a historically great quarterback and I guarantee you asked Michael. Urban. You as Jay writes even if the guy makes a mistake in throws it lower overthrow the my bad. I should have got that one. You don't come back and say, what are you doing man put what? People I'm telling you I played I played with John and been around a lot of great even at the pro bowls skill. We wouldn't say nothing to those guys is working for two or three days we will never pay day you do it. For little just come in off the street and. That type of relationship with Tom Brady that he. Brought, you need to throw a better. He said, I tell him you held the ball too long. Held a Baltimore and then he tells me you need to run a little harder. Well, okay. I get that part of it but. There have been times with Java. Come on needed hit. Hit. The whole Haro but. Really. I, May I may. I guess that's what the NFL is this new era now. Well to your first point. What scares me being top of Bay Fan is that This is a bad sign because. You wanted this to really work and him to ease into the number one back row. Joe As they call him Ronald John Right like I. I'm not sure about him as the number one back I could be sure about Leonard Fournette but. Jacksonville question his attitude right intangible. He's He's he's Going to arbitration. Back like three, four, hundred, thousand, maybe even more from five and and and bonuses receive. Had He not been suspended? Soul is going to be interesting to see. Little Out. I'm. I'm shot and I'm like you are reading this. I'm like I said, well, let me because I'm just glancing over here like. The type relationship of like. Okay. So let me read this again. And I'm like you held a ball to low. I can just imagine out of. Abra you didn't get above the ball you hold it. Hold. It too low. Maybe. Tom Brady sat back and said you know you're not in New England anymore because you're new head coach the week before just blasted you publicly and now you got running back saying I criticize him and he criticizes who I guess. Everybody feel that they're power players now through coach take a shot. Shot. Somebody can take their shot from a distance. You can be on my team and take shots direct. So they say Brady's trying to change the culture well, he and changed the. Acting, like sucking ear. What God deliver for net I mean you came from Jacksonville. He the Tom. Brady you just got here. I don't know I was afraid. You'RE GONNA accuse me of seemed like a grumpy old man of. Kids today. In the same absolutely not. We're all the old ones over here but just you don't do that. Brady he's a legend Oh. Okay. At least going to miss that. Brian James. He was quote pissed off about only receiving sixteen votes for MVP the season, and now Lebron is still stocked with career MVP awards leaving them one behind Michael Jordan's total of five. However, a recent article pointed out that while Lebrun has received twenty four percent the first place MVP during his career that number pales in comparison to Michael, Jordan share of nearly thirty six I sent Shannon. This? What does that tell you? Well, it tells me Lebron should have should have more than four MVP's but I think the thing is not I think the players have gotten better. They're more skilled now and it's just not scared. You have to understand Prior to the eighty eighty, one season. The players selected the MVP. So, Dr J. was the I got to win the MVP in which the media selected. Proud of that from fifty, five, fifty six with the first year it was given out the player you voted for your peers and that's what you got the MVP here it's four fifty and twenty five and he doesn't win he averages forty four and twenty seven he finished within the MVP boating. For me with. They, I guess the media that Michael Jordan got deserved to be. I guess he should one more MVP's also yokip coffee and you look at it. Lebron has won he won four out of five. So you know he one nine. Eight, nine, nine, ten, and Mister Lebanon went twelve, thirteen, thirteen, fourteen. But you figure. Steph curry with unanimous. So nobody got the first place votes. So he our Garda's all the first place votes. Look I. Don't want to too much into it. I think both had great. Had Lebron went part of five. Jordan went two out of three in each the three petes but for the most part skip. And this is not the not anybody but I just believe the players are more skilled now and The likelihood because. You look at Jordan eighties. Magic and bird had MVP a lot I. mean you know? Dr J. One eighty MOS Milona within the next two years, and then Byrd three and then two out of three out of the next four years it was magic. So for me skip, I don't WANNA put too much into it. It just tells me I guess if you want to put it down a nutshell, I guess the media members that were boating thought Michael Jordan deserved to be an MVP and they gave him more first place votes than what they gave Lebron but I believe that both players should have more. MVP's what they have. So nothing more nothing less but I, know for certain. Lebron James should have more than four NBP's you know that I know that. Jordan should have at least ten blessed us. Go overboard with it while you keiser six. Okay. Okay. Georgia. Now maybe six or seven why you gotta go all the way to ten You always got to be on the and. You always a team. I lived through that era I covered through that era. and. It was unquestionably. Michael Jordan's league. It was just case closed. He was the man he owned basketball. Magic new at the first time he saw on. Bird, new it the first time he saw him up close and personal when he scored sixty three in the game number, one play got swept but he scored sixty three in overtime and birds said after the game that was God disguised as Michael Jordan. They could just see what was happening because he had the physical and the mental they could see cold blooded killer on the basketball court. They could see force of nature the media could see it and feel it to the point of all where everybody just knew. He's the man. There was obviously as we went past magic converged and. Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing we had malone and Stockton and I could go on but They paled in comparison right he he marginalized some great players. He did absolutely they were great players that they had. They put up incredible numbers but they all lived in the shadow of that one guy. So the the media didn't love him because he wasn't the greatest with the media the way Lebron's just great with me. He he's much more quotable and accessible, and he lebron gives you. So much of who he is and Michael didn't always do that. He did what was required of him but that was all right and he didn't often open up. And because of that, his mystique ran a little hotter and higher than Lebron. Does because The media was in fear of him in a good way like like he was something else like he he was extra terrestrial. He he wasn't quite what the rest of us were. He was something we'd never seen before so it doesn't surprise me at all because he only played thirteen years up through the last year in Chicago. Then he took three off and came back for two ceremonial years in Washington and you can criticize them and condemn them all you want and you're correct. Did it because he wanted to do it? He just wanted a last Hurrah just for fun and. It wasn't that pleasant to watch. Just take thirteen versus Lebron seventeen years. Give we have to admit there were no seven. There was no Kevin durant playing in the eighties and nineties there are no Anthony Davis, the sixteen guys that can do there was no dirk. Nowitzki. There was none of that. So you have to look at it. There was no James Harden there was no steph curry. Housing the game. That's what Lebron. James. That's the era in which he up against because you have to understand when Lebron got into the league that was still shacking. Kobe. Even, though it's one year I think for one year and then you had to colby and then you had Steve, Nash in. So once he got his his feet wit. He dominated. Okay. But I I to defend those years. Was a unicorn. I've just never seen anything like it before he's the second greatest player. I ever saw he was six nine. And he could just dominate games with his will and his spirit and his. His talent and physical reality because he was a, he was a powerful six nine. They we have to agree the player are more scale Naski up there I mean we've think about it. Kevin durant several foot tall. Okay. Any shooting the ball like a like a thick thick six seven. Got Handle. The ball like that look at Anthony Davis Gas. Anthony Davis and Kevin. Durant there were four. There were four and five with back against the basket games evolved these young tall plans are encouraged to play like golf. Got That's that's what Lebron is up against Steph curry I mean, Steph curry shooting made more threes than the season. They're probably the whole. NBA Did win a institute is the three point shot seventy nine. Okay Larry Bird your favorite. The was it was a unicorn. Yes. You will six feet nine inches tall and he shot the ball so far back behind his head it was unblocked. Urine talk about skill level you WanNa talk about passing and creating in stealing and disrupting on defense and shooting the lights out. Taken over a team taking over a game leadership. Winning intangibles. It's just nary what he had. You know. You can't tell me anybody's more skilled than Larry Bird was talking about six nine Kevin. Durant is doing everything Larry Bird's can put it on the floor better than Larry and shoot just as good. So at seven put tall. Every day this. Is Sixteen about how he is. But when you talk about killer intangibles. PASSAN's if you put magic and bird in their prime in today's game, they're intangibles would rise above the ones that the court so open. Yeah. I mean there's no handshaking I mean the heart filing and things of that nature. Yes. These guys couldn't succeed couldn't thrive in this era. But when you talk about guys that I mean Kevin Durant who blocked shots get do foot tall shooting nine put apex. You talk about this jump shot Anthony Davis. Kevin Kevin Durant Kevin Iran's taller than Davis. Okay Charles Barkley continues to say on TNT Anthony. Davis wasn't born with a killer mentality arcade. Well, he made a shot the other night and he shot it like a minute and I will give you that but there are times it comes to. Tell him when Charles ask batted after the game. I don't always what was term like, I. Don't focus you say sometimes I over think. On you're trying to right over the. West which. Comes and goes cash question. Can you have a killer mentality of you never killed anything because there's a lot of people talking about they got killing mentality and they ain't got no championship and there's a lot of guys that didn't have killing mentality got championship. So which would you rather have killing mentality? No win or we're the no kill mentality. Well. We're talking about killer mentality MJ magic bird. It's hard to argue with that. Lebron got three steph curry. See this notion that Oh you got. Is this how we perceive someone, our perception of a person is I reality even though that might not be the truth. Your perception is your truth. It might not be true in his totality, but that's your truth is that's what you believe. People believe that Lebron James Does have killing mentality because he's not scowling and he's not shoving people down it. You don't get to where this man got without being ruthless. I don't know about that. No. Friendly gifted. There are a lot of people gifted. People have this notion that you look at magic as always smiling you see. Guy Another example. Did. I have kill mentality and they hated him forward. He did exactly. Talked is there a couple of weeks ago he said would I was not making the final Shannon I went to every NBA finals in the Celtics and the Lakers. Access to see how they did things. So I learn I took what they were doing how they did it and I brought it back to the bad boy pistons and it was now I'm doing to them what they had done to the Li Yep I get. It I get hated. He learned from magic and bird. You. You know how they played. There was no love lost between those two teams. They hate each other because for the longest time that was going to win the title for the reason why one seventeen and the other Guy Fixing And wonder have seventy kept the one got team for winning a lot of good like failed straight years in the NBA finals. So for me broad Lebron killer mentality a guided. So what are they gonNA say? We went out of this year. Cake Walk. To, be. Advocated already is though skip every here's the bottom line if we could time machine. Larry Bird Magic Johnson Michael Jordan in their prime whatever their best year was age twenty, three four or whatever, and we could put them in today's game. They would dominate as game just the way they dominated in the what about Lebron? Can you imagine you gotta realize thirty pounds heavier than Magic Johnson. He fasted and Carmello he got the mobile home but he got mailman mailman body he magic Johnson ability to see the whole court. And he could fly do you feel elevates get they said he's not supposed to be able to do that at thirty five I. got it although thirty five, visit forty-three wh. Another thirty five year old. And beat that athletic and you're seventeen name the time. All I know is. If. You took Lebron back into the eighties as he is taking minutes prime and took him back to nine thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, start right there. Oh, you dominate is mental toughness would get tested because it was football basketball. The thing is that you have to evolve with the Times are obviously and I tell people this all the time like there. There've Aerostar to any sports. and. If you played in that era, you had to adopt that mentality or you can play couldn't play. It was as simple as that you covered the game to seventy to eighty the you know the physicality that was involved with it. They would literally take your head off and that was not a flag that was not a file. Play on plug it up and just like basketball play through that Kevin Mikhail Snatch Kurt Rambis this guy by Nick skip the. Larry Bird Pudsey bill them in the face. and. Nobody got check nobody got addicted either situation. You'll spend the sky right now. As An. Adult, will give you engaged. Yeah. There's no. You have to Bob your way of thinking given the era in which you playing in but ain't no question in my mind go Jay that do regardless of the era. Well congratulations to go James. He just went his four to deskilled dominated skills get worn six. Over. Yup. Ten Times ten times. That's pretty good. Pretty good. Actually won four out of ten. That's pretty good. I can't not exactly six no NB all I mean we're outside of those Celtics team only Kareem can say, I, I've been in that meeting. Only corrine. corrine. When it's all said and done, he's going to be the. Back go paths Kareem Isaiah. Is, has no person. You what you do you do the airtime with somebody saying something that's not as beneficial if you'd like it to be the Jordan, they got ax to grind. What they have is opinion got like eight. He's blessed their head check my he's a he's a check, my record against all. This, I'll put my rhythm, check my record against. Guys cargo I kept him from eating a lot of night. NBA Finals for meeting a lot of times finally, just drop the Hammer obviously we got. A huge letter header on Fox I, the forty niners take on the giants or other regional action than Zeke. Cowboys against, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks in America's game of the week check local listings or the Games in your area or Watson on the Fox. While the Patriots lost a slow Swan on Sunday night follow to one one chem news high level play in the first few games has taken most of the League by surprise the former MVP school four rushing touchdowns already this season and is three, hundred, ninety, seven passing yards against Seattle was the third most of his career. So Shannon, can you make a case? This patriots team is actually better off with cam over Tom Brady will give them where they are right now I would say, yes, I think I don't think there's any question that CAM has. The first two games is little better. than. Tom Brady has. The Patriots fans are not GonNa Forget about Tom, Brady's kept the guy one six super bowls. He won three MVP's. PEYTON MANNING DIDN'T MAKE DENVER. Fans. Forget about John Elway he wanted to MVP and a super bowl and he took him to another and they didn't forget about John Elway. So cal Noonan don't make the Patriots fans forget about Tom. Brady but I do believe. Maybe is because Mikhael Harry is in his second year second year in this offense knows the system he's healthy, and maybe maybe he gravitates a little more to to cams. Style of leadership. Then maybe Tom Julia Nettleton Cam can get out of harm's way. Key Plays Alive Tom Normally had to stay on script. That's that's what he was. He was he was good as we've ever seen going by the script Cam can get off grip. This is this fact Jewish settlement has never had receiving day like he has Sunday with Tom Brady. For whatever reason Tom is Cam is getting more out of those receivers then what? Tom Brady got last year now. There could be a lot of maybe Julius is more healthy this year. Then he was last year the Keel Harry he started the season skip he was our. So maybe he's healthy maybe better grasp of the playbook whatever the case may be. This is what we know. These guys are playing better this year than what they played last year for Tom Brady there could be injury could be a factor knowing the playbook when he come into Keel Harry. Mary bird making plays I mean you'd like us only bill belichick. Bergman Arizona. Arizona, he's like their fifth perceiver. He's making making plays for him. So Cam is. Cam is played unbelievable. He shocked a lot of people with how well he's playing and at the end of the season if he can keep this going, he will be able to look back and say i. told you. So in a lot of people are going to be a lot of owners looking at the general managers like. We. Had that guy for like a million dollars two million dollars and we stuck with this and they're there and we're here so for me skip. Maybe injury, maybe it's the knowledge of the playbook, but these guys are playing better with Kale than they played with Tom last year so far so great. So I do not want to take an ounce away from what Cam Newton has pulled off his first two games in New England because the pressure is extraordinary and I told you I can count on one hand the humans who could have stood up to that pressure and you'd have to go to drew brees in re Air Raj, right? That's right after. This is replacing goat. Opening Day in Foxborough against the division rival albeit Miami but it's still the the pressure is. Incomprehensible. But Cam Newton yeah he knows pressure. He was competing with Tim Tebow at Florida. For that job and then he went to blend junior college and all he did was win the national championship and he goes to Auburn and all he did was win the National Championship. And the heisman trophy and then. All. He did in Carolina was he won the MVP, five years ago, Sus hard to win the MVP and it's hard to get a team to the Super Bowl and he did that didn't play great in the Super Bowl. Denver played a lot better right. That was it. It was von Miller's Day. Okay. So what he did against the dolphins extraordinary to me, he was really good. He didn't throw it much. He ran it great He looked healthier than he's looked in about well since the MVP right to me, and then he goes to Seattle on a Sunday night albeit an empty. What does it is still centurylink interleague games so it's empty. No Twelfth Man. But. He puts on the show of shows on Sunday night football. That's the Best I've seen him throw the football. Since his first year in the League I'll all eclipse the in the era. I'm talking about the first couple of he had three games in his first four in this league in which he threw it that way he threw for four, twenty, two, Arizona and four, thirty two. Back home gets Aaron Rodgers and Carolina, and then the fourth game of the year he went to Chicago Chicago and it was three, seventy nine and we're all thinking. WHAT HAVE WE WROUGHT? Is going to throw this league for a loop and then that was it. He never really got close to those kind of numbers again started. Yeah. Until Sunday and he started to run with it more because he can write and. We talked about how he quote unquote died for the cause and Carolina and I believe he did. But. You WanNa. Talk about putting heaping pressure on him after two games. Are you ready to say he's better than Brady was last year because that's That is a mouthful. No. Way To release go fourteen game to go. Okay. You Got Fourteen Games. So I want to tell you how high the bar was set last year, and again you have argued with this but I'm going to put my. Plant my flag on this one time. All Tom Brady did last year with diminishing talent really on both sides of the ball was. He helped lift that team to the two seat. On on the final day of the year, they're playing fits magic at home and the dolphins are starting to heat up their starting to be dangerous, and obviously the coach of the dolphins used to coach for bell check and they come in they're ready to play and know what's GonNa hit them between the eyes. So it was it was a battle. and Tom Brady. Over about a four minute stretch of the fourth quarter did what he's always done and he drove that team sixty yards in eight plays for the touchdown that put them ahead twenty four to twenty. and. He completed four out of five passes and I'm not saying they're great passes but we I think we still have them but you can see what he did. This is Tom Brady. This is what he always does game winning drives. So the first one's just a little one to James. White and then the second is to Ben Watson just a little one. He's he's moving the chains. Now, the third one's more of a rifle shot to Sanju who Failed this year to even make the squad but that's the new for twenty two and then he goes James. White. Again one of his favorite targets and it's just a little screen little middle screen for touchdown. So he did what he always does and he say that looked pretty effortless just who he is, and as you say on script he state right on script right the ball little while on route but he let him get behind the zone and he hit him. Okay. So the point is now with three minutes left, they got to to cede embel- checks defense could not stop Matthew Matthew Keep Calling Matt Ryan Fitzpatrick Doing Golf still but I Ryan Fitzpatrick turned back into Fists Magic and he goes seventy five yards in thirteen plays, and it's GonNa Seki with a five yard touchdown pass to win the game twenty, seven to twenty four. They didn't just need a field goal they needed this they needed a touchdown. And and they lost the two seed and they lost a week off in the team battered and they needed a week off because their psyche was battered. But my point is Tom. Brady did his part he did his job as well checks to get them to the two seed. Cam. Lift his team to the two seat because that's the bar that he set last year. I. Think the thing is what Cam does with this offense that he opens up the playbook more he's more of a threat and so now you have to count you never had to look Tom is going to be seventy eight yards behind the center. That's what you can find him. You don't need to look for him scale you can find him there cam. Newton there's no talent he might. He might start there within the next thing you know he might be twenty yards down the field and that's something you never had to worry about with Tom and so I think. It forces you your defense to be. Very disciplined because you get out of position Cam can gas for twenty are run but he also by time and throw the ball over the top of your head. So early on right now, guys seemed to be playing better the questions as you said, can they keep this up for another fourteen names? Can He? Avoid getting beat up right because it's just hard. You're just taking a lot of pounds and he's going to have to take some pounding because it's who he is plus he's at he's got twenty eight Russia to you got twenty eight Russia tombs. Twenty eight. Two Games. Okay so Are you GonNa let your quarterback basically take two hundred that's that's on running plays. You go to let him take two hundred shots. Yep. Plus what he's GonNa take on passing plays when he does not slack. So I give you this Nikiel Harry went deep in Tom's doghouse yesteryear because he. Failed to hold onto a Bali. Houston remember that one that resulted in another Yup. And once you go into a star quarterback doghouse? It's hard to get out of them and CAM has put a big arm around. Because remember the key Larry I. Loved him coming out six four to twenty five and you're starting to see him flash. Cam and Julian just because they went bombs away the other night he and his career day right? That's the things. Get everybody everybody's. Leadership style doesn't work for everybody in his greatest leaders. Tom Meals maybe that style didn't work for Nikki. O'hare. Maybe he's the Guy Skipping I. Tell you what you gotta understand guys. You gotta put your as so and it's GonNa be okay. Just keep working. You're doing good as opposed to come on. You GotTa make that play come on. You just have to figure the guy works for him and get the best out of Cam seem to push the right buttons wouldn't Kiel Harry. I just hope Tom Com pushed the right button with Leonard for Nash. Push the buttons. Exactly The problem. Carson wentz has looked less than stellar phillies ocho start throwing four interceptions losing one fumble and being sacked in times. When asked yesterday, why is fifth year? Signal caller was regressing this season really coach Doug Peterson had an interesting response calling it a quote good question wants his contract extended through the twenty twenty, four season last summer. But the Eagles did draft tool threat jalen hurts this spring and the former Oklahoma and Alabama. Cuba actually played few snaps Sunday a decoy alongside. So Shannon are you ready to give up on your Guy Walk into them? No, I'm not ready to give up but that was a ridiculous response. And it was very, it was very telling skip. Question. That's not normally the responded of quarterbacks. Coach gives to say look we need to play better we need to play off we need to run better we need to block better. We need to play better defensively and I need to coach better. Though Peterson. Now. The first game you allowed. Wins to get sacked eight times. Thirteen hits this week you get lane Johnson back so you did a little better he got no sex but he got hit about three or four times. My question is do you skip if someone with my house where to get robbed? The likelihood of me leaving the doors on lot. Is Not very good. So I'm trying to figure out they'll peterson what. Run all this gap protection, which released five guys out into the pattern when they can't protect your quarterback that's coaching I'm trying to figure out what Doug Peterson play calling his coaching has regressed because if you think he'd the same got took that team calling the frame place he's not. He's not and with has to. Book Call. Fearless Yeah. Well, here's the thing. There's there's a difference between being fearless and foolish and I think you continuously running scap protection when your quarterbacks getting pomo is not fearless is foolish is easy for you to call those plays because you're not the one that's looking down the barrel. So he needs to look he needed to self reflect and said, okay what can I do? What can I do to get my quarterback comfortable because it seems to me that he's getting he's he's pressing. He's like well, we're not. We're not stopping anybody defensively we're not putting on the board offensively. So he's trying to make place with knows he can't role one way and throwback across it. There's nothing to hold a safety if not only did the guy pick it he got he got he got. Blown up. The safety standing in the hole where does he think he can go in that area the? He. Backpedals the though. This was a horrible situation from the beginning from the very moment that you took a quarterback after you gave Wentz that money and you take a quarterback in the second round that was the first mistake and it was the beginning allow believe that my ultimately the end because it, they sends a horrible message to your quarterback says that we don't believe in. Yeah. We gave you the money, but we don't believe that you're the guy that can take us to where we want to be again. That is correct. I have tried to tell you about Carson Wentz from the START I have never loved his poise in the pocket his feel for the game. I Call Him Carson W I N. I wince when I see is low lights. I winced because he holds the ball too long. I'd give you some protection issues, but he doesn't handle the lack of protection very well, know and his leadership intangibles are low. Given the fact that he's the high, he's supposed to be the face of the. Sal PAOLANTONIO. My friend at ESPN has reported on ESPN and on. ESPN radio that he watches Carson. Wentz after those big turnovers go to sort of the end of the bench and just sit himself. Doesn't seem real connected to his locker room. I know that's been an ongoing issue seemed like last year it got better. But even at the end of the year when he went on his run I kept saying okay. So he beat the giants twice and the then redskins wants. and my cowboys seventeen to nine. It just wasn't that impressive to me that he was doing so much with so little. Okay, the pressure was off and he rose and shown as best he could under those circumstances with some pretty good backup talent. I thought they had some kids who could catch like that Greg Ward. So I read this quote last night in a Mike Sando article in the athletic from an anonymous coach who has studied Carson Wentz and the coach said wins tries to make too much out of plays he is going to wait one more hitch to make the big play downfield instead of just getting the ball out of his hands and he screws it up for everybody says the anonymous coach from a coaching standpoint it is selfish. He should know better at this time in his career with that kind of coaching he's getting in the players around him. It's feel for the game. It's trying to throw a home run every time, and you can't in the League but here's the thing have to understand. He could get away with that North Dakota state. Definitely he was the best player absorbed. You could go for the big play 'cause you could overcome because you know there's a reason why they want like six or seven of the last eight, A. F. C. title because they normally have the most talent. Well, if you're not the most talented team, you can't especially when you're struggling on both sides of the football, you can't make those mistakes you can't. No. So as a cowboy fan, my biggest fear about the eagles is that they're going to go to Jalen hurts because I fear him because I love him, he is special as a competitor and a leader. That's what I saw not only at Alabama but I definitely saw it at Oklahoma last year. And I. Think. That's what they saw. Jalen hurts and I think they were ecstatic to to be able to quote unquote steel him in the draft where they stole him and they have plans for him obviously, and to your point, it does not bode well for Carson Welby. New Car O obviously go back I got a car buy new cars go sit new car and the drive No. No you drive it. Eventually, you know you got to move more. Into the new that's just the way it works issue when the new ones Oh and. Yes. Don't always into. The new the new about to get a test drive before loan, he might be on a be in regular rotation. So we went this whole topic and you did not use your nickname. Right now defunct. Rank right now he bounced him, you know more Washington where he walked into. This week's starts Saturday strong with a huge double header on Fox I. Oklahoma looks revenge last year lost a case state on the big game of week. I'll be hanging out and then the longhorns take on the red raiders only, Fox and Fox. Tom, brady finished with two hundred seventeen yards and a touchdown. The Bucks Win against the panthers but he was only six for twelve for nineteen yards in the second half a week after Bruce Arians. Publicly criticised greenies play against the saints. He's now standing up for his quarterback saying that dropped passes likely cost. Brady four, hundred, yard four touchdown game against Carolina. So Shannon. You didn't give Brady a C. minus yesterday there's this. Change your thinking no bruce don't do that. Get these trying to make for calling Tom Brady last week and what happened in that brew Ba will call out his players but he's never people have never rushed to the defense of those players like they rushed for Tom Brady. You saw Brett Farve you saw a lot of other in the media said, you can't do that this guy if you wanna call if you want A. Coach more corrected. You do that in private and so what he did is that he owed tried to although correct. Scale drops are part of the game. Oh, Aaron Rodgers have fixed drops. Matthew. Stafford leaves the NFL eight dropped Ben. Rothlisberger has seven Carson. wentz. Has Seven nobody has mentioned anything about their receivers dropping the ball now be comes out skill. Let me tell you what this is about. In the first two games, Tom Brady has not played that wail that's okay. If you're twenty one and you're trying to make up air roger veterans three hundred yards a game. Those things he would be average of forty or the Game Matthew Stafford their own to if he didn't have dropped, they'd probably be too easily. We can keep going there. Are Part of the game. So interceptions or sacks you'd so what we do so you know what you know what John Elway man, you must be a. Five catches right now we don't do that you just a hey. We need to play better. Leave. It there but don't try to overcompensate because you call that Tom Brady the before, and you call so much criticism now trying to over correct it in call to receive with now bra. Does nothing happened with me. I will give you this. It's something of a makeup call. Shoot completely out of bounds after week one, their toughest test the year at New Orleans writes their arch division rival the best secondary he's going to see no preseason almost nothing you throw him into that fire. I thought everybody was a little too hard on brady for that one. But there is much truth in which in what Bruce Arians. is saying about what happened Sunday and I tried to tell you yesterday on the show that there were I didn't have seven drops but I had four like coal drops where you just Dr- just in the hands and you dropped it. So could he have had another hundred yards passing? There's also a twenty five twenty, three yard pass interference call on. Scotty. Miller that could. have been twenty three more yards could could he have had three fifty somewhere in there? Sure. He could have he threw well enough to have three hundred and fifty yards passing and if they had onto the ball, there's no way you're going to give him a C minded know there's no way we can do that with everybody and so peyton manning probably would have another five thousand yard drew brees with drops part of the game. So now we're gonNA, take the drops out of it. So what about the? What about the day that I had a good day in the quarterback threw it into session with he had told me the ball I can have we can do that. Okay. But how many teams dropped four in the second half? Sunday I don't know many Matthew staffers only played two games. He got aid-drop. So they dropped something rather play two gave they got seven drops. We've got seven drops Rogers got six GRUBS. Okay but I showed you the tape of the drops. We still have that I. Think we still do of of this. I just showed you three drops that came on Sunday I just showed you three of them. Okay. This is. Great Send Him in the has been kissed get why not just order put it owning Bruce Arians said the win. got it a little bit. Got Great Football meteorologist just in Watson. Play for a first down you have to catch. Your that dude you got. Okay and then you can't tell me draw. Leshan. For a touchdown, you can't throw it any better. By the way, he was actually moving outside the pocket and threw it on the runs. Ciro Grayson it hits him in the head still. Would you give your? Grace and never played college. Sprinter and your team lost the Super Bowl because tidy and dropped the ball in the end zone. So you know how this thing? I was obviously covering the game and I don't remember another dropping the whole game. He threw him a lollipop 'cause he was so open. He was facing Rogers Jackie Smith and His Holiness. and. It's just like here I'll just do. Going back. He fall in and it's just GonNa hit like it's right in your hands. It's too easy and he dropped it that what's more of a mental dropped than? Going to blame that on Syria Grayson it a great. Cyril. You. Drop, you. Play about Oh here. Right. You. Okay. You said it was a drop. Then you said a wig called it. Grew Seren said the wind played with? Bruce do it too much talking? Yeah. Because he's trying to give the I've never seen a cold to try to explain everything. You know what happened here with this? What happened Bra okay. But I do like the mentality he said drops never expected and never accepted. He said you're a professional football player you're paid to catch. A quarterback should never having incompletion. You should never thought Baligian never have. But it's much easier to catch a football then to throw. You know when you first of all, I gotta do I gotTa do hang it all over me. You throwing it on the sideline I gotta jump in there how many times you've gotta jump up and the only way we're not talking about jumping up near we're talking about balls that in the hands that are drop Holo skit, we both got jobs to do. That's why you make the big bucks. Right how many did you drop got dropped off my chest guilty kitchen hidden or you wouldn't be. If you were a ball dropper no, you wouldn't be. Drop some passes the AD caught more than I draw I'd say yes but okay. But this notion skip what made me the player a dropped a touchdown the south is. US Home Field. The play offs. Got It. But I came back and I had to make or ninety seven. I call the play that gave us a first down in Baltimore who make up. The happens but Bruce said, we don't throw a lot of balls to the titans we throw them to the wide receiver. So he's even eliminating your position saying you're not expected to catch as many balls as wide receivers. They're they're allowed the problem because he's already dictate where ball's to go and you see. To Talk to Tom Likes to throw to the open guy, he's made his live onto the tied in in the short step on the inside well once upon a time. Hausky right with. Her Dad Desk but skip, he thought to look at where's worker he made West Working Julian famous. They wouldn't catch goals. There was working all the sly. One go ball. You. said it Tara it behind him. It was a little hot outside. Was it catch? No I will not call them. To be caught by Tom Brady had no pressure. He had nobody in his face nobody running his feet delivered the ball you pay to make brooms. Give cowboys celebrated Miraculous Comeback Win. Sunday the feeling on the Falcons sideline was one of disbelief that went all the way up to the owner socks. Arthur blank told a radio show Monday that the players on the Atlanta sideline quote didn't clearly understand what the rules were exactly what they had to do on the infamous onside kick recovery meanwhile falcons coach Dan Quinn asserted that is please definitely knew that they could recover the ball before it went to yards but simply didn't make the proper play on the spinning kick shared which explanation the you believe here looking at that skip I'm. More convinced than ever. They did not know the rules really looks to me that they thought they could not get the ball until they went ten yards. No the team that kicking the ball can't touch the ball until he gets ten yards, you can get the ball at any point in time not touch it and it doesn't go ten yards and they get it is there ball but they're backing up letting the ball, go ten yards. So that tells me they do not understand the rules that they can scoop the ball or just fall on it before it reaches ten yards. Arthur blank said that Dan Quinn's players did not know the rules. Yeah. That's really really bad. Yes. I do agree with the theory that I read yesterday from Chris Jones, the Cowboy Punter who said that? Nobody has ever seen a ball S- kicked like that. We're spinning helicopter style sideways you never practice against it because nobody's ever tried it in a greg. So his theory was that the Atlanta players did know that you have to fall on it but no one of the single five players who had shots at. Had the guts to try to corral it grows. If you fall on it, the odds are you might not be able to come clean with these things we'll skip what we practice. In training camp in during the season is how to recover it is that you don't fall directly on it because. You go to the side is going curl appointed and curl up over maybe it was so scary looking yes. No one player. Say I 'cause you could blow the game if you fall on it and don't come up clean with it get right a lot of pressure and you want to put your guys on there with the best hands. But you're also want put guys up there that that'll block if they have to block because you're gonNA have to knock people Quinn said the first three you're supposed to pick somebody out that the next line is supposed to catch the hop was hopping in the thing you'll skip those guys not fold back up they're supposed to go forward. Julio. If opposed to run forward and get on that ball. Okay. But they're all standing there live backing by WHO's got the nerve. Try to to jump on this. Weird. We're taught a lesson. The ball is kicked over your head. Don't retreat you go forward let the guys but hired you recovery. Watching we're back with the. undisputed.

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